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Where To Recycle Lawn Mower

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Does Home Depot Recycle Old Lawn Mowers

Recycling electric lawn mower

Home Depot doesnt recycle old lawn mowers but they do collect batteries, paint, computers, eye glasses, cell phones, leaves and lawn clippings, food scraps and household cleaners for recycling purposes.

Broken lawn mowers can be taken to a recycling center or a house waste center. Petrol or gas-powered lawn mowers should be emptied from gas or oil content before recycling. Push lawn mowers made from metal parts should be void of plastic parts before being recycled. Electric lawn mowers, classified under Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment should be turned to house waste recycling centers, along with other electrical items.

Why You Need To Recycle

Metal components are expensive to manufacture and consume a lot of energy. They take a lot of time and materials to make, which may add up when you consider how much we consume. This is why it is critical for us to preserve and recycle wherever possible. By going the additional mile to recycle and reuse our metal components, we not only save money on valuable resources, but we can also inspire our friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

Selling An Old Lawn Mower

If youre still looking for where to take old lawn mowers to you and end up bringing the mower in one piece to a scrap metal yard near you, theyll most likely only pay you the price of aluminum breakage, or dirty aluminum thats contaminated with steel.

The value of your used lawn mower increases greatly if you disassemble it and separate the different metal and plastic parts from the components that cant be scrapped. This is because the scrap yard will pay more if they dont have to spend the money buying used lawn mowers and then also the time taking it apart and cleaning it themselves.

If all else fails, you can always haul your old lawn mower to your nearest recycling facility and drop it off there for you.

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Recycling A Lawn Mower

  • 1Drain all fluids from the mower 24 hours before recycling it. Drain all the oil out of the lawn mower by removing the oil drain plug underneath the engine block and letting the oil pour out into a sealable plastic or metal container. siphon out any leftover gasoline from the tank into a sealable plastic or metal container as well.XResearch source
  • Never pour oil or gasoline down a drain or into storm waste systems. Seal up the containers after you drain out all the liquids so you can properly dispose of them.
  • You can also use this method to dispose of weed wackers, edgers, and hedge trimmers.
  • 2Dispose of the fluids as household hazardous waste. Locate a household hazardous waste disposal facility by searching online or contact your local waste collection service to see if they offer a pick-up service. Drop off the sealed oil and fuel at the facility or leave it for collection as instructed by the waste haulers.XResearch source
  • Most dumps have a hazardous waste collection facility. You can call your local dump to double-check.
  • If there are any non-metal pieces you canât remove, call a scrap metal recycling facility and ask if they can accept it as-is.
  • Tip: Some of the non-metal pieces, such as rubber tires or plastic grass collection bins, can be recycled as well. Ask for instructions at a recycling facility about which bins to toss them in.

  • You cannot dispose of an electric lawn mower as scrap metal.
  • Scraping The Old Mower

    Toro Super Recycler 21"  Personal Pace Walk Behind Lawn ...

    When neither of the above-mentioned solutions fits for you, you can sell your mower components to a metal scrap dealer. You know the lawnmower parts are built with plastics and metals.

    Donât take the whole old mower to the local scrapyard. Because you can earn more bucks if you separate the parts from the mower and sell them to the metal scrap dealer. Learn how to separate components from an old lawnmower and surely it will be economically beneficial for you.

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    All Visitors To The Charm Will Be Required To:

    • Place electronics you’re dropping off for recycling in the very back of your vehicle so they can be easily accessed by our staff while maintaining a safe distance. Vehicles not adhering to this requirement will be asked to exit the CHaRM yard, relocate their electronics, and come through the line again. Otherwise, please follow instructions from our Blue Star Recyclers partners for unloading your own vehicle.

    • Wear a mask or face covering at all times

    • Pay with credit card ONLY with a self-pay system

    • Observe 6-foot distancing areas marked off around drop-off bins

    • Stay in your car to wait your turn until customers in front of you have cleared the area around a drop-off bin you wish to use

    • Unload your own vehicles

    • Please read signs guiding you through our new transaction processes

    We look forward to seeing you and serving your hard-to-recycle needs! Please visit for a full list of materials accepted, as well as prices. Please email or call 303-444-6634 with questions.

    NOTE: The Resource Central Yard, adjacent to the Eco-Cycle CHaRM, is run by Resource Central and will be observing a different schedule and timeline. Please visit for updates.

    Donating The Old Mower

    There are numerous local charity organizations available in both big and small cities. If your old mower is still good enough for use, just donate the mower to your nearby charity organization.

    Some nonprofit organizations offer a pick-up service to reach the mower to the organization yard. They may demand a small amount of fee for this service. Just pay the fee and this surely proves your generosity.

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    What You Can Do With Unusable Equipment

    There is still a way to make some money from your old, but unusable, landscaping equipment. Whether it’s an edger, leaf blower, hedge clippers, weed trimmer, snow blower or a lawnmower, there are materials in them and on them that can be sold.

    Sell it as scrap metal

    The fact is, you might be able to sell these items to a scrap metal dealer. According to,

    “Most buy mowers at scrap metal prices that fluctuate daily in accordance with the market. You won’t get as much as if you parted it out, but engines and some decks are made with aluminum castings. Junkyards usually pay aluminum breakage prices, which is more than they pay for plain steel, for a mower sold as a unit.”

    According to a post on Scrap Metal Junkie, scrap metal buyers are one option:

    “Old lawn mowers and small engines are a great source of scrap aluminum and steel. Unfortunately, it is far too time consuming to take a whole small engine apart to separate into non-ferrous metals . The trick for those of us selling them for scrap metal, however, is getting a fair price for the value of the metal.”

    However, they go on to point out that small engine mechanics are often a far better source for selling your old powered equipment, even if they aren’t currently running. According to the post you will be able to make two or three times more money by selling a lawn mower for parts than you would if you sold it to a scrap yard.

    1. Separate the metals

    2. Separate the non-ferrous metals

    What Is The Most Reliable Brand Of Lawn Mower

    Toro 22in Recycler Lawn Mower Unboxing & Assembly

    The Lifestory Research 2020 Americas Most Trusted® Lawn Mower Brand Study identified John Deere as the most trusted brand among people considering the purchase of a lawn mower. John Deere generated a Net Trust Quotient Score of 111.5 and the 5 Star Trust Rating among people actively shopping a lawn mower.

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    How To Dispose Of Old Gas & Oil From A Lawn Mower

    As mentioned above, regardless of how you choose to dispose of your old lawnmower, youll need to remove the gas and oil before proceeding.

    If youre wondering where to take your old lawnmowers to drain, visit a mechanic or repair shop to pay them to drain the gas and oil if you are unsure whether to do it yourself.

    However, this is a fairly simple process to drain oil or gas from a mower. Lets see how you can do it yourself

    Heres how to drain oil or gas from a lawn mower:

    • First, use a siphon hose to drain the gas from the tank and place it in a clean container. It is best to use a siphon hose with a connected hand pump.
    • Then disconnect the spark plug cable and tilt the mower with the carburetor up into the air.
    • Next, remove the center screw or screws that secure the blade and carefully slide the blade out of the mower.
    • Place an oil sump under the mower and remove the oil reservoir cap to drain the oil into the sump. The location of the oil reservoir cap can vary from mower to mower but is usually located under the blade in the center of the deck of a push mower.

    If you own a riding mower, the connector should be on the side of the engine block. Then you can take the used oil to an auto parts store or a mechanic. Because they can recycle the oil on your behalf for a small fee.

    You will also need to dispose of the gas as well. However, in this case, you may use your municipal household hazardous waste disposal facility to take the gasoline and the oil too.

    What About Classified Ads

    Do you know them? Are they reputable? Why have a stranger show up at your house? Haulaways is family owned and operated and it is the most trusted junk hauler in Tulsa and surrounding areas. Stay safe and get the best price by calling Haulaways now.

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    • Agree to the price and schedule your day for pickup
    • We will come out and load up the old lawn mower and then accept payment.
    • Then we will haul the old lawn mower to the proper recycling facility.

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    Options For Disposing Old Lawn Mowers

    Your city and locale will determine the best manner to dispose of your outdated equipment. Some communities enable you to contact ahead of time to schedule a pickup, in which a crew will come to your home and collect up the items without you having to lift a finger. If you email ahead of time, you should be able to plan a pick-up at your most convenient time.

    Some cities, however, require you to transport the pieces to a local facility yourself in order to properly dispose of them. This might be a recycling facility or a scrapyard site. Typically, the safest method to choose the best option for you is to visit your citys local website and contact the resource center to determine the best option for your location.

    How Do I Dispose Of A Petrol Lawnmower

    Toro Recycler 22â? Self

    Petrol lawnmowers can be placed in the scrap metal skip for recycling. Please make sure that the petrol tank is completely empty. Push lawnmowers are generally made from metal and can be placed in the scrap metal skip for recycling. If the grass collection bin is made from plastic, this should be removed.

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    How Do You Dispose Of Old Gas From A Lawn Mower

    Most county recycling agencies and local recycling centers will take gas at no cost to you. First, though, youll need to siphon out the gas. We recommend using a manual siphon with a pump to get it out and then make sure you store it in a suitable container. Remember, its a fire risk, so keep it in a safe place away from open flames and other sources of heat.

    Share Equipment Between Neighbors

    Making the switch to manual or electric lawn mowing? Great! But you can cut down on waste even further by sharing equipment with your neighbors. After all, most of your mowers life is spent in your shed or garage it could easily be used by multiple people.

    Sharing devices not only cuts down on materials used, but also on cost you only have to buy a third or a half of a lawn mower. You can either pocket the difference or spend it on getting a better model.

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    Below Are Various Disposal Options For Owners Of Broken Lawn Mowers:

    Have it picked up by a waste hauler

    If your location or area allows you to manage your lawn mower disposal by having it picked up by someone, then, this is the easiest way you can do. Having someone to pick up your old mower is the most time-efficient way to get rid of it, especially if youre busy and if you have the resources or budget to do so.

    Recycling a lawn mower

    Recycling your broken lawn mower is an option for eco-friendly owners and for people who have a lot of time. In some locations, pick-up service providers who takes away large items for recycling are available. Should you decide to recycle your broken mower, make sure to request the pick-up in advance. Otherwise, if theres no hauling provider in your place, you may use a car to make the transfer. Prepare for any necessary fee or payment when you drop off your broken mower to a recycling center. You may also take it to a professional to drain any gasoline or oil residue before being recycled, if its a gas-powered mower.

    Selling your mower as scrap

    If youd like to earn a few bucks as you get rid of your broken lawn mower, then selling it as scrap is the answer. Its a good choice for lawn mower owners who love to tinker on their home appliances and have lots of time to do it.

    If you value your time and lack some patience on tinkering items, then, you may still sell the whole mower but for a lower price. If you sell your whole lawn mower, you will probably be paid for only the aluminum.

    How To Donate Your Old Lawn Mower

    Toro 21″ Gas Walk Behind Super Recycler Lawn Mower (model 21386) — UNBOXING & DEMO

    You can call around to different charities in your area to see if they have any need for a gently used lawn mower, whether they offer pickup services, and what rules and restrictions they have for donating a lawn mower, such as if they accept riding lawn mowers or even old lawn tractors.

    While some charities do offer pickup of donated items that are difficult to haul in a car, chances are you will likely need to haul your old lawn mower to a donation center to drop it off.

    In fact, no matter how you decide to go about recycling your old lawn mower, its highly likely that there will be some hauling involved on your part.

    Because most people dont own a truck or other hauling equipment, its a great idea to consider having a to safely dispose of it for you instead.

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    What Is The Best Lawn Mower For The Money

    The Best Lawn Mower

    • Our pick. Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower LM2135SP. The best lawn mower.
    • Runner-up. Ego Power+ Self-Propelled Mower LM2102SP. Great, But Missing a Few Features.
    • Also great. Honda HRX217VKA Lawn Mower. For the lawn perfectionist.
    • Budget pick. Toro SmartStow Recycler 20340. A good version of a standard mower.


    What You Should Know About Recycling Old Lawn Mowers

    Does your garage have an old lawn mower, edger or other unwanted landscaping tools just taking up space? When you have a broken or obsolete lawn mower and other landscaping appliances, you know that getting rid of them can be difficult, uncomfortable, and dirty.

    Lawnmower and Landscaping Equipment Disposal

    Your old landscaping equipment probably lasted you for years. But, at some point, tools break down or perhaps youve upgraded to something bigger and better. Possibly you’ve even decided to throw in the towel and hire a professional landscaping firm.

    In fact, upgrading can be a smart choice on a number of levels. Newer models of lawn mowers and other landscaping and gardening tools are more efficient and less harmful to the environment than many of the older tools still being used in American homes.

    For example, it’s been calculated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that a gas powered lawn mower produces as much volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides emissions air pollution in one hour of operation as 11 new cars each being driven for one hour. In addition, it’s estimated that an average of about 54 million Americans mow their lawns, using 800 million gallons of gas per year.

    According to the EPA, one gas mower spews 88 pounds of CO2 along with another 34 pounds of other pollutants into the air every year. Multiply this by 54 million lawn mowers and that’s approximately 5% of the total air pollution produced in the US every year.

    Selling your tools

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    New Blue Recycling Service:

    Pick up for new customers on the New Blue Service will begin on May 18th, 2009. A schedule for subsequent pick ups will be posted on this website.

    Customers in the South East who have paid until July for weekly service will receive a credit for one pick up of items from the New Blue service to make up the balance of your account. Valid until July 2010.

    How To Sell An Old Lawn Mower

    Toro Recycler 22â? Self

    If youre still wondering for somewhere to take your old lawnmowers and you take the one-piece mower to a junkyard near you, they will probably just pay you the price of broken aluminum or dirty aluminum contaminated with steel.

    The value of your used lawnmower increases significantly if you disassemble it and separate the various metal and plastic parts from the components that cannot be disposed of.

    This is because the junkyard pays more when they dont have to spend the money buying used lawnmowers and then also the time to take it apart and clean it themselves.

    However, if you are confident that your mower is in good condition and you need to sell it just to make some money, thensell it on a maker place that lists old lawn mower.

    Lawn Mower Recycling Pickup Services

    Once you have decided to get rid of your old lawn mower, you need to figure out how to do it responsibly.

    Most people cant leave their old lawnmowers on the sidewalk for the city garbage disposal service to take. Because most garbage disposal services dont pick them up.

    Also, not everyone has the necessary vehicle to transport these items to the local recycling center.

    If you just want to end up with your old lawnmower but dont want to add it to the already overcrowded waste stream, having it picked up by a professional garbage disposal company can be a really green option.

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