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Where To Buy Used Lawn Mowers

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Where To Buy Used Lawn Mowers Near Me

Buy & Sell Lawn Mowers – How to Sell a Lawnmower

Purchasing a brand new lawnmower is surely a big investment. However, not everyone is ready for such a big investment. Thatâs why people are looking for a used lawnmower.

You know if you purchase a used lawnmower, then you wonât have to think of a big investment. You can easily purchase a lawnmower at a cheaper rate. This will definitely save your money and make you a proud owner of a lawnmower. Seems great! Right?

But I guess you donât know âwhere to buy used lawn mowers near youâ. If so, then you will be glad to hear that this article is designed solely for you.

Some Remanded Lawn Mowers From Amazonon Low Budget


In this article, I will try to cover all the details in this regard. Believe me, after reading this article, finding a used lawnmower will be a piece of cake for you.

So, without delay, letâs dive in.

In this content youâll learn:

  • Price Of The Lawn Mower
  • Seller Of The Lawn Mower

    If you are buying it from a dealer as opposed to online or from a private seller some of these may be easier to get! But the more information you have the better purchase you can make. Here are a few questions you should ask:

    • Do you have service documents
    • Why is the lawn mower for sale
    • Has any major work or modifications been done
    • Is there a warranty still in place or will there be a new warranty from my date of purchase

    Confirming that it was properly maintained with things like oil filter changes, blade sharpening etc. are all going to ensure you are getting your moneys worth.If you are purchasing used online, do not be afraid to ask for a video of the lawn mower so you can see the lawn mower being started and running.

    What Type Mower To Buy

    Not all mowers are equal. A mower that doesnt suit your yard or your ability wont represent a wise purchase no matter how good the mower is or how reasonable the price was.

    Mowers come in a few different flavors. In this section, well look at the common mower types, their main features, and the type of yard work and users they are best suited to.

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    Gas Powered Walk Behind Push Mower

    The walk-behind gas-powered push mower is the entry-level gas-powered mower. Gas power brings some significant power advantages and, of course, the ability to cut grass all day long. The entry-level mower typically has small engines and is not driven, meaning they only move if the user pushes it along.

    Ideal for Medium size flat yards with heavier grass types.

    Downside Gas engines require maintenance and careful winter storage, storing gas and oil on-site and can be heavy to push.

    Donate Mowers To Local Charities

    Where To Buy Used Lawn Mowers Near Me?

    I volunteer at a local animal rescue organization on the weekends. They have 3 locations that house dogs and each location has large yards for the dogs to play in. We usually get at least 1 lawn mower donation each month. Sometimes the mowers are not in running condition so we just move them to our scrap pile for donating to the local scrapyard. Needless to say, we always have decent mowers at each location.

    Wherever you are at, there will be some type of charity or church that will be in need of your old mower. There may even be a place across the street or just down the road, so always look for that option.

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    Should I Buy A Used Lawn Mower Yes But Check These First

    Who wouldnt love a shiny new mower? The problem is many of the more capable models are seriously spendy, and at the end of the day, it is just a mower, right? To get our hands on a half-decent mower at an affordable price, well need to be creative and put in some work to find a good used model.

    There is a ton of mowers for sale out there unfortunately, many of them are complete lemons with little to no serviceable life remaining. But if you know what you are looking for, you can, without a doubt, get a cracking deal. Im a mechanic, and in this post, Ill guide you through the whole process.

    A used mower is worth buying so long as the mower deck is rust-free, the deck level adjusters work without binding, the self-drive system works without issue, the blade assembly is sound, and the engine runs well without smoking.

    In this post, youll learn the pros and cons of a used mower youll know where to locate great used mowers, how to check over a potential purchase, and how to care for your new mower.

    Sell Mowers On Craigslist Or Facebook Marketplace

    I have purchased many things on both Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Not only is it fun for the most part but you can save quite a bit in most cases. Always be smart though when using these outlets and always meet in busy areas such as mall or plaza parking lots.

    I can go look right now at either source and find a dozen or two of various used lawn mowers that are for sale, from push mowers to zero turn mowers. Most common however are the standard $200 mowers since these are usually the entry level mowers that people purchase.

    When I sold my mower on Facebook last summer I just did a quick search first to see if there were any others being sold that were just like my mower or close to it. I came up with a price based on what each other was asking plus the condition of the mowers.

    Pro Tip: clean and dry your mower and then take some nice pictures of it from various angles. This will make your mower stand out in the listings and you can also ask a bit more for it.

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    It Can Be Tough To Buy A Used Lawnmower Online

    If you have the opportunity to closely inspect and try out a lawnmower, you can find good deals on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and elsewhere. But the key is that you have to have the time in-person to evaluate the machine.

    Buying a used lawnmower online and having it shipped to you is asking for trouble in my view.

    Theres really no substitute for being able to see something, touch it, and try it in real life. If you decide to return a mower that you bought online, it may be an enormous hassle.

    Where To Buy Used Lawn Mowers

    Top 5 Tips for Buying USED Lawn Mowers

    So, your old lawn mower kicked the bucket and your budget wont allow you to spend hundreds of dollars on a new machine. Its not uncommon for folks to seek out used lawn mowers in these situations. Used riding mowers are especially popular due to the higher cost of buying new.

    But the process of buying a used product is very different from buying a new one. Were here to guide you through the labyrinth of used mower purchasing, helping you navigate the many risks and pitfalls. You can apply similar principles to other used lawn equipment such as used string trimmers, brush cutters, etc.

    When buying a used mower, do your research, inspect the machine, and assess the risks.

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    Rent A Riding Lawn Mower

    The last way to get a lawnmower at a very low cost is by renting it. Most of the large retail shops avail lots of different riding mowers in their rental service.

    I know that you are looking for something affordable and own the machine for good.

    But renting is a good alternative compared to buying an old one and spending more on maintenance.

    Here, you can rent one whenever you need it and give it back without spending much.

    What Type Of Lawn Mower Should You Buy

    There are a few things you should keep in mind when buying a lawn mower .

    I recommend you consider the following five points before shopping for your mower:

    • How big is your lawn? Large lawns require larger mowers with wider mowing decks unless you want to be mowing all day.
    • How hilly is your lawn? If you have a flat yard you have more options. Hilly properties arent great for some riding mowers and push mowers without self-propelled capacity.
    • What is your garage like? If you dont have space to store a large mower, you cant realistically get one.
    • What is your physical condition? If you cant physically push a mower around the yard, youll want a self-propelled or riding mower.
    • Gas or Electric? There are some amazing electric lawn mower models on the market now, but older used models may not be as reliable as used gas mowers.

    I have an article comparing different types of riding mowers, and another article comparing different types of walk-behind mowers to help you choose the best type of used lawn mower to buy.

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    What To Check Before Purchase

    • Oil: Make sure the oil is fresh and clean before using it. Dont but the boyer if the oild is dark and old. You only want to purchase a well-maintained old mower.
    • Air filter: Make sure the air filter is clean. This could suggest that the mower hasnt been properly maintained.
    • Blades: Look for any chips or bends in the blades. If any of the blades have substantial bends, its possible theyve hit something quite hard with the mower. This puts a lot of strain on the spindle and may cause it to shatter.

    Gas Powered Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower

    Where To Buy Cheap Lawn Mowers?

    This is, as youve guessed, a gas-powered mower with a powered drive system and that makes them the most desirable and ubiquitous model. The great advantage is, of course, the ease of use. The self-drive means the operator needs only to guide and turn the mower. It is, as you can imagine, excellent for more extensive laws with lots of open spaces.

    Self-propelled Rear-drive is excellent for hilly yards.

    Self-propelled Front-drive is excellent for yards with many obstacles.

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    Check If The Specs Matches Your Needs

    As our needs are different, so are the specs of the mower and what they can do for you. If you need the mower for cutting tall grasses, youll need a mower with good ground clearance that will prevent grass from clogging the deck. This is why you need to match the specs of the mower to your needs to make sure it can do what you need.

    Do You Really Need A Used Lawnmower

    People dont mind buying used cars and clothes which ultimately means it is ok to go for a used lawnmower. It is true that you save a huge chunk of money as compared to buying a new one. So, if you think that going for a used lawnmower is something that you are comfortable with, it is better to consider and do the following before making a decision.

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    Scrapping Mowers For Good

    Scrap yards are always willing to take old lawn mowers so scope out the one near you and haul it over to them. You may even find some old car parts that you may need while you are there. Hey, you never know what you will find at your local scrapyard.

    Hopefully, you found some good ideas for ways to get rid of old lawn mowers near me. If you have any other suggestions or tips, please add them to the comments section below.

    Determine The Type Of Mower For Your Needs

    Buy & Sell Lawn Mowers – How to Make Money Selling Mowers

    You should first decide if you want an electric or gasoline-powered lawn mower before purchasing a used lawn mower. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In general, you should adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

    • Make your decision based on the area that has to be mowed. The larger the area, the larger the mower you may wish to get.
    • If your yard is small, an electric lawn mower is a good option.
    • Ride-on types powered by diesel or gas engines with controls on both hands are ideal for large yards or golf courses.
    • A Hover model is great for sloped little lawns. Theyre light and simple to use all you have to do is carry them to the lawn and get started. Both diesel and electric versions are available.

    You should also ask yourself these questions to determine the type of mower you need:

    • Do you have a small or huge lawn?
    • Does your lawn have a level, uneven, or steep terrain?
    • Is your lawn open or densely forested, with sprinklers, trees, gardens, and playground equipment?
    • Do you want to mow for a workout or just to get the job done?
    • How loud can you tolerate?
    • Do you want a basic mower or one with all the bells and whistles?

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    Inspect All Parts Of The Mower

    Make sure to check out the mowers parts, taking note of the condition of the blade, engine, mowing deck, and mower body.

    Fire up the mower, and run it for at least five minutes. If the mower sounds like its running as it should and does an efficient and clean cut on grass, you still cannot necessarily assume that its in good condition.

    When the seller is standing there, it can be easy to feel pressured to make a quick decision and assume the mower works well after a quick demo. But its necessary to check the parts.

    If any of the parts look very worn, the mower isnt likely to last you very long after purchase. Also look out for oil leaks and check the spark plug cable. Its cheap and easy to buy a new plug , but replacing the cable can be more expensive.

    Electric lawn mowers should have batteries that will hold their charge.

    Used Riding Lawn Mower Buying Guide

    As you have gotten some used listings on eBay, it is time for you to go through some basic precautions.


    As you are purchasing from an online store, eBay here in this context you should seriously consider how much warranty is left for the product. You are buying from an unknown person and you do not know how mannerly the old owner used the lawnmower. Warranty is your savior here in case anything goes wrong in the near future.

    Its not like you always will find a used riding lawn mower with an acceptable warranty period, but do try to get your hand on one with a moderate warranty left.


    I talked about the importance of revealing the current market price earlier. Now I will be talking about how you could find the latest market price online accurately.

    Amazon is a great source of getting a glimpse of the latest price of any product. You can get your desired riding lawn mowers current market price from there.

    But there is a complication, still. Amazon often tweaks the prices to ensure the best customer experience and interaction. It is possible that maybe amazon showing a bit increased or decreased price.

    A website called could come in handy in this regard. This particular website actively traces different amazon products prices all time. If you want to get a detailed graph of how the prices were in recent years, you could do suc

    Heres an example, Please refer to the image below.

    Easy right?

    Adjustable blade height:

    Merchant reputation:

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    Used Lawn Equipment For Saleused Snowblowers

    Even the toughest homeowners will be tested by Minnesota winters, but theyll become a little easier when you upgrade your garage with a used snowblower. The next time your driveway or sidewalk is buried in snow, save time and sweat with a machine from our used snowblower inventory.

    How To Sell An Old Lawn Mower

    Riding Mowers vs. Lawn Tractors: What

    If youre still wondering for somewhere to take your old lawnmowers and you take the one-piece mower to a junkyard near you, they will probably just pay you the price of broken aluminum or dirty aluminum contaminated with steel.

    The value of your used lawnmower increases significantly if you disassemble it and separate the various metal and plastic parts from the components that cannot be disposed of.

    This is because the junkyard pays more when they dont have to spend the money buying used lawnmowers and then also the time to take it apart and clean it themselves.

    However, if you are confident that your mower is in good condition and you need to sell it just to make some money, thensell it on a maket place that lists old lawn mower.

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    Intro To Recycling Old Lawn Mowers

    But can you recycle a lawnmower first? Well, recycling anything is surely a mysterious thing. More specifically, recycling a mower is not easy at all. Because it is made out of hard metal and durable plastic parts. However, there are a lot of companies out there who may help you to recycle a lawn mower.

    Set A Price Range Beforehand

    You can begin your search by filtering out models of different features and prices. But, it is better to set a realistic benchmark beforehand while considering your options. Look for a used lawnmower that costs not more than 60% of the retail price, only if it is in good shape and works as per the sellers entitlement.

    Once you know about the features you need and the price you can afford, you will be able to tell more clearly if a used mower deal is worth the hype.

    Final Thoughts

    There you go. These are some of the most convenient and trending options you have to find a used lawnmower near you. Keep every option open and do thorough research to get a suitable lawnmower at your desired rates. You know you have multiple options available at all times which means buying a used lawnmower for sale is not a hectic chore anymore. Go and pick the most quality product and start using it right away!

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