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Who Makes Weed Eater Lawn Mowers

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Best Weed Eater Brands List You Need To Know In 2022

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Last Updated on February 12, 2022 by John Patterson

We have reviewed 25 different brands of weed eaters including the gas weed eater brands list and American-made weed eaters brands.

Weeds have the ultimate capability to destroy a garden. And so, weed cleaning is one of the basic tasks for maintaining gardens. Most of the gardeners get irritated because of this repetitive problem.

Heres the thing, at present we have loads of solutions for tackling this problem. And one of those solutions is using a weed eater.

Now, there are a lot of weed eaters in the market. From battery-powered string trimmer and gas-powered ones, its crucial to find the best one.

We believe that the best brands make the best products. So, here we are with a list of the best weed wacker brands.

Now go through the details of the best string trimmer brands without wasting any more time-

Ariens Company Walk Behind Trimmer

The Ariens Company Walk Behind Trimmer has an auto choke feature. This prevents the need to prime it before you start the engine. For added durability, there are cast-iron cylinder liners on the engine.

This trimmer uses four strings to cut when you are pushing it. You can adjust the cutting height to better suit the environment that you are working in. The adjustments range from 1.25 to 4.25 inches.

The handles folds, making this trimmer easier to store when you are not using it. The tires are 14 inches, and they are the run flat type. This allows you to work on bad terrain without having to stop to replace punctured tires.

  • Engine: 4-cycle OHV, 173 cc engine
  • Trimmer line: It uses 0.155-inch trimmer line
  • Cutting path: The cutting path is 22 inches
  • It has a choke feature
  • The engine is strong
  • It uses heavy-duty string


  • It is sometimes hard to push, but thats the price you pay with all this power

Who Make Troy Bilt Engines

TroyBiltmade enginesmadeTroyBilt

In this manner, who makes Troy Bilt lawn mower engines?

MTD Products

Furthermore, is Troy Bilt American made? Details. Where are the TroyBilt products manufactured? Most equipment available for purchase in North America is assembled in North America with the majority of our manufacturing and assembling plants located in The United States of America.

Moreover, who makes engines for MTD?

In 2008, MTD began having a third-party company manufacture a new line of engines for the Craftsman 2008 line of snowthrowers. They are no longer building them with Tecumseh engines. The 170-T0A is a Powermore engine. Powermore Engines is MTD’s own engine made in China.

Is Troy Bilt going out of business?

The company that makes TroyBilt rototillers, one of the most recognizable products in the American garden, has filed for bankruptcy protection and in-tends to go out of business. In an announcement, Garden Way, of Troy, N.Y., said it will close operations, with the loss of 550 jobs.

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From Where He Started His Journey

The creator of Weed Eater, George Ballas, knew that a better solution for mowing the lawn will be needed if one of his co-workers is bitten by a venomous snake while cutting the grass with scissors. However, the inspiration was only properly perceived during a visit to the car wash.

In 1972, the businessman from Houston was intrigued to see the rotating bristles clean his car without damaging it. He wondered whether he could use the same principle to cut the grass around the trunks of his trees without damaging the bark.

As he ran home, he found a can of popcorn in the trash, drilled holes in it, inserted a fishing line to simulate the car wash bristles, and attached it to the press of his lawnmower. In a few seconds, the spinning lines started to cut the grass, and thus, Weed Eater was born. He knew that he had found the answer to his prayers and millions of other people.

After working with an engineer to develop the new product, Ballas created the first two models of Weed Eater, the Weedie and the Clippie. But unfortunately, Ballas could not find a company that wanted to sell its new device. This made Weed Eater a company with annual sales of $ 40 million in just a few years. In 1977, television commercials caught Weed Eaters national attention and sales exceeded $ 80 million.

Who Sells Weed Eater Lawn Mowers

Weed Eater WE

Eater Lawn is known as a string trimming company founded in 1971, Houston George C. Mallas, Sr is the inventor of the device. Weed Eater Lawn Mowers are the most popular cultivation machine all over the world. It is mainly manufactured as outdoor equipments industry and the landscaping. Weed Eater Lawn Mowers are the electric-powered one riding mower.

Select Weed Eater Lawn Mowers from some most popular online markets such as Amazon, Craftsman, Weedeater and son on. Beside, Weed Eater is a top manufacturer company in the world and they also have own website for direct sale.

Choosing the right Lawn Mowers, it enhances the confidence level to fit you. Well-maintained Lawn Mowers come with persistence and better performance. Weed Eater Lawn Mowers are known best for their qualities lawn Mowers. Buy the best products from reputable platforms.

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Troy Bilt Weed Whacker

Troy Bilt started back in 1937 and started to change the American farming landscape. They started with the rototiller revolution.

Later on, the brand moved on to making outdoor equipment. As part of that, we now have Troy Bilt string trimmers.

So, whats so special about these string trimmers?

Troy-Bilt® string trimmers come in several styles and engine types. So, you can get different features with these products. If you want a curved shaft for a long period of cutting comfort then you can have one. On the other hand, if you want to trim in hard-to-reach places, then they offer you straight shaft trimmers.

Thats not all. These string trimmers come with powerful 4 cycle engines. So, you can rely on it for quick and powerful trimming.

Lastly, the wide range of Troy Bilt weed eater parts makes everything even easier. So, you can attach different parts to the machine according to your DIY projects. For example, with the new Click N Trim bump, you can refill and advance a new line super easily. Just like this, the brand offers a whole lot of options.

Best Plug In: Toro 51480 Corded 14

Weight: 6.3 pounds | Voltage: Not listed | Power Type: Electric | Shaft Type: Straight | Maximum Cutting Width: 14 inches

  • Needs to plug in

Using a weed eater with a plug-in cord means that you can run it indefinitely without ever having to worry about battery life. It also means that you need to be close enough to an electrical outlet to actually be able to use this power source. Generally, plug-in electric weed wackers are not the best option because of their limited range, but if you want this option, the Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger is a reliable combination tool at a great price. The telescoping shaft is made from aluminum, and the wide cutting width is perfect for almost any job.

Our top pick is the Ryobi 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Electric Cordless String Trimmer for its great performance, ease of use, and coordinating line of compatible tools from Ryobi. Another great option is the budget-friendly Worx 12 Inch 20 Volt Grass Trimmer/Edger . This lightweight weed eater can tackle just about any weed or overgrown area of your yard while still being easy on your muscles and wallet.

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Review: Weedeater 20 Briggs & Stratton Gas Powered Push Mower

My Weedeater 20 gas lawnmower with a Briggs & Stratton engine was purchased from a local big box store. It is a 300 series, and I have had it about 6 years. The low price was a big reason I chose this model. I needed a basic push mower, and this one fit into my budget better than other brands. If you plan to go to a big box store for a mower, do not assume that any sales associate will be able to answer many questions about which model would work the best. Youll typically get someone who just reads to your from the box on the shelf, in my experience.

I had to put the mower together when I got home. The only problem I had with putting it together was not having the correct tools. Once I got those, putting it together was easy, even for a woman who has rarely put anything together. I just followed the directions closely and was happily surprised when it started right away.

This has been a really good mower for me. The blades are sharpened every spring and the oil is changed. It is a little difficult to change the oil, but once I got used to what I needed to do, it became easier each year. The blade comes off easy, but I have a hard time remembering how to put them back on. I finally sprayed painted an X on the top of the blade so I would remember how they came off. This is all the maintenance I have done to the mower.

Who Manufactures Weed Eater Brand

Lawn mower trimmer rack | STAND ON | WALK BEHIND

The Weed King, as Ballas came to be known, eventually went on to sell Weed Eater to Emerson Electric Co., which later merged with Poulan, and was acquired by the Husqvarna Group in 1986. Today, the Weed Eater brand encompasses not only string trimmers, but also mowers, hedge trimmers, and blowers.

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Why Trust The Spruce

This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance contributor for The Spruce. As someone who grew up on a 70-acre farm and owns a 5-acre parcel herself, shes no stranger to lawn mowers, and shes written extensively on them, even doing first-hand product testing of the RYOBI RM480e Riding Lawn Mower.

Weed Eater We450n20s Review

The lawnmower is affordable and easy to use on small and medium-sized lawns. Its Briggs & Stratton engine, adjustable height, and 26-inch cutting deck makes it more reliable. Its efficient and quick in cutting grass.

The 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine is noise-free due to its small size and 8.75 torque, making it durable. Its small 26-inch cutting deck is made from gauge steel and is free from dents. The single-blade deck is deep, allowing free flow of air within the deck. This enables the mower to cut grass precisely and evenly. The cutting height is adjustable from 1.5 to 4 inches.

The weed eater can cut along the edge and also normal grass.

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Best Electric: Black+decker 20v 12 Inch Lithium Ion Cordless 2

Weight: 7.06 pounds | Voltage: 20 volts | Power Type: Electric | Shaft Type: Straight | Maximum Cutting Width: 12 inches

  • Battery compatible with other BLACK+DECKER products

  • 6,200 RPM

  • Cutting width is only okay

This combination trimmer and edger tool is a great price for its utility and performance. It has a PowerDrive transmission that can tackle even heavy, overgrown weeds and grass. The 12-inch cutting width isnt anything particularly impressive but is still enough to tackle most trimming and edging that homeowners need. The 6,200 RPM of the trimmer will keep your tools going even against tough brush.

The battery works with other BLACK+DECKER products, an essential feature that I look for in any of my electric outdoor tools. This particular line has everything from power drills to chainsaws.

Weight: 11.11 pounds | Voltage: Not listed | Power Type: Gas | Shaft Type: Straight | Maximum Cutting Width: 17 inches

  • Requires gas filling

  • Expensive

For a powerful lawn tool that is still easy to start and use, this gas string trimmer from Husqvarna features a SmartStart recoil system and fuel pump that will have you working in just a few minutes. The 17-inch cutting width is one of the widest available at this price and with these easy-to-use features.

Weight: 18.91 pounds | Voltage: Not listed | Power Type: Gas | Shaft Type: Straight | Maximum Cutting Width: 17 inches

  • Required gas and oil

  • Battery compatible with other Ryobi products

  • Easy to rotate shaft

# Stihl String Trimmer

Weed Eater WE

Stihl started as a chainsaw producer back in 1926. The founder Andres Stihl believed in Easing peoples work with and in nature.

Today after 90 years of its inception, its considered one of the top outdoor power equipment manufacturers. With innovative ideas, thorough craftsmanship, and the house knows how this brand has claimed its position.

In recent years Stihl has diversified its product line. And just like the chainsaws, the Stihl string trimmer is also outstanding. Stihl weed eaters come with some of the most unique features out there.

You can incorporate the comfort features, Easy2Start technology, and the loop handle feature in your Stihl string trimmer.

All these features strive for one ultimate goal. That is to save your time and energy.

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Is Weed Eater A Good Lawn Mower

The Weed Eater 22 mower is a good basic mower. This is a no-frills mower that will faithfully putt along as you cut your lawn. The briggs and stratton engine has plenty of power for when I have let the weeds get too long behind the back fence. I like the primer on the carburator, it makes for easy starts.

Three Drive Speeds For Edging Cutting And Speed

The Weed Eater WE-ONE has three drive speeds numbered 1-3. The first speed is for cutting along an edge, while the second speed is for normal grass-cutting. The last speed is the fastest, for when you just want to get from one place to the next. You also have the option of putting the mower in cruise control just release your foot while in any of the three gears.

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# Black And Decker Weed Whacker

This more than a hundred years old company makes it to our list thanks to its amazing product lines. This company patented the half-inch portable electric drill back in 1916.

In 1957 this company started manufacturing electric outdoor tools. This revolutionized lawn and gardening.

Now about the Black and Decker string trimmers. You can find both corded and cordless electric weed whackers in their product offerings. BLACK+DECKER string trimmers come in both curved and straight shafts.

In the case of cordless string trimmers, youll find several options too. These are available in60V Max*, 40V Max*, and20V Max* brushless motor models. Moreover, these best string trimmers come with AUTOMATIC SPOOL FEED® technology and EASY-FEED technology. This means feeding more lines becomes easy and gives you extra control.

So Who Sells Weed Eater Lawn Mowers

Spending the Summer With Miimo (Robotic Lawn Mower Review)

Now, we are going to disclose some commercial selling platform from where you can easily buy Weed Eater Lawn Mowers.

Do you have any favored model mower that you want to purchase? If yes, you immediately contact the manufacturer through their website.

Weed Eater Lawn Mowers are an effective weapon of agriculture. As a user of Mower if you need any advice then communicate with them will help you.

Based on the manufacturer, here is a list of some online buying platform of Weed Eater Lawn Mowers.

Amazon: Who is unfamiliar with As far as we know Amazon is a reliable online selling platform of Weed Eater Lawn Mowers.

Amazon is recognized as an e-commerce giant, which will be the most desirable option for you if you would like to buy the best one.

Amazon is a suitable selling point of buying Weed Eater Lawn Mowers. It has a wide variety of choices of options you can take one which you like. It is one of the most popular online selling platforms of Weed Eater Lawn Mowers.

If you are planning to buy then consider this platform where Weed Eater Lawn Mowers are available and placed on this unimaginable website.

You choose their reliable products of Lawn and if you have any confusion to know details of mowers then you can contact the customer service point.

eBay: Who doesnt want the best quality product for himself? eBay is a reliable online selling platform for lawn lovers.

They have all attractive Weed Eaten Lawn Mowers collection based on users choice.

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Remington High Wheel Trimmer

This is the trimmer that I own and use personally..

The Remington High Wheel Trimmer has a strong engine that you can use for a prolonged period without it losing any strength. This trimmer features a forged steel crankshaft, cast-iron cylinder, and forged steel ball bearings for added durability.

The handle folds, letting you store the trimmer easily. The handle is also comfortable to hold onto when you are trimming brush and greenery.

The wide 22-inch cutting path takes care of big jobs in no time at all. This trimmer uses heavy-duty line so that you can take on rigorous jobs without having to constantly be replacing line.

This trimmer has a guard so that you are not hit with debris when you are using the tool. The high wheels allow you to maneuver rough terrain without having to exert a lot of effort.

All in all, there arent many bad things about this trimmer, which is why I look forward to using it every weekend.

  • Engine: 4-cycle OHV, 159 cc engine
  • Trimmer line: 0.155-inch trimmer line
  • Cutting path: 22 inches
  • The large wheels power through rough terrain easily
  • You can use it for very tall weeds, even those that exceed five feet tall
  • This trimmer is easy to handle
  • It is very fuel efficient for its power


  • The bolts and nuts need tightening every year, but thats pretty typical. I added lock washers to mine to fix that.

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