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How To Spray Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

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C Do You Have The Right Equipment

How To Spray A Big Lawn With Liquid Fertilizer | Project Lawn Zoysia Step 1

The application of the best liquid lawn fertilizer can become quite costly, depending on your lawn or garden size. The equipment used to apply liquid lawn fertilizer on a large area effectively is specialized for the best ratio application. Always consider this and include it as part of your overall lawn care and garden maintenance budget.

Commercial Grade Lawn Energizer

Lawn Energizer booster supplies the nutrients necessary to deepen your lawns green.

Ready-to-use hose-end sprayer with a commercial-grade, strongly booster-treated solution.

Lawn Energizer Booster is a 6-0-0 Nitrogen, Iron, and Micronutrient combination.

Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, Buffalo, Centipede, Florida Palmetto, Bahia, Fescue, Ryegrass, and Kentucky Bluegrass are just a few examples.

Lawn Energizer is made in the United States by a family-run enterprise with more than 25 years of commercial professional grass industry expertise.

Which Is Better For In

In-season varies based on the type of grass you have on your lawn. For example, cool-season grass needs to be fertilized in the fall, and in spring. Warm-season grass needs to be fertilized in the spring, and in the summer. Granular fertilizer is slow-release and takes a while to break down. That makes it a great choice to use if there are long periods of time between fertilizing. However, unless you are willing to chart out and follow the calendar to time your fertilizing correctly, you could accidentally fertilize before your previous round of granular fertilizer breaks down. Over-fertilizing may not seem problematic, but it can have serious consequences for your plants and the environment.

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Ironite Liquid Lawn & Garden Spray 7

Ironite Liquid Lawn & Garden Spray 7-0-1 from the makers of

This special fertilizer works two ways: it feeds through the green foliage and through the root system.With added iron, this formula is sure to help you achieve lush green plants.Apply every 2 to 4 weeks, as needed, as a supplement to your regular fertilizer program. .

Liquid Fertilizer Application Rates & Ratios

DR. EARTH 32 oz. Super Natural Ready

Again, the best fertilizer for your lawn is one that contains the nutrients your soil needs. Fertilizers are sold by a numbering system that represents a ratio of nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium . So, if the label says 5-5-5, you know it has equal parts of those three nutrients. If it is 16-4-8, it has 16 parts of nitrogen, 4 parts potassium, and 8 parts potassium. A typical maintenance ratio for a lawn is 3-1-2. One of the advantages of using a liquid lawn fertilizer is that you can easily mix in any other nutrients your soil needs.

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A Do You Need Instantaneous Results

Generally, fertilizing your lawn using liquid fertilizers provides a relatively quick release of nutrients to the plants that can be used in the fast treatment of specific grass nutrient deficiencies to help your lawn get back to looking healthy. But if you want the long-term maintenance or supplements option for an otherwise already healthy grass on your lawn, consider a granular slower nutrients release choice.

How Much Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Should You Apply

There are plenty of fertilisation tools to help ensure your lawn gets an even coverage

Using a spray bottle for liquid fertiliser means no section gets more fertilised than another.

A uniformly fertilised lawn benefits the grass.

Applying too much fertiliser and too little fertilizer in one section will lead to a patchy lawn.

Instead of a luscious green lawn, you will have brown patches from over fertilisation, these patches will be contrasted by emerald green patches where the grass has been treated properly.

How much fertiliser to put in the spray bottle is another question and depends on a number of things.

The condition of the lawn, the type of grass laid, and the manufacturers instructions.

Before either application, in spring or fall, you have to measure the fertiliser concentration precisely.

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What Is Fertilizer And Why Does Our Grass Need It

In a nutshell, fertilizer is food for your grass. It comes in a wide range of forms, but its primary function is to deliver the nutrients your lawn needs to survive.

The key macronutrients common fertilizers provide are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

However, plants actually require 17 essential nutrients to survive, so some fertilizers also include other micronutrients, such as iron, manganese, or sulfur for added benefits.

Whether its from leaching or poor conditions, most soils do not offer the level of nutrients needed to give your lawn that lush, green look. This is why including fertilizer with your regular maintenance plan can be critical to the overall health of your lawn.

Organic Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Concentrate

Fun New Way To Spray Liquid Fertilizer via Garden Hose

This liquid fertilizer for organic lawn care boosts soil health by providing a wide range of beneficial nutrients. The liquid grass feed contains organic humic to stimulate healthy grass growth. The beneficial bacteria also naturally help fix nitrogen issues in soil, as well as helping to build disease resistance in the grass.

This organic lawn care product is suitable for all types of lawn grass, and it helps lawns grow lush, green, and healthy. The 1 gallon of concentrate can make up to 128 gallons of ready-to-use liquid lawn fertilizer.

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How Much Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer To Apply

How much liquid nitrogen fertilizer you should apply depends on your lawns size and how much nutrient it needs throughout the year. If you apply too little, you wont get the desired results apply too much and you may damage your grass, so it pays to know the right amount of fertilizer to apply.

Soil Testing

The best way to determine how much liquid fertilizer you need to apply is to test your soil. By using a soil test kit, you will know how much nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium your lawn needs. There are many simple to use home test kits that measure all three of the main nutrients in your soil. The ones we like are in the form of capsules from Luster Leaf.

Once you find out your soils deficiencies, you can then choose the right fertilizer. Check the products NPK ratio and be sure to follow the instructions.

The Disadvantages Of Liquid Fertilizer

The liquid nutrients soak into your lawn fast, but that also means they dont last as long. Those quick results you see will soon fade.

Thats why youll notice that lawn care companies who use liquid fertilizer will recommend more frequent applications to keep those green results going.

Pesticides may be mixed in with your liquid fertilizer for one-stop ease of application. That means theyll be applied over your entire lawn, even on areas that may not need it.

Some of the fertilizer may run off and not make it into your soil.

Liquid lawn fertilizer is usually applied with a long spray hose. If its windy, the liquid can spray off, missing your lawn.

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Using Lawn Fertilizer On Plants

Lawn fertilizer is not suitable for plants due to nutrients that make it up. It is specially engineered for grass, and is not suitable for plants as they have different nutritional requirements. Lawn fertilizer consists largely of nitrogen due to the lawns need for it. Whilst this is great for grass and large areas, it isnt suitable for plants. Nitrogen encourages green growth, the production of leaves and stems. This is great for grass, but not useful for plants that flower, or ones that grow fruits and vegetables, as it can come at the expense of the plants fruits, flowered or vegetables.

Some types of lawn fertilizers contain herbicides which are used to ward off weeds and grubs. These herbicides are often designed for grass use, and are sometimes present in weed and feed solutions for grass too. These herbicides may prove to be too strong against certain garden plants, which is why they are recommended for lawn use only.

Should I Fertilize Or Kill Weeds First

Ironite Ready To Spray Liquid Fertilizer, 32 oz

Should I Fertilize or Kill Weeds First?

A preemergent herbicide can be applied to the soil.In many cases, those palm-sized bare spots will fill in naturally.When to Apply Grass Fertilization.Once you have sprayed the weeds with a herbicide, it is time to add fertilizer to your yard.You will want to get rid of them before adding fertilizers to your yard.When weeds are already stressing out the lawn, you dont want to add a product that can cause additional problems for the health of your grass.For the best growing environment, you want the soil to stay at a pH level of 7.0.If you have an established weed problem in your yard, you will want to avoid these weed and feed formulas.When you use herbicides and fertilizers separately, you can apply them in a specific manner for better control of your lawn care.When applying the weed killer, you should lightly water the lawn for a better application.In many garden centers, you can find environmentally-friendly products that will treat your lawn and keep your family safe.Treat Your Outdoor Space. .

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Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Concentrates

Need help choosing the best liquid lawn fertilizer? Our selection criteria include the fertilizers compounds, its performance, value for money, and the level of customer satisfaction, taking into account thousands of user reviews across major online platforms. Take a look at our experts comprehensive review of the 10 best liquid lawn fertilizer concentrates starting from our top pick:

Beer Ammonia And Shampoo

Unusual as the combination sounds, beer, ammonia and baby shampoo make for an effecitve lawn fertilizer. The beer supplies nutrients and bacteria ammonia, nitrogen and baby shampoo increases soil absorption. You can apply it to your lawn every two weeks during the growing season. To make the mixture:

  • Pour 1 can of beer, 1 cup of ammonia and 1 cup of

    non-antibacterial baby shampoo into a bucket. Make the mixture outdoors so the ammonia fumes can dissipate. This mix covers an average-size lawn. * Spray the mixture using a sprayer that adds water while it sprays, spreading a light coating evenly over your lawn, and avoiding spraying any one area for too long.

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Foxfarm Grow Big Soil Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer

This 1-gallon jug of soil liquid concentrate fertilizer will go much further than the average liquid lawn fertilizer. When mixed properly, it should cover as much as a 20,000 sq ft lawn. The FoxFarm Grow Big soil liquid fertilizer is an organic and comprehensive blend of the plant’s major, minor, and micronutrients.

This simply means that this fertilizer works on so much more than just the lawn you can also apply liquid FoxFarm Grow Big soil fertilizer on your roses, herbs, flower beds, gardens, and much more. It is rich in nitrogen , potassium , and phosphorus. The only downside of FoxFarm Grows Big soil liquid fertilizers is that they are best used within a few seasons after purchase.

If left to age for too long, it might crystalize, after which it wont be able to fully break down or work at optimal levels when applied to the lawn. It is ideally used on average to large lawn yards and is particularly great on gardens, flower beds, or other forms of landscaping with plants.

Use A Sprinkler System

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer – Spray Treatment for Lawns

If such equipment is not available, a sprinkling can may be used. For this purpose, it is necessary to dilute the home liquid fertilizer for grass with water so one pound covers 1000 square feet. In other words, an area 25 X 40 feet needs one pound or one pint of 5-10-5 or its equivalent in some other mixture.

If you buy a liquid which has a 5-10-5, 6-12-6, or 7-14-7 NPK ratio , one pint is equal to one pound of dry organic matter. If you use a higher analysis, which may be several times as strong as 5-10-5 N-P-K ratio, you must use it in proportionate amounts.

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More Videos In This Article

  • How to Spray Fertiliser – 3 Videos

    Here we show you how to work out concentrations for your lawn and how to make up the mixture so as to prevent clogging of spray equipment.

  • How to Spray Fertiliser – 3 Videos

    You can also use a watering can quite easily to spray soluble or liquid fertiliser on small lawns.

How Does Liquid Fertilizer Work

Weve already established that fertilizer is food for plants, but how does that food get from the fertilizer to the plant? There are a couple of ways.

With a granular fertilizer, over time the granules begin to break down and the soil slowly absorbs the nutrients. Your grass then pulls these nutrients through the soil into its root system.

On the other hand, liquid fertilizer feeds grass in two ways: through the soil into the roots and directly through the grass blades.

Like a granular fertilizer, any liquid fertilizer that makes it to the ground will then seep into the soil where the grass roots can absorb the nutrients. However, when using liquids, the grass is primarily absorbing the fertilizer through its blades.

This is known as foliar absorption.

The absorption through the foliage happens much quicker than through the roots which is why you can almost see an immediate response when applying liquid fertilizers!

However, there is a trade-off.

Liquid fertilizer will not have the same slow-release abilities as granular fertilizer. This means liquids are best suited for light, frequent feedings, or as a supplement to granular fertilizer during the growing season.

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Simple Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer

Another balanced liquid fertilizer is this concentrated spray by Simple Lawn Solutions which also contains seaweed and fish. It is suitable for all types of grass. It has an N-P-K rating of 16-4-8.

This easy-to-use liquid lawn feed comes in a handy sprayer bottle. All you have to do is attach a hose to start spraying lawn fertilizer on your grass. You can use this liquid fertilizer as a starter fertilizer, repair solution, or high-quality lawn maintenance product.

One possible issue that we have with this fertilizer is that its not clear how natural this product is. The manufacturer claims it contains a blend of seaweed and fish, however it is unclear what the rest of the ingredients are. If you look for an organic liquid fertilizer this may not be the right one.

How Much Liquid Lawn Fertilizer To Apply

DR. EARTH 32 oz. Super Natural Ready

The amount of fertilizer to apply to your lawn depends on its condition, type of grass, and manufacturers instructions. Using liquid lawn fertilizer twice a year means you have to measure fertilizer concentrate precisely. You also have to ensure that you spray the lawn fertilizer carefully for even application.

Applying too much fertilizer in one spot and not enough in another spot results in a patchy lawn. You could have brown patches in one area from using too much fertilizer or not enough grass feed. Then in other parts of your lawn, you could have lush, emerald-green blades of grass.

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Why Use Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn fertilizer is beneficial to a lawn, as it improves both the health and general look of a lawn. It can promote faster growing and thicker grass, along with promoting better root health and length. Healthier and longer roots help fight off any potential disease, and are more likely to absorb helpful nutrients from the soil that the lawn is planted in.

Fertilizer is fairly inexpensive, only needs to be applied up to two times a year, and helps keep your lawn healthy and looking fresh.

Liquid Lawn Fertilizer: Is It Efficient

Liquid fertilizers have become very popular in recent years, making most people wonder what the differences between liquid lawn fertilizer vs granular really is. The differences are rather transparent, as youll see below.

Application techniques of liquid fertilizers are simple, although require a very specific setup, and results are almost always seen in a very short amount of time. Although this process definitely has its benefits, it does come with a few considerations you should take into account.

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Best Liquid Fertilizer For Grass


No Action
1 Commercial Grade Lawn Energizer- Grass Micronutrient Booster with Iron & Nitrogen- Liquid Turf Spray Concentrated Fertilizer- Any Grass Type 9.8
2 Extreme Grass Growth Lawn Booster- Liquid Spray Concentrated Fertilizer with Humic – Any Grass Type- Simple Lawn Solutions 9.8
3 Ultimate 3-18-18 NPK- Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer- Easy to Use Concentrated Spray- Any Grass Type- Summer & Fall Nutrients- Simple Lawn Solutions 9.6
4 GrassSoGreen Maintenance Formula 19-0-0 All-Natural Blend Apply through Sprinkler System Treats Cool- and Warm-Season Grasses Maintains Thicker 9.4
5 Superior Nitrogen & Potash 15-0-15 NPK- Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer – Concentrated Spray- Any Grass Type- Simple Lawn Solutions Green 9
Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble Lawn Food 8.8
Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Lawn Food Fertilizer 8.6
8 Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK – Lawn Food Quality Liquid Fertilizer – Spring & Summer Concentrated Spray – Any Grass Type – Simple Lawn Solutions 8.4
Liquid Lawn Fertilizer, 3-18-18 NPK Grass Fertilizer 8.4
PetraTools Liquid Fertilizer, 16-4-8 Lawn Fertilizer 8.2

Simple Grow Solutions Organic Liquid Food For Grass

How To Use Ortho Dial N Spray Hose End Sprayer | Liquid Fertilizer Application

Applying organic liquid fertilizers to lawns means that grass is safe for kids and pets. This organic grass feed is ideal for chemical-free lawn care. Unlike other liquid lawn fertilizers, this product contains a blend of micro-nutrients for healthy lawns. There is a blend of magnesium, zinc, iron, sulfur, and manganese.

Before using this organic lawn micro-booster, youll have to dilute it and use a spray bottle hose attachment to apply it to your grass. The blend of micro-nutrients boosts soil health and helps prevent and correct mineral deficiencies in the soil.

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