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What Are The Top Rated Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

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What Is A Zero

TOP 5 zero-turn MOWERS under $5,000 in 2021

Lets start with the basics. What makes a zero-turn lawn mower different from standard riding mowers ?

The biggest advantage of a zero-turn lawn mower is maneuverability. Zero-turn mowers have wheels that turn at sharp angles to make turning the mower around much easier than with a lawn tractor.

With a zero-turn mower, mowing around obstacles like trees and landscaping takes less effort and less time.;

Zero-turn mowers also tend to be faster than lawn tractors. That means youll finish mowing your lawn in less time. The difference in mowing time can be significant for large areas.;

The downside of zero-turn mowers is that they dont typically do well on hills. If you have inclines on your property, you might be better off with a different type of riding lawn mower.;

Best Lawn Mower Engine Whats Your Pick

Lawn Mower engine replacement is a standard procedure. One can replace their lawnmowers engine at home as well. The tricky part is to find the right replacement engine for the old one. There are a lot of factors you need to take into account before making this decision.

Thats because buying an engine for your lawnmower is an essential and long-term investment. So, go through our guide on lawnmower engines to find out who makes the best lawnmower engine and how to choose the right fit for your machine.

Husqvarna 967277401 Zero Turn Mower:

The Husqvarna 967277401 52 25HP Kohler Zero Turn Mower is a powerful and reliable machine in lawn mowing. It is a great investment to make when you want to mow a residential estate.

The impressive features let you mow your estate in no time. The machine is small and compact, which enables it to fit into the small portions of your lawn.

The Husqvarna 967277401 52 25HP Kohler Zero Turn Mower has a 50 inch cutting deck thatll cut down a considerable amount of grass with each pass. With this impressive cutting width, this machine is also equipped with 25 horsepower engine made by Kohler.

The Husqvarna 967277401 52 25HP Kohler Zero Turn Mower uses fuel efficiently and saves you a lot of money. We highly recommend this machine if you are a residential home owner.

Advantages of having the Ariens Zoom Kohler:

  • Features a 21 horsepower engine made by Kohler.
  • Has a 50 inch cutting deck.
  • Comfortable seating and 2.8 gallons of fuel capacity.

Disadvantages of having the Ariens Zoom Kohler:

  • Cutting width and fuel capacity is lot lower than its competitors.

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Buying Guide For Zero Turn Mowers

Mowing the lawn isnt a chore that most homeowners enjoy all that much, but if you want your yard to look neat and polished, cutting your grass regularly is just one of those tasks you have to get used to.

WIth a zero turn mower, though, you can cut your mowing time in half and make an annoying yard chore a little more bearable. Not only does the mower allow you to cut your lawn more quickly, it also provides a closer, neat cut, so your yard looks picture-perfect.

Because a zero turn mower is a costly investment, its important to choose the right model to suit your landscapes needs. With the variety of options on the market, it can be difficult to select the right mower and features for your yard. At BestReviews, we can help you make sense of the many zero turn mower choices.

We purchase all our own products, so our recommendations are always 100 percent unbiased. We also consult with experts and owners to understand real-world experiences and get deeper insight, and then conduct field research to ensure that they meet the top standards.

Ready to buy a zero turn mower? Check out the product list above for our top recommendations. For general tips on choosing a zero turn mower, keep reading our shopping guide.


Honda Hrx217k5vka 187cc Gas 21 In 4

The 5 Top Rated Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Reviews

As far as Im concerned, the Honda HRX217K5VKA is one of the greatest residential lawn mowers on the market right now. Its Americas Best Mower with a Powerful 190cc Engine because it combines great mulching and cutting power in a superb mower. When compared to its competitors, what sets HRX apart from its rivals is that for one thing, it has a massive 21-inch deck with extremely sharp twin blades, just like Hondas always do. Its the self-propelled mechanism, neatly placed on top of the front wheels, that really grabs your attention. It gives it greater balance while youre pushing it over slopes or hillsides or trimming around fences and plants. Whats the result of all of this? Time on your land will be saved!


Professional landscapers who care about the environment rely on the G-MAX 40V 2Ah Li-Ion Battery System to help them stay green. 5-position height adjustment on a single lever allows for the ideal cut every time. Regardless of whether your lawn is at the front or back, this two-in-one machine offers the option of rear bagging and mulching for full versatility. On a single charge, this mower can mow up to 1/2 acre with its powerful 16-inch blades, and its battery life is amazing.



  • Secondary battery is needed for larger yards

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The Gravely Zt Hd 48 991152 Is The Best Zero

The highest-rated zero-turn lawn mower that Consumer Reports recommends is the Gravely ZT HD 48 991152. The organization gave it a 92 overall score, ranking it ahead of mowers like the Toro MYRIDE TimeCutter 75755 and the John Deere Z515E. This Gravely 48-inch zero-turn-radius tractor boasts top-notch handling and delivers Excellent performance in both side-discharging and mulching modes, Consumer Reports explained.

Perhaps the only downside to this zero-turn mower is its price. At $5,300, this mower is the most expensive model that Consumer Reports recommends. But if youre after the best zero-turn lawn mower on the market today? You really cant go wrong with the Gravely ZT HD 48 991152.

This is one of the most expensive riding mowers CR has tested, but the high-level performance and solid feel arguably justify the price.

Consumer Reports

How To Operate A Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Below, we have provided detail instructions on how to use a zero turn lawn mower. Read them carefully.

  • Forward In order to move forward, you have to push both the levers forward.
  • Backwards To mover backwards, you have to put the mower in reverse gear by pulling both levers backwards.
  • Direction For turning a particular direction, push one lever forward. The mower will turn to the direction the lever is pushed. For example if you want to turn left, then push the right control lever forward and left control in neutral place.
  • Half-Circle To turn the machine in half-circle, keep one control lever still and turn other lever. This will turn the mower in 180 degrees.
  • Zero-Turn To a 360 degree turn, pull one lever back and other lever forward. This will make one when turn in reverse while other wheel moves forward making complete zero turning radius.

Important Note

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Best Choices For Smaller Yards

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 V-Twin Gas Zero Turn Mower

With a 50-inch cutting deck and a 3.5-gallon gas tank, this machine works quickly and sticks with the job until done. Its a great choice for lawns measuring two to five acres.;

Poulan Pro P46ZX 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower

Slightly smaller than the above Cub Cadet, this Poulan Pro has a 46-inch cutting deck. It also offers six cutting heights.

Husqvarna Z254 54-Inch Zero Turn Riding Mower

Made by a trusted name in outdoor power tools, this Husqvarna mower has a 54-inch cutting deck and an anti-scalp roller to prevent you from cutting the grass too close.

Poulan Pro P46zx Briggs V

Top Rated Commercial Zero Turn Mowers – Best Reviews 2019

The excellent value Poulan Pro P46ZX is equipped with a solidly good 22hp Briggs engine and packs a lot of power into its 430 lb weight and compact design. The 46 inch deck size, and indeed its max speed of 6mph, means it will be relatively slower at completing large open lawns and therefore not suitable as a commercial, but it will be slicker, and quicker, in cutting in and around tight spaces and therefore ideal as a residential mower.

Though with less maximum speed, 6mph , than some of the more powerful riding mowers it can cut around 2.5 acres per hour in the right hands, and is very accommodating for newbie users once they get the hang of its two lever steering and accelerator system.

Riding the Poulan Pro P46ZX is a thoroughly pleasant experience; the 15 inch high seat is comfortable, especially for those of us with lower back issues, and offers good vision. The padded levers are also comfortable and intuitive, the engine is surprisingly quiet for a 22 hp, the precise blades make the cuts nice and even, and finally, the anti scalp rollers do an excellent job in preventing lawn tearing.

The grass is sent out the side and well away from the mower. It doesnt come with a mulching or bagging kit but they can be bought separately from either the Poulan or Husqvarna brands which have compatible, interchangeable accessories.

P.S. For a practically similar but smaller and less powerful version go for the Husqvarna Z246 23HP 747cc Kohler Confidant Engine 46 Z-Turn Mower.

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How Long Does It Usually Take To Mow Half To One Acre Land

There are two elements that determine how long it takes to mow a one-acre lawn, mower speed and cutting deck width. You will understand how long it takes to mow the 1-acre yard after examining the computation. Consider the 50-inch lawn mower, which has a maximum speed of six miles per hour .;

The speed must be converted to the same unit, for example in meters, in order to compute how long it will take. 6 Mph Equals 2.7 m/s, and 50 = 1.3 m/s. Accordingly, the mowing area per second is equal to 1.33 times 1.33 times 2.77, or 4.65 square meters per second. To mow 1 acre, multiply 4047 by 4.65 to get 886 seconds, or 14.7 minutes.;

Just half this value, which is 7.4 minutes, for a 1/2 acre. Please note that this estimate is based on a single cutting route , and the mower is operating at a constant speed. Its possible to cut down on 1 acres worth of lawn-mowing time by planning ahead and thinking about the best way to mow it.

How Do Maintain A Zero

These machines are serious pieces of equipment. Trying to service them on your own is a challenge, especially if you dont know your way around an engine.

Attempting to service your zero-turn mower by yourself may end up voiding your warranty, leading to a costly repair job. We recommend you take your mower to a dealer that specializes in working with the brand of mower you own.

Think of your zero-turn mower as a car. This machine has so many working parts; youll end up getting lost if you dont know what youre doing. Leave the motor and the electrical system to the professionals. Your mower will need servicing every 6 to 12-months, depending on how often you use it in your work.

All zero-turn mowers require essential maintenance to keep them running efficiently. At the beginning of the spring season, send your mower in for a service. The dealer should sharpen the blades, and check the motor and the cutting deck for damage.

After using your machine, use a lift to get to the underside of the cutting deck, and make sure you clean away all debris before your next job.

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How Do They Work

The first thing youll notice is most zero turn mowers dont have a steering wheel.; Instead, there are two levers, called lap bars, that go forwards and backwards.; But thats just the beginning.

Unlike theyre standard brethren, zero turn lawn mowers usually have two transmissions: one for each rear wheel. Each is controlled independently by its own lap bar. When used in conjunction, these two levers control the direction and speed of the mower.

This independent rear wheel control is what gives these mowers their tight turning radius and the reason for their name.

For those that arent too thrilled with the idea of learning to use lap-bars, traditional steering wheels are available as well.

Swishers Big Mow: Best Zero Turn For Professionals

The 5 Top Rated Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Reviews

The machines in this category are best suited for landscaping businesses and can mow at up to 15 MPH.; These riding mowers are big, powerful, and fast.

In addition to their larger engines and faster speeds, there is a wide variety of options designed to make them efficient, comfortable, and durable.

Improved Ride

Options to improve ride comfort include high-back seats, better suspensions, and even air-ride seats.; These ride-enhancing features mean a lot when you spend upwards of 30 hours in the seat each week.

Our Pick for Best Professional Grade Zero Turn Mower

Fuel efficiency

Since overall efficiency is crucial to a professional lawn service, many products in this category incorporate fuel injection systems instead of standard carburetors in their engines.

The transmissions and suspensions are upgraded to handle all the additional power of a zero turn mower.; Its also common to see rollover protection systems in this category.

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Commercial Lawn Mowers Zero Turn Mowers Walk Toro

Scag Power Equipment Zero-Turn Riding Mowers. Whether you are a commercial lawn care business or a consumer with a yard of 2 acres or larger, the commercial grade zero turn lawn mowers are always the best option to go with. Enjoy the features of a pro such as larger rear tires, a welded deck and frame, commercial hydraulics, and a roll-over protection system. Choose from a Read More » Our lineup of Cub Cadet commercial zero-turn mowers helps you make the most of every job, every time. Less down time, more cut time. With the industrys leading deck design and maintenance-free spindles, the Cub Cadet commercial zero-turn helps your work go quickly, consistently and smoothly..

  • Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower on the Market 2017
  • Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower on the Market 2017
  • Our lineup of Cub Cadet commercial zero-turn mowers helps you make the most of every job, every time. Less down time, more cut time. With the industrys leading deck design and maintenance-free spindles, the Cub Cadet commercial zero-turn helps your work go quickly, consistently and smoothly. Hustler ® Turf Zero-Turn Mowers and Utility Vehicles. Hustler ® manufactures zero-turn mowers for the residential and commercial mower markets. We also produce an innovative utility vehicle product, released in 2017. Our strength, innovation and performance set the industry standard. Hustler ® Turf Engineering Performance.

    Lawn Or Property Size

    ;Tractors and ZTRs are perfect for a sizable lawn though they can both cover acres of land at a time, many claim that ZTRs are superior when it comes to mowing larger properties. With larger deck sizes, riding mowers can easily mow through large pieces of land. However, lawn tractors can only go as large as 62 inches. Though it isnt as common as you think because larger deck sizes increase the weight of the mower significantly affecting its performance.;

    Zero turns are more compact allowing them to have deck sizes as large as 72 inches. This makes zero turns more effective when it comes to large pastures.;

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    What Is The Difference Between Hydrostatic And Manual Gear Transmission On Zero Turn Mowers

    Manual transmissions use a lever to switch gears manually, while hydrostatic transmissions utilize hydraulic systems to shift easily and seamlessly from one gear to the next.;

    Most better zero-turn mowers use hydrostatic transmissions, but youll still find manual transmissions on some entry-level, budget-friendly mowers.;

    Best Toro Residential Grade Zero Turn Mower: Titan 54

    Who’s Making The BEST Zero Turn Mowers Today?

    If youre a Homeowner with a very large yard,; a 42-inch or even a 50-inch mower may be a little too small to get the job done efficiently. Thats where a 54-inch model like the Toro TITAN can save the day.

    The Toro Titan has all the DNA of the commercial Titan series, minus the forged steel deck, and this mowers size and power make it a natural fit for large yards, and its even suitable for light or limited commercial use.;


    • Ideal For Yards Up to 7 Acres
    • TORO patented My Ride Suspension for ultimate comfort
    • 54-inch mower deck
    • 3-year 300-Hour Commercial Engine warranty
    • Commercial drop pin height of cut adjustment
    • Canister Filter Rubber Chute
    • Shock absorbing dampening ride

    Our Take Away

    Overall, the 54-inch Toro TITAN is an excellent upgrade for buyers who want the power and convenience of a Toro mower but need a larger mowing deck to deal with more acreage. Because of its size and power, the handling of this mower is of excellent value.

    You wont find a smoother ride, or a zero turn mower easier to maneuver around tight obstacles than this one.

    Note:; Toro has over 3,000 servicing dealers in the United States making this mower far easier to service than some other brands.

    Toro 54 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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    What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Zero

    Are all riding mowers with lever steering the same? Not at all. Size, weight, horsepower, and fuel source are just a few of the things to look for when shopping for a zero-turn mower. Before opening up the wallet, understand how these mowers operate, how much they cost, and how much they can accomplish.

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