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Who Sells Husqvarna Lawn Tractors

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Why Buy Your Husqvarna From General Equipment

Husqvarna 300 Series Garden Tractors

You could buy Husqvarna power equipment from a big box store or online.But you shouldn’t.

At a big box store, simply finding an associate can be a challenge. When you do find someone, there is no assurance that they aren’t going to “up-sell” you on something with costly features that you don’t need, especially on high-dollar items. If you end up buying your equipment there, your relationship with them ends when they hand you your receipt. Finding someone to do repairs and maintenance is now your job.

Not at General Equipment Rental. When you walk in our front door, you’ll notice that our showroom is comparatively small, so you won’t need to search for someone to help you. If you have questions or need advice, you will receive the full attention of one of our staff members. As often as not, that staff member will be the president of General Equipment Rental himself, Craig Franzi, resident expert on Husqvarna equipment. Because we have been a Husqvarna dealership for over twenty years, we can tell you things like which features are new since the last model, and how the equipment has changed and improved over the years. We can tell you what equipment bests suits your situation, and we will never sell you more than you need. Most importantly, when the transaction is done and we hand you your receipt,it marks the beginning of our relationship, not the end.We service every Husqvarna we sell.

We service the Husqvarna equipment that the other guys sell, too. )

Where Are Husqvarna Lawn Mowers Made

At this point, you may find yourself asking where Husqvarna lawn mowers are made. As it turns out, Husqvarna lawn mowers are manufactured in the United States at Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products, SF Gate reports. The companies factories are located in Orangeburg, South Carolina and McRae, Georgia, SF Gate added.

The company didnt get its start in the United States, however. In fact, Husqvarna was first established in Sweden and originally got its start manufacturing musket pipes. These days, however, a lot has changed. Beyond its selection of lawn mowers, Husqvarna also manufactures chain saws, hedge trimmers, snowblowers, and more.

Features That Make Husqvarna The Best Value

Engines: For 2020 Husqvarna is keeping it simple. Just two of the most reliable engines on the market.

  • Briggs & Stratton Endurance: Offered on the 100 series, this is a solid step up from the Briggs InTek engines found in other brands. This engine has a full pressure oil pump with internal oil porting to the critical components inside the crankcase. This engine can handle extended use mowing slopes and ditches without the fear of throwing a connecting rod. This engine is similar to the very reliable Sears Craftsman Platinum engine that everyone liked.
  • EFI Husqvarna is not offering any lawn or garden tractors with EFI for 2020.
  • Kawasaki FR: Offered on the 200 & 300 series. The Kaw FR has the best reputation for residential engines on the market. Its a great, solid engine. Its reliable, fuel-efficient, and will last you the life of the Husqvarna tractors.

Transmissions. Transmissions define what you can pull and how well the mower will last mowing slopes. Husqvarna uses only three transmissions and they are matched correctly to the lawn/garden tractor and what you expect the tractor to do. Husqvarna only offers hydrostatic transmissions. They do not offer cheap CVT or gear drives.

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How To Change Oil For Lawn Mowers

Wondering how to change the oil in a lawn mower? Here is a step-by-step guide to maintaining your Husqvarna equipment.

In this article, youll learn more about a common lawn mower maintenance topic. You may be asking questions such as:

  • How do you change the oil in a lawn mower?
  • How do you drain the oil in a lawn mower?
  • What kind of oil does a lawn mower take?
  • How often to change lawn mower oil?
  • How much oil to put in lawn mower?

Note: This article covers the steps for changing the oil on a walk or push mower. Refer to your owners manual to find directions for changing the oil on a particular model of Husqvarna lawn tractor or zero-turn mower. Or, if you’d like to learn more about the future of lawn care with the Automower® robotic lawn mower.

Quick Summary Of The New Ts Models

5 Best Husqvarna Riding Mowers  Get perfect results with ...
  • For 2020 Husqvarna has completely refreshed the lawn and garden tractor lines.
  • All TS models feature an all-new hood with focused LED headlamps.
  • All TS models feature cast-iron front axles.
  • All 200 and 300 series models feature Husqvarnas Clear Cut deck.
  • Features not found on other lawn tractors:
  • K46 transmission in all 42-inch mowers
  • Commercial Grade Hydrostatic Transmission in the 300 series
  • Kawasaki FR engines or Briggs & Stratton Endurance. All engines are full pressure lubrication for long life working on slopes

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Collect The Needed Supplies

Before beginning your lawn mowers oil change, collect the following items:

  • Your Husqvarna mowers owners manual
  • A bottle of the 4-stroke oil recommended for your mower model, for example SAE 30 for Husqvarna walk and push mowers.
  • Drain pan or bucket

Note: Always perform engine maintenance in a well-ventilated area away from flames or sources of heat.

Before Starting: How Often To Change Lawn Mower Oil

Changing your Husqvarna mowers engine oil is an important maintenance task that should be performed regularly throughout the lifetime of your equipment. But when should you change your mower’s oil?

The frequency of oil changes will depend on several factors including the type of mower you own, the dustiness of your environment and the quantity of grass cutting work itself. However, a good rule of thumb is to check the oil level once for every five hours of continuous use and to change the oil a minimum of once per season.

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Husqvarna Stores Near You In Ontario

Husqvarna dealer stores and retailers in Ontario are your go-to solutions centers where you can shop for premium outdoor power equipment such as chainsaws, robotic lawn mowers, battery tools, commercial power equipment, zero-turn mowers and more.

Husqvarna is a world-renowned company with a 330-year history of innovation. But were more than just a global company through our network of Ontario dealers and retailers, were a trustworthy, hometown brand, with many of our products designed, built and assembled domestically.

If youre looking for outdoor power equipment for sale, look no further than Husqvarna dealers and retailers in Ontario. Many of these stores offer seasonal promotions and exclusive offers you wont find anywhere else.

Sales and service are a top priority for Husqvarna. At many our servicing dealers, youll find parts and accessories such as air filters, mower blades, spark plugs and more. Your Ontario service center is the fastest way to discover timely solutions related to repairs, warranties, troubleshooting and technical questions.

With Husqvarna dealers and retailers throughout North America, chances are theres one not far from you in Ontario. Use the store locator to find the nearest location. Thank you for being a Husqvarna customer.

Are Husqvarna Lawn Mowers Reliable

Buy & Sell – Husqvarna YTH1542XP Rider Mower Tractor

Bob Vila isnt the only one singing Husqvarnas praises. As a matter of fact, Consumer Reports has a lot of positive things to say about Husqvarna too. Most recently, the organization recognized Husqvarna as one of the most reliable lawn mower brands on the market. Overall, Consumer Reports said, the lawn mower brand was awarded a Very Good predicted reliability rating.

Consumer Reports recommends multiple Husqvarna lawn mowers too. Among them are models like the Husqvarna TS 354X and the Husqvarna TS 254XG. These riding lawn mowers are similar in price and even earned similar ratings. While Consumer Reports gave the Husqvarna TS 354X an 80 overall score, it gave the Husqvarna TS 254XG a 79 overall score. Both earned Excellent scores in side-discharging and mulching too.

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Refill The Engine Oil

Your lawn mower is now ready for fresh oil, which will appear golden brown in color . You’ll typically use approximately 15 to 18 ounces of oil in a Husqvarna walk or push mower, but check your owners manual to verify your model’s capacity.

  • Position the funnel in the filler spout.
  • Slowly pour the oil into the funnel, stopping every few ounces to check the oil level with the dip stick. This is done by wiping the dip stick clean and inserting it into the filler spout.
  • Stop adding oil when you reach the full mark on the dip stick, then wait a moment for the oil to settle. Recheck and continue adding as needed.
  • Be careful not to overfill with oil or the engine will smoke heavily from the muffler upon startup.

So Who Sells Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mowers

We would like to mention some remarkable platform from where you can easily buy Husqvarna riding lawn mowers. First of all, direct contact with Husqvarna is the best way of buying any type of products they offer. If you have any preferred model that you want to buy, then directly contact the manufacturer through their website. Or if you need any suggestion about model choice, surely they will help you to choose the best the one depending on your needs.

Apart from the manufacturer, here are s few suggestions for you to buy Husqvarna riding lawn mowers.

Amazon: Amazon is the best platform for buying almost all types of products. You will find there a wide variety of choices and options. It is known as an e-commerce giant. If you want to buy Husqvarna lawn mowers, then Amazon would be the best option for you.

eBay: It is one of the most emerging online platforms for buying almost all types of products. You also find there a comprehensive range of options. It is on the way of becoming an e-commerce giant. If you are looking for the riding lawn mowers, then it also could be for you. is another great option for you. There is a heap of riding lawn mowers placed on this incredible website. So you can choose among their depending on your needs. If you have any clarification, you can contact them through their customer service options. They provide excellent customer service that will be helpful for you.

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Husqvarna 38 Inch Riding Lawn Mower

Air Induction mowing technology improves airflow within the deck, ensuring a clean,. with a range of towable accessories and mulch kit for effective lawn fertilization.. 38 in. $1,499.95 MSRP. Add to wish list. Find a dealer near you. Manuals.Our riding lawn mowers are also designed with the gauges and controls easily. . Power output. 17.5 hp. Transmission type. Hydrostatic. Cutting width. 38 in .The Husqvarna LTH18538 18.5HP Lawn Tractor 960 43 01-71 has been discontinued. Check out Expert’s recommended alternatives for another top .Husqvarna 38 Inch Lawn Tractor superstore. Huge selection of Husqvarna 38.Closeout Deal. Husqvarna’s LTH18538 lawn mower offers premium performance with quality results. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver and requires : Husqvarna LTA18538 38” 18.5HP Lawn Tractor : Garden. Outdoor Power Tools ⺠Lawn Mowers& Tractors ⺠Riding Lawn Mowers& Tractors.18.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower, CARB · $1,599.95 ·Husqvarna 961830002 136cc Single Stage Snow Thrower, 21- .Husqvarna Lth18538 18.5-HP Hydrostatic 38-in Riding Lawn Mower. No Reviews. Have an opinion? Help others decide. Write a Review. Community Q& A View .Find husqvarna 38 riding mower ads in our Lawn Mowers category. Buy and sell. ride on mower blades husqvarna, McCulloch 38 inch. $20. New blades 5 .

If You Want A Cheap Mower Go Somewhere Else

Who Sells Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mowers?

Cheap Riding Mowers: Riding mowers are generally cheap lawn mowers that are sold to customers that just want the cheapest riding lawn mower they can buy. In todays dollars that is most riding mowers under $1500. Yes, they will cut the grass but dont expect them to cut well and last more than a few years. Husqvarna has wisely decided to get out of this portion of the market for 2020.

LGT or Cheap Garden Tractors. A Cheap Garden tractor is basically a tractor with large, 23-24 inch rear tires, a big, 54-inch deck and the K46 lawn tractor transmission. They were/are priced between $1900-$2500 and look like a heck of a deal. Husqvarna called them LGT or light garden tractors they have proven to be a waste of your money because no matter who made it the transmissions failed, the frames cracked and they typically didnt last more than 5 years. Husqvarna has wisely decided to get out of this portion of the market for 2020.

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Is Husqvarna A Good Lawn Mower Brand

Buying a new lawn mower can make for an expensive purchase. Chances are, then, you want to buy a lawn mower from one of the best lawn mower brands in the business. The good news is that Husqvarna is one of the best lawn mower brands, Bob Vila reports. There are a few reasons for that too.

In fact, according to Bob Vila, Husqvarna is one of the most durable and reliable lawn mower brands on the market. Not only that, but Husqvarna lawn mowers also come outfitted with plenty of sought-after features, including pedal-operated speed and direction control and ergonomic seating. Perhaps the only downside to this lawn mower brand is that its products typically come with a premium price tag.

Choosing The Right Lawn & Garden Tractor

The right size for the job

In general, if your lawn is large and mostly open, its more important that your riding lawn mower has a generous cutting width. However, if there are lots of obstructions, like trees and bushes, its better to choose a riding mower that is small enough to go through the tightest passages. We offer riding mowers with cutting widths from 38 inches up to 54 inches.

Collection, side discharge, or mulch?

Husqvarna riding mowers allow you to choose the cutting method best suited to your lawn and your personal preferences. All models are equipped with the ability to side discharge, mulch, or bag.

Collection or bagging provides tidy results and saves time, eliminating the need to rake clippings after you’ve finished cutting. Our 2- or 3-bin collection systems may also be used for clearing leaves in the fall. In addition, collection is a good idea if you want to avoid allergic reactions to grass, and decrease the spreading of weed seeds.

Side discharge is ideal for taller, wilder grass, coarser grass types and seldom-cut lawns.

Mulching works well if you mow often and want a pristine lawn. The finely chopped grass clippings fertilize the lawn and help make it more drought resistant.

Accessories for greater versatility

Choosing a transmission

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Husqvarna Lawn Garden Tractors

This article looks at the 2020 Husqvarna Lawn and Garden Tractors.

Lawn tractors and garden tractors are disappearing from the U.S. because zero-turn mowers are taking over. That said, Husqvarna has updated their lawn & garden tractors with the features you want and streamlined the model line-up to make them a lot easier to understand.

I rate products differently than most sites. I not only look at the number of products, the price, the craftsmanship, and the quality of cut but also the dealers, ease of warranty service, and parts networks that support the product.

This article will discuss:

  • Features that make Husqvarna a good value.
  • Do You need a Lawn or Garden Tractor?
  • 100 or 200 or 300 series tractors?
  • The Tractors By Deck Size

Do You Need A 100 Or 200 Or 300 Series

Lawn Tractors: Why Husqvarna Riding Lawn Mower?

100 series Lawn Tractors. The 100 seriesis designed to mow your lawn and pull small yard carts, dethatchers, sprayers, and leaf rakes. They will handle hills well when equipped with 42-48 inch decks. They use the industry-standard K46 transmission so you can expect a long life. They will last years on your typical suburban or city lot up to 3 acres. Most of us will be quite happy with this style and durability.

The 200 series is a solid step up and gives you better engines, stronger frames, and more transmission options. The 200 series includes locking differential on many models, Kawasaki engines, and two models with larger tires and the heavy-duty ground engaging K58 transmission.

300 series Garden Tractors. The 300 series is designed to handle mounted snowblowers well, pull large yard carts full of material, and pull grading rakes for gravel driveways and horse arenas. They can push dirt/gravel with a front-mounted blade. The heavy-duty K66 transmission with the electronic locking differential gives you the most traction available in a garden tractor. The larger front and rear wheels give you a better ride on rough lawns and better traction on slopes. The 300 series is available with 48 or 54-inch decks.

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How Well Does It Cut Grass

Lastly, before buying a Husqvarna tractor, you should make sure it cuts grass quickly and efficiently. Youâve come to the right because weâve already done the dirty work for you. The tractors/mowers that Iâve recommended below are worth the price, easy to set up, and theyâre great at cutting grass.

How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower For Your Yard

If youre in the market for the best new lawn mower for your yard, you cant go wrong with a new Husqvarna lawn mower. While they tend to be more expensive than their competitors, Husqvarna lawn mowers are known for their durability and reliability. Further, consider that Bob Vila called Husqvarna one of the best lawn mower brands, and choosing a Husqvarna lawn mower becomes an even easier decision.

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