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What Is The Best Self Propelled Electric Start Lawn Mower

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Greenworks Pro 80v Cordless Mower

Best Mower: Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower (Buying Guide)

The 80-volt version of GreenWorks line of cordless, lithium-ion battery-operated lawn mowers provides a run time of 60 to 70 minutes and only needs about 30 minutes to fully charge.

Even better? This self-propelled mowers brushless motor serves up about as much strength as youd expect from a traditional 160 cc gas-powered engine without any of the pollution.

Besides helping you go a bit greener with your lawn care, the MO80L510 model is outfitted with other advantages that will make this weekly chore a cinch:

  • Smart-cut technology automatically boosts blade speed when more oomph is needed to cut thicker grass.
  • 10-inch rear wheels make the mower easier to maneuver across a range of terrains.
  • Easy, electronic, push-button starter
  • Vertical storage
  • 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities.

To make life even easier, this mowers batter is compatible with more than 20 other GreenWorks tools perfect for homeowners who are brand-loyal.


What We Like About The Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower

One thing I really like about Greenworks is that you could buy this mower with a battery or pair of batteries and use those batteries for around 20 other power tools from the company, including their snowblower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, and polesaw. This not only saves you money and time, it also keeps resource use to a minimum, saving you from having to purchase, store, charge, and recycle numerous batteries for your power tool collection.

The Greenworks PRO charger takes just 30 minutes to fully charge a 2 Ah battery and around 75 minutes to charge a fully discharged 4 Ah battery. It has a useful diagnostic LED fuel indicator so you can see the current charge in the battery. This rapid charger was Energy Star rated , has a compact design, and can be stored on a shelf or mounted on the wall. It is compatible with battery models GBA80200 and GBA400, but, and this is a big annoyance across the industry, this charger only works with Greenworks PRO 80 V batteries. It wont work with other brands 80 V batteries. The same is true of the Ego Power batteries, though, so this isnt an annoyance unique to Greenworks.

If you buy a Greenworks PRO lawn mower or other tool without the battery and charger, you can purchase their PRO 80V Lithium Ion Single Port Rapid Battery Charger GCH8040 for less than $100 . This charger has a built-in fan to enable rapid charge time without overheating.

Our Self Propelled Lawn Mower Buying Guide

A well-kept lawn is a thing of beauty. Not only is it nice to look at, having perfectly mowed grass makes it more enjoyable to have fun out in your yard. However, if you have a sizable grassy area or just dont enjoy sweating while pushing a manual lawn mower along, then a self-propelled lawn mower may be a good choice for you.

Walk-behind push-mowers are powered by your strength, where you move them by pushing them over the grass you want you cut. A self-propelled lawnmower takes most of the manual labor out of mowing your yard because it is powered by a transmission. Typically, this kind of lawnmower runs on gas, though there are some that are cordless electric models as well. You can find self-propelled lawn mowers that come with variable speeds, which the operator controls in order to move the mower forward. For most people, a single-speed mower will do the trick. If different people with unique walking speeds will be using it, then you may need a variable speed mower. Instead of having to push the lawnmower, though, you only have to walk behind the mower and steer it where you want to go.

Self-propelled lawn mowers that are front-wheel drive provide more dexterity when it comes to turning and maneuvering. This kind of mower is perfect for those who have flat lawns. On the other hand, if you have a sloped lawn, then a rear-wheel drive lawn mower is a better choice. These offer better traction on curved land.

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The Best Electric Lawn Mower In 2022 Tried And Tested

Easy to use with little to no assembly right out of the box, the latest cordless electric lawn mowers run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, are far quieter than gas-powered models and, with no risk of fuel leaking or going bad, can be stored away vertically, saving precious garage or shed space and requiring no off-season maintenance. Most importantly, the best cordless electric lawn mowers perform just as well as their gas counterparts, so with many municipalities limiting the use of gas outdoor equipment, its time to make the switch.

To find out which electric mowers performed the best, we put six models to work, cutting, bagging and mulching grass and noting everything from interface to special features to run time. So whether youre keeping up with HOA rules, trying to be more green or just sick of choking down exhaust fumes in the summer heat and dealing with clogged carburetors in the winter, weve found the best electric lawn mower for you.

Easier to operate than the competition, self-propelled and, best of all, great at cutting grass, the Ego Power+ Select Cut electric lawn mower packs plenty of power to get through mowing a standard lawn on a single charge and almost makes the chore fun.

What To Look For In A Cordless Self

Best 5 Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mower

If you have come to the decision that a cordless self-propelled lawn mower is the right option for you, then there are some things that you should keep an eye out for when making a purchase.


Self-propelled lawn mowers are generally much easier to operate since they take the hard work out of cutting the grass but this doesnt mean that their weight should be ignored.

As a rule, these mowers tend to be much lighter than their petrol cousins thanks to the lack of a bulky engine, but it is important to check the weight, especially if you are looking to purchase one to make mowing the lawn easier on you physically.

Self-Propelled Options

As I mentioned earlier, many models come with one speed but there are some that allow you to adjust this. How you want to use the mower will determine the best option for you.

Additionally, you should check whether the mower has a self-propulsion lever if it does, this will give you the option to turn off this feature so that you regain control over the mower.

This is great for power-saving since using the self-propulsion will require more battery power. Most people find that engaging the self-propulsion option for steep inclines or rougher terrain is enough and disengaging for flat, even ground works well.

Battery Life

Before purchasing check if your mower is supplied with a fast charger or at least you have the option to purchase one at a later date.

Cutting Height And Width

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Are Electric Mowers Safe

One of the most and important considerable things is the Safety features on the mower. The lawnmowers cut the grasses with the help of a spinning blade underneath. Make sure the mower you buy comes with a safety blade override so that you can keep yourself safe from potential injuries. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

Alternative: Husqvarna Self Propelled Mower

  • Size: 21 inches
  • Weight: 80lbs

Husqvarna is a trusted name in home and garden tools, and itâs no surprise that their Self Propelled Mower is one of the favorites in this range.

With a standard 21 inch cutting width and an easy push forward motion, you wonât have to work very hard to get rid of the overgrown grass in your lawn, which means more time for the fun stuff on the weekend.

The best thing about this lawn mower from Husqvarna is the front-wheel drive which means itâs easier than most self propelled lawnmowers to push.

With the front-wheel drive system, youâre able to maneuver around corners and forward and backward, so if you need further assistance, feel too weak to push, or arenât in the best physical shape, itâs one of the better choices out there.

However, according to reviews, this isnât the best electric lawn mower if you have an uneven space to mow and a lot of inclines.

This is better suited to flat and even surfaces, and those who tried to go uphill or on a particularly bumpy area would be pretty frustrated at how inefficiently it got the job done. The front wheel drive system helps somewhat, but it still requires more manpower than most if youâre going up a slope.

This lawnmower comes with the trusted name of Husqvarna behind it and is equipped with a Briggs and Stratton engine for further peace of mind. The dimensions of the L221FHE are

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Best Lawn Mower For Tall Grasstoro Self

Those who need a reliable lawn mower that is powerful enough to tackle taller grass will appreciate the dual-force cutting system of this Toro self-propelled mower that features a Briggs and Stratton 223cc engine.

The seven-position height options allow users to tailor grass height from 1.254.25 inches, and its large rear wheels make this unit optimal for use on inclined and sloped terrain. This mower features a side discharge, comes with a bagger, and can also mulch lawn debris.

It has two convenient and compact storage positions, and one happy customer wrote, Significantly reduced time for me to cut yard. It trims well around curves. Good power for taller and damp grass. I’m very happy with the mulching performance.


Acres covered:½1 acre

Wheel-drive: Rear

Is The Weight Of Your Self Propelled Mower Important

What’s the best self propelled lawn mower to buy: 5 best mowers

Although self-propelled mowers push themselves forward, you still might want to consider the weight of the mower. If you have hilly terrain, you may want a lighter unit.

Similarly, ease of storage might also be a consideration. You dont want to be constantly lifting a heavy mower to get it into your garage or over garden edging.

Generally, youll find that battery-powered mowers weigh much less than those powered by gasoline.

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Whats Are The Best Electric Start Self

Compared to 65 different models, EGO Power+ LM2142SP is the best overall on our list. But if you have a budget problem and consider the gas engine the lawn boy 17734 is suitable for a medium type of mowing task.

However, if youre not stressed with a financial problem, the Husqvarna LC221FHE should be also considered.

Well, here is the entire list of the 10 best electric start self-propelled lawn mowers that you can take a short look at first.

Best Budget Pick: Lawn-Boy 17734

Powerful rear-wheel drive lawn mower Good for medium lawn mowing task

Best Premium Choice: Husqvarna LC221FHE

Powerful engine with the larger cutting path not suitable for larger lawn

Best Cordless electric mower: Snapper XD 82V MAX

Powered by 82V Max battery multiple hight changing options, ideal for a flat yard

Best Mid budget mower: Greenworks MO80L410 Pro 80V

Relaibale, and provide value for the money Innovative Smart Cut Technology Compact design A great pick for the beginner.

Best Gas-powered Mower: Honda HRX217K4HZA

Honda GCV200 powerful engine twin blades various grass discharge capability an ideal choice for a large lawn

Best Fort wheel drive mower: Craftsman M275 Mower

Lightweight and powerful both side, rear discharge and mulching capability larger wheel, Great for the flat and uneven grounds

Best grass management mower: Greenworks M-210-SP

Best for Uneven Ground: Mowox MNA152613

Zero-turn radius mower effortless starting with superior maneuverability

Who Makes The Best Electric Starter Self

There are lots of brand are available on the market. Some are most reliable and some are the newb. Considering every aspect we pick some best lawn mower brands namely

Lawn Boy

Lawn Boy is an American company who manufacturer the first one-handed reel lawn. Lawn boy was founded in 1934. Approx 90+ years of research and development, the lawn boy not only makes the best self-propelled lawn mower but also they are making Riding mowers, tillers, and snow blowers, and other lawn tools. These power tools are reliable and durable and also budget-friendly.

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Faqs Electric Start Mowers

The starter switch leverages a tiny solenoid-actuated electric motor to crank the flywheel and ignite the engine or motor. A flip of a switch is enough to turn it on.

Yes. You can achieve this by mounting a starter on your existing machine by predrilling brackets and holes. A complete ride will require a battery regulator, starter, and wire harness.

Honda Commercial Lawn Mower Pulls Out All The Stops In Lawn Mower Shootout

Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mower 2016

We consider lawn mowers one of the crown jewels of the OPE world, so we brought in 24 various models to see which ones handled its business the best. We looked at gas-powered lawnmowers, battery-powered lawn mowers, residential mowers, commercial mowers, and every variation of those categories. On the gas-powered and commercial side of the equation, the HRC216HXA Honda commercial lawn mower stood out as the top dawg in a short field of worthy competitors.

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Snapper Xd 82v Max Stepsense: Best Self

Reasons to avoid

The Snapper XD 82V Max StepSense is a self-propelled battery mower that still manages to offer up to an hour of cutting thanks to its dual battery bay. The mower is smart enough to up power when needed in tougher grass areas and save battery on simple cut sections.

The self-propulsion is just as smart, adding drive as you lean into the mower. This also has a five year warranty and is reassuringly solid at 90 pounds in weight, but is also maneuverable and can be folded for vertical storage.

Budget Pick: Toro Smartstow Recycler 20340

If you simply want a solid gas mower at a great price, we recommend the Toro SmartStow Recycler 20340. This is a popular, reliable model with great feedback, and it stands out from similarly qualified machines because it can be folded up and stored in an upright position. According to Toro, this reduces the 20340s storage footprint by up to 70 percent over that of a traditional mower. And though thats not a completely unique feature, it is rare enough for us to single out the 20340even if it lacks the convenience of the Egos or the finesse and mulching ability of the Honda.

The Toro 20340s storage feature is called the SmartStow system, which is made possible by the Briggs & Stratton engines unique design. Its a simple process: You fold the handle over the body of the mower and lock it in place. Then , you set the mower upright or wheel it around like a piece of luggage, much like you would a cordless model. It makes storage easy, not to mention cleaning the underside of the mowing deck or inspecting the blade.

As a mower, the Toro performs like many other good gas engine machines: It cuts the grass capably switches between bagging or mulching its clippings has its issues with maintenance, noise, and emissions and otherwise meets the expectations that any experienced self-propelled-mower user would have for it. The 20340 is primarily distinguished by SmartStow take that away and its just your standard, decent-quality self-propelled mower.

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Top 3 Best Electric Start Lawn Mowers

Paul has worked as a painter and decorator lawn care manager bookseller and freelance writer. Born in the UK, he now lives in Florida.

In my experience, the best thing about electric start lawn mowers is that they enable you to achieve a mowing performance that is mess-free and efficient with reliable instant starting every time.

I really don’t miss having to use a manual pull to crank the motor, turning a key to switch on the engine is much easier and less strain.

In this article, I have included a range of models that will hopefully meet a range of tastes and budgets.

It should be noted that overall, the range of models produced with electric start is much smaller than that for ones with a manual pull crank, so the options are more restricted.

What To Look For In A Self Propelled Mower

Best Electric Lawn Mowers in 2021 (Budget & Self Propelled)

A self-propelled mower should automatically turn the blade off every time you release the handle for safety reasons.

Some mowers also have what is called a blade override system that will automatically disengage a blade from spinning while at the same time allowing the engine to keep on running. Youll be able to cut grass faster, and that will extend the engines life because it wont have to stop and start every 2-3 minutes.

Choose the wheel size that is best for your property and for your motor. If the wheels on the mower are too small, they wont be able to get around on those hilly or uneven areas, despite the fact that the machine has levers for elevating or lowering, since the weight of the mower will be pressing down the wheels .

Stay away from smaller plastic wheels as well. Theyre twice as likely to crack or break if theyre left unprotected in the sunlight, if theyve battled with numerous small rocks, or if theyve been continuously exposed to very wet conditions.

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Are Self Propelled Mowers Worth It

The self propelled lawnmower that first came onto the market years ago and wasnât as efficient as it claimed to be, however, todayâs models are easier to control and have a more powerful transmission to give them power.

With one of these, youâll be able to mow the lawn with less effort than a standard push behind model, making mowing easy.

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