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Who Takes Trade Ins On Lawn Mowers

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There Are Two Cutting Blade Types For Electric Lawn Mower

Trade-in your gas lawn mower for an electric mower

Rotary powerful 4wheel mower. These kinds of mowers are massive, sometimes even up to 40KG. Rotary lawn mowers mostly are equipped with and additional options mulching, trimmer, and so on. They have large engines, more than 1600w. It means it will use more electricity, but it can do so much, that its worth it.

Cylinder Unlike a rotary, this does not use spinning propeller blade. A cylinder lawn mower uses blades, as same as a manual lawn mower, but electricity powers it. Properly maintained and properly sharpened blades plus cylinder lawn mower and the key to a perfect lawn. Even more perfect than mowing with a gas lawn mower.

What Happens If You Tip The Lawn Mower The Wrong Way

Possible cause 1: In some models, when you tip the mower, fuel can leak into the carbon in the cap, which restricts the venting of the fuel system. This can cause the engine not to start, or only run for a few minutes, then quit. POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Leave the cap to dry out or replace with a new cap.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing An Electric Lawn Mower

  • The ability to adjust the height of the blades this feature allows you to control the height of the grass, which is perfect in areas of various relief this function will make your lawn look better.
  • The built quality and material and the quality of blades. Blade definitely should be of high-quality metal and meant to cut a wide variety of plants.
  • Is service for this brand available can the services in your area sharpen your mower blades or fix other problems? This is very important because you dont want to spend money and time to send a mower to a different country or the other side of the state. Time is money, and long grass is ugly.
  • Cutting width I prefer medium size ~14inch because too big is bad for small places and too small width will take more time to mow. If you have small walking tracks or other small places, then buy a small width mower, but if you have a big, clean lawn, then the bigger, the better.
  • Grass collector plastic one is good for faster cleaning and mowing, but if you want more capacity, then reconsider fabric grass collector. But remember, sometimes you will need to clean it with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Wheels choosing the wheels are the same as I mentioned above the wider and bigger the easier to mow. And dont go for plastic ones. They will breakfast.
  • Also, check the presence and type of wheel bearings dont even think about buying a lawn mower that has wheels without bearings. 3 months and they will break.

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The Best Reel Push Lawn Mowers

Even they are very cheap, there is some competition, and some of them are better than others.

This model has 4 cutting blades, and it makes it a lot more expensive but cut much better and more even. This reel lawn mower is very simple. It has only 2 bolts! This mower is also good for lawns with some weeds or a little bit of overgrown grass.

Of course, this mower is not for large lawns, but for smaller ones a must-have tool! Its light, durable, easy to maneuver. But there is one con you need to watch bearings because they get rusty pretty fast. I suggest you lubricate them twice per season.

Cutting width

GreenWorks 25052 is a superb reel lawn mower with five blades and a four-year warranty. All that you need. Compared to Husqvarna, this one is more complicated it requires eight bolts.

This mower also has a grass catcher included, but its useless, dont even bother putting it on. And its better to leave grass on the ground because it works as a fertilizer. This mower is not for tall grass, so you will need to cut it regularly. For this price, its pretty good. Its not the best, but it does its job, and for this price-quality is excellent.

Cutting width

Disposing Of Old Gas & Oil From A Lawn Mower


As mentioned before, no matter how you decide to get rid of your old lawn mower, you have to remove the gas and oil from it before going any further.

If youre wondering where to take old lawn mowers to be drained, visit a mechanic or a repair shop to pay them to drain the gas and oil for you if you dont feel confident doing it yourself.

However, this is a fairly simple process that you can do yourself if youre handy.

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Have Your Lawnmower Repaired

You may think that your lawnmower is no longer functioning optimally and decide that its time for an upgrade.

But most lawn mower problems and issues can be fixed with a simple repair or tune-up.

Before deciding to throw out or sell your used lawnmower, consider visiting a repair shop and asking them to assess the damage.

More likely than not, the seemingly huge problem stems from a small and easily repairable issue, such as a dirty air filter.

Typically, a lawnmower repair would cost you $40 to $90, depending on the type of lawnmower you have and the prevalent issue. Another consideration is how the lawnmower is powered, either gas or electricity.

To help you get a better idea of the potential costs of your repair, here is a brief breakdown:

  • For a walk-behind lawnmower, repair costs usually start at $40
  • For a riding mower, repair costs start at $140

If the lawnmower needs parts replacements, thats a separate cost that you would have to shoulder as well.

Small Engine Repair And Service

We service many makes and models of lawn and garden equipment. We even provide pick up and delivery. Please you. We are an Authorized Sales and Service Dealer for:

  • Toro Lawnmowers, Zero turns and Snowthrowers
  • Snapper Lawnmowers, Zero turns, Lawntractors.
  • Snapper Pro Zero turns for Residential and Professional use.
  • Echo Trimmers, Brushcutters, Chainsaws, Leafblowers and more.
  • Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki and Kohler engines.

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How To Choose An Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers are quite complicated, but in my opinion, they are better for the average user than gas lawn mowers. So if you want to buy a good lawn mower, you will need to know these things.

To make this process much easier for you, I have prepared this article, and right now I will talk about electric lawnmowers how to choose, which are the best, and what you should pay attention to before buying.

These kinds of lawn mowers are popular because of their low maintenance and low-cost power supply. Gas lawn mowers need regular maintenance, and you need to have fuel all the time, but for electric mowers it easy if there is electricity, then it works. But in another hand mowing with an electric lawn mower is more unsafe. As you all know electricity is not a joke and using an electric mower wrong can lead to injuries or even death.

In the market you can find all kinds of electric lawn mowers, there are even with a battery. And even more, there are some models with a battery who can mow area for 1 hour! I think thats awesome. And no need to worry about the wires, because you dont need them. Of course, they are perfect only for areas below 20 acres.

The major benefits of using a mower with a battery are that they do not make noise, so mowing with it is very comfortable for you, your neighbors, and animals.

Affordable Lawn Mower Removal & Recycling

What’s A GOOD Hour Mark To TRADE In A Mower? Lawn Care Advice + Answering FAQ’s!

LoadUp provides you with an honest, all-inclusive price upfront online or over the phone without having to come out and take a look because their pricing is fairly based on item count. Thats because LoadUp not only values your time but also believes you should be charged fairly and treated with transparency and respect.

As long as it is drained of oil and gas, well take your old lawn mower off your hands and make sure it gets recycled or disposed of in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

So the next time you find yourself not only wondering where to find lawn mower recycling near me, but what do I do with old mattresses and old furniture, you can always depend on LoadUps easy, online booking system.

Make disposal easy. Peek at your upfront, affordable price by entering your zip code here.

Just give LoadUp a call at or visit us online to get an upfront, guaranteed quote for lawn mower removal and recycling in your area with LoadUp.

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  • No on-site haggling or surprise fees.
  • Payments handled securely online.

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Heres How To Drain Oil From A Lawn Mower:

  • Use a siphon hose to drain the gas out of the tank and into a clean container. Its best to use a siphon hose with a hand pump attached.
  • Next, unplug the spark plug wire and tilt the lawnmower on its side with the carburetor facing up in the air. Remove the center bolt or bolts that hold the blade in place and carefully slide the blade off the lawnmower.
  • Position an oil catch pan under the mower and remove the oil reservoir plug to drain the oil into the pan. The oil reservoir plug location can differ from mower to mower, but its usually found under the blade at the center of the deck on a push mower.
  • Pro Tip: Never use your mouth to siphon gasoline out of a lawn mower.

    If you have a riding lawn mower, the plug should be located on the side of the engine block. You can then take the used oil to an auto parts store or mechanic who can recycle the oil for you for a small fee.

    However, you will need to dispose of the gas as well, so its probably best to take the gasoline and the oil to your municipal household hazardous waste disposal facility. If you dont know where your HHW facility is, you can find out by checking your city or municipalitys website or by giving them a call.

    Can You Trade In An Old Mower

    If your old mower is about to kick the bucket, weve got your back. If youre looking for ways to save on a new lawn mower, consider trading in your gas mower for an electric one at a local trade-in event. Youll save money on the price of a new lawn mower and do your part to help keep toxic chemicals out of the air.

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    Does Home Depot Take Trade Ins On Lawn Mowers

    4/5Does Home Depotlawn mowersHome depottrade intradetrade in

    Correspondingly, can you trade in a lawn mower?

    If your looking for a trade in of your lawn mower the best place to go is to your local lawn mower manufacturer, these companies will allow you trade in for a new mower of the same brand.

    Subsequently, question is, does Home Depot recycle lawn mowers? There are more ways to recycle an old lawn mower than hauling it over to Home Depot or your local recycling center.

    Correspondingly, where can I sell a used lawn mower?

    The best places are obviously Ebay and Amazon for online selling. Also Craigslist can be another option depending on your area. Just be cautious before making a deal, never let the mower leave your property without all the money in your hand.

    What is the best month to buy a lawn mower?

    Consumer Reports says that the best months for consumers to make a lawn mower purchase are April, May, August, and October. One popular school of thought is that it’s best to buy a mower right after mowing season ends.

    Air Pollution From Gas Mower Emissions


    Traditional, gas-powered mowers are powerful, effective machines. Their use, however, is more detrimental to the environment than new cars. Industry researchers have found that an average horsepower mower pollutes the air as much as driving a car for one hundred miles.

    Mower emissions include carbon monoxide, which poisons the bloodstream and aggravates heart problems, volatile organic compounds , which affect respiratory health, and nitrogen oxides, which make breathing difficult and contribute to lung problems.

    Before 1995, lawnmower emissions were not regulated. As a result, manufacturers designed mowers based on ease of use and durability, with no concern for the environment. Those strong engines were wasting a significant portion of fuel to the air, contributing to smog.

    From twenty-five to thirty percent of gasoline put into a gas mower finds its way into the air. Also, the EPA estimates that seventeen million gallons of gasoline are spilled every year during lawn equipment fueling. This fuel pollutes the earth, groundwater, and the air, through evaporation.

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    Does John Deere Take Trade

    My 2011 X720 Tractor: “The spirit of a race horse….but the body and pulling power of Clydesdale.”

    CurrentPrevious JD’s.Sold

    John Deere 175 – John Deere LA120 – SS14 w/loader -.Gravely CC – Case 224 – Case 446

    Reynolds Mower Trade In Program

    Posted on

    Blog / Lawn & Garden / Reynolds Mower Trade in Program

    Spring is right around the corner, many homeowners are starting to look at their lawn mower situation in their garage, shed, or barn. After it being buried for the past few months, many are getting their mowers spring ready by getting their pre-season service at Reynolds. trade

    For some, as they get it out of the garage, it may be time to think about trading in their old mower and upgrading to a new, or slightly used model. No matter whether we are servicing it for you right now or you are fixing it up yourself, our professional sales team would be happy to get you a quick and easy appraisal, and help get you the right lawn equipment for your property this spring.

    Even if you dont want to bring your mower into us to get serviced, contact your local Reynolds. We can help get you a trade-in value for your current mower, and help you find a newer mower that is right for you. Whether you are looking at the new 2019 John Deere Z994R zero turn mower, or wanting to look through our large selection of used lawn mowers, we have just the equipment you need.

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    The Quick Basics Of A Lawnmower

    A central element of the lawnmower. Mostly its made of plastic, steel, or aluminum. Housing material is one of the things that affect the price of the product. Thats why the cheapest lawn mowers have plastic housing. They are not bad, not at all, because:

    Plastic housing weight almost nothing They resistant to corrosion . Perfect for electric lawn mowers because they dont conduct electricity if there is a short circuit.

    Steel housings are very durable and good for rough mowing but they are heavy, and corrosion loves steel housing. The typical lifetime of steel housings is for 4-5 seasons but depends on how you treat it. If you clean it after every mowing and repaint it time by time, then lifetime depends on the engine. Remember wash your lawnmower after mowing!

    Aluminum housing is the best, but they are expensive. Mostly aluminum housing manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee. Aluminum housings are durable, resistant to corrosion and weigh less than steel housings. But yes, they are expensive.

    How Do I Sell My Lawnmower

    Buy & Sell Lawn Mowers – How to Sell a Lawnmower

    The easiest is going online and listing your mower in local classified or bidding sites. Craigslist can be a good place to start with. However, you should be cautious of cons do not let your mower leave your property if you havent received the money. You could also take it to the dealer where you bought the mower.

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    Electric Lawn Mower Power Why Is It So Important

    I know that in the shop, these 50$ lawn mowers do not look that bad, but the first thing you need to check is whats inside of the lawn mower, not outside. The power of the lawn mower should be chosen based on the mowing area, grass type, and terrain.

    And remember its better to buy one, but higher quality and more expensive, than buy twice and cheap one. The lawn mower power is the key to a better lawn, easier mowing, less money for maintenance, more years of working, less stress for you.

    Its the same as for cars a 4-liter petrol engine will work much longer and better than 1.4 liters. Also remember to check the electricity in your plug, because if the cable is too thin, it will start to heat up.

    Stabilize The Mowers Fuel Supply

    Gas can go bad over time. Gasoline that is stored in a lawnmowers tank for months can degrade to the point where it is unusable. By using fresh gas or adding a fuel stabilizer to the tank before a long storage period, this problem can be avoided. typically, a couple of ounces is sufficient to treat the gallon or so of gas in the average walk-behind lawnmower.

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