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How Much Does It Cost For Lawn Care

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Lawn Mowing & Garden Maintenance Plans

How Much Does It Cost To DIY Lawn Care?

Our monthly maintenance plans offer affordable weekly or biweekly care of your lawns or gardens on a simple monthly plan. Choose between lawn mowing and garden maintenance, or combined them in a single landscape maintenance plan. There is no long term commitment, and every maintenance plan includes your spring and fall cleanups at the same low monthly rate.

Simple weekly lawn mowing with spring and fall cleanups included.

Semis & Townhouses $140 monthlyLarger detached houses$185 monthly

Biweekly Pricing $100 / $120 / NA

Comprehensive garden care with spring and fall cleanups included.

Semis & Townhouses$175 monthlyLarger detached houses$70 / hour / staff

Weekly Pricing $220 / $250 / $310

Weekly lawn mowing and garden care with spring and fall cleanups included.

Semis & Townhouses$220 monthlyLarger detached houses$310 monthly

Biweekly Pricing $175 / $195 / HOURLY

Complete fertlizer program for lawns with slow release fertilizer.

Semis & Townhouses $35 / applicationLarger detached houses$55 / application

Includes 4 applications / year.

Complete garden fertilizer program for annuals, perennials & shrubs.

Semis & Townhouses $35 / applicationLarger detached houses$55 / application

Includes 4 applications / year.

Complete program combining fertilizing for both lawns and gardens.

Semis & Townhouses $45 / applicationLarger detached houses$70 / application

Includes 4 applications / year.

Control of broadleaf weeds like dandelion and plantain in lawns.

Whats The Average Cost Of Lawn Care Per Acre

The average cost of lawn care per acre ranges from $60 to $2,000 and up. What youll pay depends on factors like the services you purchase, the size of your property and regional costs. For example, if you live near a large city and need to fertilize an acre, you can expect to pay significantly more than if you live in a suburban or rural area and need mowing services for your property.

Lawn Care Costs Per Acre

Just like with mowing, more significant lawn care such as seeding, weed control, fertilization, and aeration is typically priced per acre, with many companies performing more than one of these services at a time. Lawn care costs range widely due to the variety of services that may be needed, and they may include one or more services, such as seeding with fertilization or aeration. These services are usually done separately from mowing and are also billed separately from mowing.

Number of Acres

$400 – $700

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Why Is Lawn Care Important

As most of us know, appropriate and consistent lawn care is essential if you want a beautiful lawn.

If your lawn doesnt get the care and maintenance it needs, you will end up with a variety of problems, such as pests, browning, ugly thin patches, and even lawn diseases.

Your grass can eventually die, as well. You dont want to end up in this situation, so make sure you learn about all the care your lawn needs and the steps you can take to make sure it gets it.

I have a lot of great resources for homeowners looking to make their grass green and healthy on this site, so I hope youll look around.

Diy Lawn Care Vs Professional Lawn Care Services

How Much Does a Lawn Care Program Cost?

DIY lawn maintenance is a relatively cheap household expense. Aside from the initial cost to purchase a lawn mower, the only other expenses include buying gas and fine tuning the equipment, which costs around $20 if you do it yourself, or $50 to $75 if you take it to a repair shop.

Now, what I like to factor in which for many is the largest cost, that is the cost of your own time. What do you value an hour of your own time at? If your lawn takes you 2-3 hours to complete each week, that is 8-12 hours each month you could be dedicating to lawn maintenance.

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What Does It Cost To Start A Lawn Care Business

Youve heard the old saying: youve got to spend money to make money. Starting a lawn care business is no different. You have to purchase equipment, obtain a license and insurance, acquire customers it can feel almost overwhelming.

This guide will walk you through the steps of starting your own lawn care business, and help you identify the least expensive options along the way.

Well look at three main areas of expense youll run into:

  • To Get Started, Buy Your Lawn Equipment
  • The cost of starting a lawn care business from scratch can range from $15,000 to over $50,000, depending largely on the quality of equipment you purchase. If you already have access to a pickup truck, garage space, or lawn mower, you can cut this cost dramatically.

    If you dont have access to that kind of cash upfront, dealer financing and small business loans are available to help your lawn care operation pay for itself. Even though starting a business seems daunting, a platform like LawnStarter can help you turn a profit quickly by connecting you to new customers, optimizing routes, and handling all your accounting and billing.

    Essential Lawn Care Tools

    Lets start simple. Youre going to need three essential tools to operate a lawn care company: a lawn mower, a string trimmer, and a leaf blower. All three of these tools come in a variety of brands, with different power sources, abilities, and price points. Its important to choose the right options for the types of lawns youll encounter most.

    Lawn mowers

    Push or ride-on? Electric or gas? For a brand-new lawn care professional, the sheer number of choices can make finding the right mower a chore. Every option has its pros and cons.

    For example, electric mowers cut down fuel costs, but cant run all day without you changing the battery a few times. Riding mowers can handle larger yards, but require a trailer and a high towing capacity to transport them.

    Time is money, as the saying goes, and a faster mower can significantly boost the number of yards youll get done in a typical day. While a commercial stand-on or zero-turn mower may come with a steeper price tag, it will significantly affect your income.

    When buying new equipment, a commercial-grade walk-behind mower will cost between $1,000 and $5,000, and a ride-on mower will cost $6,000-$10,000 or more.

    However, a quick Google search for equipment bundles will turn up much less expensive results. A full commercial mower bundle, complete with trimmer, blower, and trailer, can cost as little as $6,000. Many equipment dealers will offer financing options, so you dont need to front the entire cost.

    String trimmers

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    Lawn Care Service Price Factors

    What youll pay for lawn care services depends on several factors. Take these into consideration as youre planning and budgeting for the type of work youd like to get done:

    • The size of your yard.
    • Residential vs. commercial lawn care costs.
    • Regional living expenses.
    • The different types of work you need done.
    • Whether you hire a large company vs. a smaller independent operation.

    If you live in an expensive part of the country and have a large commercial area that needs significant lawn care, you will pay much more than if you hire a small independent company to help with assorted yardwork on a small residential property.

    Landscaping Cost Per Hour

    How to Price Lawn Care Services – How Much to Charge

    Labor makes up about 80% of the total landscaping cost. Landscapers charge between $50 and $100 per hour for a crew of two. As the manpower required increases, so will the cost. Additional crew members will cost $25 to $50 per hour extra.

    Landscape designers are more advanced than typical landscapers, often charging at least $200 an hour to plan and design your yard. While you wont need to work with a designer for routine landscaping work, you will need to hire one if youre looking to install something unique from scratch.

    Get at least three quotes from different landscapers before starting work to find one that works with your budget.

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    Diy Vs Professional Lawn Care Costs

    DIY lawn care is a simple way to cut costs over the long run, though its got significant up-front costs. A gas-powered push mower typically costs between $200 and $400. If you have a large property, youll probably need a riding mower. Those usually run from $800 to $2,000. Fertilizer varies from $20 to $150 or more. Fertilizer with rented equipment is cheaper, while an all-inclusive DIY kit is more expensive. Hedge trimmers run from $50 to $300.

    While a pro costs more over time, you get quality work and expertise that keeps your lawn healthy and beautiful.

    Obstacles In Your Yard

    A lawn care professional may raise their rates if obstacles in the lawn make their job more difficult. Old tree stumps or large tree roots can slow down the task at hand.

    For example, if youre having sod installed, a professional will require more time and labor to ensure the sod aligns with the surrounding obstacle.

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    Why Does A Lawn Grow Faster In The Summer

    Your lawn grows faster in the summer due to better temperatures and increased sun exposure. As part of photosynthesis, your grass depends on plenty of sunlight. Although too much will kill it off, too little prevents it from flourishing. Grass growth begins to peak when temperatures rise above 10 degrees Celsius. If they dip between 5 degrees Celsius, it wont grow at all. Its worth noting that poor moisture during hot mid-summer months reduces growth. Like sun and heat, your grass depends on a ready supply of water to thrive. If you live in an area where rainfall is poor, you may want to consider watering your lawn during hot months. This is a great article that discusses summer gardening tips Finally, some lawns will benefit from a nitrogen-based fertiliser. When nitrogen reacts with other factors, it accelerates your lawns growth, resulting in greener and lusher grass.

    Experience Of The Lawn Care Provider

    Selecting a Lawn Care Service

    A service providers training, experience, and expertise can affect your total lawn care costs. If youre hiring a pro who is new to the industry, you can expect to pay much less than hiring a pro with years of experience. Keep in mind that hiring a more experienced professional is likely to provide better results.

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    Level Of Experience & Training

    Paying technicians who perform the lawn care services is obviously a big factor in lawn care cost and its also a big differentiator.

    Because a lot of lawn care companies employ technicians that dont have a ton of experience, they also underpay them. If you find a low-priced service, it may be that their employees are underpaid. Unfortunately, that can lead to workers who arent very committed. They may even cut corners on the job. Oftentimes, companies like this have a revolving door of employees.

    Lawn care services that invest in quality staff and keep employees ultimately benefits the customer. At Master Lawn, we have technicians who have up to 25 years of experience.

    We also ensure that all of our technicians are licensed applicatorsnot just some like most companies. Some companies have one individual that is licensed and then just registers other technicians underneath them. Thats not good enough for Master Lawn.

    That level of experience costs more but it also directly benefits the customer. For example, techs who are well-trained and highly experienced are much more likely to recognize a disease and immediately know what to treat it with. The customer reaps the benefit with better results.

    What Is The Average Cost Of Landscaping 2021 Lawn Service Cost Calculator

    The cost of landscaping depends on many different factors such as yard size, materials, and the type of landscaping you want.

    Youve been focusing on remodeling and sprucing up the inside of your home and love the results. Yet, when you pull up to your house, you notice your yard and landscaping need some work.

    The first impression your home gives to the world is the front yard and that first impression can greatly add to the value of your own home. Some estimates suggest that quality landscaping can add between 7% and 14% to your homes value.

    Are you dreaming of giving your outdoor living space and yard a new look? Wondering about the cost of landscaping? How much will it actually be to hire a professional to help whip your yard into shape?

    If you are hoping to spend this outdoor season enjoying a beautiful yard, we have the answers you need. Read on to learn about all the areas of your yard you should consider while landscaping. Learn about what to tackle and what it might cost to remodel your landscaping.

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    Getting Your Lawn Overseeded

    Overseeding your lawn via a professional usually cost around $1,200, which you saw in my lawn care pricing chart.

    Overseeding can boost the health and appearance of your lawn by encouraging the grass to continue growing even when older and problematic patches die.

    When you hire a company to overseed your lawn, you can specify that a disease-resistant or drought-resistant grass seed be used. This will be helpful for you if you live in a harsh climate.

    I have an article with detailed recommendations about the best seed to use for overseeding if youd like to learn more.

    How Often Should The Lawn Be Mowed

    GreenStripe: How Much Does a Lawn Care Program Cost?

    To prevent your lawn from overgrowing, use a mowing service once every one to two weeks in the summer. If youre not sure whether a weekly or fortnightly service is better, either use your judgement based on how fast it grows or ask a professional. During the winter, you can reduce lawn cutting to once every four to five weeks. During the winter, you might want to seize the chance to aerate it. Aerating your lawn prevents it from looking tired when the soil beneath becomes compacted. If the soil becomes too compacted, the grass struggles to draw nutrients from the ground. With an aerating service, you make its growing activities easier.

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    Cost Of Landscaping For Your Home

    While the cost of landscaping can seem high at first glance, the investment really adds value to your home. Quality landscaping also makes your home more visually appealing for you if youre not planning on moving anytime soon.

    If youre ready to invest in new landscaping, you want to hire the best professionals for the job. Check out our page to get estimates from a variety of landscapers in your area who can help you transform your outdoor spaces.

    Determining What You Want To Pay For Lawn Care

    We know that everyone has a different level of expectation for their lawn. Some people just want to get rid of the bulk of the weeds fast and arent really thinking about long-term solutions. Instead theyre focused more on treating major symptoms as they arise. Folks with this mentality could be the same ones shopping for the cheapest lawn care price. The problem with this way of thinking is that by failing to ever get to the root of the issue, the same symptoms return again and again.

    Other homeowners may care about a higher level lawn maintenance program and they want most issues taken care of, but theyre also on a tight budget. These folks are the ones who may want a higher quality company and service but may take on their basic level package, getting most of the big issues addressed and possibly choosing to add on services later.

    Finally, some want the best and they dont want to compromise results. They know that paying for value often means they have less headaches and will get the lawn theyve been dreaming of a lot faster. They also know they are paying for a long-term solution . Theyre willing to pay a higherlawn care cost per year because they know their investment will pay off with the results they really want.

    Sometimes the homeowner that invests more at the onset saves more in the long run as they prevent costly problems down the line.

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    Lawn Care Cost Factors

    Many factors determine the final cost of your lawn care. These include not only the size of your lawn but also your location, grass type, number of fences, how many sidewalks to edge, required maintenance like aeration or fertilization, and number of trees. Many services provide discounts if neighbors have their lawns done at the same time.

    If your lawn is in poor health, your starting costs may be higher than if your lawn only needs maintenance. Costs for residential areas may differ from costs for commercial properties.

    Climate also plays a role. For example, wet, rainy climates have different needs than dry climates.

    What Are The Startup Costs For A Lawn Care Business

    How Much Does It Cost To Mow The Lawn?

    The cost of starting a lawn care business can be as little as the combined cost of buying a mower and printing some flyers in your neighborhood. However, as you grow your business by increasing the number of jobs and the complexity of the work that needs to be done, additional costs may come into play in order to keep you sane and profitable! The key costs of running a legitimate lawn care business include:

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    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Swimming Pool

    If you can satisfy the need of a pool with an inflated kids pool, then the cost is about $10-$50. However, if you want to build a real swimming pool in the yard, then the cost can vary from $11,000 and up to $100,000 depending on the size of the pool, the complexity of excavation works, materials used for decoration and ornamentation as well as additional features you decide to apply.

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