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Who Makes Craftsman Riding Lawn Mowers

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Runner Up John Deere S120 42 Lawn Tractor

CRAFTSMAN – Choosing the Right Zero Turn Mower

Why We Like It

As you continue reading, you will probably get the picture that were pretty big fans of this John Deere 42 Mower. And while the mowing deck is considerably smaller than our Editors Pick from Husqvarna, this smaller deck riding lawn mower from John Deere wins our Runner Up slot for the best riding mower in 2021.

The John Deere 42 riding lawn mower stands out as the best overall riding mower package in its class, with a V-Twin 22 hp Engine, Hydrostatic foot pedal controlled transmission, tight 16 turning radius, adjustable seat, and anti-scalp wheels.


  • 22 -horsepower V-Twin John Deere engine
  • 30-second Oil Change System
  • White-Glove Home Delivery From Home Depot
  • Lumbar-supporting seat
  • Hydrostatic transmission

Our Take Away

Thanks to its power, highly maneuverable 42 mowing deck, and range of convenience features, we find the John Deere S120 42 lawnmower is of the best mowers for any lot size up to 2 acres. The John Deere is a fantastic choice riding mower for the money, especially if you plan to use a riding lawn mower with an optional bagging attachment here.

For larger properties, areas with thick grass, and just tough jobs in general and if your budget allows it we can recommend an upgrade to the Husqvarna 54 Riding Mower See our Best Upgrade Riding Mower section below.

John Deere Editors Choice Best Riding Mower

Attachment & Accessory Manufactures:

Agri-Fab: Tools and Attachments. The snowblower or utility blade on the front of your tractor was probably made by this company.

Berco: Snow Blower attachments mad in Canada.

Ohio Steel: A complete line of Lawn & Garden products for your zero-turn, lawn tractor and garden tractor.

Plus 20 other large and small manufacturers.

Who Makes Craftsman Push Mowers

4/5makes Craftsman lawnwalk behind mowersmakesCraftsmanmowersmowers

Besides, who makes Craftsman lawn mowers now?

Craftsman is one of the market leaders in mower and tractor sales. Many models in the Craftsman line are made by Husqvarna others are made by MTD. Craftsman lawn tractors run the price spectrum from gear-drive models priced at about $1,000 to fully featured, hydrostatic-drive units that cost more than $2,000.

Likewise, what brands are made by MTD? Our current family of brands includes Cub Cadet®, Troy-Bilt®, and Remington®, as well as Robomow®, Yard Machines®, Rover®, WOLF-Garten®, and Bolens®. Together they offer a complete range of products to suit every type of customer and every kind of lawn and garden.

Likewise, does craftsman make good lawn mowers?

The Craftsman 37744 is a self-propelled gas lawn mower that has all of the excellent features and functionality you need to keep your lawn well groomed, as well as several convenience features that make it easy to use and maintain.

Who makes the best lawn mower engine?

With all of these factors taken into consideration, it becomes clear that Honda offers one of the most popular lawn mower engines on the market today. Durable, reliable, and incredibly powerful, Honda engines are legitimate workhorses that offer years of reliability and deliver exceptional results.

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How Do Riding Lawn Mowers Work

Riding mowers are not difficult to work with. If you are a great driver then it is only a matter of tricks and viola you are the best driver. Depending on the riding mower they are powered with several engines and transmissions. You sit comfortably on a seat and take control over the standard steering wheels. While there are levers and pedals to adjust cutting height and speed. Most mowers have proportional and unproportioned wheels suitable for the lawn terrain. The engine powers the mowers which propel itself forwards. You can turn the mower and switch between bagging and mulching.While you are at it you can learn more about the mower, its attachments, and the additional features like LED lights, dual chargers, and indicators down below:

What To Consider Before You Buy


Lawn Mowers:

Push vs. self-propelled. Push mowers tend to be more affordable. Self-propelled models draw energy from the engine to power the wheels, which makes them easier to maneuver if you have a larger lawn or live on a sloped lot. All-wheel drive offers the best traction on slopes, followed by rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive, which is standard on most models, is still well-suited for flat parcels though is not the best choice if you bag clippings. As the bag fills, it can cause the front wheels to lose some traction.

Yard size. Consider the size of your yard to find the perfect walk-behind mower. Gas self-propelled mowers will be best for larger yards, and push mowers are better for smaller yards. Check out our guide to finding the right mower for your yard size.

Washout port. You should clean the underside of your mower after each cut. When its time to do so, a washout port makes it easier: It accepts a hose connection for clearing clippings beneath the mower deck without the need to tip the machine.

Electric start. On gas models, this feature lets you start the engine with push-button ease, rather than yanking a pull cord. All electric mowers start this way.

Folding handle. Models with a folding or collapsing handle require less space to store.

Upright storage. Almost all electrics can be stored vertically in a cramped garage. Some gas models have special engine seals that allow for upright storage, too, without the risk of oil or gas leaking out.

Riding Mowers:

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Which Is Better Stihl Or Husqvarna

Side-by-side, Husqvarna edges out Stihl. Their safety features and anti-vibration technology allow for easier and safer use. And although Stihl chainsaw engines can have more power, Husqvarna chainsaws tend to be more efficient and better at cutting. As far as value goes, Husqvarna is also a top pick.

What Is The Best 30 Riding Lawn Mower

All the mowers on the list above combine power, tightcontrols, and reliable construction. However, theres one on our list that is acut above the rest.

If youre not sure which mower to get, choose the Troy-BiltTB46. It offers several features ideal for anyone new to riding mowers oruncomfortable about using one. For example, the single-pedal operation issimple but also stops the mower quickly and effectively.

Also, its easy to control. Steering is fast and responsive.Additionally, front-end visibility is wide and clear.

Finally, its a comfortable option. The Soft Touch steeringwheel is easy to grip. The padded seat protects against vibrations and providesmuch-needed lumbar support. Youll have no problem staying comfortable even ifyoure mowing all day.

Dont let mowing tire you out and wear you down. Any of theriding mowers listed above, including the Troy-Bilt TB46, increase mowingefficiency and comfort. Your lawn will look better than ever!

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American Lawn Mower Company

It would be a shame if a company called The American Lawn Mower Company manufactured their mowers in some sweatshop overseas. Fortunately, that is not the case. The ALMC is actually the largest manufacturer of manually operated push mowers in the US. To add a bit of icing on the cake theyre also a family-owned American business, not a subsidiary of an offshoot of a faceless global corporation.

A lot of folks are actually surprised to hear that American Lawn Mower is a true all-American company, if only because their prices are so reasonable. But the good people at ALMC have an ace up their sleeve that enables them to keep costs down: they also own the iron foundry where most of the parts for their mowers are made. So kudos to American Lawn Mower. Also, a lot of people have noticed similarities between ALMC mowers and Great States mowers. Thats no coincidence. Great States and American Lawn Mower are one and the same.

Is 400 Hours Alot On A Mower

Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower Starter Solenoid #532192507

The life span of a lawnmower depends upon how you are using it. Riding lawnmowers are quite costly and need proper care and maintenance. When you use your mower in a lawn with thick, long grass and twigs, a small lawnmower may get its engine shelf life reduced to just 200-350 hours instead of 400-500 hours expectancy.

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Best Lawn Tractor With Zero

Why We Like It

Exclusive to our list of top ten ridings lawn mowers is the ZERO-TURN RADIUS Troy-Bilt Mustang. This mower combines a powerful 22- HP Kohler brand V-Twin engine with the favored dual Hydrostatic Transmission but also includes the rare Zero-Turn radius steering. Oh, and it offers a zero-turn radius with a standard steering wheel not lap bars.

While its not the cheapest riding mower on our list, if you have a larger budget The Mustang is certainly one of the best to consider for nimble maneuverability and sloping yards or hills.


  • Kohler 7000 Series 22-HP Engine
  • IntelliPower throttle adjustment
  • Heavy-duty steel frame Lifetime frame warranty
  • 3-year warranty on engine and parts
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Cons: No headlights

Our Take Away

In terms of having almost every riding lawn mower feature you could wish for the Troy-Bilt Mustang really does check the right boxes. In addition, this riding lawn mower includes DUAL hydrostatic transmission, meaning the steering wheel turns all 4 wheels, making it a great mower for Hills or Steep terrain. Overall, we think the Troy Bilt Mustang is one of the top-rated zero-turn mowers.

We were extremely impressed with this riding mower and can recommend it as one of the top-rated riding lawn mowers for any lot up to 2 acres large.

Troy-Bilt Best Riding Mower with Zero-Turn Radius Steering


What Is The Most Reliable Riding Mower

Best riding lawn mower 2021 Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro LT 42 in. John Deere E120. RYOBI 38 in. Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower with 42-Inch Deck and 547cc Engine Tractor. Husqvarna Z254 54 in. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 50 in. Toro Titan 75303 60in. EGO POWER+ 22-HP Brushless Motor Direct Drive 42-in Zero-turn Lawn Mower.

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Background Information About Craftsman

Craftsman Trademark made its debut as a registered brand in 1927.

Craftsman products have been exchanged with makers several times over the years. From 2006 to 2017, Craftsman products were made by Husqvarna, which was until then known as AYP. Husqvarna made the 917 model number at the Orangeburg plant.

Craftsman was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2017 for $900MM, and thus from 2018, Craftsman lawn tractors, garden, and yard tractors started being assembled by MTD in plants located in Parma, Ohio, US with various parts that are made from around the world.

MTD is a family-owned private company. The company began in 1932 and has its headquarters in Valley City, Ohio, US. MTD also owns other brands such as Yard-Man, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and Bolens brands and companies. MTD labels privately under the 247 model prefix for other brands such as Craftsman and Sears.

More Information About Craftsman Lawn Mowers Manufacturing


Its practically humorous the number of expert answers there are out on the Internet to this concern. And to make matters even worse, I understand a couple of local organisations that will purposefully misguide their possible customers by informing them the incorrect info about Craftsman Lawn Tractors and Riding Mowers.

Craftsman Model 25061 Zero-Turn Sears, Craftsman has never ever had the factories to produce their own equipment. Sears is a seller and they have actually constantly used OEMs to make the items they offer. Even when they did own Roper in the 60s they left the design, production and distribution to Roper. There is constantly a lot of confusion to who makes what for Craftsman since the manufactures modification over time. Companies like Haban fail, others get purchased out Sears even has actually used various names for the products they offer throughout the years This is muddled even more due to the fact that the Internet has plenty of out-dated and incorrect info.

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Does Husqvarna Make Craftsman Lawn Mowers

4.9/5makes Craftsman lawnmowersHusqvarna makesCraftsmanmowersismowersHusqvarna

Likewise, people ask, who makes Craftsman lawn mowers now?

Craftsman is one of the market leaders in mower and tractor sales. Many models in the Craftsman line are made by Husqvarna others are made by MTD. Craftsman lawn tractors run the price spectrum from gear-drive models priced at about $1,000 to fully featured, hydrostatic-drive units that cost more than $2,000.

Also, who makes Craftsman Riding Mowers 2019? Here are the Craftsman at Sears mowers, and who manufactures them for the 2019 year:

  • Craftsman T1000 series: Manufactured by MTD. Red color.
  • Craftsman T2000, T3000 series: Manufactured by MTD.
  • Craftsman 30 inch Rider: Manufactured by MTD.
  • Craftsman Zero Turns: Manufactured by MTD Red color.
  • Craftsman Pro: MTD Built.

Similarly, you may ask, which is better Husqvarna or craftsman?

The biggest difference between the Craftsman model and Husqvarna model is the size of the machine themselves. However, if you’ve got a bigger yard to maintain, Craftsman can still do a good job, but you are better off with the 48-inches cutting width that Husqvarna has to offer.

Are Husqvarna lawn mowers any good?

Is Craftsman Coming Back To Usa

The Fort Worth plant will manufacture a wide range of Made in the USA CRAFTSMAN mechanics tools, including sockets, ratchets, wrenches, and general sets, using globally sourced components. Back in December 2020, well into the COVID pandemic, Craftsman announced that their USA-made tools would be coming in 2021.

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Who Makes Craftsman Mowers Now

All Craftsman mowers are made by MTD. Craftsman lawn tractors run the price spectrum from rear-drive models priced around $1,300 to fully featured, hydrostatic-drive units that cost more than $2,000. Most Craftsman lawn tractors feature Briggs & Stratton engines, and the 42-inch-deck models are among the most popular.

Inch Lawn Mowers Engine Transmission Comparison

How quiet is Craftsman’s new mower? | Consumer Reports

Suspension System:Not only in self propelled mowers, but also in 30 in. riding mowers suspension system is the most desired characteristic. It automatically reduces pressure because it protects you from bone-jarring mower rides. Mowers with suspension systems, such as the Craftsman, are 35 to 40% effective at reducing vibrations and shocks from rough lawns that necessitate heavyweight mowers.

Mulching & Bagging:If you do not like a clustered lawn the bagging is the best option. A high capacity bag can store tons of grass meant to be removed once you are done. However, if your soil is in dire need of fertilizers then you can use mulching as an alternative. The small cuts of grass do not look messy and are certainly a better alternative than tufts of grass.

Storage:This may be mentioned at the end but it is one of the pros of a 30 in. Riding mower. Since they are adequately sized you can turn the handles and squeeze the mower into a minimal dimension that is easy to store. Additionally, a good mower is easy to lock and unlock from its storage position which also increases the mobility of the mower and saves space.

Cost:Riding lawn mower maintenance and cleaning charges should always be factored into the final budget. To begin, evaluate the mower you require since it must be able to meet all of your requirements. After that, put in the accessories and bagging calculations. Youll have a better notion of how youll stick to your budget this way.

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Where Are Craftsman Riding Mowers Manufactured

This isnt quite known. MTD is a company that is based in Ohio. However, it is more likely that the bulk of the riding mower is manufactured in China.That being said, this isnt really going to be a huge issue. All of the products that are manufactured in China by MTD tend to be done so in factories carefully overseen by MTD.

What Brands Are Made By Mtd

MTDs regional brands include Troy-Bilt® in the Americas, Rover® in the Pacific, and WOLF-Garten® in Europe. The portfolio also includes Remington®, Yard Machines®, Columbia®, and MTD Genuine Parts® brands, all primarily sold in the Americas and Robomow® which is sold in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

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The Husqvarna Yta24v48 Pedal Tractor Mower

Husqvarnas Tractor Mower is a top contender if you want amower you can rely on. The automatic transmission has a maintenance-freeoperation.

The Husqvarna has a choke-less start for reliable operation.Turn the key, and the engine immediately springs to life. Its also powered bya Briggs and Stratton Model 44 with 23 horsepower.

One unique and note-worthy feature is the mowers airinduction technology. Air is drawn through the deck, lifting the grass tocreate an even cut.

Additionally, many accessories are available, including atractor and snow plow attachment. Because the manufacturer makes theaccessories, they fit securely and properly.

Husqvarna offers several reassuring warranties. The entire mower has a three-year limited warranty. An additional five-year warranty covers the frame, chassis, and front axle. The cutting deck has a 10-year consumer warranty.

Type Of Riding Mowers:

Craftsman 20428 riding lawn mower &  tractor

Your performance and time safety depends mainly on the type of mower you choose. We have discussed several types appropriate for certain jobs.

  • Garden Tractors:

Garden tractors are heavyweight mowers that are constructed to take on big jobs. That is why they have stronger engines , heavy transmission, durable body, and big size. However, this big size can also be a con because it makes them difficult to control and maneuver. Additionally, they are not suitable for small garages and tight corners. Full size tractors have two mowing facilities and are more expensive than their competitors.

  • Zero Turn Mowers:

Zero Turn mowers come with most attachments, unlike the previous ones. They already have bagging, mulching, battery displacement, and blade facilities. They may not mow as big as tractors but can be used for professional landscaping and large commercial and home yards. The best thing about zero turn mowers is they have a 360 turning radius and require less manual work. Also, they are easy to control and maneuver. Lastly, the four wheels have high traction.

  • Mulching Mowers:

If you want to manage your clippings and are worried about the state of your lawn soil then mulching mowers are made for you. Mulching mowers are nothing like heavy duty mowers but they work fine in managing small yards with low grass height. The grass is cut into small size clips that retribute the nutrients to the soil. You can also collect the grass to bag.

  • Rear Engine Mowers:

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