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What Lawn Mower To Buy

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Which Month Is Best For Cheap Lawn Mowers

Buy & Sell Lawn Mowers – How to Sell a Lawnmower

Each season has a different range of factors to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a new lawn mower. Directly after the summer months, its likely that youll be able to find a good deal, as stockists try to sell their last models, as well as when new mowers are being discounted before peak season hits. This off-season lull is the perfect time to swoop in on an affordable lawn mower if you want to save some cash. Wed recommend checking our guide to cheap lawn mower deals to find the latest price cuts.

On the other hand, in the spring there tends to be a greater range of makes and models available to choose from but limited discounts available. Thats because springtime is when most interest tends to build around lawn and garden equipment, and when new models of lawn mowers are released. So, if youre a real lawn enthusiast, and have a specific make and model in mind, then this will be the best time to buy, as stocks will be nicely replenished.

However, if youre looking for a cheap mower, its important to note that the newer the model, the higher the price tag. This makes spring a great time for plenty of choice, but not the best time to bag a bargain.

That being said, just before summer starts, most lawn mower manufacturers will run spring-summer sales, offering a small amount of discount on their lawn mowers but these deals wont rival the bargains youll find after the summer season.

Best For Large Yards: Ryobi 54 In 115 Ah Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

Cutting Width: 54 inches | Weight: 796 pounds | Run Time: Not listed | Cutting Options: Mulch or side-discharge | Size of Yard: 4+ acres

The RYOBI Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower is ideal for anyone with a large piece of property, as it can mow an impressive 3.5 acres on a single charge. It has a 54 inch cutting deck with three precision-cut steel blades, and there are 12 cutting heights to choose from.

This battery-powered zero-turn lawn mower has a variety of useful features, including a slow speed option, slow blade option, reverse mowing, and USB charging port. It can side discharge or mulch grass clippings, and its built for comfort with ergonomic control handles, armrests, and two cup holders.

The 7 Best Places To Buy Lawn Mowers

Luscious lawns are on the horizon.

Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

A perfectly manicured lawn is the pinnacle of homeowner pride, but youve got to have the right lawn mower first. When it comes to picking out the best mower for your yard, the choices can seem endless and overwhelming: electric versus gas, push versus self-propelled, and how about all those extra attachments?

While Reviewed has tested a variety of lawn care tools, we have yet to specifically test lawn mowers. But you can ensure youre getting a great one by shopping at the right place. After all, where you buy matters when youre looking at the selection, pricing, customer experience, knowledgeable employees, and convenience. Whatever your top priorities are, weve researched the best places to buy lawn mowers, and below are our top picks.

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Also Great: Honda Hrx217vka Lawn Mower

*At the time of publishing, the price was $620.

If you strongly feel that gas is the way to go, we recommend the Honda HRX217VKA Lawn Mower. The Hondas roughly $600 price tag puts it clearly in the upper echelon of gas mowers, but all indications show that it is worth the cost, both in performance and long-term durability. This mower stands apart for its superior cut quality, its unique ability to balance the ratio of mulched and bagged grass, the way it can shred leaves enough to replace raking entirely, and its nearly indestructible composite mowing dome.

Most mowers have a single blade, but the Honda, like our Ego pick, has two. This doubles the amount of cutting edges and results in a lawn that, as Berendsohn puts it, has a velvet finish. With its two blades, the Honda cuts grass into smaller pieces than other mowers we tested did this leads to better mulching and more efficient bagging .

In the fall, the Honda is able to shred leaves, thanks to its Versamow System. This leaf-shredding feature may sound like a minor thing, but its actually effective enough that, in some cases, its able to replace a leaf blower, which can cost hundreds of dollars. According to Honda , if you set the mower at a certain level between bag and full-mulch, it forces the leaves to stay longer in the mowing dome, which completely shreds them and sends them back onto the lawn or disposes of them in the bag.

The Must’s For Finding The Right Machine For Your Yard

Best Rear Wheel Drive Lawn Mowers Reviews and Buying Guide
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Whether youre a first-timer homeowner investing in lawn care tools or an experienced professional looking to upgrade your arsenal of power equipment, you likely want a lawn mower to make landscaping a faster, easier experience. With a quality lawn mower in your shed, youll be able to cut the grass in your yard in less time and with more accuracy, saving yourself from having to pay a professional landscaper.

Lawn mowers are relatively straightforward machines. All lawn mowers have wheels, allowing you to navigate around your yard, cutting the grass as you go for a nice, even result. While their design may vary, the majority of products sold today are rotary mowers, which use an engine to produce power and spin a horizontal blade. The blade rotates at such a fast speed that it cuts through the grass as it hits it, and typically, these blades are housed within a deck, a casing that keeps grass and other objects from going flying as you operate the machine. However, there are still old-fashioned reel mowers available, which spin a vertical blade using the momentum created as you manually push or pull the device.

There are many styles of lawn mowers to choose from, including riding mowers, push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and even self-operating robotic mowers. Additionally, lawn mowers can either be manual, gas-powered or electric, and electric options are broken down even further into corded and cordless designs.

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Go For Electric When Tending To Your Weekend Chores

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

Battery-powered tools are quickly becoming a favorite for many homeowners, as theyre eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and often just as powerful as their gas-powered counterparts. Battery-powered lawn mowers, in particular, are gaining popularity, with more top-name brands releasing their own electric models.

If youre interested in a battery-powered mower, youll want to think about how much time it takes you to mow your lawn. The runtime of these mowers varies anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, and there are both walk-behind and riding models available, depending on the size of your yard.

Here, the best battery-powered lawn mowers to buy.

Lawnmower Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower

A lush, leafy green lawn is what many gardeners dream of having. And for that, you need a good lawnmower.

In fact, the lawn is often the largest area of the garden. So having a high-quality lawnmower that suits your grass and garden size is vital. In fact, I think its the most important gardening tool you can own.

But shopping for a lawnmower can feel overwhelming. There are so many different types and the jargon is confusing. Often the models get more expensive, but the added extras are hard to identify.

So Ive put together a lawnmower buying guide. It is completely independent and objective. I am not reviewing or recommending specific models or brands, or trying to sell you anything.

The buying guide simply aims to explain the different features and show which type of lawnmower is best for different garden sizes, styles and power requirements.

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What Are Riding Lawn Mowers Exactly

Riding lawn mowers are usually quicker and easier to use than push or self-propelled lawn mowers due to their large engines and wider mowing decks, which can cut a larger area of grass in one pass. The ability to ride the mower around can also be crucial for homeowners who experience any back issues and cant walk behind an average lawn mower without fatigue, said McKenzie.

Experts said that shoppers with more than three-fourths of an acre of yard would benefit from a riding lawn mower since they can significantly cut down on mowing time. However, if your yard is less than a half an acre, a riding lawn mower can make mowing your lawn more tedious than it needs to be because of the size of the machine in comparison to the yard, said Steckel. At that point, its easier to use a push or self-propelled lawn mower these types of mowers also turn the lawn mowing process into an opportunity for exercise and physical activity.

There are three main types of riding lawn mowers to consider: traditional lawn tractors, zero turning radius mowers and rear engine riding mowers.

Lawn tractors are gas-powered machines with a front mounted engine and a steering wheel for easy maneuvering you simply sit on top and steer while the machine cuts the grass. This is the most common and price-effective type of riding lawn mower, said Steckel. They also usually have a wide turn radius, making them a good option for big lawns with slopes and hills.

Petrol Vs Electric/battery Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mower Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

When it comes to deciding whether you want a petrol or battery lawn mower it comes down to your yard and your preferences.

For most modern suburban blocks with a small yard, an electric mower is probably good enough. Electric and/or battery mowers benefit from quieter operation, have no emissions and are commonly cheaper than petrol mowers.

However, petrol mowers win out by their sheer ability to get the job done because they often feature more powerful motors, with leading torque figures and cutting widths. For homeowners living on older, bigger blocks or semi-rurally, a petrol lawn mower is probably still the best option.

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How To Buy The Best Lawn Mower

Whether youre mowing a postage stamp-sized lawn or an acre of grass, well help you choose the best mower for you.

Backed by our independent, rigorous tests, our expert guide explains the pros and cons of cordless electric mowers, petrol lawn mowers and ride-on mowers. We also have the details on top features to consider when buying.

Before you part with your hard-earned money, consult our advice on selecting a cutting width, and how to get a striped finish on your lawn.

Want to know which lawn mower you should buy right now? Go straight to the top-scoringbest lawn mowersin our independent tests.

Cordless Zero Turn Mowers

Recently both Ryobi and Ego have released cordless zero turn mowers. These are large ride-on mowers that have the capability of cutting two or more acres. Ryobi has a number of models available and Ego has one, but looking at the largest and most capable, they come with a price tag of about $5000.

The Ego ZT4204L Z6 Zero Turn Riding Mower uses the same style of battery that is in all of their lawn equipment. The mower comes with four 10.0 Ah batteries, but the machine has ports for six, so there is some scalability, especially if you have additional Ego batteries from other tools. The mower also acts as a charger and, according to Ego, once plugged in, can fill all of the batteries in only two hours. Just using the four included batteries, the Ego can cut about 2 acres.

It comes with an on-board USB port, cup holders, and what looks like a comfortable seat. It has a 54-inch cut.

The Ryobi RY48140 Zero Turn Electric Riding Mower has a single internal battery, which can power the mower to cut up to 3½-acres. Like the Ego, it has a 54-inch cut and amenities like the USB port and cup holders. The downside of this model is that charging is an overnight process, so you would want to make sure it could handle your lawn in a single mow.

This is a new category of mower and were watching to see how it progresses. Let us know if its something youre interested in us testing and investigating further.

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Our Pick: Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower Lm2135sp

For the best in convenience, battery run time, cut quality, and value, we recommend the Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower LM2135SP. Compared with a gas mower, its quieter, doesnt create exhaust, and requires almost no maintenance. Among other cordless models, the Ego LM2135SP has among the longest run time and shortest charge time. This Ego has a redesigned control interface that allows you to control the propulsion with either hand. It also cuts with two blades, making for a finer cut and better mulching. Rounding out the features are two forward-facing LED lights, an easy-to-use cutting-height adjustment, and a battery port that faces the battery gauge toward the operator. The battery, which is good for a solid hour of mowing, is compatible with Egos other lawn tools, such as the companys leaf blower, chainsaw, and string trimmer.

Random aside: Without the stink of gas engine exhaust in your face, the smell of mowing the grass while using Ego is entirely different and much more pleasant unfortunately, the allergens are exactly the same.

A final benefit of the Ego is that once the mower and battery are purchased, you can buy other tools in the companys 56-volt lineup at a reduced price as bare tools, meaning theyre sold without the battery or charger. Egos blower, chainsaw and string trimmer have all been excellent performers in our testing. The tools have a limited five-year warranty the batteries have a separate, shorter warranty.

What Features Should I Look For In A Lawnmower


Ease of use

Mulcher vs catcher mowing

Mulching mowers produce more of a compost than a mulch, using a special ‘mulching plug’ to repeatedly feed the cut grass through the blades, chopping it very finely before forcing the clippings down between the blades of grass and back into the lawn.

A good mulcher mower will make your lawn look neat and tidy and you shouldn’t be able to see clumps of clippings or unmown grass after you’ve finished.

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Ego Lm1701e Cordless Lawn Mower

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5

Buy now from Gardenlines

Our testers found the Ego mower sturdy and easy to handle and manoeuvre. It has a range of seven cutting heights and comes with a 55 litre capacity grass bag. The mower charges in just 30 minutes but the run time with the included battery is relatively short at 20 minutes. Larger batteries are also available to buy separately. The battery power level is clearly visible when mowing. This mower comes with a five year warranty.


  • Easy to assemble and folds for storage
  • Adjustable handle height for different users
  • Sturdy and easy to handle
  • Clear visibility of battery power level
  • Wide range of cutting heights
  • Battery and charger interchangeable with other Ego Power+ tools


Read the full review: Ego LM1701E review

Best Budget: Sun Joe 14

Cutting Width: 14 inches | Weight: 29 pounds | Run Time: 25 minutes | Cutting Options: Bag | Size of Yard: 1/41/2 acre

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

  • Extremely quiet during operation

  • Only bags clippings

  • Small cutting width

If you have a small area to mow, the Sun Joe Cordless Push Lawn Mower is an unbeatable value. Its on the smaller side with a 14-inch cutting width, and its 28-volt battery delivers up to 25 minutes of runtime per charge. The machine is extremely lightweight, weighing just 29 pounds, and it includes a 10.6-gallon collection bag that keeps clippings off your lawn.

The Sun Joe mower has three height options that you can adjust manually, and its brushless motor is surprisingly quiet during operation. It has a safety switch to prevent accidental starting, and theres a battery-level indicator that lets you know how much juice you have left.

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Cutting: Rotary V Cylinder

There are two basic cutting actions for mowers. The most common are rotary mowers, which make up most of the picks on our list. This is how each cutting type works:

Rotary mowersOne or more blades rotate horizontally at high speed. This blade cuts the grass, throwing the clippings into the grass box behind .

Cylinder mowersThis type of mower has spirally arranged blades that rotate on a horizontal axis. They brush closely agains a bar called a ‘sole plate’ that creates a scissor like cutting action. Manual push mowers and big ride on mowers are usually of this design.

Budget Pick: Toro Smartstow Recycler 20340

How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard | Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2020

If you simply want a solid gas mower at a great price, we recommend the Toro SmartStow Recycler 20340. This is a popular, reliable model with great feedback, and it stands out from similarly qualified machines because it can be folded up and stored in an upright position. According to Toro, this reduces the 20340s storage footprint by up to 70 percent over that of a traditional mower. And though thats not a completely unique feature, it is rare enough for us to single out the 20340even if it lacks the convenience of the Egos or the finesse and mulching ability of the Honda.

The Toro 20340s storage feature is called the SmartStow system, which is made possible by the Briggs & Stratton engines unique design. Its a simple process: You fold the handle over the body of the mower and lock it in place. Then , you set the mower upright or wheel it around like a piece of luggage, much like you would a cordless model. It makes storage easy, not to mention cleaning the underside of the mowing deck or inspecting the blade.

As a mower, the Toro performs like many other good gas engine machines: It cuts the grass capably switches between bagging or mulching its clippings has its issues with maintenance, noise, and emissions and otherwise meets the expectations that any experienced self-propelled-mower user would have for it. The 20340 is primarily distinguished by SmartStow take that away and its just your standard, decent-quality self-propelled mower.

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