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What Is The Best Lawn Edger To Buy

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Answers To All Of Your Lawn Edging Buying Questions

Edger: Best Lawn Edger (Buying Guide)

When you are preparing to purchase any type of outdoor power equipment, the number of choices and different price points can quickly become overwhelming. If you want to purchase a lawn edger to use around your yard, but you do not know what type will work best, there are several questions that you need to consider. Here are some of the lawn edger buying questions to consider to help you with your lawn edger buying needs.

Radius Garden Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger

The Radius Garden Edger doesnt make noise, needs no fuel and it makes crisp edges around your sidewalks and landscaping features, so you can get the job done without the hassle of a powered tool.

Heres high praise from one Amazon reviewer who believes this is the best lawn edger: I cant begin to tout the joy I have with this edger! Im not quite 5-ft. tall and in my 60s so I wasnt sure how well this would work for me. Im telling you, this thing is a joy to use!

What Are The Key Features To Look Out For

Before you buy think about the following :

Kates Wildlife Warning

Our wildlife editor, Kate Bradbury, has some advice on using a strimmer responsibly.

The key thing is to always check before you strim. Use a broom or rake to sweep the grass before you start, taking care to look out for small critters like frogs and slow worms, but also larger animals like hedgehogs. Hedgehogs frequently sleep in long grass during the day and can suffer terribly from strimmer injuries, so it pays to check before you strim.

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Buying Guide For Best Lawn Edgers

There’s a certain satisfaction to be had when you see a lush, green lawn with clean, straight edges. Especially when that lawn is yours.

On the face of it, it may seem like finding an adequate lawn edger would be no sweat. But when you study the range of edgers available and the variety of price tags out there the task of finding the perfect lawn edger for your needs grows much more daunting.

Thats where we come in. At BestReviews, our aim is to provide consumers with up-to-date, unbiased information about the best products available.

Each edger featured in our product list is a great tool that would satisfy the needs of a certain population of users. Using the product-specific information above and our shopping guide below, were confident that you can find an excellent product to meet your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of A Lawn Edger

Best Lawn Edgers You Can Buy on Amazon

Although you may dread the idea of having to edge your lawn every week during the summer months, it does great things for your yard. Using a high-quality edger will make your lawn look perfectly manicured. This boosts your homes curb appeal. Its also a much better environment for you and your family. Having a well-manicured yard is something you should be proud of and doing the job yourself makes it that much more rewarding. Remember, an edger isnt only effective around the perimeter of your lawn. Its great for adding detail around flowerbeds, trees, retaining walls, and swimming pools.

Another huge benefit of investing in a good lawn edger is theyre very easy to use. They tend to require minimal assembly and operating them is a breeze. When shopping around, some may look intimidating, but youll probably find they require no advanced skills to operate. This means anybody in your family can do the edging. In addition, most edgers are relatively safe to use. All you really need is a pair of protective glasses and youll be fine.

Check out our outdoor and lawn tools page to learn about other lawn care necessities.

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Alternative: Ego Power+ Edger

  • Weight: 22lbs
  • Reach: 8 inch

If youâd rather not be bound by electrical cords, opting for the best cordless lawn edger is more your style, and makes for a fuss-free edging experience.

Our favorite in this category is the Ego Power+ Edger, and although itâs an expensive model that costs almost three times the rest of our favorites, it runs like a dream with a larger 8-inch blade that makes light work of your edges.

Customersâ favorite thing about this edger was its cutting depth, offering a whole lot more than others weâve reviewed.

The Ego Power can reach down to three inches, so if you prefer the look of a deeper trench or edge and have found others just not capable of achieving it, spending the extra cash on this one will be worth it.

However, for such an expensive model, there are some letdowns to be found. Firstly, the overall weight of the unit makes it harder to control, which means it takes some getting used to. When you spend this much on an edger you hope that itâll be fuss-free, and it appears the Ego Power is anything but.

This edger is part of the Ego Power+ Multi Head System which means it can be detached and another attachment secured without having to spend more getting the base powerhead.

The job is made easier with a variable speed trigger, lock off switch, and depth adjustment knob that lets you go as far down as three inches in the right type of ground.

Comfortable And Easy To Use

Besides the power source and cutting action of a lawn edger, you need to choose an edger that is comfortable and easy to use. If you have a small garden, look for a lightweight edger that is tagged as being easy to start easy to use, especially in tight corners.

If you have a larger yard that will need a walk-behind multi-wheel edger, then choose a model that has a wide handle or 2 levers that makes the edger easier to maneuver and control, There are also models that come with Right or Left Handed Assist Handles, while others have adjustable shafts so that you can adjust the height of the edger for those hard to reach places in your garden.

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Black+decker Lste523 String Trimmer

If you are looking for an affordable, emission-free, and lightweight lawn edger that has plenty of power for all your trimming and edging tasks, the BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 String Trimmer is your ideal gardening buddy.

As well as being able to deliver an excellent cutting action for a small-sized yard, it can be easily maneuvered for edging around flower beds and it can even tackle tough weeds.

This versatile gardening tool can be easily converted from a trimmer into a wheeled edger, so you get 2 tools in 1. Its telescopic shaft can be easily adjusted according to your desired height, and the adjustable handle gives you that extra control. The Easy Feed system allows you to advance your line with the push of a button with no bumping required.

The edger/trimmer comes with a 20-volt lithium battery and the POWERDRIVE Transmission gives long-lasting torque which you can control through the dual-mode switch. You can choose the amount of power depending on the level of cutting or edging that is required. If you are doing some light edging, you can conserve the battery for those tougher edging tasks.


Mclane 101 55gt 7 Gas Powered Lawn Edger

What Are The Best Manual Lawn Edgers to Buy?

This McLane 101 5.5 GT gas powered lawn edger will come with 5.50 gross torque and 3.5 horsepower B& S engine that make your lawn or outdoor space look beautiful. This edger and trimmer general use single lever blade clutch and depth control to cut the lawn exactly you want.This edger cut either horizontally or vertically and smoothly due to its wide rubber tires with ball bearing wheels. You can tilt the blade easily at any angle to trim flat at any height.

It is designed in such a way that it meets all the established safety standards. The trimmer is to ride on most curbs that gives clean cut and the cutter head is precision machined uses sealed precision ball bearing on 2 X 9 inches spring steel blade. This is suitable for commercial gardens and large size lawns that gives a professional look.

Product Information:

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How To Edge A Lawn With An Edger

  • First, put on the required safety gear then you can go ahead to turn it on.
  • Make sure you are pointing the blade between the edge of your sidewalk or driveway and the grass.
  • Be sure to dig a small trench as you go so as to provide that clear demarcation.
  • Pick away and discard the grass that has been cut.

Black And Decker 12 Amp Edger And Trencher

This lawn edger is another great choice. It comes from Black and Decker, a company that’s at the forefront of outdoor landscaping innovation. Each package comes with the edger and the blade. You can also purchase a model that includes a replacement blade.

The product functions as both an edger and a trencher. All you need to do is pull up the edge guide. The trencher digs holes to bury wires or other landscaping implements, while the edger helps cut grass and mark the edges of your lawn.

You can position the blade in three different ways, so it’s easy to control the depth of each cut.

A built-in cord retention system keeps the extension cord in place. That way, you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting through the wiring. The blade is a standard 7.5 inches, the same as the previous option on the list.

Another great aspect of this model is that the assembly is very quick and simple. You don’t need any tools. The blade reaches rotations of 4,700 RPM, and the 12-amp motor comes with plenty of power.

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Ck Carl Kammerling G5057 Legend Adjustable Lawn Edging Shears

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Every now and again a tool comes along that you just have to say wow, they really got this right

C.K Tools have been manufacturing in Germany for 100 years. You may recognise their branded red & yellow tools used by professional tradesman, noticeably for the electrical sector.

Ames 2917200 Border Edger

Best Lawn Edgers You Can Buy on Amazon

This basic border edger is a highly affordable option if you’re looking for something simple. It allows you to create clean edges and borders around your gardens, pathways, and driveway. The arched blade design allows for extra efficiency, as the serrations slice through plants with one step.

The product comes pre-assembled, so you don’t need to put anything together. At 39 inches, the T-grip handle is the right height for most average-height individuals. An added footplate allows you to cut consistently at the same depth.

The product is constructed with a strong steel handle. It should last for a long period of time.

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Top 13 Best Lawn Edgers For Fantastic Looking Lawn

A perfectly trimmed and maintained lawn will make your home look attractive and welcoming. Unfortunately, getting the neat trim is not easy unless you have the right tools. Investing in a top lawn edger can make your yard look pretty and alluring. A top lawn edger is an easy to use gardening tool that is designed to create beautiful edges for a fantastic looking lawn.

With the best lawn edger, you can cut and trim the pathways of your lawn, the grass around flower beds and give your lawn an attractive, professional look. Nevertheless, it is not every edger that is suited for your lawn trimming needs as different units have unique aspects that make them better or worse than others.

Photo Credit: Sawinery

The top 13 best lawn edgers that you can buy to give your lawn a professional finish include:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.


Things You Should Look For In A Lawn Edger

Gas Powered for Large Lawns

The type of lawn you have and the amount of work you are willing to put into your yard will likely dictate which sort of lawn edger will best suit your needs. Most people feel that a large gas-powered lawn edger would be unnecessary for a small lawn, as they are large to store and require more time and preparation to set up than a corded or battery powered equivalent.

However, if you have a large lawn, or own several plots of land which you would like to edge, then a gas powered edger may serve you better. Gas powered edgers are generally more powerful, last longer, and will achieve a more professional and precise edge than their battery-powered or corded counterparts. They also usually come with a higher price tag, and so may be an unnecessary expenditure unless you have a lot of lawns to edge.

Battery Powered for Small Lawns

Battery powered lawn edgers are really only suited to people who have a small area to edge. The batteries in these lawn edgers will be rechargeable, but the charge usually lasts much less than an hour. If you need to use your edger for longer than thirty minutes to an hour at a time, then having to pause to recharge the battery could be extremely frustrating.


Battery powered edgers are also renowned for being less powerful than alternatively powered edgers, and therefore may not be particularly well suited to rough terrain or very thick strains of lawns.


Corded Compromise

Edging Curves?

Size and Weight

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Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger

Do you have an elegantly curved flowerbed? One of those twisted pathways running across your lawn, perhaps? Youll have noticed just how hard it is to edge any dramatic curves with a powered lawn edger, if not completely impossible.

But the Truper 32100 rotary lawn edger can handle it.

Two wheels support the pair of cutting blades. The toothed blade turns to cut against the stationary flat blade beside it. And because of its compact nature and its style, it will easily glide along nearly any curved surface, cleaning up those edges.

While it only has a straight handle, thats not a problem, as you can grasp it much like you would a pushbroom and simply walk it where it needs to go. You may still have to use something else in tight corners to finish off the job, but this will handle the majority of it simply enough.

If you have clay soil, and I do, you know that to get anything down into it, youll need to put some weight on it. Garden Weasel knows it, too, and thats why their hand edger takes top slot as the best manual lawn edger.

A good-sized hole allows you to center your foot directly over the blade and step down, pushing the angled edge neatly into the ground along your driveway or walkway. Then, grasp onto the handle and lift it straight back out and take a half step to the side, and youre ready to do it again.

Ames 2917200 Saw Tooth Border Edger With T Grip

Edger: Best Lawn Edger in 2020 (Buying Guide)

The AMES 2917200 border edger will work in creating edges in driveways, patios, kerbs or garden. It is a manual edger is lightweight, strong and durable that gives good looking garden lines. To remove grass and keep mulch in the beds, you have to use this manual edger to separate ground cover area, and flowers from lawns.

It comes with an ergonomic design which makes you easy to use and reduce your strain or pain while edging the lawn. Simply step your foot on the edger where you want to edge the area. The steel handled edger that makes it durable and rust resistant for its longevity. You can use this product for years with multiple uses.

Product Information:

  • Size 39 inches


  • The handles of this landscape border edger will make it easy to use without any strain and pain.
  • Simply place your foot on the wide foot plate to create an edge with consistent cutting depth.
  • Strong and durable construction that comes with antirust finish and weather resistant.
  • Provide clean borders around walkways and flower beds with its arched, saw tooth blade design with steel T grip.
  • No need to assemble the product, as it comes with strong and durable steel handles, unique foot plate and serrated blade slices
  • Effectively removes sod with ease and suitable for small sized lawns.


  • Not ideal for edging medium to large sized lawns and also time consuming.
  • Causes some physical strain and stress due to applying some pressure to edge the lawn manually.

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Blade With Cutting Depth

Next, pay attention to the blade material, diameter, and cutting depth. Most blades are manufactured using steel which cuts nicely through the thick grass.

When checking the cutting depth, choose the one which comes with an adjustable blade cutting depth. Corded lawn edgers come with adjustment of blade depth, while cordless ones come with a maximum of around 1.5 inches.

Popular Choices Of Edger Products

Stone Sets

Popular in gardens these create neat border around the lawn and can be very eye catching if installed properly and by experts. Sets being small in size can easily be laid to accommodate curves or some other funky design you have in mind.

When laid by yourself or professionals make sure any permanent lawn edge is installed level, or just below the surface height of the grass so a lawnmower can pass over the top. If it is installed above the lawn height you risk causing damage to the blades on your mower .

Aluminium Coated Steel Edging

This is becoming a popular choice when creating a neat lawn edge and makes one of the best options for a permanent solution.

They are fairly easy to install so any DIY enthusiast can tackle the project in a small garden.

Construction is rudimentary but effective. Simply excavate the soil to the depth of the edging strip then secured into place with supplied metal stakes which hold the strip into place in the ground.

What makes these strips super effective is that being a long length of coated metal they can be bent into all manner of curves and shapes to suit your lawn and flowerbeds.


You can create both a traditional and modern feel by using bricks as a lawn edge. It is also a good chance to bring some continuity by matching with the house bricks or using a brick that compliments the patio.

Sleepers and Wood


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