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Where To Take An Old Lawn Mower

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Lawn Mower Removal Service

How to Tune Up Your Lawn Mower | Ask This Old House

The old lawn mower has seen better days and the time has come to dispose of it. Maybe youve had to repair it a few times or maybe you just saw the new John Deer lawnmower model and you just got to have it.

If youre like most homeowners these days, you would probably rather hire a landscaping crew to mow the lawn for you. And now the lawnmower isnt wanted anymore.

There could be several reasons for wanting to upgrade the old push mower and disposing it. Those older push-mower models cut great but usually snag easily when they run over something chunky like a pine cone.

Also the older gas mowers produce more emissions and pollution. Great reasons for needing a lawn mower disposal service.

So how can you make this lawn mower disappear?

Unfortunately you cant just throw it to the curb or a dumpster. Lawn mowers are just too large of an item for a regular garbage container. It could also leak nasty liquids such as gas and oil into it.

Fortunately there are a few options for disposing of a lawn mower.

If youre located in Kirkland, Bothell, Woodinville or Redmond and you have the ability dispose of your lawn mower by yourself, you could dump it at Houghton Recycling & Transfer Station.

Though they dont recycle lawn mowers at this facility, you could dispose your lawn mower there.

We all dont own a truck to haul away an old broker lawn mower to the sorting facility. Old lawn mowers can also be heavy to lift.

Affordable Lawn Mower Removal & Recycling

LoadUp provides you with an honest, all-inclusive price upfront online or over the phone without having to come out and take a look because their pricing is fairly based on item count. Thats because LoadUp not only values your time but also believes you should be charged fairly and treated with transparency and respect.

As long as it is drained of oil and gas, well take your old lawn mower off your hands and make sure it gets recycled or disposed of in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

So the next time you find yourself not only wondering where to find lawn mower recycling near me, but what do I do with old mattresses and old furniture, you can always depend on LoadUps easy, online booking system.

Make disposal easy. Peek at your upfront, affordable price by entering your zip code here.

Just give LoadUp a call at or visit us online to get an upfront, guaranteed quote for lawn mower removal and recycling in your area with LoadUp.

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  • No on-site haggling or surprise fees.
  • Payments handled securely online.

How To Get Rid Of A Broken Lawn Mower

There are plenty of ways to get rid of a broken lawn mower. Although this task may be inconvenient for some, its something thats naturally bound to happen. As a lawn owner, youll definitely face this situation sooner or later as you go on in your mowing routine. Whether your lawn mower just got broken or youre planning for an upgrade, like buy a new one or hire a professional mower, this guide has got you covered.

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Get Rid Of A Broken Lawn Mower

Getting rid of mowers and other lawn and garden machines isnt easy. You can recycle gas lawn mowers and other equipment. However, you may have to drain the gas and oil and dismantle some parts. Plus, you have to get it to the recycling or transfer site.

Some trade schools and service clubs take broken old lawn mowers, tractors, and yard equipment and repair them for resale to raise money.

Youth groups have also begun repairing them in some locations too. The youth learn a skill, and the club raises money. Some individuals will take and turn them into art pieces, go-karts, or even motorized skateboards. It may not work for you, but it may be just what someone else is looking for.

Lawn mowers and most landscapeequipment are metal. You can dismantle and separate the metals from nonmetals, and take it to a scrap metal company. Theyll pay more for the metal than if it was still a lawn mower. You could save it up or combine with friends and family for a more significant load of metal and get a better return.

Recycling Old Lawn Mowers Near You

Identifying an Old Gas Mower

There are more ways to recycle an old lawn mower than hauling it over to Home Depot or your local recycling center. When we usually think of recycling, what comes to mind is the municipal recycling facility with all of its crushing, ripping machines and giant equipment.

The truth is, sending stuff off to someplace we equate with recycling isnt the only way to recycle, and its actually usually the least effective form of recycling out there.

Instead, consider these alternative forms of recycling first when looking for used lawn mower recycling in your area:

  • give it to a friend or family member
  • give it to a neighbor
  • donate it to charity or a nonprofit organization
  • sell it on Facebook, Craigslist, LetGo, etc.
  • sell it for parts or scrap at a junkyard

Obviously, if your old lawn mower is pretty beat up or doesnt work anymore, you dont want to choose any of the first 4 options in that list. If you decide to donate your unwanted lawn mower, its important that it is still in good, working condition.

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How To Dispose Of An Old Lawnmower

OK, its getting to the end of summer and youre probably getting tired of cutting the grass. It might be more exciting if you had a new lawnmower. Sadly, it could be time to get rid of that beloved old clunker youve had for years, or time to finally carry off the one that has become an eyesore of a lawn ornament.

Why not splurge on one of the newer models with self-propelled wheels or a shiny lawn tractor? There are probably some really good end-of-season sales.

Now that youre all excited about a new mower, you might begin to wonder, then, how to dispose of your old mower, especially if it is one of the larger, tractor-type riding mowers. Depending on its condition, you might be able to sell it. But if youre like many, youve probably gotten all the good years out of it you possibly can. Let us help.

Who Buys Broken Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers, trimmers, and other lawn equipment that doesnt work are more difficult to get rid of. You could take a picture and post it with a description, noting that it doesnt work. Someone may need some parts or a replacement deck for theirs. Scrap metal dealers will buy the metal you may have to remove the non-metal parts though.

One often overlooked group of buyers are mechanics. Theyll often buy non-working lawn and landscapingequipment, fix it up, and sell it. Its a great source of income, and the work frequently gets done by apprentices learning the trade. A mechanic often also pays more than the local scrap dealer too.

A yard or garage sales attract interested people from all over. Push that old rider, mower, or rototiller out and see what you get.

Your junk is someone elses treasure. If it doesnt sell, then you may have to recycle a lawn mower. Check and see what is required before taking it there it may save you a second trip.

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Where Can I Get Rid Of My Old Lawn Mower

Answer: To dispose of an old lawnmower, call your local waste hauler and schedule a bulky item pick-up. If your lawnmower contains gasoline, it will need to be removed and taken to a location that collects household hazardous waste.

Where can I donate my lawn mower?

Fortunately, donating your used lawn mower is fairly easy. Donate your used lawn mower to a thrift store or re-use center.

What You Can Do With Unusable Equipment

How to Choose a Riding Lawn Mower | Ask This Old House

There is still a way to make some money from your old, but unusable, landscaping equipment. Whether it’s an edger, leaf blower, hedge clippers, weed trimmer, snow blower or a lawnmower, there are materials in them and on them that can be sold.

Sell it as scrap metal

The fact is, you might be able to sell these items to a scrap metal dealer. According to,

“Most buy mowers at scrap metal prices that fluctuate daily in accordance with the market. You won’t get as much as if you parted it out, but engines and some decks are made with aluminum castings. Junkyards usually pay aluminum breakage prices, which is more than they pay for plain steel, for a mower sold as a unit.”

According to a post on Scrap Metal Junkie, scrap metal buyers are one option:

“Old lawn mowers and small engines are a great source of scrap aluminum and steel. Unfortunately, it is far too time consuming to take a whole small engine apart to separate into non-ferrous metals . The trick for those of us selling them for scrap metal, however, is getting a fair price for the value of the metal.”

However, they go on to point out that small engine mechanics are often a far better source for selling your old powered equipment, even if they aren’t currently running. According to the post you will be able to make two or three times more money by selling a lawn mower for parts than you would if you sold it to a scrap yard.

1. Separate the metals

2. Separate the non-ferrous metals

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Donate Old Lawn Mower

If your old lawn mower is still in good enough condition for someone else to use, you can probably donate it to a local charity.

Some nonprofits offer pickup of donated items for a fee, but youll probably need to find a way to haul it to a donation center yourself. However, donating your old riding lawn mower or push mower is much more eco-friendly than just throwing it away.

Recycling A Lawn Mower

  • 1Drain all fluids from the mower 24 hours before recycling it. Drain all the oil out of the lawn mower by removing the oil drain plug underneath the engine block and letting the oil pour out into a sealable plastic or metal container. siphon out any leftover gasoline from the tank into a sealable plastic or metal container as well.XResearch source
  • Never pour oil or gasoline down a drain or into storm waste systems. Seal up the containers after you drain out all the liquids so you can properly dispose of them.
  • You can also use this method to dispose of weed wackers, edgers, and hedge trimmers.
  • 2Dispose of the fluids as household hazardous waste. Locate a household hazardous waste disposal facility by searching online or contact your local waste collection service to see if they offer a pick-up service. Drop off the sealed oil and fuel at the facility or leave it for collection as instructed by the waste haulers.XResearch source
  • Most dumps have a hazardous waste collection facility. You can call your local dump to double-check.
  • If there are any non-metal pieces you canât remove, call a scrap metal recycling facility and ask if they can accept it as-is.
  • Tip: Some of the non-metal pieces, such as rubber tires or plastic grass collection bins, can be recycled as well. Ask for instructions at a recycling facility about which bins to toss them in.

  • You cannot dispose of an electric lawn mower as scrap metal.
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    Old Lawn Mower Pickup & Disposal

    If you want to get rid of your old tools like a riding lawn mower or push mower and dont want to add to a landfill but dont have the time or tools to haul it yourself, having a professional pick up and haul away your old lawn mower to be recycled or donated is the perfect solution.

    LoadUp is a nationwide junk removal company that offers eco-friendly lawn mower pickup, haul away, and disposal, no matter what condition your old mower is in.

    When you book a pickup with LoadUp, you can take back the space that your old lawn mower was eating up as soon as tomorrow morning. Why let your old lawn mower rust in the yard, tool shed, or garage when junk removal pros at LoadUp can take care of everything for you?

    Having already diverted over 3 million pounds of junk from local landfills, LoadUp recycles or donates every single item they possibly can.

    All of LoadUps independently contracted junk removal professionals are fully insured and completely background-checked. So if youre looking for a fast, friendly, affordable, and eco-friendly way to get rid of your old lawn mower, give LoadUp a call.

    Dont like talking on the phone? Book online using LoadUps super easy online booking system and also get an upfront, honest price thats 20-30% lower than other junk removal companies. No haggling salesmen, on-site estimates, price gouging, or unexpected fees!

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    LAWN MOWER HONDA HRX476 Rear Roller, Four years old but ...

    Deciding to get rid of your old lawn mower is one thing, but actually figuring out how to do it in a responsible way can be a headache.

    Most people arent able to leave their old lawn mower on the curb for their municipal trash removal service to haul away, because most trash services wont pick them up. Plus, not everyone has the vehicle needed to haul these items to the local recycling center if there is one.

    If you just want to be done with your old lawn mower but dont want to add it to the already overflowing waste stream, having a professional junk removal company pick it up can be a truly eco-friendly option.

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    Lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment can be cleaned of any fuel residue, broken down into its metal and plastic components, and the materials used in the production of new lawn equipment or other products.

    When you call the junk removal pros at LoadUp to pick up and recycle yard equipment like an old lawn mower, youll save you tons of time and energy. LoadUp offers easy haul-away and eco-friendly disposal for all kinds of lawn equipment and just about anything else you need to get rid of around the house.

    Got other kinds of junk to get rid of?BOOK A PICKUP

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    Donate It To A Charity

    As long as your lawn mower is still in good working condition, many nonprofits will accept them.

    Some charities such as the Salvation Army will even pick it up but sometimes you may have to haul it away to a donation location yourself.

    Nevertheless, by donating your old lawnmower youll be helping another person and avoiding unnecessary disposal that could harm the environment.

    Intro To Recycling Old Lawn Mowers

    But first, can you recycle a lawn mower? Its hard to know since recycling anything other than everyday paper, plastic, metal, and glass can be a bit of a mystery.

    Because lawn mowers are generally made of metal and rigid plastic components, they are, essentially, recyclable. But, put simply, having an old lawn mower recycled is a little more complicated than chucking it in the blue bin.

    Before we go any further into lawn mower recycling, its important that no matter what you do with your old lawn mower, you must make sure it is completely drained of oil and gasoline.

    Need to get rid of lawn equipment fast?BOOK NOW

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    How To Dispose Of Old Lawn Mowers

    28 January, 2010

    Riding tractors and walk-behind mowers cut the time it takes to mow the lawn, but no matter what type you use, eventually it needs replaced. Deciding what to do with the old one depends on the condition its in and how enterprising you are. Some mowers can be sold for a little money, but you may prefer to donate it or recycle it.

    How Much Can You Get For Scrapping A Lawn Mower

    How To Repair Replace or Remove an Old New Lawn Mower Blade Install New One

    Scrap metal buyers buy lawn mower pieces by the pound at the scrap yard. Although push lawn mowers usually weigh between 50-90 pounds and riding lawn mowers are between 350-600 pounds, the scrap value buyers look for is based on the metal composition of your lawn mower parts.

    Since lawn mowers are made up of steel and aluminum parts, itll help you to get familiar with the average scrap price of each type of metal. The average scrap price of steel these days is around $60 per ton while aluminum is at $0.06 per pound. Push mowers made from steel can be sold between $1.50-$2.70 based on the weight. Push mowers made with aluminum deck is priced between $3.30-5.40, depending also on the weight. If youre selling a riding lawn mower, it can be priced between $10.50-$18.

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    Selling An Old Lawn Mower

    If youre still looking for where to take old lawn mowers to you and end up bringing the mower in one piece to a scrap metal yard near you, theyll most likely only pay you the price of aluminum breakage, or dirty aluminum thats contaminated with steel.

    The value of your used lawn mower increases greatly if you disassemble it and separate the different metal and plastic parts from the components that cant be scrapped. This is because the scrap yard will pay more if they dont have to spend the money buying used lawn mowers and then also the time taking it apart and cleaning it themselves.

    If all else fails, you can always haul your old lawn mower to your nearest recycling facility and drop it off there for you.

    Want eco-friendly lawn mower disposal?BOOK ONLINE

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