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What Is The Most Powerful Electric Lawn Mower

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Gas Like Power Compared To What A Weed Whacker

Is a battery lawn mower worth it? Ego Power 21″ review


Actually, YES!

A Honda GX35 4-stroke 35cc weed-whacker type engine is rated to make 1.3 net horsepower, so there you go. That’s what they mean by “gas-like power”.

What a friggin joke.

So a 40V electric lawn mower probably doesn’t have more than about a weed whacker level power, or at least this one doesn’t appear to!

Honestly, if I had known that this mower only had a best of < 1.5 horsepower, I never would have bought it because I’d have known right away that that wasn’t gonna work! Maybe if you have a nice smooth lawn with no weeds or other grub, sure, but my lawn that the previous owners of our home left in a complete state of neglect? Ha ha! No freaking way. I bet the manufacturers of these things think that you never would have bought the mowers if you knew their actual horsepower either, which is precisely why they try to hide behind voltage ratings that don’t tell you anything directly. Their weasel words and “gas like” power or “torque of gas” claims when they know it’s a massive stretch and incredibly misleading is precisely why I felt the need to sound off in this blog as as a buyer beware notice!!!

Consider The Engine Power

Self-propelled lawn mowers come in a variety of engine sizes. Therefore, some are more powerful than others. Traditionally, a gas lawn mower will have more power than an electric one.

However, technology has come a long way in recent years, and now you can buy battery mowers that are just as powerful as gas ones. Plus, theyre much quieter and more environmentally friendly.

The power of a gas lawn mower is measured in cubic centimeters . For a small yard, youll find a 125cc engine is quite adequate. If your yard is medium-sized, consider a 140cc engine to get the job done. However, for large yards, you might want to consider a unit with an engine size of 180cc.

Conversely, the power of a battery self-propelled mower is measured in volts. Battery mowers can range from 18 volts to 80 volts. However, the best self-propelled battery mowers for small to medium yards are around 40 volts.

The 7 Best Battery Powered Lawn Mowers Reviewed In 2021

Cordless Lawn Mowers Fun and Easy Way to Mow Your Lawn

Battery powered lawn mowers are versatile, easy to move around, powerful, convenient and yet relatively quiet.

As they are tethered by a cord, you can use them to mow hard to reach areas of your lawn easily.

When it comes to purchasing the right battery operated lawn mower, we recommend considering below factors

1. Battery Voltage

Most of the battery operated lawn mowers come from 36 to 120 volts range. Models with higher voltage are suitable for large yards. Smaller voltage models are suitable for small yards.

2. Battery Runtime

It represents how much energy the battery can store. Runtime is measured in amp-hour reading. Battery operated lawn mowers come in wither 2.0 Ah or 3.0 Ah rating. Among these two, 3.0 Ah battery provides longer runtime

3. Cutting Width

It represents the width of grass cut in a single pass by the lawn mower. Cutting deck sizes range from 14 inches to 20 inches. You have to choose based on your requirement.

Other factors to consider are blade speed, height adjustment, self-propelling, and weight. You can find further information clearly in our Buying Guide.

If you havent got time, then you can choose the Best Battery Operated Lawn Mower from the list picked up by our experts.

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Residential: Ego Z6 Residential Zt Mower

The EGO Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower shakes up what you can expect from a battery-powered riding mower at a price thats very compelling compared to the other options out there. In our opinion, the design team clearly did their homework, and EGOs first shot at a battery-powered zero turn is a home run.

EGO initially teased their Z6 zero turn with the tag line Worth the wait.

It totally was. Price: $4999

Best For Small Yards: Kobalt 13

The Husqvarna Self Propelled Electric Start Lawn Mower ...

Cutting Width: 21 inches | Power Type: Electric | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side and rear discharge | Size of Yard: Up to 1/4 acre

  • Cord retention system to prevent disconnecting

  • Both rear and side discharge

  • Large back wheels for improved traction

  • Doesn’t perform well in thick grass

  • Not all clippings are collected in bag

You can maintain a yard up to ¼ of an acre with the Kobalt Electric Lawn Mower. This affordable pick runs on electricity, but it has to be connected to an extension cord during operation, which is why its best for small yards. It does have a cord retention system to prevent disconnecting while you mow.

The Kobalt mower has a 21-inch deck with seven cutting heights, and it offers rear and side discharge, as well as mulching and bagging abilities. The mower has 10-inch rear wheels for improved maneuvering, and its padded handle reduces wrist strain during operation.

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Bosch Advancedrotak 650 Electric Lawn Mower

Key Product Specifications:

  • Cutting height: 20 80 mm
  • Grass box volume: 50 litres
  • Weight: 16 kg

The Bosch AdvancedRotak 650 electric mower guarantees up to 75% in noise reduction, thanks to its ProSilence technology. It comes with a powerful 1700-Watt motor, which delivers peak performance. You can easily fold its handles so that space-saving storage will not be difficult to achieve. Its tyres are rubber coated so that they can glide smoothly in your garden.

Besides, this machine has seven cutting height positions, between 20 and 80 millimetres. You can choose an ideal height with the aid of a single lever so as to get the most satisfactory outcome. Its blades come with LeafCollect edges, which make it possible for you to collect autumn leaves without much stress.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Single lever adjustment of cutting height.
  • Noiseless operations.
  • Collapsible grass box for easy storage.
  • Ergonomic handles for ease of use.

Electric Lawn Mower Reviews: We Compare 7 Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

A decade ago, there were only a few cordless electric lawn mowers to choose from. But today, with the emphasis on environmentally friendly living and the introduction of new battery technology, there are dozens of battery powered lawn mowers. Battery powered mowers range from 14 in. to 19 in. in cutting width and cost anywhere from $240 to more than $600. In this electric lawn mower review, well compare seven cordless electric lawn mowers from leading battery powered lawn mower manufacturers. Well help you decide whether a battery powered lawn mower is right for you. Then well compare battery types and mower features to help you pick the best electric lawn mower for you.

Plus: Learn if a robot lawn mower is right for you.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Electric Riding Lawn Mowers

The idea of selecting the best electric riding lawn mower might seem a little overwhelming because of all the million available options. However, choosing the perfect lawnmower for yourself can be the most straight-forward job when you know about the qualities that you should look at an electric riding mower.

Greenworks 80v 21 Inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower

MX4140V: One of the Lightest and Most Powerful Battery Powered Lawnmowers on the Market.

Greenworks is one of the top makers of cordless electric lawn and garden power equipment. So, it should not come as a big surprise that this company makes one of the top premium-class cordless electric lawn mowers.

The Greenworks 80-volt 21-inch Cordless Lawn Mower offers plenty of cutting power along with 60 minutes of run time on a single charge. According to the company, the reliable brushless motor delivers the equivalent performance of a 160cc gas-powered engine.

The cutting deck can be positioned for seven different cutting lengths. Big 10-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels with ball bearings make it easy to turn and guide the mower throughout the yard.

If mower storage a problem, then you are going to love this Greenworks cordless electric lawnmower. The handle of this mower folds in half, then collapses against the mower deck. This makes it possible to store the mower vertically, taking up 70% less storage space.

The mower comes complete with the grass clippings bag, two modular batteries and a charger. Check Price and Delivery.

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Snapper Xd 82v Max Stepsense: Best Self

Reasons to avoid

The Snapper XD 82V Max StepSense is a self-propelled battery mower that still manages to offer up to an hour of cutting thanks to its dual battery bay. The mower is smart enough to up power when needed in tougher grass areas and save battery on simple cut sections.

The self-propulsion is just as smart, adding drive as you lean into the mower. This also has a five year warranty and is reassuringly solid at 90 pounds in weight, but is also maneuverable and can be folded for vertical storage.

Commercial: Mean Green 74

Mean Green is pushing the envelope further with a 74-inch deck on its flagship EVO ZTR. It delivers an impressive cutting width and day-long 8-hour max runtime. Combined with a 13 MPH top speed and 37 HP equivalent power, this is the electric riding mower to get when you have a lot of property to cut.

There are a lot of accessories to choose fromincluding a solar canopy! Mean Green certainly lets you customize the mower to suit your particular commercial needs.

All of this electric innovation comes at a cost, though. Youre looking at a minimum of $28,500 to get in and closing in on $35,000 if you want the most runtime. Thats before you add accessories.

Price: $28,500 $34,499

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Ego Power+ 56v Cordless Self

This 56-volt, 21-inch mower from EGO Power+ is another great choice if youre looking for a self-propelled option. It has variable speed settings up to 3 miles per hour, suited for any flat or sloped land. The lithium-ion battery runs for up to an hour on a single charge, which gives you plenty of time to mow most residential lawns.

EGO built this mower to withstand any conditions, with weather-resistant construction so the parts wont rust in high humidity or frequent rain. There are even LED headlights so you can mow at night or in the early morning if your schedule demands it. This is the only mower of all our picks that offers this feature.

The EGO Power+ self-propelled mower also has the versatile features you expect of a top-quality lawn mower of this day and age. It has an adjustable cutting deck with six height options ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches so you can mow to different lengths as needed.

You also can discharge, bag, or mulch your grass clippings without any additional attachments.


Worx Wg751 Powershare 50 Electric Lawn Mower

Best 5 Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Ive had very good experiences with the WORX brand products in the past. Ive owned a WORX leaf blower back in 2018 as well as a hedge trimmer. Both have been going strong for over a year now so I was excited to test out the WORX WG751 Powershare 5.0 electric mower.

WORX did right by me, so I was sure this battery lawn mower would perform just as well as their other gear, and I was right.

The WORX has all of the features you would expect in a quality battery operated electric lawn mower in this price range. It comes with 2 20V batteries and charger that will let you cut up to 9,400 sq/feet of lawn. It features a 2 in 1 mulching and rear bagging option and easily folds down into a compact unit for easy storage. I was able to mow relatively tall grass with ease and got about 50 minutes of run time. I even let the kids push it around and they didnt struggle, even in thicker grass.

One of the cool things that I havent seen on other push lawn mowers is the wash out port. You can literally hook up a hose to the port and it will clean under the deck, removing all of the grass clipping debris that accumulates. I love this feature. You can use the Turbo Mode for an extra boost of power, but keep in mind youll run through the batteries fast if you use Turbo too much.

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Are Electric Push Mowers Worth It

Electric mowers continue to improve when it comes to power. They are still not on par with gas-powered mowers but assuming you dont let your yard get out of hand, they can be quite effective. Greenworks now makes an 80-volt push mower that offers a tremendous amount of power for a battery-powered mower.

Husqvarna Le221r Cordless Self

Best Heavy Duty Self Propelled Battery Mower

This self-propelled lawn mower uses a 40-volt battery and features an easy push-button start. It also comes with a 3-in-1 cutting system which means you can bag, mulch, or side discharge your clippings. It’s the perfect mower for small and medium yards, especially if you have obstacles to mow around, as it’s fairly easy to maneuver.

Why We Liked It: This battery mower runs quietly at only 89 dBA. You’ll be able to mow your entire yard if you install 2 batteries at once. It features a steel deck and 11 inch rear wheels for easy maneuverability.

Cutting WidthPowerCutting Position

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Z994r Diesel Ztrak Zero Turn Mower

For cultivators and harvesters owning the large commercial areas who are not able to afford much, this mower is low in price and offers great performance. It ranks at 3rd position on our list of most powerful zero turn mower. But this does not mean it inferiors than the rest, It still holds enough power to meet all your residential and commercial needs.

Its an impressive product with a liquid-cooled diesel engine having 3-cylinders with dual hydrostatic wheel drive transmission which offers significant power of 25 HP, with a top speed of 18.3km/h. Its advanced dual transmission offers a maintainable speed. Z994R Diesel Ztrak mower offers three mower deck options. The deck offers an amazing wide-cut range from 54 inches to 72 inches with adjustable cut-height ranges from 0.25 inches to 5.5 inches and is in the more economical and affordable range to fulfill your lawn mowing needs.

The Z994R offers a high-torque, low-discharge diesel motor that gives the capacity to intense conditions with low vibration levels, which provides upgraded comfort, expanded efficiency, more economical working expenses, and longer motor life.

Special Features:

  • 7-Iron PRO Deck available in 54-in. , 60-in. , 60-in. MOD, and 72-in. .
  • 24.7 hp liquid-cooled diesel engine.
  • ComfortGlide Suspension on all seat options.
  • 11.5 U.S. gallon fuel tank .

Best For Hills: Ryobi 20 In 40

Should you switch to a battery electric lawn mower now? Greenworks Dual Battery Lawn Mower

Cutting Width: 20 inches | Power Type: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch, side-discharge | Size of Yard: 1/41/2 acres

  • Self-propelled to make it easy to maneuver

  • Runs quieter than most mowers

  • Can be hard to turn

  • Neon green design

If your yard has hilly areas, youll definitely benefit from a self-propelled lawn mower like this model from RYOBI, as it will propel itself up slopes, saving you from having to push it. This battery-powered mower has a 20-inch deck, and it can run for up to 40 minutes per charge, allowing you to cut up to ½ acre.

The RYOBI mower has seven cutting heights, as well as 3-in-1 mulching, bagging and side discharge abilities, and its load-sensing technology maximizes efficiency depending on how thick your grass is. It has collapsible handles, LED headlights, and an on-board battery storage compartment, and its rear-wheel drive offers improved traction, even on sloped areas.

Cutting Width: 8.6 inches | Power Type: Battery | Cutting Options: N/A | Size of Yard: Up to 0.4 acres

  • Bluetooth range is limited

  • Random cutting route

The Husqvarna Automower is easy to set up on your ownall you have to do is install boundary wires that tell it where to stop. Its cutting width is just over 8.5 inches, and it will automatically return to its charging base when the battery is depleted. Plus, it can even be controlled via your smartphone, allowing you to start or stop the robot with a simple touch.

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The Bargain Bot Under $1000

It’s still difficult to find robotic lawn mowers under $1,000, a new Australian brand is looking to change this. Their entry level Moebot 800 is capable of mowing an area up to 800sqm.


  • Pick up, bump and rain sensors
  • In built WIFI and comes with a phone APP

The Moebot 800 is equipped with 3 blades that cut grass into a fine mulch, which makes great fertiliser. Removing the need to pick up any clippings once done. Like the more expensive models the Moebot 800 automatically recharges when the battery runs low and then continues working. You can even set a schedule for it using the smart app. It is very quiet and the best you can get under $1,000.

Top 3 Most Powerful Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Available In The Market

With our extensive 78 hours of research, we have found the top three most powerful zero turn mowers in 2020.

  • ZTrak Z997R Diesel Zero-Turn Mower
  • Z970R Zero-Turn Mower
  • 36 months with no hour limitation for first 24 hours. 36 months with no hour limitations for first 24 hours. 36 months with no hour limitations for first 24 hours.

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    Our Experience After One Year

    After a year of hands-on use, heres what a member of our team, Taylor, has to say about his experience with the Ego mower:

    Im not the type of person who really enjoys and looks forward to mowing their yard, unlike many of my neighbors its a chore that needs to get done just like any of the others that are part of owning a home. With that being said, the Ego mower is hands-down my favorite mower that Ive used to date.

    Its quiet enough that I have no problems listening to a podcast or audiobook while mowing, which definitely couldnt be said about my older gas mowers. The battery life is commendable, and assuming it hasnt been too long between mowings, one large battery easily gets me through both my front and back yards without issue.

    One of my favorite features is its ability to neatly fold up with a few quick releases of a lever or two. If youre short on storage space for yard tools like I am this space-saving feature is super welcomed.

    A surprise feature I found myself thankful for just recently was the LED lights. In Pennsylvania fall, there isnt much time between the end of the workday and it being too dark to mow. I had half of my front yard left to mow while the sun was quickly setting, but the headlights on the mower made it a total non-issue.

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