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How Long Should You Water Your Lawn In Utah

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How Much Should I Water My Lawn In Utah

How long you should water your lawn and how many days

Lawns in Utahwater

how many minutes per day should i water my lawn?

Usually its about 30 minutes. So 20 minutes, 3 times per week will get an inch of water on your lawn, and 30 minutes 3 times per week will get 1 ½ down. Bear in mind that during extreme heat, you will need to water more, due to evaporation and heat stress on the grass.

when should I stop watering my lawn in Utah?Wateringwateringlawnwaterwater


Abc Can Keep Your Yard Healthy And Green

Caring for your lawn can be a challenge when you dont have a fully operational sprinkler system or a proper irrigation schedule in place. The licensed sprinkler repair technicians at ABC Home & Commercial Services can advise you on how often to water a lawn in the summer and how to scale back watering during the spring, fall and winter. With ABCs help, you can keep your grass and plants healthy year-round.

When Should I Turn On My Sprinklers In Utah 2020

Spring is almost here, and at this time, we get the common question, which is, When should I turn my sprinklers back on? Most people in Utah call us to get a generic answer like, on the first day of spring or the first day when night temperatures are above freezing. However, the correct answer for everyone is via

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Watering Plants And Trees

The most vulnerable plants are your youngest ones, especially those in their first year of planting. Shrubs need approximately five gallons of water every two weeks for small to medium plants and up to 10 gallons for large, established plants. Trees require approximately 10 gallons for every inch of trunk diameter, but at least enough to penetrate 12 inches down across the drip line. Replenish mulch around the plants bases after watering, to help plants retain as much moisture as possible.

All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care, serving Provo and the surrounding areas, understands that even winters cold doesnt let us off the hook for lawn care. Providing full service lawn and pest control service throughout northern Utah, let All Green Pest Control answer all your questions about winter lawn watering and caring for your trees and shrubs during cold weather.

Water Smarter Not More

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

There are some other really great lawn treatments available that will allow your lawn to retain more water as well. Do you want to know more? Contact Stewarts today to find out more about their 6 Step System with better weed control, better grub control, better fertilization, and better weed prevention.

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Why Is Watering Grass At Night Bad

While watering during the day causes water to evaporate too quickly, watering in the evening allows water to cling to the grass for too long. Overnight, the water will continue to rest in the soil, around the roots, and on top the foliage, which will encourage it to rot, develop fungus, and attract insects. via

Watering In 70 To 80 Degree Weather

  • Water 2 to 3 times per week.
  • Set watering time to achieve half an inch of water per station each time you water.
  • For fan style pop-up spray heads, like the one pictured here, the average time is 15 to 25 minutes per station .
  • Rotary head style systems, the far-shooting rotating kind, average 30 to 40 minutes per station .
  • Follow the watering guide below to determine your exact watering time.

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How Often Should You Water Your Grass

We recommend that you water your new lawn typically once a day. In the warmer months where temperatures are reaching over 28 30 degrees we recommend that you water twice a day. In the cooler months or months with higher natural rainfall you may need to monitor your water and alter accordingly. via

Watering Different Lawn Types


How long to water lawn varieties and how to care for the different types will depend on several factors, including the season, the zone you are in and most importantly the type of grass you are growing. Different lawn types will have different watering and overall care needs, so it is important to pay attention to the type of lawn that is growing. Once you know how much to water a specific lawn type, it is easy to set a schedule that will give thirsty lawns the perfect amount of water all season long.

Warm-Season Grasses Warm-season grasses such as zoysia and bermuda grass grow best when the air temperature is above 80 degrees. They slow down when daytime temperatures start to drop, but they still need moisture to remain healthy. Continue to water them as long as the grass is growing and needs regular mowing. Fall is not the time to fertilize warm-season lawns. Wait until spring, when the active growing season begins.

Cool Season Grasses Cool-season grasses, such as bluegrass, fescue and rye, are actively growing in the fall, recovering from summer dormancy. Cool fall temperatures keep evaporation rates low, but these grasses still need an inch to an inch and a half of water every week until frost ends the growing season. Cool-season grasses are also typically fertilized in the fall, and watering after fertilizing is important to wash the fertilizer off the blades of grass and down into the soil.

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Ignoring Your Grass Needs

Taking a lawns age into consideration is important. A fully-grown lawn can handle a more powerful spray, whereas newly seeded lawns need a gentler touch. If you only have a small area of newly planted seeds, a Stationary Square Sprinkler works well for gentle spot-watering, while an Adjustable Length Wind-Resistant Rectangular Sprinkler can cover a bigger area.

For a sprinkler that will grow along with the grass, try the Circular Sprinkler Spike with on/off switch. The diffuser pin allows for a customized force of spray, from a steady shower for new grass to a more powerful stream for mature lawns.

When Should I Stop Watering My Lawn In Utah

Watering: Its time to cut back on watering the lawn in September. You should only need to water every six or so days through the month, tapering off to no water in the months of November and December. If you live outside of the Wasatch Front, you may not need to cut back until November.

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How Often Should You Water Your Lawn In 100 Degree Weather

Proper Watering During Hot, Dry Weather Crucial to Healthy, Weed-Free Properties

When should I fertilize my lawn in Utah?

Aside from proper watering, every lawn needs a good meal every now and then. Fertilizing at least twice a year will result in a thick root system, a healthy lawn, and green grass.

How Long To Water Your Lawn

How Long Should You Water Your Lawn Per Zone

Knowing how often, how deeply, and for how long to water your lawn can be tricky. Just read this handy guide to learn everything you need to know about the proper way to water.

Watering is one of the main things when it comes to taking care of your lawn. But watering isnt as simple as setting up a sprinkler system. Water too little and your lawn will become dry and patchy. Water too much and your lawn may fall victim to rot or disease.

Luckily, This Old House has created a guide to watering your lawn, teaching you how long to water, how often to water, and more. Read these tips to find out the best way to keep your lawn hardy, healthy, and hydrated.

This Old House Reviews Team recommends hiring a lawn care company like TruGreen. With five annual plans and many a la carte services, TruGreen can keep your lawn lush. If youd like a free quote, call 866-817-2287 or fill out this simple form.

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Weekly Lawn Watering Guide

Thank you to all who followed the Weekly Lawn Water Guide this past summer! Water-saving actions made a difference and helped stretch the water supply during this extreme drought. The guide will be back next spring when its time for outdoor watering. In the meantime, look for ways to save water indoors. Find water-saving tips at:

Find more drought info at:

60% of residential water use is used for outdoor irrigation. Eliminating just one watering can save about 3,000 gallons for the average quarter-acre Utah yard with .17 acres of green space. Please look for ways to water efficiently and slow the flow.

Best Time To Water Lawns In Utah

Watering lawns at night will reduce evaporation loss by up to 20 percent. Because our climate is typically dry, if you water at night you shouldnt have mildew or fungus on your lawn, unless you water too much. Watering in the early morning hours will also prevent mildew and fungus because of the quicker exposure to the sun. In addition, there are several tips for watering lawns with sprinklers to keep in mind. Here are a few pieces of advice to help reduce your water bill:

  • Water less frequently before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Change the setting on the sprinkler system or leave the system on manual.
  • Turn the system off or flip the rain switch or rain delay on when it rains.
  • Consider installing a rain sensor or arrange to have a neighbor turn off the sprinklers if it rains when you are away from home.

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How Often To Water Your Lawn

Watering grass daily will result in a shallow root system. And shallow root systems dry out fast, weakening lawns. Infrequent, deep watering encourages grass roots to run deep, developing strong systems below-ground. This allows lawns to be more resilient to changing weather while becoming hardier and disease resistant.

The average lawn needs to be watered three times per week during warm months, providing a total of about one inch of water over the course of the week. Lawns can be watered as little as one to two times per week to achieve the same goal in cooler seasons, when there is naturally less evaporation and a higher chance of rainfall.

How To Tell If Your Grass Isnt Getting Enough Water

Best Way to Water Your Lawn – Learn How Long, How Often and How Much Water to use with Gilmour!

There are several tell-tale signs that you need to water your lawn. Its simple as can be, but if your once-vibrant green lawn has taken on a gray shade, you need to water. Curled grass blades are another indicatorit means your grass is thirsty.

If youre unsure, consider tackling one of two tests. For the step test, simply walk on your lawn. If your lawn is well-watered, your grass should spring right back up where youve stepped. If it doesnt, its lacking moisture, so it needs water.

The screwdriver test is another classic. See if you can drive a long-bladed screwdriver 6 inches into the soil. If you cant push the tool down that far or you meet a lot of resistance, its time to water.

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When Should I Water My Lawn In Utah

3.9/5Watershouldwateringlawnwatergrassread here

Start out with watering 3 days a week, or every other day for 30 minutes in the spring. See how the lawn is looking. If it is getting florescent green or mushrooms, back off 5 to 10 minutes per day.

Secondly, how many minutes per day should I water my lawn? Usually it’s about 30 minutes. So 20 minutes, 3 times per week will get an inch of water on your lawn, and 30 minutes 3 times per week will get 1 ½ down. Bear in mind that during extreme heat, you will need to water more, due to evaporation and heat stress on the grass.

Moreover, when should I turn on my sprinkler system in Utah?

If you leave footprints on the grass, it is usually time to water. Turn your sprinkler system off during or after a rainstorm and leave it off until the plants need to be watered again.

When should I fertilize my lawn in Utah?

Fall and Winter fertilizing. From Labor Day until late October is the time to apply step four fall and winter fertilizer, the final step to your lawn care program. This is the most important lawn feeding of the year. Fertilizing at the later time of year produces extra greening and little top growth.

When Should You Turn Your Sprinkler On And Off In Utah

A few months ago, we wrote a blog about how frequent our Utah landscapers would suggest homeowners water their lawn, and we are coming back to that now!

No matter where you live in Utah, watering your lawn is a must when it comes to keeping your landscape healthy. However, it takes balance. Too much water bring disease to your yard, and watering too little prevents your grass from taking root and growing deep enough to thrive. Not knowing how much you should water your lawn and when to water is what gives homeowners the most problems with managing their lawn.

With the change in season, we still want to come back to the frequency in which you should turn your sprinklers on and off.

When and How Much

Utah landscapers continually have to tell individuals that you DO NOT need to water your lawn every day. Instead, you should water your grass deeply just several times weekly. Utah landscapers recommend that that you water your lawn as early in the morning as possible 3 to 6 am is ideal. Your lawn requires at least 1 to 1 ½ inches of water per week year-round.

How to Tell If You Used Enough Water

While we may want to rely on our sprinklers automated system, it may be better to analyze the situation yourself. Pulling from what our Utah landscapers told us from the blog we wrote several months ago, you can check your soils moisture by:

If you want to learn more about landscape care, make sure to check out our blog over on our website.

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When Should I Aerate My Lawn In Utah

AerationtoAeration shouldtograss

. Similarly, you may ask, when should I winterize my lawn in Utah?

Slow weed growth in the cooler fall temperatures allows hearty cool-season grasses to flourish and properly store nutrients for winter. Fall aeration should take place approximately four weeks before the first frost sets in. The first frost occurs in Northern Utah in mid-October and in late-October for Southern Utah.

One may also ask, when should I fertilize in Utah? Fall and Winter fertilizingFrom Labor Day until late October is the time to apply step four fall and winter fertilizer, the final step to your lawn care program. This is the most important lawn feeding of the year. Fertilizing at the later time of year produces extra greening and little top growth.

Similarly, it is asked, how long should I run my sprinklers in Utah?

Lawns in Utah require 1 to 2 inches of water per week

  • Water 2 to 3 times per week.
  • Set watering time to achieve 1/2 inch of water per station per day.
  • For fan style pop up spray heads, like the one pictured above, average time is 15 to 25 minutes per station
  • What is the best grass seed for Utah?

    Although, depending on where in Utah you live, you might need more of one or the other, the balance between these two varieties of grass is usually maintained. Some of the main cool-season grasses used in Utah include perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, as well as tall and fine fescues.

    Other Watering Guidelines To Consider:

    Lawn Watering Tips
    • Proper watering is critical to your lawns health and vigor. Deep and infrequent watering is the best practice. During the hotter months of the year, the lawn will require more water, so that may mean ¾ of irrigation at a time rather than the ½ of irrigation typically required in the cooler months. This means wetting the soil to a depth of 4-6 inches per irrigation.
    • Water at times of low wind.
    • Water during the very early morning rather than in the afternoon or evening to minimize risk for disease.
    • To reduce water runoff and to help water penetrate and soak deeply into the soil, we recommend Cycle and Soak watering schedule. Instead of watering for a long period of time and allowing the water to runoff into the street, divide the total watering time per zone by 3. Water 3 shorter intervals . For example at 3am, 4am, and 5am, before winds pick up. Each cycle, water for 15 minutes for rotor heads, 8 minutes for stationary pop-ups, and 30 minutes for low volume MP Rotator heads. Water less in shaded or poorly drained areas.
    • Do not water every day or two. Frequent, short watering encourages shallow roots, unhealthy grass, plants, and leaves turf susceptible to drought, weeds, and disease.

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    Watering At The Wrong Time

    To water well, timing is everything. Water in the early morning between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Midday watering leads to wasteful evaporation, while nighttime watering causes droplets to cling to grass overnight, increasing the chance of lawn diseases.

    A Dual Outlet Electronic Water Timer will prove handy for those mornings you are away or want to sleep in. Just program the start time, frequency and duration of watering, and let the timer take care of the rest. The dual outlets make it easy to hook up two hoses at once and program separate schedules for different parts of the yard. We suggest attaching a Flexogen Super Duty Hose, as it easily curves around the yard without kinking and connects to a spigot without leaking saving water and money.

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