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How To Fix Lawn Chairs

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Remove Existing Screws And Webbing

Fix your Patio Chairs: Here is how!

To swap out the old webbing, you need to remove the screws. Go ahead and do this. Since you wont be using them anymore, you can throw them in the trash can .

For webbings secured with pop rivets, use the tiniest drill bit to drill and take out the rivets. We will be attaching the new webbings with the screws you bought.

Cushion Upholstery And Custom Custom Cushion Covers

Faded cushions can get a makeover with a simple change of material. This is far more economical than replacing the entire set. Our repair experts can reupholster your cushions in-house, and you can choose from hundreds of colors and patterns. One of our best outdoor fabric choices is Sunbrella upholstery fabric. Sunbrella is known as the industry gold standard when it comes to outdoor furniture fabric that will resist fading. It has the longest lifespan of anything on the market. It is specifically built to withstand the sun, rain, and wind.

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How To Fix Sagging Patio Chairs

Knowing how to fix sagging patio chairs could save you lots of money you would have spent on replacing or repairing a slumped patio seat. Because outdoor furniture often lives outside, they are exposed to the elements, which often makes them wear quicker.

To fix one of these, replace the saggy old cushion inserts with new ones from Amazon or your local patio fabric shop. If the frame is the problem, you can buy and install customizable saggy furniture support or install fitted plywood beneath the affected cushions. If your patio chair consists of mesh slings or vinyl straps, you will have to buy and replace the worn material with new ones to restore support.

  • How to fix sagging patio chairs made of mesh sling
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    How To Repair Torn Furniture Fabric

    Torn Corners

    A corner on my reclining chair became torn after hitting a cement wall in my partially finished basement, and I thought for sure it was beyond repair. My chair that wasnt very old didnt look very good with the fabric missing on the corner, but I fixed the problem with an upholstery tack. I put decorative upholstery tacks on both corners so they would look uniform, and it looked like they were part of the chair. Not only did the upholstery tacks repair the material on my chair, but they also protected the corners of the chair from further damage.

    A Small Tear

    Small tears in obvious places can be stitched closed to repair them and prevent further damage. Choose thread that matches as closely as possible to the torn material, and whipstitch it closed using tiny stitches. The repair wont look perfect, but stitching the fabric will stop the material from continuing to tear.

    If the tear is on a cushion, if possible, flip it over after completing the repair. If the tear is on the arm, locate sturdy material that most closely matches the furniture, and make arm covers. Even someone who doesnt know how to sew can stitch the edges of fabric by hand to make sturdy arm covers. The covers will hide the repair, and they will help prevent further damage.

    A Large Tear

    How We Make Money

    How to Save Yourself Money with DIY Patio Chair Repair

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    How To Restore A Patio Zero Gravity Recliner

    Zero gravity recliners are also popular purchases that end up on the patio, and just like the other chair types we mentioned above, they may start to sag after long periods of use. They might look a bit similar to mesh sling chairs but are different in how theyre made.

    For one, they recline and are therefore better options for relaxations. Next, they use a fabric sitting surface that doesnt stretch.

    If youre wondering how they end up sagiing, the answer is that they are attached to the frame of the seat using elastic cords. It is these cords that will deteriorate over time and eventually lead to sagging. This, of course, makes your course of action clear if you want to correct the problem.

    Once the purchase arrives, you can go to your patio and take out the elastic cords holding your chair together. If you have no more use for them, you can use scissors to cut the ends and make the whole removal process easier.

    After that, knot the new cord on the first buckle and ensure its tight enough to hold. Follow up by threading the cord through the first eyelet on the fabric of the seat and back to the second buckle. Keep doing this for as long as there are buckles and eyelets, all while maintaining the cords tightness. Remember that if you let up even a little, the chair may end up sagging again.

    How To Repair A Vinyl Chair

    Except for the repetition required when repairing a vinyl chair, everything else is fairly easy. As such, you can do it yourself quite easily if you have the right equipment and accessories. First, youll need to get new vinyl straps. They are available on Amazon, and according to most reviewers, the LIUDA 2 x20 is an excellent replacement option for old, saggy vinyl straps. It is also extruded for outdoor use hence is perfect for fixing sagging patio chairs.

    Next, youll need to remove the older straps. Cut each strap in the middle and then unwrap the frame on each end. Finally, youll have to remove the pegs inserted in the holes on the frame to free the old strap completely.

    Measure the distance from one end of the frame to the other. However, we recommend wrapping the tape measure around both ends of the chair at least once. Start your measurement at the peg hole and account for the peg hole on the other end of the frame as well. This should inform how you cut your strap. That said, its always better to start by cutting a single piece and then putting it on the chair to see if it fits. After that, you can cut all the strips you need for the rest of the refurbishing process.

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    How To Fix Sagging Patio Chairs Made Of Mesh Sling

    This group of outdoor chairs comes with mesh fabric that can get pretty slack from use over time. If you have these, you may have to repair them from time to time if you want to get the most out of them.

    To fix the loose seat, here are the steps you need to follow.

    Step 1: Start by measuring the chair for its width, length, and curvature.

    Step 2: Get yourself a new sling based on the measurements. You can order these slings online on Amazon or acquire one from a patio fabric shop near you.

    Step 3: Once you have your new sling handy, cut it according to the measurements you just took.

    Step 4: Remove the old sling from the chair, ideally by sliding half of the chairs sling from the rail after removing the bolts and freeing the rail. Also, locate the spreader bar and remove it as well.

    If you wish to repaint any part of the chair, consider doing it now before proceeding to the next steps. You may also want to repair the spreader bar at this point if it needs repairing.

    Step 5: Separate the rail from the patio furniture and insert the nylon rod of the sling in the other rail. Ensure the slings hem side faces the rear of the chair.

    Step 6: Slide the rail you removed back into its place and connect the rod that you detached from the opposite side of the frame. Next, return the spreader bar into its place, bending it slightly for better fitting if necessary.

    Step 7: Finally, cut any excess rod to fit your chair using a wire cutter, and cover the rods with the end caps.

    Resling Repaint And Restrap Outdoor Furniture In Naples Fl

    DIY Patio Chair Repair
    • Re-painting
    • Re- slinging:We customize replacement slings for your patio chairs. Mesh slings are designed to be durable and withstand the elements, but over time the mesh wears out, tears or stretches and eventually needs to be replaced. Instead of replacing the entire chair, the sling fabric can be replaced, rendering the chair useful once again. We make and install custom slings, install your factory direct slings, or make a custom sling based on your measurements In addition to sling fabrics, we also offer a wide array of outdoor patio furniture placement parts to replace used, missing, or cracked parts.
    • Re- strapping

    Posted by John McCrudden& filed under Blog.

    Is your patio furniture starting to show signs of wear and tear? Are you noticing that the fabric on your mesh sling chairs is looking faded and worn, and maybe the chair frame is chipped? You may start to think it would be easier and possibly even cheaper to buy new furniture than to repair your existing sling chair fabric and frame.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing! Trends come and go, and you may find yourself tired of the color or pattern of your sling chair fabric after so many years. Changing the fabric of your patio chairs to a fresh color choice or new pattern opens up many new possibilities for the look and feel of your deck, yard, or other outdoor space.

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    Patio Chair Webbing Replacement

    Vinyl strapping is often one of the first materials to show wear on your patio furniture. If the webbing on your furniture has begun to sag or looks faded and discolored, The Southern Company can replace it. Maybe your beautiful Brown Jordan Roma Swivel Rocker or your Tropitone Kahana Chaise Lounge has lost its original pristine look. We can help.

    The process begins with removal of the original vinyl straps from the frame, which is then carefully inspected. If any problem areas are found, repairs are completed in shop. The straps are replaced with new vinyl straps, and you can choose from over 25 different colors and three different widths to customize your look.

    The webbing is woven in the same pattern by one of our highly skilled artisans in a room with an elevated temperature. The warm temp makes the straps pliable and ensures that they are tightened properly on the frame and wont sag when used in hot weather. No matter what brand you own, you will be amazed at the difference webbing replacement will make in both the appearance and comfort of your furniture.

    Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Repair

    Wrought iron outdoor furniture, such as the stunning vintage Molla collections, can also be restored to new life. The process includes careful sandblasting to remove every last speck of the old paint. Next, a powder primer is electrostatically applied, followed by the final powder coat. The furniture is then cured in a 400°F oven, resulting in a beautiful, durable finish that makes your wrought iron patio furniture look brand new again.

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    How To Fix A Mesh

    Next, we tell you how to fix a mesh-sling patio chair. Although some of their designs may vary slightly, the process for fixing them is almost always the same. Notably, mesh-sling patio chairs consist of just two main components: the frame and the mesh sling. As such, the only reason for it to sag is if the mesh sling is old and has seen its fair share of wear and tear.

    You can ditch the old mesh sling, replace it with a new one, and your problem will be as good as solved. For this, start by taking chair measurements before you even set a date for the repair project. This is because you need a new mesh sling, and if you order from Amazon, it should take a few days to arrive at your doorstep.

    Measure both the width and the length. For the former, start at the rail center on one end of the chair and stretch the tape measure to the other rail center. Also, note that some options dont feature equal width at the top and the bottom of the chair. Consequently, measuring the width independently for both these sections is highly encouraged.

    Lengthwise, start at either the top or bottom of the mesh sling and measure to the opposite end. Be sure to account for the curvature of the chair while doing this otherwise, youll order a smaller mesh sling than you need. A pro tip is that you should always order slightly larger mesh slings, so you have extra material to work with.

    How Do You Fix A Peeling Rattan

    How to Save Yourself Money with DIY Patio Chair Repair ...
  • Step One: Scrub clean. Using your soap and brush, give the rattan a good scrub.
  • Step Two: Clip Off Broken/Damaged Rattan. Using your scissors or wire cutters, trim away any damaged or broken rattan.
  • Step Three: Choose and Soak.
  • Step Four: Measure and Cut.
  • Step Five: Tuck and Glue.
  • Step Six: Paint
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    What Is Rattan Wood

    Rattan is a plant from Southeast Asia. It is closely related to the palm tree and grows like a tree. It is one of the strongest woods in the world, with close to 600 types in its family. Ranging from thin to thick, different varieties are used depending on the look of the piece. It is a natural and sustainable product.

    Do I Need Professional Mesh Patio Chair Repair

    Posted by John McCrudden& filed under Blog, Patio Furniture Sling Replacement.

    Mesh patio chairs are comfortable and stylish pieces that make any outdoor space feel cozy and inviting. Now that summer has come to a close, its time to pack up the patio furniture and get it ready for storage. An important step of storing your furniture for the fall and winter is having repairs done on the pieces that may need mending after a long season of use. If you think you might be in need of mesh patio chair repair, this guide will explain the process the professionals at The Southern Company use to return patio chairs to their former glory.

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    Replacing Patio Chair Spline

    Were going to replace the seat cord with new. But I am using a slightly larger cord this time around since the original cord clearly was able to pull right through the track. You can get this vinyl patio spline HERE.

    Use the old cord that you remove to get the right length for the replacement cord.

    Feed the new vinyl cord back into the opening for the patio chair seat.

    Next, feed the mesh seat back into the track for the patio chair frame.

    The cord will sit on the inside of the opening while the mesh seat on the outside.

    Once you feed the entire mesh seat back into the track you can line up the seat with the chair frame.

    Considering your repaired patio chair seat should be nice and tight or taught, whichever you prefer this may take a little muscle to get the seat in place.

    Once in place, you can now resecure with the bolts that you removed earlier.

    Your once broken patio chair can now be used allowing you to spend your money on things like BBQing and enjoying time with loved ones instead of new outdoor furniture.

    Question: Recovering Deck Chairs

    Repairing a Lawn Chair WITH DUCT TAPE! Red Greed Would Be proud!

    My deck chairs are cloth with a small rope type tubing inlaid on each side. They are coming apart, but the chairs are still solid. Does anyone know how to redo them?

    I do know how to avoid this when things are new. Some Fabric paint on the back side painted over the stitches makes the stitches hold up longer.

    The easiest way to have new covers for your deck chairs are : 1) Buy new ones, or 2) Take them to an upholstery or auto seat cover shop to have them re-do them. BUT. With patience and a few sewing skills, you can re-cover them yourself. Just take the cushions apart and use the old pieces for your pattern. Be sure to purchase “outdoor” fabric so that it will last the longest, and get new cushion insides if they need it. Just noticing the cushion construction as you dismantled them for patterns will give you the guide to assembling the new ones. Be fearless and patient with yourself, you’ll do a fine job. And remember that practice makes perfect— the second one will be even easier.

    If you know how to sew just make a pattern out of the covers including the piping, out of waterproof fabric, you can also add a zipper so you can take the covers on and off. Dianne

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    Can Sling Patio Chairs Be Repaired

    When its time to get those patio sling chairs out again, theres nothing worse than realising the fabric slings are sagging loose and need replacing. What about that BBQ party you had planned this weekend?

    The slings on patio chairs can be repaired quite easily using a screwdriver, a razor knife and pliers. The best fabrics to use are Phifertex® and Sunbrella®, which are durable, water resistant, fade and mold resistant. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to clean with soapy water.

    In this article well consider how to repair sling patio chairs in more detail, what fabrics to use and how to measure up your chair for the new fabric.

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