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How To Fix Dead Spots In Your Lawn

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Dont Just Wish For The Best

How to Fix Dead Spots in Your Grass

Ignoring your problem and hoping it will get better isnt going to get you anywhere. In fact, chances are, if you already have some brown and dead spots, they are only going to get worse.

These dead areas are an indicator that something is wrong and you need to take action. A problem that is causing your grass to die needs remedying.

Will Grass Spread To Bare Spots

The grass will not spread to bare spots on its own most of the time. Some types of warm climate grass can do so through the root system.

The only way to make the grass grow again and fill up the bare spots is to overseed that area of your yard. You can make bare spots less visible while the lawn is repairing itself by maintaining tall grass around them.

How To Plant Grass Seed In Bare Spots

Perhaps you are already familiar with how to seed your lawn. However, reseeding dead spots in a lawn calls for added attention to detail. We have outlined the steps on how to plant grass seed in bare spots for your next lawn repair.

  • Remove Debris

Before you start seeding the brown patch, remove any leaves or debris from the area to avoid damage. This removes any obstacles in distributing the seeds evenly among the dead grass. If the brown patch in your lawn was caused by urine or chemical spills, thoroughly rinse the area several times before reseeding to dilute any harmful chemicals.

  • Break up the Soil

Refresh the soil of the brown patch by taking a rake or a garden cultivator to till the ground in your summer yard. This will help ensure that the soil is loose and ready to take in the new seed.

  • Add Compost

Using compost is a great way to add nutrients back into the soil. Add a 2 to 3-inch layer of compost or loamy soil and use the rake again to mix it with the existing soil.

  • Even out the Surface

Use the top of the rake to make a flat and even surface to start sprinkling the grass seed.

Evenly distribute a thin layer of grass seed over your brown patch.

  • Protect the Seeds

If you choose to sprinkle the seed on top without pre-mixing it in the soil, place a thin layer of straw over the area to prevent birds from eating the seeds. Once the grass starts to bud, remove the straw.

  • Keep the Area Lightly Watered
  • Lightly Fertilize
  • Wait to Mow
  • Monitor the Area

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Why Does Dog Urine Damage Grass

Let us start by addressing the root of the problem. Most dogs go outside to use the bathroom, but over time, dog urine can damage the grass, leaving it discolored and bare in areas with a high urine concentration.

But, why does this happen?

The answer is that dog urine contains a high level of nitrogen and salts, which can cause nutrient burn on your grass. Nitrogen is a beneficial macronutrient for plants, but too much of it can lead to stunted growth or dead grass.

Nitrogen builds up as a dog naturally breaks down protein. Since most dogs have a high protein diet, this becomes a problem for the grass. If your canine companion has a preferred area where they like to pee, the frequent and high urine exposure in a concentrated area can lead to fertilizer burn.

It is important to note that both female and male dogs have the same likelihood of damaging lawns with their urine. Contrary to popular belief, female dogs do not have different urine that causes the burn.

Damaged spots usually occur when urine is concentrated in a puddle. Dogs that squat to urinate, including females, puppies, and elderly dogs have a higher risk of burning the grass since the urine is concentrated in a single area.

A majority of male dogs urinate by lifting one leg to mark their territory with spurts of urine that tend to spread across an area, thereby, spreading the damage without creating an unseemly discolored or bare spot, but scattered specks that are harder to notice at first.

Quick Guide To Lawn Repair

How to Repair and Reseed Dead spots on Your Lawn

1. Patch your lawn. Repair thin or bare spots with Scotts® EZ Seed® Patch & Repair or Scotts® Sprouts. Both are great solutions, but take two different approaches . There is one exception: If you have a St. Augustine lawn, its best to pull up dead turf or edge out bare spots. Apply Scotts® EZ Patch Lawn Repair for St. Augustine Lawns then place new sod or plugs.

2. Water well. New seed and sod require more frequent watering. Keep your soil moist, but dont drown it.

3. Feed your lawn. After 6 to 8 weeks, give your new grass the nutrients it needs to grow lush and strong. Feed your entire lawn with Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food.

4. Kill weeds and pests. Bugs and weeds will try to creep into your lawn while it grows. Before you apply any weed or bug control product, check the product label to see when it can be applied to new grass.

5. Mow later. Be sure to wait until your lawn is at mowing height before you mow.

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How To Fix Dead Grass Spots

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If the spot is smaller than the size of your fist, there is no need to do anything as the area will likely fill in from surrounding grass in a few weeks. Disease or drought can cause your lawn to turn from green to brown.

Easy Way To Fix Burnt Grass Dog Urine Spots No Grass Backyard Dog Urine Lawn Repair

How To Repair Bald Spots In Your Lawn

Learn how to fix bald spots in your lawn by repairing with seed or patching with sod.

Does your lawn have bald spots that need repair? We can help you with some easy steps for patching or seeding those problem areas and getting the lush lawn you’re after.

Shutterstock/Dean Clarke

Before turf can be treated, you need to determine the cause of the problem. If you eliminate fungi, bugs, grubs or other pests as causes, you may just need some seeds.

Once the ground temperature warms to about 52 degrees Fahrenheit, seeds will grow. Good seed-to-soil contact will get the seeds germinating fast.

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How Is It Treated

When treating dead spots in the spring, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer applied to lawns must be carefully controlled, as high nitrogen levels increase activity. Additionally, fungicides should be used in the fall months to prevent root rot and stolon rot in the winter months. Contact fungicides can be used with some success but must be used frequently. However, systemic treatment fungicides that are applied to plants can be applied consistently in the fall to control the disease the following spring.

How To Fix Dead Spots In A Lawn

How to repair Brown Dead Grass Dormancy spots. Dead Spots in my lawn after fertilizer application.

There can be several causes for patchy dead spots in your lawn. Find out why they happen and how to fix them from the experts at Jonathan Green.

The Jonathan Green name has represented genetically superior grass seed, innovation, integrity, determination, and a commitment to excellence since 1881. Today, six generations later, we remain committed to producing superior lawn and garden products.

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Spray The Area With The Soil Penetrant

How to fix dead grass spots. If it is cool and still, the soil will retain more moisture. A dead lawn can be caused by any number of things. Its the result of an underlying problem that needs to be corrected before you can restore the area to its original healthy condition.

Heres how to cut out damaged grass and cut a sod patch that fits perfectly in its place: What does dry grass look like? How to fix dead grass is by mowing the lawn even if it looks dry.

Prevention of this problem consists in reducing the amount of nitrogen that comes into contact with the grass. How to repair brown dead grass dormancy spots. When soil is rehydrated and grass plants turn green, so will the weeds.

Lay a piece of sod over the bad spot and slice through both the sod. Infestations of insects can damage your lawn. Once you get below the layer of thatch, rake the soil to loosen it for the seeds.

One way to determine if grass. Instructions to fix dog urine spots in your grass. Following manufacturers instructions on the product, spread the product over the area, being careful not to overseed.

Otherwise, soil contaminants left by fertilizer spills or pets may kill the new grass. I also discuss my above ground sprinkler system and you ca. Scatter grass seed over the loosened soil.

Dormant lawn faqs how can i tell if my grass is dormant or dead? Lightly tamp for good seed/soil contact. Your grass needs around one to two inches of water each week, dependent upon air temperature and movement.

Grubs Or Other Pests Below The Turf

Grubs are the larvae of various hard-shelled beetles, such as the Japanese beetle or June bug. A lawn can tolerate some degree of grub infestation, but if the concentration is high, dead patches will appear in your lawn. A strong sign that you are dealing with grubs is if the dead patch lifts away from the ground easily when you tug on the grass. Grubs eat the roots of grass and leave nothing to hold the grass in place. Addressing this problem involves reseeding or resodding and preferably after you have dealt with the grub infestation.

The Spruce / K. Dave

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How To Fix Dead Grass: Reseeding Dead Zones

Seed dead spots only after youve turned and soaked the soil. Otherwise, soil contaminants left by fertilizer spills or pets may kill the new grass.

Heres a situation many homeowners have faced: You spilled some fertilizer and killed a patch of grass. Then you reseeded the spot, and nothing happened. Finally you laid sod over the bare spot, and the sod died. Here are six other common lawn problems and how to fix them.

Heres the solution: Youre up against contaminated soil. And whether the contamination is from fertilizer or doggy doodoo, the solution is simple. First, turn the soil over. Drive a spade deep into the ground and flip clumps of soil over. That buries the most contaminated top layer of soil deep in the ground where the contaminants will dissipate before new roots grow down that far. Then flood the area with a garden hose for at least 15 minutes. The water will drive contaminants deeper into the soil. Now youre ready for seed or sod. Be sure to water the new grass daily until its established. Find out how to fix dog spots with these tips and other lawn problems.

How Do You Reseed Bare Patches In A Lawn

How to Repair Your Lawn

Reseeding bare patches is quite easy, and it wont take too much of your time.

The first thing you need to do is to assess the damage and rake the patchy area.

Then loosen up the soil either by using a cultivator or a sturdier rake. Cover the area with compost and mix it up with the ground.

Then grab the seeds and sprinkle generously over the bare patch. Use the rake once again to cover the seeds with the soil.

Then continue to water the area for the next two weeks.

Do your best to maintain the moisture if the temperatures are too high.

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How Can I Treat Dead Patches In My Lawn

In the case of acidic soil, we may recommend a lime treatment to help raise your soil pH and return your lawn to better health. However, even in the case of a fungal infection, aerating and reseeding your lawn is usually the best approach. The best time to reseed tends to be the wonderful window when the weather starts to cool down but before the first frost. So September and early October are the perfect time to fix dead patches here in Virginia. Well mow, rake and aerate the area and get it ready for new growth before reseeding. Homeowners have several solid options for reseeding:

  • Basic reseeding with a handheld spreader is inexpensive and ideal for smaller areas.
  • A seed blanket is a biodegradable blanket with grass seeds tucked in it. This helps hold the seeds in place so they sprout evenly, keeps the soil warm to promote growth and also protects new grass from birds and other animals.
  • Seed spray, also known as hydroseeding: your lawn care team sprays a mix of grass seed, water, mulch and fertilizer along with bonding agents to bare or dead patches. This approach is ideal for larger areas and steeper slopes where erosion can be a problem. Its usually the most cost-effective for larger lawns with multiple bare areas.

These Help In The Decomposition Of Organic Material Like Dead Grass Roots Old Clippings And Other Matter That Causes Lawn Thatch To

Test your battery with a multimeter. Our repair guides and videos cover basic washer repair procedures described in frigidaire, lg, whirlpool, ge and kenmore washer repair manuals. Youll observe patches of brown or dead spots as the grass starts to thin out, turn yellow, and die.this occurs because grubs feed on roots, thus killing your turfgrass easily.

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S To Repair Dead Patches In Your Lawn

1. Prepare the Soil: Begin by removing thatch from the area of dead grass using a garden rake or hand rake. Once you get below the layer of thatch, rake the soil to loosen it for the seeds.

2. Spread the Seed Mixture: Following manufacturers instructions on the product, spread the product over the area, being careful not to overseed. The seeds will germinate best when daytime temperatures are between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit .

3. Gently Water: With a garden hose and spray nozzle set to the gentlest setting, water deeply and thoroughly to give the seed the best possible start. Keep moist for up to two weeks when germination occurs. Keep pets and people away from the seeded areas until the grass is restored.

Can I Replace Dead Grass With New Sod

How to Fix Dead Patches in Your Lawn

If you have multiple dead patches or a large area of dead grass, new sod may be the best option. We can replace or patch your lawn with a lush green sod roll. If well cared for, the new sod will soon blend right in with your existing turf. Sodding gives you immediate results but tends to be more expensive than reseeding. However, it may be the way to go if you have more extensive summer lawn damage

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How Does It Happen

Spring dead spot symptoms emerge in circular spots 6 inches to a few feet in diameter that remains inactive when the grass turns green in the spring. These spots eventually die and collapse to the soils surface resulting in rotting roots, stolons, and rhizomes that become dark in the affected area. This process repeats every year in the same areas, increasing in several centimeters each season. Fungi from the dead spots attack the roots in fall and winter. The plant isnt killed but becomes more susceptible to frost. Consequently, the damage is more severe after a very cold winter.

How To Prevent Dog Urine Spots On Lawns

To help prevent dog urine spots around your lawn, the best plan of attack is to train your pooch to relieve himself in a specific area of your yard.1 Mulch an area of your landscape with natural wood mulch so it blends in well and Fido can urinate somewhere other than on your grass. Dogs usually respond well to the extra attention and praise that using their special spot brings.

Avoid using mulch made from cocoa bean hulls, even though it smells nice and chocolaty and looks good. Cocoa bean hulls can be toxic to your canine friend if he decides to investigate that smell and see how things tasteand he probably will.

Some pet stores and even vet clinics offer dietary supplements that promise to change the nitrogen content or pH of dog urine. However, there is no scientific evidence that these products work. Some of these supplements are known to cause urinary system problems and other dangerous issues for some pets, such as calcium deposits in young dogs.1

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How To Repair Green Spots From Dog Urine

In some cases, green spots can appear on your grass, the opposite of lawn damage. Since your dogs urine has a high concentration of nitrogen, the macronutrient can improve your plant growth if it has a low nitrogen content from fertilizer.

If this is the case, we recommend taking a soil sample to have tested for pH or other issues that could be preventing proper absorption of nutrients. If you need more nitrogen, consider improving low levels in your lawn by administering lawn fertilizer according to the soil testing lab recommendations.

What To Do When Your Grass Is Dormant

How to Fix Dead Patches and Fill Bare Spots in the Lawn ...

If the weather is getting cooler and you notice brown spots growing across your bermudagrass lawn, there may be nothing wrong at all. As the seasons run from fall into winter, your lawn will go completely dormant. During this dormant period, it will look dead, but it is actually still living. The roots underground are healthy, and new green blades will grow in the spring. A lawn that is dormant in the winter needs only minimal watering to stay healthy until the spring.

If it is still mid-summer and your grass is going dormant, look at the weather. If it is excessively hot and dry, your turf may be dormant to conserve nutrients and energy. It may be time to increase your irrigation schedule to guarantee that your turf has the water it needs to grow healthy green blades.

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