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When To Fertilize My Lawn

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Lawn Fertilizer Schedule For Cool

How and when do I fertilize my lawn?

Early spring: When the grass greens up after winter, usually late March or early April depending on the year and where you live

Early fall: The beginning of the second active growth season, usually early September

Late fall: At least 6 weeks before the first expected frost in your area, usually late October or early November depending on the year and where you live

Best Fertilizers To Use

The best fertilizers to use are slow release. When you use slow release fertilizers, the grass will get green without growing too quickly. In the spring, mixtures of 20-5-10 are suitable to use. You can also perform a soil pH test before you start the process. Then, you can base the mixture off of your results. For example, if your pH tests come back with high potassium results, you can look for a combination that is lower in that category.

Call 215.799.2016 or fill out the contact form on the bottom of this page. We can answer any of your questions or set up a fertilization plan to keep your lawn healthy and looking great.

Feeding The Lawn In The Summer And Fall

Warm-season grasses thrive in the heat of the summer and can be fertilized throughout the growing season. However, cool-season grasses are in a survival mode during the heat of the summer. Refrain from applying fertilizer to a lawn in mid- or late-summer if you live in a climate where cool-season grasses are in your lawn seed mix. A cool-season lawn should need nothing other than water and pest management until September.

Most lawn experts recommend a mild dose of a “turf-builder” fertilizer formulation in the early- to mid-fall, while the turf still has several weeks of active growth before dormancy. This application will help build robust root systems going into winter and restart the growing cycle in the spring. You are not looking to return your lawn to the green of summer. Heading into winter, you can expect a natural slowdown of your lawn’s growth and the loss of its green luster.

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For A Homeowner: When Is The Best Time To Apply Fertilizer

Each season youll need to fertilize 2 to 4 times, depending on the fertilizer you choose to use. If the fertilizer is a high-quality slow release, then less is sufficient for giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to have a healthy season. A quick release fertilizer should be applied 3 to 4 times a season. Its always better to under apply and add more in the future than over apply and kill parts of your lawn. Its extremely difficult and time consuming to remove fertilizer beads from a lawn and without specialized tools its not very effective.

Stay on top of fertilizer each and every year, using the correct type for each season. One season missed will take more time and attention than you would imagine getting your lawn back in shape. Follow a frequent watering schedule to maintain the health of your lawn after applying fertilizer.

Hiring a professional company and weed control company is almost certainly more worth your time. If youre not sure about your ability in the lawn care arena, its much more beneficial to contract a company that specializes. Your risk of damaging your lawn is incredibly high. Simply type into Google lawn fertilizing service or weed control service and a list of qualified companies will appear. Never forget that your lawn is your homes first impression. A beautiful lawn makes any house look better and stand out.

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What Else Should You Do For Your Lawn

How Often Should I Fertilize My Lawn? (The Surprising Answer)

Depending on your lawn’s size, shape, and scope, fertilizing is only part of what it needs to stay healthy. As mentioned, re-seeding may become necessary if grass starts to thin or becomes patchy.

Other practices of goodlandscape designcan also help keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. Regular mowing particularly through the spring and summer will help keep the grass short and healthy, and help it avoid drying out. Mulching, particularly around your lawn’s borders, can also help retain moisture and avoid run-off.

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Best Times To Fertilize A Lawn

The right time to fertilize your lawn is influenced by the type of grass you have. Much of the country has either cool-season or warm-season grass, with some areas combining the two types for a more versatile lawn. Its important to identify your grass type and plan your lawn care schedule around its needs. Below is a quick overview of which seasons are best for fertilization based on your lawn type.

Can I Fertilize My Lawn Every 2 Weeks

To avoid over-fertilizing, applying a fertilizer every two weeks is not recommended. Fertilizing as often as every two weeks will likely lead to problems such as lawn burn, excessive grass growth, as well as polluted water that can lead to toxic algae growth. A natural, healthier way of feeding your lawn every two weeks would be to simply leave the grass clippings on the lawn surface after mowing your grass.

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When And How To Fertilize Your Lawn

In some ways, lawns are a lot like people. Operating at the peak of beauty and performance requires a good diet and proper care. Lush, thick, green lawns depend on properly timed, properly balanced nutrition to look and grow their best. Understanding when and how to fertilize your lawn can help you and your grass stand out from the rest.

Leave Fertilizing To The Professionals At Riccis Landscape Management

WHEN and HOW to FERTILIZE your lawn

If you live or operate a commercial location in Northwest Indiana, we suggest you leave fertilizing your property to the specialists at our full-service lawn maintenance and landscaping company. Well fertilize your lawn at the appropriate intervals to ensure your grass has the nutrients it needs to grow and remain healthy.

Were proud to serve residents and businesses in Crown Point, Valparaiso and surrounding communities, and we cant wait to serve you, too. Contact us online to request a quote today.

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Does It Matter What Time Of Day You Fertilize Your Grass

Time of day doesnt matter. But what does matter is the temperature. If its above 90 degrees, then avoid fertilizing. This is because you could burn your lawn the hotter it is outside, the faster things will move through the soil.

The Complete Guide To Using Lawn Fertilizer

One of the most common questions homeowners ask during the summer is Exactly how much fertilizer should I apply to my lawn?

Lawn with heavy foot traffic will need more fertilizer than one without often twice as much. Also, different types of grass prefer different types of fertilizer. Many types are also better adapted to hot summers and can tolerate higher levels of fertilizer.

I know that buying lawn fertilizer can seem intimidating because of all the different types and price ranges. You may feel overwhelmed by the information like many people, which makes you feel tempted to take the easy road.

I created this guide to help you take control and learn about fertilizers for your lawn.

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Does It Matter What Type Of Grass You Have

Yes. Grass is typically separated into two categories: warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses. If you have warm-season grass like Bermuda grass then youll want to fertilizer in early spring and again in late summer. If you have cool-season grass like Kentucky blue grass then youll want to fertilize in the fall and again in early summer.

Myth : Using The Same Fertilizer Each Time Is A Good Idea

Can You Over Fertilize a Lawn?

Your lawn requires different nutrients at different times of the year. In the plan we previously developed, the ratios of the nutrients differed for each application. Its always tempting to hunt for a one size fits all solution, the reality is you need the right tools for the job.

  • Your lawn needs food to grow in the spring and fall. The fertilizer should be predominantly nitrogen based, with some potassium to balance it.

  • In the summer, your lawn isnt in a growth stage, its trying to hold onto the nutrients it received in the spring. Plus it needs added protection from the heat of the sun, disease and bugs.

If youre fertilizing your lawn three times per season, make sure to use the right fertilizer for each season. To complete each application successfully youll need to be equipped with the right tools and safety gear.

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How Often Should You Fertilize Your Grass

Typically, you should only need to fertilize your grass an average of two times a year .

However, this all depends on the type of fertilizer you use . So the key here is to decide how often youre able to fertilize and then pick a product based on that. But if youre like the average homeowner, then youll probably want to fertilize as little as possible, which means youll need to choose a long-lasting, slow-release fertilizer.

Pro Tip: A longer lasting fertilizer is typically healthier for your lawn since it requires fewer applications.

Your First Fertilizer Application Should Take Place In Early Spring

Fertilize your lawn in early spring when your grass first begins to grow. In northeast Ohio, this is typically between March and April when temperatures start consistently staying near 50 degrees. Also consider a weed control application at the same time. Getting ahead of weeds before they germinate can help prevent them from taking over your lawn. A second application of both products should be used in late spring before it gets too hot.

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Rotary Spreader With Fertilizer

Tip: Before filling the hopper of a rotary spreader, make sure its closed. Also, consider filling the hopper over a tarp so you can easily gather any spilled fertilizer.

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Tip: Before filling the hopper of a rotary spreader, make sure its closed. Also, consider filling the hopper over a tarp so you can easily gather any spilled fertilizer.

Nitrogen is every lawn’s most important ingredient, and each type of grass demands different amounts to display peak growth and performance. How often you fertilize affects not only lawn appearance, but also maintenance level. The more you fertilize, the more you’ll have to mow, for instance.

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Can You Fertilize Your Lawn Too Much

How To Fertilize Your Fall Lawn

Its very easy to fertilize your lawn too much. Fertilizing your lawn with too much fertilizer in one application or not allowing enough time between applications, leads to three problems.

  • Lawn burn Brown or yellow patches of grass will appear on your lawn in the areas that have had too much nitrogen. This will kill the grass and it will need to be reseeded.
  • Excessive growth The sudden new growth of grass blades will mean that you will need to water your lawn more frequently. This can be a problem during the drier months of early summer.
  • Pollution Excessive applications of lawn feed can run off into nearby streams and waterways. The phosphorous in the fertilizer will create algae blooms that are dangerous to some wildlife.
  • As long as you follow the instructions found on the packaging of the fertilizer, the three problems above can be easily avoided.

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    Which Type Of Lawn Fertilizer Should You Use

    There are two main types of lawn fertilizer:

    • Quick-release
    • Slow-release

    Quick-release fertilizers provide nutrients quickly so they can be absorbed by the roots and spread throughout the grass. Theyre best for use in spring or fall when you want to get an instant boost of nutrients into your lawn quickly.

    Slow-release fertilizers provide nutrients over time without as much risk of burning or damage to your grass from too much nitrogen at once.

    Is It Too Late To Fertilize Your Lawn In November

    The exact timing on when to fertilize varies based on weather conditions and your climate zone however, the final fertilizer application should be done sometime in November in most regions. This is the point when the grass has stopped growing or has slowed down to the point of not needing to be mowed.

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    Watering Your Lawn For Great Results

    Generally, lawns need about one inch of water per week, which is best done in one or two applications, including rainfall. Install a simple rain gauge in your yard to measure rainfall and irrigation each week. The best time to water is from 4am to 8am. This allows the grass to dry in the morning sun, reducing the chance of turf disease.

    Short, daily irrigation is unnecessary, too light and too shallow to support deep grass roots.

    Pro Tip: Fine fescues are among the most drought tolerant varieties of lawn grass and will bounce back from dry spells faster than other grass types. Letting fine fescues grow taller helps preserve soil moisture.

    Know How Much Fertilizer To Apply

    When and How to Fertilize Your Lawn â Lawn fertilizer diy in 2020 ...

    To determine how much fertilizer to apply, you need to know what the phosphorus and potassium levels are in your soil. Most soils are low in phosphorus and potassium , so most lawns need to be fertilized with these nutrients.

    A soil sample will tell you the exact amount of P and K in your soil. The amount of fertilizer required is based on the amounts of P 2 O 5, K 2 O, and other nutrients present in the soil sample.

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    How Do You Know About The Frequency Of Fertilization

    If you are fertilizing too little, you are unable to provide the required level of nutrients it needs. Even if you apply the fertilizer, it can become yellow and brittle. If you use excessive fertilizer, it can be too difficult for you to burn the blades. As said above, fertilizing twice is always a good idea for lawn owners.

    The best time to apply is during the early spring season and fall season. However, this would depend more on any lawn you have. Some people consider fertilizing four times a year. These people opt for the timing during Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Halloween. If you are using synthetic fertilizer, you have the choice of applying it for 8 to 10 weeks.

    However, once you find the temperature reaching its peak during the summer, it is always a good idea to avoid the fertilization process. Also, the bad time for fertilization is when you consider it during the growing season of the grass. So, depending upon the grass and plants growth schedule, the application of fertilization is worked out.

    How Do I Calculate How Much Fertilizer I Need

    Fertilizer recommendations for lawns can be confusing to the average homeowner. These instructions are usually given in pounds of nitrogen to be applied per 1,000 square feet. Home gardeners often have difficulty converting these recommendations to the amounts needed for their selected grade of nitrogen fertilizer and their homes lawn size. Luckily, you can use online fertilizer calculators to simplify things.

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    When Should You Water Your Lawn After Fertilizing And For How Long

    Some rules are just made for following.Always stop at a kids lemonade stand.Water after fertilizing your lawn. The lemonade thing is easy.But when exactly do you water after fertilizing? And for how long?Whether you apply your own fertilizer or hire a lawn care company to do it, heres the deal with watering after fertilizing your lawn.

    The Challenges Of Fertilizing Your Own Lawn

    Do My Own Lawn Care – How to Fertilize the Lawn – E12

    One of the main challenges to tackling this yourself is the spraying of the weeds that have already popped up.

    The pros have big tanks of chemical that they use, but you will have to use a granular weed and feed. This product will not work unless you apply it doing the very early morning while the grass is still wet from the due, as the particles have to stick to the leaves of the weeds in order to be effective in killing the weed.

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    The More You Know The More Your Grass Will Grow Here Are The Best Ways To Maximize Your Lawn Fertilization Schedule

    Understanding when and how to fertilize your lawn is a major component to maintaining a healthy, lush yard. Fertilizers give your lawn a healthier root system while eating up unhealthy nutrients. With some simple steps, youll be on your way to having a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood.

    Determining The Best Times To Fertilize

    Homeowners who prefer organic fertilizing methods might do a single “turf-builder” application in the early fall to build root systems. In the spring and summer, most may omit all fertilizers and rely on the nitrogen from mulched grass clippings to feed their lawn.

    Homeowners using traditional fertilizer might want to apply two or three light applications per growing yearone in the spring, one at midsummer in regions where it is necessary, and one “turf-builder” application in the early fall.

    The actual timing depends on your region and the type of turf grasses you have. For information on the best recommendations for your area, contact an expert at a local garden center or reach out to the nearest cooperative extension office.

    Once you have figured out the best time, try to plan the fertilizer application with a short period of rainfall. If not, when you apply the fertilizer, you will need to supply your lawn with at least a quarter-inch of water. However, do not apply fertilizer before a massive storm. A rainstorm increases the risk of fertilizer nutrients flowing into storm drains and streams.

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