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When To Fertilize Lawn In Utah

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Feed Your Grassthe Rasmussen Way

Don’t make these 3 MISTAKES // Spring lawn care

When grass has the correct nutrients at the appropriate time, a lush, thick, and low maintenance lawn is easily attained. Ready to dig your toes into a cool bed of healthy grass? Then meet the Rasmussen Targeted Monthly Fertilizer Program!

Plant Nutrition For Utah Lawns

Utah is so special for so many reasons! And some of the special things about Utah create some challenges when trying to keep our plants green and healthy.

Utah soils are much harsher than other soils around the country. We are the second driest state in the Union and have some of the most alkaline soils in the region. The result of dry and alkaline soils is that grass refuses to “green up” as easily. Iron, the mineral that gives a deep green color to grass, cannot mobilize in alkaline soil. This is one of many reasons that a targeted fertilizer program is essential for a green and weed-free lawn.

Targeted Monthly Fertilizer

As sunlight, temperature, and growing seasons change and as weeds and pests assault your lawn, the nutritional needs of your lawn are constantly changing, too. This is why we designed our monthly fertilizer program specifically for lawns in northern Utah.

Every year is a little different, but throughout the 9 months of the growing season, we include the following fertilizer services:

The Importance Of Fertilizing Your Turf

Northern Utah is known for temperature extremes, ranging from harsh winter conditions to searing mid-summer temperatures. Fertilizer helps strengthen lawns and prepare them for the upcoming winter season. While many people believe that spring is the only time fertilization is really necessary, the autumn application is just as important. Taking the time to care for your lawn during the fall also can help reduce the amount of work needed in the spring and summer, to keep grass healthy and lush.

A Healthy Lawn Is An Environmentally Friendly Lawn

The best way to ensure a perpetually green lawn and one that lives in harmony with the environment is to keep your turf grass healthy.

A healthy, vigorous lawn discourages both weeds and pests. When your grass struggles, it opens a door for weeds to take over. When the delicate balance of your lawn is upset, it also serves as an attraction for harmful insects and other pests.

If you break out the weed killer and pest control products in an attempt to right the ship, youre adding more harmful chemicals to the soil. It becomes a perpetuating cycle of treatment.

But, if you can use an effective lawn fertilizer to restore the health of the grass, you can put this costly and environmentally risky cycle to rest. By far, the most effective way to achieve this is to use a product that is designed specifically for the local soil conditions.

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Utah Lawn Seasonal Maintenance

For a beautiful and healthy lawn that flourishes in the summer and fall, its vital to care for it year-round. It may be gray and cold out there now, but before long, spring will arrive, and your lawn will also spring backhopefully, green and lush.

See what lawn care tips you can implement to ensure a healthy lawn.

Why Do We Need To Aerate The Lawn

Lawn Fertilization Services in Ogden, Utah

Lawn care is an ongoing process. Its called maintenance because you need to maintain it. I shouldnt need to tell you that a good lawn needs air, water, and nutrients in the soil to grow. Thats pretty basic need for all living things. What you might not know, however, is how much the soil can become compacted as you use your lawn even just your kids and pets playing on it can cause this to happen. When the soil becomes compacted, it becomes harder for air and water to seep down to the roots of your lawn. If that happens, it stunts your lawns growth. During times of stress, such as the heat and low rainfall of summer, compacted soil will cause your grass to lose its healthy, green color. It may even kill it.

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Learn More About Revive

An application of Revive to those dry areas in summer will work wonders. Revive contains a special combination of surfactants that help re-wet hard-packed and dry areas. Revives organic nutrients will re-invigorate those dry lawn areas and make them lush and green again.

You can have your dream-come-true lawn with these easy steps and help from your local experts at any IFA Country Store. Stop by and talk with us about our 4 step lawn care program. It provides not only the lushest, deepest green, weed-free turf, but improved, insect-free soil that grows deeper, stronger roots. Overall, it grows a healthier lawn that requires less water and holds up better through heat and drought with consistent seasonal applications. With 23 locations ready to serve you, a beautiful lawn is just an application away.

What The Heck Is Lawn Aeration Anyway

To put it simply, aeration is poking hundreds of tiny holes in your lawn, and pulling out tiny tubes of thatch, called plugs.

You have to do this because, over time, the soil beneath the grass becomes compacted. This occurs from normal foot traffic, lawn mowing and watering. Eventually, the dirt becomes so compacted that critical moisture and air cant circulate down to the roots of the turf.

And without air and drainage, your grass struggles mightily, opening the door for weeds, pests and unsightly brown or bare spots.

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When To Apply Fall Fertilizer In Utah

Since Utah is prone to having desert-like summer conditions with temperatures up to 100 degrees, the fall is a time for lawns to recover from the heat and aridness.Fertilizing in the fall gives your grass a head start for next spring by causing an earlier spring green up.This fall, plan to spread IFA Step 4 Fall & Winter Fertilizer with Omnicote iron over your lawn.Using Humate with the fertilizer conditions your soil to gain up more nutrients. .

Helpful Utah Lawn Care Tips For The Fall Season

Utah Lawn Aerating- The Rasmussen Way

Helpful Utah Lawn Care Tips For The Fall Season

Watering and Fertilization.In northern Utah, our lawns require the water to reach at least 6 inches deep with each watering session.Weeding and Aerating.Weed control is a never-ending job in our area.Like weeding, aeration can also be a tedious task. .

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When To Aerate Lawn Utah

One of the most important decisions you will have to make as a homeowner is when to aerate your lawn. Depending on your climate, you may need to aerate your lawn in April or May. Those are the months when the grass is actively growing, so they will be most benefitted by aeration. However, if you dont have the time to aerate your lawn, there are still a few reasons why aerating your lawn is a great idea.

Regardless of the reason, aerating your lawn will improve its health and beauty. In order to do this, you will need to use a heavy-duty rake and wait until the ground beneath your lawn is thawing out. The last thing you want to do is damage your grass by pulling out excess thatch. This can lead to diseases and damage to the healthy grass. Luckily, you can get an aeration machine to help you get rid of excess thatch.

Aeration is an excellent way to improve the health of your lawn. While its important to follow proper procedures, its essential to follow these tips to ensure youre getting the most out of this process. Aerating your lawn is a great way to improve the look of your lawn. If done correctly, it can help to restore the natural balance of your soil and increase the health of your grass.

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Use A Lawn Fertilizer Designed For Your Local Area

Every geographic location has different needs for fertilization. The composition of the Northern Utah dirt is unique to our region. The optimal mixture of chemical elements needed for growing healthy turf here is equally unique.

When you purchase commercially branded lawn fertilizer from the home center, youre purchasing the same formulation that someone in New England or Florida would buy. This one-size-fits-all approach means that youre applying chemicals that wont benefit the local soil.

When you choose a lawn fertilizer product that is formulated specifically for the local soil conditions, you can use less which saves you money. And you can rest easier knowing that your turf grass and the soil that lies beneath are getting the specific nutrients they need for optimum health and growth.

Because we care about your lawn and the environment, The Dirt Bag has designed our exclusive four-step system for fertilizing your grass. Its not too late for the application of Step 4, which will prepare your yard for the fall and winter, and ensure that it pops back with a vengeance in the spring.

, or visit our headquarters in West Jordan, Utah, to learn more about our safe and effective Utah lawn fertilizer system.

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Why Choose Cedar Lawn Care For Your Lawn Fertilization

When you choose Cedar Lawn Care you are partnering with a small, locally owned and family run business. Were large enough to take care of all your lawn feeding and lawn maintenance needs but were still small enough to give your lawn the specific care and attention it deserves.

We believe in providing good value and complete customer satisfaction through a job well done. Our employees are expertly trained and will conduct themselves like true professionals on your property. You be the judge of our work! If youre not happy with the work we perform on your property- well fix itFor Free or there is no charge for the service. Its really that simple!

If youd like an estimate for fertilizing your lawn or regular on-going lawn maintenance please give us a call 359-8681 or fill out our contact form and well get right back to you.

What Does Lawn Aeration Do For Your Lawn

Lawn Fertilizing Services

We use a special machine called a lawn aerator to aerate our clients lawns. This machine was specifically designed to perforate your soil with hundreds of small holes that allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate directly into your lawns root system. The plugs of grass that are removed by the aerator usually contain an inch or two of soil and are about 1/2 to 3/4 in diameter. These resulting holes are what allows the air and nutrients down into the soil and close to the root systems where they really need to be.

This process delivers oxygen, water, and nutrients directly to the roots which encourages the roots to grow deeper and works to improve their uptake of nutrients and resilience to produce a more vigorous lawn. Aerating has long been a lawn care secret that golf courses and sports fields groundskeepers have employed because it really makes a difference especially when used as part of a total lawn care program.

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When To Start Fertilizing The Lawn

Speaker 1:Hey, guys. Spring is here, and were getting a ton of questions in the office. One of the main questions we are getting is when should you fertilize your lawn, when should this first application go down of lawn fertilizer. The timing is super important, especially because it has a pre-emergent weed control in it. What this means, it stops any new seeds from growing, any new weeds that have blown in over the winter. That is all based on soil temperatures. Once the soil temperature reaches a certain temperature, roughly about 58 degrees, that is when youre going to get all this new growth of weeds, so you want to make sure you get that pre-emergent down before 58 degrees. Heres a quick and easy way. You probably just have a meat thermometer laying around the house. Go ahead and try it out. Just stick it in the soil and see what it does. This one here, were up here in Draper now, and we are reading about 53, between 53 and 54 degrees up here in Draper. Were still not quite there yet, but its going to approach fast. Make sure you get that pre-emergent down to prevent any new weeds before we reach that 58 degree temperature. Hope you guys have a great day.

Contact Utahs Big League Lawns For Your Lawn Care Needs

Big League Lawns is a lawn aeration company serving Weber and Davis counties. In order to provide the highest quality service for our customers, Big League Lawns will work with you to design a customized, long-term lawn care plan. Our professional crew is the most skilled in the Ogden area. With every job we do, our goal is to ensure that our customers are entirely pleased with our efficient services and the quality of the results of their lawn aeration. We aim to exceed expectations on timing and results as we transform each lawn that we aerate into a lush, verdant yard. To find out for yourself, contact us today to receive a free estimate on the cost of lawn aeration and benefit from Big League Lawns complete satisfaction guarantee!

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Keeping Your Lawn Green In Utah

Summer has officially arrived which means more time spent outside with your family and pets! The soft squish of a vibrant green lawn between your toes is almost as good as the envious neighbors asking whats your secret?! To make sure that you are doing the very best for your Utah lawn, keep these four things in mind:

  • Pay attention to how often and how much you water
  • When you mow
  • Fertilize early
  • Lawn Aeration Tips For Idaho Utah And Washington

    How to water a lawn with Sandy Soil? ?

    Over time, the soil underneath your grass will become compacted. Ongoing traffic year after year can lead to this problem. When the soil is compacted, the roots of your lawn cannot get the oxygen they need to thrive. Take a moment this spring to check for compaction. Of course, you cant feel your soil to check for this, but you can look for moss growing on the surface of the soil. This is the biggest indicator of compaction problems.

    The solution for compaction is lawn aeration. Lawn aeration is best done in the fall for cool-season grasses, and in late spring or early summer for warm-season grasses, but knowing now that you will need it done is helpful. You can also talk to your local lawn care company about aeration as part of spring lawn care if you notice that you have a big problem.

    When using a core aerator machine, we recommend marking any sprinkler heads you may have to avoid damaging them.

    Spring Lawn Aeration Tips for Utah: Spring is the best time to aerate lawns in Northern Utah. Core aeration is the best way to let nutrients and fertilizer get to the roots. Once temperatures begin to rise in late spring, the soil should be about 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit when its time to aerate.

    Spring Lawn Aeration Tips for Washington: Make sure your soil is moist before using a core aerator on your lawn. Both spring and fall are the best times to aerate your lawn in Washington State whether you live in Western or Eastern Washington.

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    We Keep Your Lawn In Full Health

    GreenSides professional lawn fertilization services covers everything your lawn needs, including disease control, balanced nutrition, and getting rid of those unwanted and invading weeds.

    The 7-step lawn fertilization we offer in Salt Lake City ensures that were able to keep your yard in good health, 365 days of the year. Each application will be customized for your particular lawn, creating a balanced diet of nutrients it needs.

    We also offer a guarantee on every service we provide.

    We provide weed control and insect control for free until we resolve the problem. In the end, we guarantee you that you will love the results of our work.

    How Long Does It Take To Notice A Difference In Your Lawn

    It takes half a season to a season to see the results of your investment. Since aeration services are a low-cost item, its an excellent investment for protecting your lawn from the harsh Utah summers.

    We have turfgrass science to back us up. Utah State University, a land grant university, has articles discussing the benefits of aeration and overseeding services for local lawns.

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    Keeping Your Lawn And Home Tidy

    At Preventive Pest Control, we dont just handle bugs and rodents. Our focus is on restoring the quality of your home as a whole, so we also tackle other key issues likeweed control and lawn management. Whatever you need help with, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. To learn more and schedule an appointment with our experts,contact us today!

    When Should I Start Fertilizing My Lawn In Spring

    Utah County Lawn Care â Lawn Fertilizer â Utah Pest Control

    Start fertilizing your lawn in early spring after the snow melts . Granular fertilizer should be applied earlier so it has time to break down. Because granular fertilizer takes longer to break down, be sure to water well after using a granular fertilizer to help it soak in.

    In contrast, liquid fertilizer can be applied a little later because it works faster than granular mixtures. Other benefits of liquid fertilizer include the following:

    • A liquid approach allows for convenient mixing of fertilizer, lawn pesticides, and weed control chemicals
    • Liquid fertilizer starts working almost as soon as its applied
    • Controlling the amount of application is easier with a liquid solution
    • Thoroughly treating the edges of the lawn is easier with liquid fertilizer

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