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What Is The Best Small Lawn Mower

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What About Cutting Width And Height

Best Lawn Mower For a Small Yard 2019 – Review Of The 6 Top Models On The Market Today

The wider the cutting width the mower offers the bigger the area it cuts in one go and hence the faster youll finish a mowing session. For a large lawn, go for 40cm and above 30cm is fine for a small lawn, and between the two will work for a medium lawn.

Adjustable cutting heights are handy: theyll allow you to set the height you want the grass to be when youve finished.

Why You Need A Small Riding Lawn Mower

Riding lawn mowers come with immense benefits including convenience, efficiency as well as time savings. Compared to push lawn mowers, the ride on’s obviously cover your ground faster because they are engine-powered and only require you to maneuver the steering. You will spend half the time you would have spent behind a walk-behind mower.

These units also come with wider decks and are built to tackle tough or wet grass with less effort. Small riding lawn mowers are easy to operate for both beginner and lawn care experts.


How To Choose The Most Popular Lawn Mowers For Small Yards

The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.

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Why Bother With A Massive Mower If You Havent Got The Lawn To Match These Little Wonders Will Keep Your Small Lawn Trimmed And Tidy

While some will always tell you that bigger is better, this isnt always the case with lawn mowers. If youve got a smaller lawn or an irregularly shaped garden, a smaller mower can actually be more practical. These mowers are lighter, easier to push and often more manoeuvrable. Whats more, if youve got a slope or uneven ground to deal with, a smaller mower can get up and down or into corners that a bigger mower just wont reach.

Below, weve picked out the best lawn mowers for smaller gardens, including conventional electrics and cordless mowers. Theyre cheap, cheerful and perfect for the job.

Best For Large Yards: Yard Force Lawn Mower

Top 10 Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard: 2020 Reviews ...

This heavy-duty lawn mower is designed for large yards with a runtime of up to 100 minutes and a cutting width of up to 22 inches. With self-propelled drive, the mower works well on hills and uneven terrain. The mower also has an adaptable deck that can be adjusted to allow for mulching, rear-bagging, and more.

Key Features

  • Two batteries and charger included
  • Five-year warranty

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Top 5 Best Small Riding Lawn Mowers In 2021 Buying Guide And Reviews

An immaculately mowed lawn is the dream of every homeowner and when it comes to maintaining a larger lawn, push mowers may not be the best option. The solution when it comes to efficient lawn care comes from a small riding lawn mower.

They are convenient, easy to operate, time-saving, and not too big to store and they make short work or medium-large sized yards.

Important Points To Consider

  • Self-propelled or Push Mower While push mowers are inexpensive, easy to maintain and ideal for small gardens self-propelled mowers are a lot easier to handle. You can also find that some self-propelled mowers come with a variable speed settings that will suit your own walking pace.
  • Collection Grass Box With a bigger collection box, you will find that you do not need to stop as often to empty it. This is something worth considering if you have a large lawn.
  • Stripe Effect If you are looking for a mower that creates a stripe effect on your lawn, then you will need to choose a mower with a rear roller. When the mower cuts, the roller moves over the grass and compresses it in one direction.

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The Best Riding Mower For The Money

Today well show you the top 10 best riding mowers for 2021, because if your property is 1/2 Acre or Larger you know its a big job to mow that much yard especially if youre using a walk-behind lawnmower. Well, youll be glad to know that Extra-Large lawns are where the best riding lawn mower can do the very best work. Today well show you the top 10 best riding mowers for 2021.

Lets face it Riding Lawn Tractors are not cheap to buy, we know its a big investment, and thats why we have researched extensively and lined up the Ten Best Riding Mowers for the Money to help you decide which lawn tractor is the very best one for your own needs.

We have also included our 2021 Riding Lawn Mower Buyers Guide to help homeowners make a well-informed choice before buying a riding lawnmower.

Best For Small Yards: Ryobi 16

Best lawn mowers for small yards

Just because a lawn mower isn’t self-propelled doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. Case in point: the Ryobi 16-inch One Plus HP 18-Volt push mower. Even though it’s extremely compact and weighs just 34.5 pounds, this tiny machine packs a punch. It stalled less than some of the larger, more powerful mowers in my test group, and the Ryobi’s light weight made it simple for me to push.

This machine uses Ryobi’s standard 18-volt rechargeable batteries too. They’re the same lithium ion power packs that the company uses in its popular line of home power tools. The mower comes with two batteries plus a charger — in case you don’t have one sitting around.

Its 16 inch cutting width, however, is on the narrow side. Still, for those with smaller yards the surprising power of this mower will suit their needs just fine.

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Advantages Of Having A Top

The most significant benefit of having a lawn mower of top quality for the smaller yard is that you get a model which is designed to take on the smaller of gardens, and which offers a better cut for more minimalistic areas than most standard lawns do. This means you get a near perfect finish each time and a fantastically maintained garden, as the mower you select is specially designed to do this with ease, while being lightweight and thoroughly able to maneuver any obstacle as you work.

What Are The Top Rated Zero Turn Mowers

Husqvarna, Ariens, and Toro are the top-selling zero-turn mower brands on a national level. Both of these brands have a large network of local dealers that perform service on them. As mentioned, these are also two of the brands that qualify for Home Depots white glove delivery service.

Together, these three brands make up the bulk of the markets best residential zero-turn riding lawnmowers.

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Stamped Steel Cutting Deck

The XT1 stamped steel spring-assisted cutting deck is designed with 42-inch twin cutting blades that will certainly deliver clean cuts to 12 cutting positions within 1 and 4 inches of cutting height. The deck has both front and rear anti-scalping wheels 2 front ball bearing and 2 narrow rear anti-scalping wheels.

Coming to the deck spindles at ¾ inches, they are designed with a steel cap and are triple lip sealed making them durable. The deck is also designed with a QuickAttach no-tool system for easy attachment and removal of accessories like a mulch bagger.

The SmartJet high-pressure deck washing mechanism comes as an added advantage for an easy clean session of your mower deck once you are done mowing.

Powerful 18 Hp Professional

11 Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard In 2020

The 18 HP professional-grade Kohler Courage OHV engine with 3 gal fuel tank capacity comes with several advantages. It is a single-cylinder engine with a cast iron sleeve and is typically simple, compact, durable and will cool quite easily compared to multiple-cylinder engines.

The engine is equipped with a fully pressurized oil pump w/spin-on filter for efficient lubrication. In addition, the smooth operating OHV design offers enhanced fuel efficiency and more torque per unit of displacement. The quick start and Consistent-Cut technology powers the deck to deliver a clean neat cut.

The XT1 comes with 15-inch front wheels and larger 20-inch rear wheels to offer better traction. However, because it is a front-drive unit, you can also expect enhanced maneuverability. These wheels are powered by the engine to a 5.5mph max forward speed and 3.1 mph max reverse speed which is rated above the market standard.

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Who Makes The Best Riding Mower

In our opinion, the top 3 riding lawn mower brands for the money are Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Toro. Its important to note, however, that the best riding mower for you will depend on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Honorable mention: Troy-Bilt built in the U.S.A and founded in 1937, is an outstanding lawnmower company with years of service and dependability, which happen to build a more affordable lawnmower line.

Be sure to take the size and slope of your yard, the price youre willing to pay, and the amount of maintenance youre ready to perform into consideration before selecting the mower that best suits your needs.

Ryobi 38 Inches 100 Ah Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Ry48111

The Ryobi electric rear-engine riding lawn mower removes petroleum fuel from the process. The 48-volt mower uses 100Ah batteries and runs for 2.5 hours on a full charge. The mower has a 38-inch deck with two blades and 12 different positions so you can get the perfect cut every time.

Why We Like It

38 inches

Our Verdict

We loved the fact that the lawn mower was quiet and used no fuel. However, the mower moved slower than gas-powered models. It gave a precise cut, and we liked the different options for the clippings. The mower only needs a 120-volt outlet to charge and runs for over two hours on one charge, which is enough to get the lawn mowed. Its a good choice if you arent in a hurry.

Editor Rating: 5/5

This Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower comes with the reliable Briggs & Stratton® Intek Engine that other mowers have, too. This mower has 19 horsepower, a foot-pedal transmission, and the ability to mow in reverse.

Why We Like It

34 inches

Our Verdict

This is a nice mower with a zero-turn radius. Its an easy lawn mower to use, and it is quick to get used to the steering levers. The seat is comfortable, too. This mower is professional-grade but smaller than most on the market. Its a substantial machine that requires very little maintenance. The small mower gets through gates with ease. The Ariens Zoom is built to last.

Editor Rating: 4/5

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Best Cordless Lawn Mowers To Buy At A Glance

Through rigorous testing, we have found 10 of the best cordless lawn mowers to help you keep your garden neat.

All of the cordless lawn mowers within this list received a rating of 4.25 out of 5 stars so we can be certain of their high quality and performance.

Our rating: 4.75 out of 5


  • Easy to assemble and folds for storage
  • Adjustable handle height for different users
  • Sturdy and easy to handle
  • Clear visibility of battery power levels
  • Battery and charger interchangeable with other Ego Power+ tools
  • Wide range of cutting heights


  • Short run time on battery supplied

Our testers thought this was a well-thought out lawnmower with plenty of great features. Its simple to assemble and fold away for easy storage. The mower cuts and manoeuvres well and is a pleasure to use. There are seven cutting heights and has collect, mulch and rear discharge features. Although it charges quickly in 30 minutes, theres less run time. A very generous five-year warranty is included and we judged this a Best Buy for extra features.

  • 2 x 2Ah batteries interchangeable with other Stiga 20V products and can be upgraded to 4Ah


  • No safety-key
  • Battery level not visible when mowing
  • Size makes it hard to store
  • Heavy
  • Battery and charger interchangeable with other Greenworks 40V tools


  • Tricky assembly
  • No battery power indicator

Cutting: Rotary V Cylinder

Lawn Mower Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

There are two basic cutting actions for mowers. The most common are rotary mowers, which make up most of the picks on our list. This is how each cutting type works:

Rotary mowersOne or more blades rotate horizontally at high speed. This blade cuts the grass, throwing the clippings into the grass box behind .

Cylinder mowersThis type of mower has spirally arranged blades that rotate on a horizontal axis. They brush closely agains a bar called a ‘sole plate’ that creates a scissor like cutting action. Manual push mowers and big ride on mowers are usually of this design.

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Black+decker 40v Max Cordless Lawn Mower

=> Check Price

Im told this mower can cut up to 1/8 of acre on a charge . Thats the size of many suburban yards .

One of the most powerful small cordless small lawnmowers, this has a large cutting width of 19 inches. It has a removable battery too, so you can get several batteries and use them one after the other if you need to mow a large lawn. The charger comes with the mower and carries an Energy Star rating.

It has you covered if you want to change the cutting height too, as theres a one-touch system that handles it for you. Weighing only 38 lbs. youll be able to zip this sucker around your lawn lickety-split. The rear bag also catches clippings as it mows.

Being battery-powered, it doesnt emit toxic fumes while you use it.


  • One of the most powerful cordless small lawn mowers
  • 19-inch blades make it a good choice for larger lawns
  • One-touch height adjustment system
  • Doesnt handle tight corners or spaces well
  • Leaves behind streaks of grass if you dont overlap slightly while mowing

Put In The Shopping Legwork

Keep in mind that while your new mower may save you steps, shopping for one may take a bit more legwork this season. COVID-related supply-chain holdups, combined with increased demand, are reducing supply, says Courtney Pennicooke, the CR product analyst who covers lawn mowers. Supplies are more limited, and models may be on back order, he says.

You also might need to check out a variety of retailers. Some mower brands are associated only with Home Depot or Lowes, while others are sold only through independent dealers. And some brands may sell certain models at a big home-improvement chain and others through dealers.

Shop around more than usual, checking a few different stores, Pennicooke says.

Check our comprehensive lawn mower ratings for even more good choices, including over 30 push models from brands such as Atlas, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, DeWalt, DR, Ego, Hart, Honda, Kobalt, Masport, Ryobi, Stihl, Toro, and Troy-Bilt.

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What Size Cutting Width Do I Need

Cutting width is the size of the lawn mower blade. The larger the blade, the more grass it will cut on each pass.

  • Small lawns, less than 50 square metres need a cutting width between 30cm and 34cm.
  • Medium lawns, between 50 and 150 square metres need a cutting width between 35cm and 40cm.
  • Large lawns, more than 150 square metres need a cutting width bigger than 40cm.

It’s important to choose a mower with the right cutting width for the size of your lawn.

Too large a cutting width on a small lawn and you’ll struggle to manoeuvre it in tight corners, while too small a cutting width on a large lawn, and you’ll find it takes much longer to cut all the grass.

Have you got a big lawn? Here’s our round-up of thetop five lawn mowers for large gardens.

Best Cordless Lawn Mowers Of : Whisper

Small Lawn Mowers

Battery lawn mowers are the way of the future. Just like electrification is sweeping into the automotive industry, so too its taking over smaller powered tools like lawnmowers, chainsaws, and more. For people in urban areas, and those with small to moderate-sized, well-managed lawns, the best cordless mowers now make more sense than ever.

As spring rolls around and people are dusting off their mowers for the summer, nows a good time to consider switching to electricity. There are many benefits to electric mowers you dont need to store or stabilize gas, no oil needed, and theyre downright quiet!

Further, electric mowers are vastly superior to old-school gas mowers in terms of emissions. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency , a new gas-powered lawn mower produces volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides emissions air pollution in one hour of operation as 11 new cars each being driven for 1 hour! The emissions from old gas-powered mowers are so bad that some areas, like Colorados Front Range, offer cash incentives for turning in your old mower in exchange for a new cordless lawnmower.

Read on for more of the best electric lawnmowers!

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What To Look For In A Good Rider Lawn Mower

There are plenty of features to consider when picking out one of the best riding lawn mowers, so you can get the greatest experience behind the wheel. If youre hungry for power in your new mower, then check out the horsepower of each contender, as this determines how fast you can get around. Most electric models give an indication in minutes how long youll have to go before you charge up too.

Be sure to take note of the cutting width of each mower too, as the higher this number is, the more grass you can cut in one go. You can also get a more pleasant mowing experience with models that have cruise control or zero-turn technology.

Riding experience is also important, as you want to feel comfortable behind the wheel, especially if you have a lot of ground to cover. This covers user controls, which might be digital or manual, and depend on personal preference. Many models also have ergonomic chairs, as well as comfort grip bars that you can glide along with. If youre opting for an electric model, make sure the charging port is easily accessible too.

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