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How To Calculate Lawn Square Footage

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My Lawn Size Calculator

Measuring Lawn Square Footage

After becoming frustrated with some of the shortcomings of other tools, I decided to hire a developer to create exactly what I wanted.

My Lawn Size Calculator has some functions and features that set it apart from anything else currently found online, including:

  • The ability to save your lawn map and have a private link emailed to you so you dont have to re-created your lawn map again and again.
  • A dynamic fertilizer recommendation with the exact number of bags youll need to purchase to cover the property youve mapped.
  • The ability to map individual lawn areas as part of a single lawn measurement/map so you can spread your products with greater accuracy.
  • The option to highlight and subtract floating outbuildings, garden beds, patios, driveways, etc. from your square footage total to save time and money by accurately measuring your lawns size.

My tool is brand new in 2022, free to use, and I hope youll check it out and give it a try by clicking right here.

The Best Option To Measure Your Lawn Area

Please take 5 minutes to get the app below, it might just save you from a costly mistake on measuring.

If you have an iPhone under utilities is a measure app that can be used to calculate distance or a great app that we use is:

Cam To Plan

This app simply walks you around your yard as you click on points and gives you a total square footage. Ive used it hundreds of time with almost perfect measurements.

After you have your measurements, visit the link below to get an instant price on your sod or an installation estimate:

Measure Lawn On An App

There are various different phone apps that make it easy to measure your lawn, our favourites are Geo-Planimeter and the Kress Robotik Mission.

Geo Planimeter, this app allows you to drop a series of pins on to your lawn to create an accurate layout of your lawn, with perimeter and area measurements. You can switch between google maps and Apple maps and select the most up to date map.

Kress Robotik Mission, this app allows you to measure your lawn by simply walking around the perimeter, the app records your GPS location as you walk, when finished you have the option to excude zones by walk around them, like flower beds. Use the links below to down load the app and use it as a guest.

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Finding Your Property Lines

Before you can accurately measure your yard, you need to know where the boundaries are.

If your home is brand-spanking new, this is likely simple because you should still have all the documents that show where your lawn ends, and your neighbors starts. Itll also cover any spots that you may think are yours but are actually easements that the local government or HOA is responsible for.

You pay taxes and dues, so no need to give them free lawn care, right?

If you live in an older house, this can be trickier because neighborly disputes or previous deals between neighbors can blur these lines. Luckily, your local government should have documents that show where your official property lines are.

With these documents in hand, you are ready to break out your favorite measuring device and get cracking.

Simple Steps To Correctly Measuring Your Lawn

Lawn  Water Wise It

Star Tips

Youre about to drop some fertilizer, spread some seed, or treat your lawn for weeds, so you head out to pick up the product you need.

The problem is, youll quickly learn you needed to figure out how many square feet your yard is to know how much product to toss in your cart.

Making a guessing game out of this process can lead to 15 trips to the store to restock and listening to the cashiers attempt at humor each time. Worse yet, you could overestimate and be that guy standing at the customer service desk returning all of the extra fertilizer he didnt need.

With the right forethought and a little basic math, you can correctly measure your lawn and know precisely how much product to buy and the rate in which to spread it.

No, this isnt Ms. Zanders sixth-grade algebra class calculators, fingers, and toes are all welcome to get the right measurements here.

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Why You Should Measure Your Lawn

Whenever you buy a bag of product for your lawn, you will see that it states approximately how much square footage of ground it will be able to cover.

Thats great, but only if you know what size your lawn actually is otherwise youre guessing.

Its important that you buy enough product to cover your lawn, but over-applying can burn your grass or alter your soils chemistry in a way that can permanently damage your lawn.

Measuring your lawn ahead of time allows you to buy right , and apply right .

How To Measure Your Irregularly Shaped Lawn

So, your garden is a bit of a tricky shape. It can be difficult to find the exact area of an irregularly shaped garden but it can also be done! As a guide we recommend you firstly divide your irregularly shaped lawn into sections of regular shapes, for example, circle, square and triangle. These will be more manageable sections which are easier to measure. See the below image for an example of how to measure an irregularly shaped lawn by using the circle and rectangle formulas.

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How To Measure Square Footage Of Lawn

Written by Mark··· This post may contain affiliate links. Read more ->

You need to know the square footage of your lawn to properly maintain it. Choose any of these easy methods to accurately measure your lawn.

Before you begin your lawn care journey you need to start with a very basic step. You have to measure your lawn. Pretty much everything you do to your lawn requires knowing the correct square footage: Purchasing and applying fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, disease control, irrigation, top dressing, seeding, sodding, etc. Luckily this is easy to do and you only have to do it once. Take a look below at the best methods you can use to measure your lawn.

The Average Radius Method

How to measure lawn square footage

Another way to determine the area of irregular circles is to measure the radius at 10 to 20 degree intervals and calculate the area from the average.

Step 1. Find the center or near center of the circular area.

Step 2. Record measurements, to the nearest foot, from the edge of the area to the center of the circle every 10 to 20 degrees.

Step 3. Average the measurements

Average radius = 17 ft

Step 4. Estimate the area using the formula for the area of a circle.

Area = r2

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How To Calculate Your Lawns Square Footage

Many homeowners are not aware of the size of their lawn area before visiting the garden center in order to purchase fertilizer and many other lawn care products. Oftentimes, this lead to a very helpless feeling about making the purchasing decisions, buying the wrong product amount, inconsistent results, and misapplication. Knowing the lawn size is the basic principle of the measure of fake grass. Keep on reading to find out how.

How To Measure Your Triangle Lawn

Back to school again on this one there are three main types of triangle gardens youll typically come across and they are usually the result of some luxury landscape architecture were not jealous at all! These are: an equilateral triangle garden, an isosceles triangle garden & a right angle triangle garden. The formula for working out the area of a triangle is simple while working out what part to measure isnt always. The simple area formula for any triangle is to multiply the base by the height and divide the total in two. See our below images for what to measure depending on whether you have an equilateral, isosceles or right angle triangle lawn.

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How To Calculate The Amount Of Fertilizer Needed For Your Lawn

  • Joseph Heckman, Extension Specialist in Soil Fertility

Fertilizer recommendations for lawns are usually given in pounds of nitrogen to be applied per 1,000 square feet. Home gardeners sometimes have difficulty converting these recommendations to the amounts needed for their selected grade of nitrogen fertilizer and their lawn size. This fact sheet provides conversion tables and examples showing you how to calculate the amount of fertilizer needed for your lawn.

How To Do The Calculation Properly

How to Measure Your Lawn For Sod

In order for you to define the right amount of synthetic turf needed for your project, you should first calculate your lawns square footage. To get the square footage, simply multiply the height by the width of the area to be covered in your project.

If your lawn isnt a perfect square or rectangle, be sure to measure the widest area of the lawn as well as the longest part in order to ensure that you will get enough products to completely cover your lawn. In terms of your golf turf rolls, keep in mind that most of our products are 12 ft. wide instead of 15 ft. wide. To compute the entire cost of the artificial grass, just multiply the overall square footage of artificial turf required by the price per square foot.

For example, a 600sq. ft. the lawn will cost $1,386.00 at $2.31 per square foot. . If you need any questions or help to measure your lawns square footage, you may contact Synthetic Lawns, the leading turf supplier in Sydney and surrounding areas.

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How To Measure Your Lawn For Sod

Here’s how to measure your yard for sod. Grab a piece of paper and draw the areas to be sodded. Break up the areas into the shapes listed below. Measure the areas and write down your measurements. Now, enter your measurements into our Sod Area Calculator. Or, figure out the sq.ft. of your areas based on the equations listed below and total.

Square or Rectangle

To figure the area of a square or rectangle, measure the Length & Width and multiply.Length x Width = Area12 x 24 = 288 sq.ft.

Right Triangle

A Right Triangle has one 90º corner. To figure the area of a right triangle, multiply the two sides that contact the right angle and divide by 2Length x Width / 2 = Area12 x 24 = 288 ÷ 2 = 144 sq.ft.

Circle, 1/2 Circle, 1/4 Circle

To figure the area of a circle, take the radius times the radius, then multiply by 3.14. Radius is a straight line from the center of a circle to the outside of the circle. x 3.14 = Area6 x 6 = 36 x 3.14 = 113 sq.ft.Half Circle divide by 26 x 6 = 36 x 3.14 = 113 / 2 = 56.5 sq.ft.Quarter Circle divide by 46 x 6 = 36 x 3.14 = 113 / 4 = 28.25 sq.ft.

How To Measure Your Circle Lawn

Its back to school for this one, folks. For circular shaped lawns we have an easy formula to follow to get the area of your lawn you might remember it from your maths class days its called Pi! . You can calculate Pi by finding either the radius or diameter or your circular lawn. For a quick classroom recap, the diameter is the width of the circle, and the radius is half the width of the circle.

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Determining The Size Of Area

Step 1: Inspect the Area

The first piece of information you need to know is the shape and dimensions of your lawn, particularly the width and length. You will want to measure and multiply the area length times the width in feet until the square footage is 1,000 sq. ft. and mark off this area with the help of a marking tool like washable paint or objects to distinguish the treatment areas border line.

Step 2: Convert Measurements

If your yard is rectangular or square, measure the length and width then multiply together . For example, if your yard has a length of 10 feet and width of 8 feet, you would multiply 10 by 8 to get 80 square feet.

Be aware for triangle shaped lawns, you will measure the length and width, multiply together, then divide by two .

If your lawn is a not a perfect rectangle, break the lawn into different sections to measure more easily, then add measurements together to get the area’s total square footage.

For treatment areas with flowerbeds and other obstructions in the yard you will measure the square footage of the object and subtract from your yards total square footage.

Example, you have a property that is 12,000 sq. ft. and in the middle you have a landscape bed with a length of 3 feet and width of 2 feet. You will multiply 3 by 2 to get 6 feet, then subtract from your yard total.

  • 3 ft. X 2 ft. = 6 sq. ft.
  • 12,000 sq. ft. – 6 sq. ft. = 11,994 sq. ft.

Therefore, you will treat an area with 11,994 sq. ft.

How Do I Easily Determine The Square Footage Of My Lawn

Lawn Square Footage Calculator

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Fertilizer, General Gardening, Lawns, Professional Horticulture, Summer 2015, Technology, Turf

When you know that your lawn needs an application of fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide or fungicide, the question becomes how much to buy and put down. For these products, success stems from applying the right amount, not too much or too little. The label on those products always tells the consumer how many square feet of lawn can be treated, but how do you figure that out?

You could always do it the old-fashioned way with measuring tape and a calculator, estimating the angles and the areas of those curvy, irregular flower beds. This method takes a bit of time and you will still wonder about the accuracy of your final numbers.

Heres an easier, and more accurate way to do it!

Sod Solutions, Inc. offers an online tool that is easy to use and very accurate. Enter your address and GPS locates the aerial view of your property. Create an overlay by plotting points and the square footage is automatically calculated. The instructions under How to Use the Calculator are very clear and makes this tool so easy and convenient to use.

For more information on lawn care topics:

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Estimate For Lawn Care

Measure your lawn online to receive instant prices based on the square footage of the lawn measurement. Please be as accurate as possible when measuring your lawn. The more accurate the lawn is measured the closer the prices will be to the actual size of your lawn.

After you measure your lawn you can start services ASAP, request a free onsite visit, or evaluate pricing for your lawn.

Convert All Of Your Measurements To Feet

  • If you measured in feet skip to “Calculate the Area as Square Footage”
  • If you measured in feet & inches, divide inches by 12 and add that to your feet measure to get total feet
  • If you measured in another unit of measure, do the following toconvert to feet – inches: divide by 12 and that is your measurement in feet – yards: multiply by 3 and that is your measurement in feet – centimeters: multiply by 0.03281 to convert to feet – meters: multiply by 3.281 to convert to feet

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Using Estimating Software To Measure Your Yard

The glory that is Google Maps has revolutionized the driving world for many years, but new uses crop up all the time. Today, there are sites like that offer a wide range of free tools using the Google Maps interface. The handy tool in this situation is the area calculator.

Pro-tip: switch to satellite view to get a better idea of your yards perimeter.

With this tool, you can outline the area you need to measure using your mouse, and it will spit out the square footage. It also allows you to measure odd-shaped sections or draw around areas you dont want to measure.

That beats standing out in the sun counting the lines on the tape measure to figure out if that is one-eighth or one-sixteenth.

Know Your Lawn Size Lawn Size Calculator

Measuring your square footage of your floor tile and grout ...

Knowing how much grass youve got to mow is key to finding out which Ambrogio robotic lawnmowers may be suitable for you garden. Use our lawn size calculator to find out your lawn area and perimeter length.

Working it out couldnt be any easier:

  • Enter your postcode or address in the tool below and press Show Location.
  • Drag the map to centre your garden & zoom in on your lawn area.
  • Lawn area, perimeter length and recommended models are displayed below the map.

    Remember you only need to measure your lawn, borders, ponds, patios etc can all be excluded.

    Note: This tool is only a guide to help you establish what model or installation kit you may need for your lawn. Other factors like slopes and layout may also affect which model is most suitable. For more information take a look at the full model range, get in touch or talk to your local Ambrogio dealer.

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    Lawn Sq Ft Calculator

    I dont know about you but it was always a mystery to me how many actual square feet I had in my front and back yards. I found a trick on how to calculate and measure your lawns square footage online by simply using Google Maps. Thankfully the smart kids in Silicone Valley built a square footage calculator into their maps tool and we can exploit this hack to figure out the square footage of any yard in the world.

    How To Calculate Your Lawn Square Footage Using Google Maps

    Total Time:2 minutes

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