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Where Do They Fix Lawn Mowers

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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Carburetor

How To Fix A Lawnmower Anyone Can Do This

Rebuilding and replacing a carburetor varies in every aspect: price, time, and difficulty. You should take these factors into consideration before making your decision in how to go about your lawn mower carburetor repair.

In rebuilding the carburetor, the price range would go around $10-$60 if it is a DIY project. If youre going to a shop to have it repaired, the cost would usually be $70/hour in addition to the $10-$60 in parts. In terms of time, it would take you about an hour and a half to two hours. You should be mechanically skilled in order to pull off rebuilding your mowers carburetor. The process includes removing, disassembling, cleaning, replacement of components, rebuilding and reinstalling.

In replacing the carburetor, the cost would be around the range of $20-$200 if it is a DIY project. On the other hand, it would be around $70/hr in addition to the parts of about $20-200 if you go to a repair shop. This would take less time as compared to rebuilding it would take you around 30-45 minutes of replacing. The difficulty of this task is around a moderate level so if you have enough knowledge and experience, you can perform this one. It would include removing the old carburetor and installing the new carburetor assembly.

Why Repair Or Replace Lawn Mower Parts

Repairing or replacing lawn mower parts makes sense because you can save money and time.

Today its easy to find replacement mower parts online. With just a few clicks, you can have the particular replacement blade, cable, pull cord or other part you need shipped to your door. Parts are getting less expensive all the time, too.

Professional repairs cost more because youre paying for the technicians time, and repair shops often charge more than online retailers for the same parts. Non-DIY repairs take longer, too, because youll spend time carting your mower to and from the nearest repair shop. For many of these repairs, you could easily do it yourself, finish mowing and move on to other things.

The Lawnmower Starts Smoking

This is one of the most startling issues to encounter most people assume that the engine is about to die or blow up. However, this problem is usually not very serious. The engine often smokes when the chamber that holds oil is too full. Check the chamber to see if this is the issue. Another problem may be a leak in the oil chamber. If the mower leans to one side while mowing on a slope, the oil may leak out onto the muffler and cause the smoking. When the mowers engine is off and has cooled, inspect the oil chamber area for leaks. The issue may be that the cap is not on tight enough. If the part must be replaced, it may be easier to look for the part online than to search for it in stores.

In rarer cases, the smoke may be a sign of a serious issue. If the smoke is white or very light in color and the mower does not run continuously, it is time to have a professional repair company look at the mower.

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Putting Gasoline In A Diesel Powered Lawn Mower

You will not be pleased to know that putting gasoline in a diesel engine is very bad. Gasoline harms the engine by forcing premature combustion . This is obviously not great for the engine, and manufacturers may deem the warranty void. No need to tell you how pricey a new mower is

To top it off, gasoline can also wreak serious havoc on the fuel system itself. You see, diesel has a certain lubricative quality that is non-existent in gasoline. This lubrication is needed in the fuel pump, where metals would otherwise be grinding against metals.

Tiny metal particles may chip off and go on to cause problems in other parts of the mowers fuel system. This is also a dead-end road for your warranty.

Lawn Mower That Uses Too Much Fuel


If you notice that your lawnmower has a higher fuel consumption rate than usual, examine these items:

  • Mower blades: Take a look at the tips of your mower blades and check if they are dull. Replace the blades if they are torn and ragged. A new set of blades would mean you wont have to hit a higher RPM on your engine just to achieve a clean lawn cut.
  • Air filter: If your air filter is blocked, it might cause your lawnmower to consume excessive fuel. Replace it if necessary.
  • Engine compression: Correct the valve clearances if you have low compression pressure in your cylinders. Additionally, broken valve springs can affect your engine, so check them as well. You can also do a borescope inspection to determine the health of your cylinder.
  • Spark plug: Change your spark plug if its faulty. Neglecting to check this item can result in incomplete combustion.
  • Carburetor: Inspect and adjust the float level on your carburetor. Once your engine is running, make sure that the choke plate is open to let your engine fully breathe. If its in good condition, check the pilot screw which is responsible to adjust the fuel-air mixture.

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Starter Rope That Is Either Stuck Or Too Hard To Pull

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An engaged flywheel brake is often the reason behind this simple problem. Before you pull the starter rope, make sure the flywheel brake is completely disengaged and doesnt press against your mowers handle.

If that isnt causing the problem, check the blades. They might be touching the ground or grass might be clogging them, which blocks the startup process.

To fix this, just lay your mower down on a flat surface, disengage your spark plug, rid the blades of any dirt or grass cuttings, then try again.

Too Much Oil In The Mowers Reservoir

If you have cleaned the carburetor but the engine is still not working, then there is surely a chance that the problem is in oil quantity.

It is commonly observed that humans by nature want to overfill the oil reservoir to get the smooth running of the engine. But this act cost them badly in the form of not working.

As a result, the white smoke coming out of the engine is a sign of excessive oil in the reservoir.

The white smoke coming out of the engine might run the engine for some time but it will die in a few minutes.

How to fix it?

Fixing the issue of overfilling the oil reservoir is an easy task if you have the knowledge. If the reservoir has too much oil, you need to drain some oil.

To drain out the extra oil you can use a siphon or top the mower and drain the oil from the mower from the hole where you put it in.

Make sure to check the level of oil in the reservoir that if the oil quantity is adequate for smooth running. After draining some amount, start the engine and check the smoke color and if it stays running it is ok to use.

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Oil Filter & Oil Change

Now it was time to change the oil and oil filter.

I located the oil drain plug and setup a funnel and plastic container to collect the old oil. I then removed the oil dipstick from above, loosened the drain plug and out came the oil pouring out slowly.

When the oil stopped coming, I screwed back in the plug and went to work on the filter. I put a rag under the existing filter to catch any oil that would spill. I twisted the filter and pulled it out of the mower.

Good thing I had the rag in place because a lot of oil came out of the filter. I grabbed the new oil filter, put a little oil on the gasket and screwed it into the mower.

Now it was time to pour in new oil. I poured nearly two quarts of 5W30 oil down the oil dipstick hole, pausing every now and then to take a measurement with the dipstick to make sure I didnt overfill.

Heres a picture of the new oil filter and drain plug:

How To Find A Lawn Mower Repair Shop In My Area

Easily Fix Your Bent Mower Deck (Cutting Uneven)

Start by searching our list of local mower repair services in your area, then compare reviews and costs. After finding and contacting potential pros:

  • Compare at least three free estimates.
  • Ask for recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors.
  • Select companies that are licensed, insured, and certified.
  • Verify their insurance, workers compensation, and bond guarantees.
  • Read reviews and check out their previous work on HomeGuide, Google, and the Better Business Bureau .
  • Ask for a price list of standard repair services.
  • Ask about their warranties and guarantees.
  • Ask for a written contract, warranty, and detailed estimate.

After asking questions and verifying their credentials, hire the best lawn mower repair service in your area.

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Is It Better To Rebuild A Carburetor Or Buy A New One

In a lawn mower carburetor repair, you have essentially two options: to repair or rebuild it. If youre here reading this article, then you most probably have a lawn mower carburetor that is clogged with bad gas, dirt, corrosion, and varnish. If youre really sure that its the carburetor thats the problem of your lawn mower, then you can either replace or rebuild it. Your decision should be based on the following: budget, time, technical skills that you have, and the severity of the damage on your carburetor. As you read further, well talk about the cost of fixing a carburetor and how much a unit actually costs.

Who Makes Bolens Lawn Mowers

This is a type of machine which simply can utilize the grass of your garden. Maintaining your garden in a legitimate working situation is actually a need on the off chance that at all you need it to serve sometimes. Grass Cutter policies are hence fundamental and ought to be drained the right way.

It is just a great determination to preserve the magnificence of your garden as well as your house.

Choosing a garden cutter depends on its benefits amid utilization, the sort of yard as well as the individualâs choices. Here weâll talk about a few companies that give Murray garden cutters at the cheapest cost.

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Lawnmower & Small Engine Products

Small engine vehicles are key for home and business owners. The better care you take of your lawnmowers engine, the better your lawnmower is going to operate and perform. At Bars Leaks, we offer a wealth of lawnmower and small engine products chemical tools owners can trust to deliver value.

What type of lawnmower issues are you experiencing? Do you have problems with a snowblower, or weed trimmer? For the best in small engine products, we have you covered. Weve been leading the industry for decades when it comes to leak prevention and repair, and we talk to customers every week about how our products can be used in small engine applications. Read on to learn more.

Mower That Wont Shut Off


DIYers might spend time learning how to run lawnmowers properly. However, what if your mower decides to continue running when you want it to stop?

When this happens, youll want to turn off the engine as soon as possible. If your lawnmower fuel is low, the safest option would be to just let it out of gas.

Otherwise, open the engine cover or hood, and use a stick to disconnect the spark plug wire from the terminal. Remember to use only a dry wooden stick to make sure that it wont conduct electricity while youre breaking an electrical process.

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The Outdoor Power Equipment And Service Support You Need

At Andy’s Repairs in New Braunfels, TX, our mission is to provide the best possible products and services. We specialize in ag and lawn equipment from Toro, STIHL, Exmark, ECHO, Briggs & Stratton, KOHLER Engines, Kawasaki and Honda Engines. At Andy’s Repairs, we have a full-service repair shop, and our technicians have the expertise to provide support for all outdoor power equipment brands and products ranging from industrial tractors to handheld equipment.

With a reputation for quality products, great customer service, and competitive pricing, Andy’s Repairs is your go-to source for outdoor power equipment in New Braunfels, TX.

For more details about our products or services, please contact us at .

I Put The Wrong Fuel In My Lawn Mower

Maybe someone in your family accidentally used the gas canister to help kickstart a diesel truck and forgot to tell you there was diesel in it.

Maybe you borrowed what you thought was your buddys gasoline mower, when it was, in fact, a diesel mower. Uh-oh.

But how bad is the damage?

First, we need to establish what the wrong fuel is. Is it gasoline in a diesel lawnmower?

Diesel in a gasoline mower?

Diesel/gas in an oil-and-gas motor???

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Commercial Lawn Mower Repair & Maintenance Tips

Keep your riding mower or walk behind mower running strong all season long.

Like anything with hundreds of moving parts, a lawn mower may require attention now and then. It may be gas related engine starting problems or lawn cutting issues due to natural wear and tear.

While we recommend you trust your local authorized dealer for lawn mower repair and maintenance, sometimes it’s a simple fix . You may not have a storeroom filled with lawn mower parts, but chances are you have a few essential tools and a good deal of self assurance.

Before we go into some of the common repairs you can do yourself:

  • Read your entire operator’s manual to understand your machine and the safety warnings. Many of the procedures explained in this article require and understanding of basic procedures that vary between lawn mower models.
  • Never attempt a repair while the blades are running or the transmission is engaged.
  • Refer the repair to an expert if you find yourself unsure of how to proceed.

Use An Aerosol Cleaner Or A Carburetor Spray Cleaner

How to fix your lawnmower in 10 MINUTES with a $13 part!!

Once youve exposed the inner parts of your mowers carburetor, you have to have a high-quality carburetor spray cleaner in order to really clean it thoroughly. Youre going to need it especially for cleaning it without removing the carburetor from the lawn mower.

Place the tip of your carburetor spray cleaner into the center of the carburetor. As you are doing this step, make sure that the mowers engine and the carburetor are running. For effective cleaning, you should be holding your carburetor spray cleaner properly in order to really penetrate the throat of the carburetor.

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Push Lawn Mower Repair

Sears Home Services specializes in general service and repairs for most types of push lawn mowers. Whether you have a walk behind mower with blades that need sharpening, or a self-propelled mower that wont start, we can help you get your mower back to full working order.

Instead of worrying about a mower that isnt cutting your grass like it should, call the experts. Our technicians are highly skilled and reliable, so you can get on with the job of cutting your grass safely and effectively. Wherever you bought your mower, if you are experiencing problems, contact us for service.

At Sears Home Services, we service and repair the following types of mowers:

  • Self-propelled lawn mowers

Freestate Mower Mobile Repair Service

When your lawn mower won’t start or just isn’t running correctly, it may be time to call the experts at Freestate Mower Repair. We are a mobile lawn mower repair service ready to come to you when your equipment needs major repairs or routine maintenance. With over 30 years of experience under our belt, your push mower or zero turn is in excellent hands. There’s no need to lug your heavy equipment to a shop, just give us a call at or contact us to schedule a service at your leisure! We’re based in Lothian, MD and serve the surrounding Washington, DC area!

Keep reading for tell tale signs that your mower is in need of a repair.

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A Summary Of How To Fix Lawnmower Problems

Being informed about how to repair a lawnmower can help you save time and money. Maintaining a mower is the only secret to avoid these problems. Below is a summary of tips on how to keep a mower in good condition:

Ensure the lawnmower replacement parts you use are correct. Clean the blade more often. Remember to pull the plug to prevent the blades from moving when cleaning them. Following the manufacturers guide when oiling the moving parts. Change the oil as recommended. Change the oil as per the manufacturers instructions. Use the right type of fuel. Recharge the lawnmower batteries as per the stated guidelines and avoid overcharging them. Service the mower as per the manufacturers recommendations.

Machines tend to develop problems when in use because they are not meant to work properly forever. The most important thing is to identify the problem and take the necessary measures to solve such issues. Like any other device, lawnmowers require to be maintained regularly for them to function correctly. If the problem is severe, consider moving your mower to the nearest mower repair professional.

Finding The Right Lawn Mower Repair Shop

DO IT YOURSELF Broken Lawnmower Wheel Repair #diy

Here is a tip, big box stores have often found the best pros for repairing lawn mowers they sell.

and ask the department manager, where they send their warranty repairs to. These big box retailers have to assist in processing the warranty claims for the equipment they sell. Because they need efficient repairs, they work with the better lawn mower repair shops in your town.

These lawn mower repair shops often offer the best quality work. Better yet these repair facilities are quick, and reasonably priced. They are often much, much more affordable, because they work with your type of equipment all the time. This enables these repair facilities to offer quick diagnosis, and fast repairs.

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