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What Is The Best Battery Operated Self Propelled Lawn Mower

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Cordless Self

Best battery powered lawn mowers in 2022 (Cordless)

As with any product, there are some good and bad points about owning this type of equipment lets explore these in a little more detail.

Using a mower that falls within this category will give you the freedom to tackle your lawn much more easily. Furthermore, you wont be needing to battle the cables or work too hard since the mower will do most of the work for you.


Lets take a look at some of the best advantages of owning a cordless self-propelled lawn mower.

No Cables

One of the clearest and obvious advantages of this type of equipment is the lack of cables, this makes the machine much easier to manoeuvre since you are not tied up to a single power point.

Im sure you have found yourself in the situation of throwing a wire over your head to change directions and to avoid cutting the power cable, but this isnt an issue you will ever experience with a cordless mower.

No Physical Exertion

Mowing the lawn can be a strenuous task, especially if you have limited strength, mobility or simply want to make a light work of the job, as using a self-propelled model takes out all of the physical labour of the task. All you are required to do is simply guide the mower along.

Better Than Petrol

In days gone by, people were reluctant to switch to a battery-powered lawn mower, especially if they have been using a traditional petrol mower. The original batteries in these machines left a lot to be desired and this is a stigma that has remained with mowers in this category.

What I Think About The Ryobi Ry40190

The RYOBI RY40190 20 Inch comes with a 40-Volt Lithium-Ion battery. Thanks to its brushless motor, the mower increases its speed as it encounters resistance. And it even has extra battery storage so you do not have to come back for a new battery. Simply, replace your discharged battery with the new one and you can continue mowing effortlessly. The mower can also be folded easily and stored without any hassle.

One of the things I noticed is that the grass bag has a semi-mesh-like fabric on one side which helps in getting rid of dirt and ensures that only grass clippings are collected in the bag.

One of the things that annoyed me a little was that it has quite a few things to ensure that the mower is turned on. First, you need to pull back a rod-like handle and then push the start button and then pull the orange brake-like handles for self-propulsion. As soon as you lose the grip of the rod, the mower will turn off. This is also a good thing for old-aged people and kids as they might find the mower a little too powerful and might be afraid that it will run away. Also, it takes quite some time to get used to the self-propulsion system.

There might be some concerns for some, but overall, the RYOBI lawn mower is an amazing pick. Although, at around $300 it might seem to be a bit expensive, it truly justifies its price in terms of performance, built, and sturdiness.

Similar Options: Greenworks 40V 16-Inch Cordless and EGO Power+ LM2101

How To Choose The Best Cordless Mower For You

What size mower do I need for my garden?

The most crucial thing is to get the size right. If youve only got a small oblong of grass to cut, you can get away with the smallest mowers and theyll be easier to store and use. If you have large areas of lawn, however, then youll need a bigger mower to get the job done. The key thing is the cutting width, determined by the size of the mower deck and the size of the blade. Mowers with a cutting width of 32cm or less are really only good for smaller lawns. Most of the cutting width of 33cm to 38cm should cover a lawn roughly the size of a tennis court, and often a bit larger. If youve got a bigger area than that to mow, then youll need a mower with a cutting width of 40 cm or more. You might also want to think about a self-propelled lawn mower, which will move around under its own steam without you having to actively push it along.

What about the mowers battery life?

Of course, with a cordless mower battery life also comes into play. Some mowers come with only a single battery with a relatively low capacity, and youre going to have to stop and recharge long before you finish cutting the grass particularly if you have to tackle both the front and back lawns. That said, you can often buy higher-capacity batteries or a second battery to keep your mower in juice for longer.

What else should I look out for?

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Best Electric Battery Riding Mower Ryobi 38 In Electric Rear Engine Ry48111

If you have an extremely large area of lawn to maintain, having a riding mower is essential. If you also like the convenience and simple maintenance of a battery operated mower, youre going to love the Ryobi 38 electric rear engine riding mower. While there are still not a lot of options for battery riding mowers, Ryobi has a winner on its hands with the RY48111. This model looks like a hybrid of a riding mower and dune buggy. Dont let the looks fool you as this Ryobi mower can handle seriously tough lawns..hills and all.

If youre worried about the battery life of this mower, dont. You will get 2.5 hours run time from the 48V 100 Ah battery, which will let you mow approximately 2.5 acres of lawn with side discharge. To charge the mower, simply plug it into any standard 120v outlet. Some of the other features included with this lawn mower are LED headlights, USB phone charger, cruise control, 38 dual blade deck and 12 position manual deck adjustment. According to other owners, you can safely take this mower on 10-15% inclines without spinning the wheels. At 595 pounds, you will want to avoid soft or wet areas of your yard. You will easily leave some major tire tracks in the ground or even get stuck. Just something to be aware of.

What Is A Cordless Mulching Mower

Self Propelled Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Talking about mulching there are two types of mower you can purchase. You can either have a dedicated mulching mower or you can choose to purchase a mower with multiple cutting methods including mulching.

Furthermore, some cordless mowers are supplied with a mulching plug that has to be inserted at the back of the mower with some models, you have to purchase it as an optional extra, if required.

On a non-mulching mower the grass clippings are cut and collected into the grass catcher bag. Naturally, depending on the size of this bag, you will need to stop on a regular basis and empty it. Of course, the grass clippings will have to be disposed of too. If you have a compost bin then it will be easier compared to disposing of them elsewhere.

With mulching mowers, as already mentioned above, the grass cuttings are chopped into tiny pieces by the blade and then delivered back to the ground. Many homeowners believe that your lawn will be covered with loose grass that can be picked up on your shoes and brought back to your house. This is a general misconception. These powerful mowers chop the grass so fine and send it back down towards the ground. You may be aware that grass is made up of over 80% water. The mulching process not only provides essential nutrients but also moisture to your lawn that is especially important during the drier months. It will help prevent your grass from drying out and turning yellow, as I am sure you have seen previously.

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The 12 Strongest Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Of : Real Reviews + Mower Comparisons

I have a super thick lawn and Im going to guess that you might have a dense patch of grass yourself so only the strongest battery powered lawn mowers will do for us.

Most cordless electric mowers will do the job alright for the typical homeowner but only the strongest mowers will perform well in all situations and environments. Only these battery mowers rival the power of gas.

The mowers Ive featured on this page are the best, the strongest, and the most feature packed options available. For the most part they all:

  • are self-propelled
  • have the largest and most powerful motors
  • can cut large lawns on a single charge
  • will not bog down in thick or tall grass
  • can mulch just as good as gas-powered mowers
  • can cut wet grass if needed

When shopping for a cordless electric mower the strength of your mowers battery and motor is very important.

Nobody wants to mow their lawn in stages where they have to wait for a battery to recharge just to finish the job and nobody wants their mower to bog down in thick turf just because they missed a regular mow and the grass got a little over grown.

This page is long Ive personally purchased and tested most of the mowers featured below. Ive invested thousands of dollars on these units and I will give you a lot more info on them than you can find on the side of the box or on a stores sales page.

The Strongest Cordless Mowers: Last Updated Winter 2021

Yes 20

You can jump straight to my reviews by clicking this link.

Can I Spray The Underside Of This Mower With A Hose To Clean It

We do not suggest spraying the underside of the mower with a hose. First remove the safety key and the battery. Wipe the upper surfaces with a cloth, if needed. Tip the mower on its side and clean the underside of the deck with a bristle brush and/or cloth. Do not use a wire brush. Do not spray the underside of your EGO Power+ mower with water. If grass has built up over time, you may find that a curved plastic scraper, such as those used in the kitchen, is useful to help remove dried, built up grass.

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Benefits Of Cordless Lawn Mowers

Cordless, battery-powered mowers have multiple benefits.

  • There are no gas fumes to breathe in and no sloppy gas and oil to funnel in before use.
  • Theres no cord to trip over, confine you to a limited distance from a power outlet, or restrict your movement around the yard.
  • Most cordless lawn mowers use a push start instead of a pull cord, so its much easier to start, especially if you suffer from arthritis, shoulder problems or if youre letting kids mow the lawn .
  • Without a combustion engine, cordless lawn mowers are much quieter than their gas counterparts.
  • They’re typically manufactured to be as lightweight as possible, making them more nimble and much less tiring to use.
  • Some of the cordless mowers can be collapsed for easy storage or even stored on end.

Built In The Usa: Ryobi 40v Brushless Lawn Mower

What is the best cordless self propelled lawn mower? Masterforce Greenworks 80 Volt Brushless Mower!

Available exclusively at Home Depot, it often has ‘Special Offers’. At the time of publish, you could choose a FREE bare tool to go with it – a string trimmer, chainsaw, leaf blower, or hedge trimmer.

This is the best cordless lawn mower Canada in Ryobi’s lineup. Plus, it’s the only battery powered lawn mower in our list that’s built in the U.S.A.

Ryobi’s top-of-the-line lawn mower is built in the USA. It uses an X-shaped blade to cut and mulch effectively, and the 12 Ah total battery capacity is good for 70 minutes of mowing.

This mower does weigh 75 pounds, but the rear wheel drive self-propel system works well with the large grippy drive wheels. And the cordless lawn mower bags clippings effectively on level, uphill and sidehills.

Get the best price Ryobi 40v Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower in Canada from:

Built in the USA: Ryobi 40v Brushless Lawn Mower review details:

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Best Electric Lawn Mowers Of 2021

Lawn mowing is a daunting chore, but the right mower can make the job much easier. Electric lawn mowers are quiet, eco-friendly, and simple to use, and weve rounded up the best ones on the market.

Weve done your research for you to figure out which electric lawn mowers have the best ratio of power, run time, and price point. Heres our ranking of the top 10 best electric lawn mowers, with options for all different budgets and yard sizes.

What I Think About The Worx Wg7799

Worx WG779.9 is a lightweight and compact cordless lawn mower that is exclusively designed for smaller to medium yards. Powered with a pair of WORX lithium-ion 20V batteries WG779.9 model. It comes with two 4.0 Ah 20V WA3578 Power Share batteries.

Worxs patented IntelliCut technology helps you choose between Turbo and Eco mode. Both come with their own perks:

Eco cutting mode, on the other hand, helps you save up on battery and allows longer run time.

Turbo cutting mode is intended to offer you more torque to power through for tall, weedy, and tough grass. However, this will drain your battery a lot quicker.

While the mower does its job well, there can be a few things that you would not like. For instance, the security key used to start the mower is a little flimsy. Although it would not necessarily affect your mowing experience, it is important to ensure that you do not damage the key.

Also, the grass box is made up of fabric. This makes it foldable and easy to store. You can fold your mower and cover it up with the grass bag. However, being made of fabric, the grass bag can be easily damaged. Also, a plastic box is much easier to clean as compared to a fabric bag.

Another amazing thing to note is that the mower comes with power-share batteries that can be used in other products from Worx 20V tools such as its leaf blower and hedge trimmer.

Also available in:

Similar options: Worx WG743 and Worx WG744

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Best Battery Powered Lawn Mower For Small Yard

  • Questions, Text 563563 to chat directly…
  • POWERFUL: Perfect for small to medium…
  • PERFORMANCE: The 28 V 4 Ah rechargeable…
  • ADJUSTABLE DECK: Tailor cutting height…
  • ACCESSORIES: Detachable 10. 6-gal …

Only have a small yard to mow, but still want to enjoy the convenience of battery power without spending a fortune? Check out this mower from Sun Joe. In our opinion this is your best bet if you only have a small yard to mow. It really is amazing, the great machines that can be produced for so little money nowadays.

Battery Mowers Come Into Their Own

Best Self

In Consumer Reports lawn mower ratings, we recommend several battery push mowers that do their job very capably. Push mowers are generally less expensive, with fewer features than self-propelled types. Theyre ideal if you have less than 14 acre of grass to cut.

Our ratings also include a good assortment of highly rated self-propelled mowers. Battery self-propelled models draw energy from the motor to power the wheels. That makes them easier to maneuver if you have a larger or sloped lot.

As in the past, Ego is a presence among the top push and self-propelled battery mowers. But several other brands, including DeWalt, DR, Makita, Ryobi, Toro, and newcomer Hart, demonstrate their prowess.

Battery mowers are selling far faster than gas mowers, says the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, an industry group in Alexandria, Va.

Theyre a good choice for lawns of less than 12 acre, which now make up the bulk of newly developed residential properties. Because theyre electric, battery mowers also are more eco-friendly than gas machines. And Consumer Reports’ tests show theyre quieter.

Battery mowers are typically more expensive than gas mowers, in large part because of the cost of their lithium-ion battery. But prices are falling, and you can now score a competitive mower for $300 or less.

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Snapper Xd 82v Max Stepsense: Best Self

Reasons to avoid

The Snapper XD 82V Max StepSense is a self-propelled battery mower that still manages to offer up to an hour of cutting thanks to its dual battery bay. The mower is smart enough to up power when needed in tougher grass areas and save battery on simple cut sections.

The self-propulsion is just as smart, adding drive as you lean into the mower. This also has a five year warranty and is reassuringly solid at 90 pounds in weight, but is also maneuverable and can be folded for vertical storage.

Which Is The Best Cordless Mower Of Them All

Currently I have well over ten mowers included on this page but of them I would consider only 3-4 of them to be best and even then the best one for me may not be the best one for you.

My favorite three mowers are:

  • The Snapper XD 82-Volt Push Mower
  • The Toro 60-Volt Recylcer
  • The 80V Greenworks Pro
  • These are my favorites because of their overall strength and usability relative to their price

    Basically, every mower on this list is strong enough to do the job for just about anyone out there but only these three are good enough for me to give away to my mother. They are just better in a variety of ways that I will get into lower on this page.

    Now lets summarize each of the mowers Ive tested before we get to full mower reviews which are listed further down the page.

    1. Yard Force 120-VoltBy a clear margin the Yard Force battery mower is the best in terms of strength. Its battery/motor combination gets up to 120-volts at peak strength and it can run for over an hour straight in most conditions. It is quite pricey though so I like to recommend many value shoppers to opt for another one of my favorites the Snapper 82V.

    4. Greenworks Pro 80-Volt 21 MowerSummary here.

    With the Best Of category out of the way I now want to actually reveal to you which of these mowers I actually purchased and own and use on a regular basis. Then Ill get to full reviews and mower comparisons.

    Again you can skip this section and jump right to my reviews with this link.

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