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How Do You Get Rid Of Nutsedge In Your Lawn

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Ways On How To Get Rid Of Nutsedge

How To Get Rid of Nutsedge In Your Lawn

There are a lot of people who simply leave it alone. Some of them mow more frequently to keep the grass and nutsedge at the same height. Others are just glad something green and grass-like is growing in their lawn. While it is one coping mechanism, the neighbors may not approve as it is more likely that they will benefit from the nutsedge infiltration.

Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

An organic weed killer made from corn, the OMRI-listed Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer can eliminate all kinds of unwanted weeds within a few hours. It is formulated with 20 percent acetic acid, which is four times stronger than normal household vinegar. Aside from nutsedge weeds, you can also use it to get rid of crabgrass, clover weeds, dandelions, moss, and white clovers, to name a few, although with dandelions, using a dandelion puller may yield better results.

Application: Apply directly on the weeds or to the areas where you dont want undesirable plants to thrive.


  • eliminates different kinds of weeds
  • no toxic chemicals
  • corrosive can damage walls, patios, and floors

Does Sugar Kill Nutgrass

killsugarsugarnutsedgeIf you want to kill the bad grass, select a method that fits your situation best.

  • Spray actively growing grass with a grass killer, such as the non-selective herbicide glyphosate.
  • Cut the grass close to the ground with a lawnmower or weed trimmer, and moisten the cut area with 1 inch of water.
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    Using Natural Weed Control Measures

    Aside from chemical options, it is possible to kill nutgrass naturally using homemade remedies. They are ideal if you dont like the idea of adding chemicals to your lawn or garden.

    However, you should note that they are not selective. You should, therefore, use them with caution:

    The following are some of the top natural remedies for killing nutgrass:

    1. Vinegar

    Vinegar contains acetic acid that can burn the leaves of the nutgrass, killing the plant. For the best result, use vinegar with 10% or higher concentration and spray it directly to the nutgrass.

    You might need several applications to completely kill the weed.

    2. Molasses or sugar

    Sugar might seem like an absurd idea, but it is an excellent natural weed solution. It encourages lawn grass and other plants to seek out nitrogen, making them more competitive.

    As a result, the weeds lack nitrogen and theyll die off. You can use granulated sugar on your nutgrass, or spray horticultural molasses.

    3. Liquid dish soap

    Liquid dish soap is another powerful natural nutgrass killer. It coats the leaves of the plant, interfering with their physiological processes.

    It is also a great surfactant, which you can mix with other natural or chemical agents for increased effectiveness.

    4. Burning

    If your nutgrass is driving you nuts, you can grab a blowtorch and go to work on it. However, the flame will only kill the top growth not the tubers growing underground.

    Ways To Prevent Nutsedge From Sprouting

    How to Get Rid of Crabgrass in Lawn

    When it comes to lawn care, prevention is always the best form of control.

    While it is possible to manage and treat Nutsedge in your lawn, it can be very difficult considering how fast this weed spreads and grows.

    In the long run, prevention is a much more cost effective solution, and it is considerably less work.

    Here are some things you can do to prevent Nutsedge from invading your lawn:

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    What Is Nut Grass

    The key to getting rid of nut grass is being able to identify different types of grass and realise why we want to get rid of it.

    So what is nut grass? Nut grass tends to grow in small clumps that have tall stems, up to 50cm in some cases. Each stem can grow up to eight red-ish coloured branches which grow a flurry of seeds. Left to their own devices, nut grass can quickly seed and multiply.

    Nut grass grows best in very healthy soil with good levels of sunshine.

    Because of their complex root system, once nut grass has taken hold it can be hard to completely remove. Even if you think you’ve got rid of it, it’s been found that its seeds can lay dormant for up to 10 years. It’s because of this that some people call it ‘the world’s worst weed’. If you see something that looks like nut grass, or that doesn’t look like the grass in the rest of your lawn, it’s a good idea to pull it out immediately.

    How To Eliminate Bermuda Grass From Your Flower Bed Fast

    The Use of Solar Power. Bermuda grass thrives in areas with plenty of sunlight. Blocking the suns rays, therefore, kills the plant without affecting the other vegetation. But you must wait for a month or two for you to complete the cycle. 2. Introduce the Hand Control Method. Couch grass is so wiry.

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    New Product For Nutgrass Control

    Vexis for control on nutgrass and kyllinga. We are excited to offer a new product from the manufacturer of Trimec, Speedzone, and Q4. PBI Gordon, after extensive research in their greenhouses along with University trials, has developed a granular product for post and possibly pre-emergent control for nutsedge and kyllinga.

    What We Have Learned About Vexis

    How to get rid of nutsedge in the lawn, the easy way!

    The results speak for themselves. We have conducted research plots, asked for feedback from our customers, and found Vexis highly effective against nutgrass. However, Vexis has shown to be slower at turning the nutgrass plant brown, but it will stop the nutgrass from outgrowing your turf grass almost immediately. So you wont see the tops of nutgrass pushing above your grass the day after you mowed. Our user experience shows it can take as much as a month to turn the plant brown and fade away.

    Vexis is a granule and available in a convenient 2-pound shaker can or 15-pound bag. Shake it over the spots of nutgrass in your lawn and water it in. Vexis requires no mixing, no messes, and no worry about leftover mix in your sprayer. In addition, the granular formulation reduces the potential for drift.

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    Chemical Method Use Nutsedge Killer

    If the first two methods dont work, then you can resort to using chemical control with the help of post emergence herbicides. Herbicides work well in managing different weed species, but you need to identify the type of nutsedge to get rid of to make it effective. But make sure to read the instructions and check the pesticide if it can damage other plants in your lawn. For your reference, here are the most common chemicals present in herbicides.

    What Is Nutgrass Or Nutsedge

    Nutgrass is a common problem in summer lawns. Yellow Nutsedge is a perennial, grass-like weed that tends to be prolific in poorly drained or wet areas. This weed is not a grass, its a sedge, and its very difficult to get rid of. Nutsedge has triangular stems with leaves that branch out in three different directions and is a light green to yellow color. Nutsedge grows quickly in spring and summer, outgrowing grass in just a couple of days after mowing.

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    How To Get Rid Of Creeping Bentgrass: 3 Ways

    It will require two applications. Once the grasses die, you can either reseed or re-sod the spots. The best time to use Round-Up is when the grass is actively growing and not under heat or drought stress. The second method is to use a product called Tenacity. You can do a search on the product and find many sources that sell it.

    Using Vinegar On Nut Grass

    How to get rid of nutsedge in the lawn, the easy way ...

    Use a vinegar that is a 10, 15 or 20% acetic acid concentration. Pour the vinegar into an empty spray bottle, and spray directly on to the nut grass. Do not spray the vinegar on any surrounding plants or grass that you do not want to kill, as the spray could be harmful to them. Reapply as necessary or when you notice the nut grass re-emerging.

    Pro Turf Lawn Services uses SedgeHammer herbicide to kill nutsedge without injury to turfgrass, established ornamentals, shrubs, and/or trees. SedgeHammer provides post-emergence control of both purple nutsedge and yellow nutsedge.

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    Killing Nutgrass With Sugar

    You can control nutsedge weed by applying sugar to the affected areas in the spring during the beginning of its growing season. Killing nutsedge with sugar not only controls weeds in your yard but nourishes beneficial microbes in the lawn.

    • Sifter

    Use a garden hose to wet the lawn without saturating it. Pour sugar into a sifter and walk in a straight line at a steady pace while turning the handle of the sifter. Walk from one side to the other, continuing this pace until the entire lawn is sugared.

    Finish by spraying the lawn with a light mist so that it moistens the grass and weeds without washing the sugar away. Repeat this process two more times throughout the spring.

    How To Get Rid Of Ryegrass In My Lawn Gardensquared

    Mowing the ryegrass from your lawn is among the effective methods to get rid of it. If you take this option, however, be aware that its most effective on the types that grow and mature within the annual cycle. The perennial types will give you a hard time getting rid of them since theyll rise again.

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    Get Rid Of Nutgrass By Hand

    One of the easiest and effective ways to control nutsedge is to remove it by hand. This strategy is crucial to use in areas like flower beds, where a tough weed killer may also destroy your beloved plants.

    Its also the best way to ensure you remove all parts of the plant right down to the root system. Use this system to kill weeds but not grass, flowers, or veggies. It may take a little time, but its worth it.

    • Garbage bags

    How to get rid of quackgrass, nutsedge, and other annoying weeds in the garden or lawn starts with wetting the soil surface. This step softens the earth around the roots and makes it easier for you to pry the plant loose. Next, dig into the soil with the shovel until youve uncovered all parts of the plant.

    Its important to note that the root systems may grow up to a foot and a half deep. As a result, yanking them out too soon may leave part of the roots still in the ground and leave you with the same weeds in the future.

    If you dont remove all of the roots, then this only allows the plant to grow back in the future. Finally, once you remove the plant, stems, tubers, roots and all, toss it into a trash bag to prevent it from spreading.

    Uncles Tips When Using Nutbuster

    How to Get Rid of Nutsedge – Lawn Care Tips |
    • For optimum results, do not mow turf two days before or after application. Give the plant plenty of time to absorb herbicide deep into the root system and nutlets.
    • To avoid damage to turf grass, measure the appropriate amount of Stikit accurately.
    • Spray the nutgrass thoroughly and wet the entire leaf surface.
    • Timing is everything, and early control is best. Nutgrass plants allowed to mature will stress when treated, stimulating more nutlets to sprout. However, be persistent and continue to spray the new plants as they emerge, and you will be victorious.
    • This product may be used on seeded or sodded turfgrass that is well established. Allow the turf to develop a sound root system and uniform stand before application.
    • Do not apply this product as an over-the-top spray to desirable flowers, ornamentals, vegetables, shrubs, or trees.
    • Treated areas may be overseeded 14 days after application.

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    How To Get Rid Of Nutsedge Without Damaging Your Grass

    If youre someone who cares about your lawn, then you might be incredibly frustrated when weeds stand in your way of amazing results.

    Unfortunately, some weeds are more difficult than others. Of the tough-to-control weeds, nutsedge is high on the list.In this article well talk about how to get rid of nutsedge so that you can get back to enjoying your lawn to the fullest.

    What Is The Nutsedge Weed

    Before learning how to get rid of this undesirable plant, lets get to know what nutsedge is. It isnt actually grass, its a sedge. According to Clemson Extension Home & Garden Information Center or HGIC, nutsedge is a perennial lawn weed that looks like a grass but with a lighter green color.

    It comes in two varieties: yellow nutsedge and purple nutsedge. As a weed, it infests gardens, lawns, and even your home landscape. It thrives in hot weather, which means that it grows a lot during summer. It can also grow on both dry and moist soil.

    Often referred to as nutgrass, it is the kind of weed that cant be taken out easily due to its extensive root system. It produces root tubers called nutlets and underground stems called rhizomes that sprout small plants growing during warm seasons. Every new plant can proliferate in patches of at least 10 feet in diameter, making it difficult to remove if not treated right away.

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    What Is Uncles Stikit

    Uncles Stikit is a non-ionic spreader sticker. Stikit helps hold the herbicide on to the waxy leaf of the nutgrass. When Stikit is added, water can spread covering more leaf surface resulting in a better uptake of the herbicide. Avoid using soaps and shampoos as a surfactant. They contain fragrance and dyes that can leave a precipitate residue on foliage.

    Nutsedge Grass Killer Low

    5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Nutsedge

    This section looks at options for killing nutsedge using gentler approaches that wont harm you or surrounding vegetation if used correctly. Youll get information on how to remove young nutgrass by hand, with mulch, and by hitting them with sugar.

    Our low-impact weed killers control nutgrass, crabgrass, dandelions, turfgrass, bermudagrass, and many other invasive plants. And best of all, they wont make your pets or children sick while they kill weeds.

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    Where Does Nutsedge Grow

    Sedge Weeds grow best in moist conditions that often result or occur from poor drainage, over-watering or excess rainfall. However, they also grow in dry, well-drained areas if the competition from other grasses is limited.

    FUN FACT: Typically found in more temperate climates, these perennial sedge weeds sprout after the last frost and remain noticeable throughout the summer.

    What Is Nutsedge Or Nutgrass

    Nutsedge is a perennial sedge weed that tends to grow in moist areas of the lawn. Its particularly troublesome due to its persistent nature. In warm conditions, such as here in Memphis, TN, it can grow quite rapidly.Nutsedge spreads via rhizomes and/or tubers underground, which are sometimes referred to as nutlets, hence its name. This weed is best identified by its bright green color and the fact that it grows as much as five times faster than the healthy grass in your lawn. If all of your turf is level and youve got some bright green grass-like weeds sticking out, theres a good chance that its nutsedge.We do find that homeowners sometimes misidentify another weedy sedge, kyllinga, as being nutsedge. Kyllinga tends to grow in dense mats and has a finer leaf texture. Its also shorter growing than other sedges.

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    Is There A Difference Between Nutsedge And Yellow Nutsedge

    Purple nutsedge produces tubers in chains connected by rhizomes, whereas yellow nutsedge only produces tubers at the tips of rhizomes. Purple nutsedge tends to have darker green leaves and produces a characteristic reddish-purple seedhead. The leaf tips of purple nutsedge tend to be blunter than those of yellow.

    Hit The Nutgrass With Vinegar

    How To Get Rid Of Nutgrass In Your Lawn // Spray That Weed

    Like liquid dish soap, vinegar is an all-time champ when it comes to DIY cleaning and weed control. Because of the acetic acid it contains, vinegar is death to green and growing things and eradicates your nutgrass in a hurry.

    Use a stronger vinegar than the one sitting in your pantry, though. Vinegar with 10 to 30% acid is perfect for use in your yard or flower beds.

    • Long pants

    Don all safety gear before starting. Fill the sprayer with vinegar, and spray down all plants you wish to kill.

    The vinegar kills beneficial plants as quickly as weeds, so be careful where you spray. Wait one or two days, and then repeat the treatment. The plants should die in a week or so.

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    How To Get Rid Of Weeds And Stop Them From Spreading

    How do you get rid of couch grass? Couch grass is one of the tricksiest weeds out there, with an ability to grow from the tiniest fragments of rhizome Couch grass is renowned for being a nightmare weed as it produces a vast network of underground stems and roots that travel through the soil. These then push up new shoots

    How To Kill Nutgrass Using An Herbicide

    Here is how to kill nutgrass using a post-emergent herbicide that contains halosulfuron or sulfentrazone. Using a selective herbicide to eliminate this tough weed requires specific measures of safety during application.

    Most grass types are tolerant of these herbicides, including cool-season grasses, warm-season grasses, and bermudagrass.

    • Nonionic surfactant

    Read the label directions for your particular brand of herbicide, whether it is Ortho, Sedgehammer, or another brand name.

    The general rule of thumb for applying herbicides to the lawn is not to mow the grass two days before and after application and avoid spraying the herbicide if expecting rain. Some brands may require using a nonionic surfactant in addition to the herbicide.

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