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How To Fix Lawn Sprinklers

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Tip #: When In Doubt Dial 811

Fixing a broken lawn sprinkler

Before you break ground, call 811. Youll be put in touch with an operator who can answer all of your questions about whats below your lawn and notify your utility company about your work. Theyll send someone to mark your soil to help you avoid any gas lines or buried water that might be in your irrigation path. You could create major power problems for your neighborhood if you dont know what youre doing.

Sprinkler System Problems & How To Fix Them

7 Common Sprinkler System Problems and How to Fix Them1. Broken spray heads:correct sprinkler head to match your irrigation head2. Clogged sprinkler heads3. The water sprinkler controller stops working:FAQs4. Indexing valve skipping over watering zones:

  • If the valve is not installed at the highest point of the system, there may be backflow entering the valve after shut down. If backflow enters the valve, it will cause the disc to skip as it is pushed against the backflow.
  • The result: water will come in through the inlet during start up. Install a check valve on any outlet that has zone piping higher than the valve.
  • If the pump is located more than a few feet from the water source, the inside valve disc pops up and down, skipping zones as the supply line fills with purging air. To fix this problem, move the indexing valve closer to the water source, so that the electric control valve or pump is closer to the indexing valve to pressurize the supply line.
  • If you have a pump fed system, there may be suction leaks on the pump intake line causing the pump to surge or not keep a steady flow of water for the disc of the valve to depress and stay in one zone. Youll need to contact a contractor to diagnose, locate and repair the suction leak.

5. Water is coming out of multiple zones at the same time:6. There is a chattering noise after you installed the pump: 7. A usually quiet pump starts buzzing while in operation:

Fix My Sprinklers Fast Jupiter

IF your lawn looks like this your sprinklers are not working correctly. Now that its summertime in Jupiter Florida you will need your sprinklers working correctly and 100% of the time. You will also need your sprinkler heads and sprinkler system fixed fast. O’Hara Sprinkler knows that even one single day without a good sprinkler system can cause your lawn in Jupiter to turn brown and die. This is the time to have your sprinkler systems checked and repaired.

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Can You Use Flex Seal On Sprinkler Pipe

Flex Seal will work on roofs, gutters, skylights, windowsills, flashings, downspouts, foundations, awnings, chimneys, vent pipes, RVs, campers, trailers. It can be applied to wood, copper and other metals, concrete, masonry, glass, fabric, plastics and much more. Paint will work on top of Flex Seal spray.

How To Fix Lawn Dry Spots

How to Repair a Broken Sprinkler Head

Dry patches in your lawn are stressful for both you and your lawn. They can be frustrating to deal with. Have you ever wondered how to fix the dead spots? The good news is that most lawns can make a full recovery with the proper care. The most common problem for dried out grass is due to inadequate water, fertilizer burn or dog urine. It is important to determine what caused the damage to your lawn. When your grass needs water it may dry out in irregular patches, or the drying may spread over the entire lawn. Dry grass caused by dog urine typically occurs in small patches, while fertilizer burn can occur over a large area.

First feel the soil in the dry spot midday and check if it feels dry. Turn on your lawn sprinkler system and watch to see if you have any broken sprinklers or if the dry areas are being covered. If you need a sprinkler repair this is where we shine Sprinkler Master can fix any sprinkler problem. We would be happy to come out and take a look at your sprinkler system. Just give a call at one of our many locations. Not sure if you have a leak or broken sprinkler? Sprinkler Master can also help come up with a solution. we will come out and run through your sprinkler system and do a thorough inspection to find the problem causing dry spots.

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Best Sprinkler System Installation Prices In Atlanta

Weve been lending our expertise in landscape design and installation services to clients throughout metro Atlanta Georgia so as to provide curb appeal that is unsurpassed! When it comes to Sprinkler repair, the professionals at Covington Landscaping are unsurpassed and are a proverbial one-stop shop for all your lawn maintenance needs. Serving the Metro Atlanta, Georgia region, we do it the way you want it- we guarantee it!

Start the conversation today with the friendly professionals at Covington Landscaping by calling 678-544-7591 or on our Contact Page.

Addressing Common Sprinkler System Repairs

Is your current irrigation system acting up? Whether its an issue with pressure, a broken pipe, or a clogged valve, you will need to perform sprinkler system repair to get things back on track.

Unsure of where to start? Let the professionals at Sunrise Irrigation help.

Check our FAQs page and irrigation blog for more tips and tricks on troubleshooting your own system.

Dont have an irrigation system in place or looking to update your old system? We can help!

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The Water Sprinkler Controller Stops Working

Certain reasons cause the sprinkler controller to stop working, including failing to keep time, not turning in the manual mode, dial not turning. The problem can also be the controller not turning off.

The water sprinkler controller stops working

One of the problems can be on the controller not switching to the manual mode. When it does happen, it means that there is no power to the controller. To fix it, check that the controller is wired properly based on the systems Electrical Circuit and Connection diagram.

Damaged Or Clogged Sprinkler Heads

How to Fix Broken Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads are often the first to need repair since they receive the most wear from traffic in the yard. A damaged head is usually easily identifiedthe plastic case may be cracked or broken, causing water to spray uncontrollablyor the head may not even rise at all.

To replace a damaged or broken sprinkler head, simply dig a hole around the head until the riser is uncovered. Unscrew the old sprinkler from the riser and secure a new head by tightly winding by hand.

If the head remains elevated after the system shuts off or sprinklers rise but dont spray, then the heads may need to be cleaned. You can easily remove dirt from clogged sprinklers by unscrewing the head, removing the canister, and thoroughly rinsing it with water. You may need to readjust the head afterwards to water the desired area.

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How To Troubleshoot Your Lawn Irrigation System

Aaron Stickley is a licensed plumber with 15 years of experience in commercial, new residential plumbing, and residential service and repair. He started his own residential service and repair plumbing business. Aaron’s articles about plumbing on The Spruce span four years.

  • Working Time: 30 mins – 2 hrs
  • Total Time: 30 mins – 2 hrs
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

Underground lawn and landscape irrigation systems may seem complex, but the principles by which they operate are fairly simple, and understanding a little about the system will help you understand the problems that can occur. With rare exception, most homeowners will find it possible to repair these problems themselves, but the first step is to identify the source of the problemand this begins with understanding the components and how they work together.

How To Replace A Worn

After seasons of use, lawn sprinkler valves can wear out. If the water fails to shut off, this may be a sign that the diaphragm is torn or damaged.

A faulty diaphragm wont be able to stop the flow of water so the sprinklers will fail to shut off. Valve rebuild kits are available at hardware stores and home centers.

Heres how to replace a lawn sprinkler valve:

1. Turn off the water to the sprinkler system2. Unscrew the solenoid located on the top of the valve and wait for the excess water to drain3. Unscrew the bonnet from the valve box by untwisting the plastic outer ring. Remove any moisture, pebbles or dirt from the inside of the box.4. Remove the diaphragm and spring gasket located underneath the bonnet. Locate the small alignment holes.5. Take a new diaphragm and place it inside the valve box making sure to line up the holes.6. Place the spring on the diaphragm post place the bonnet on top.7. Reattach the solenoid8. Attach the outer ring to the bonnet and screw it back on.9. Reattach the wire connections with a waterproof wire connector10. Test the sprinkler system by turning the water back on slowly, and check for leaks.11. Check the valve to make sure it turns on and off.

Banish annoying lawn sprinkler problems with these DIY how-tos for automatic lawn sprinkler systems. Youll save money in repair costs, and enjoy a lush, green lawn this summer before you know it!

Interested in more lawn care tips? Visit here.

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How To Fix A Leak

Sprinkler system links usually originate from underground irrigation pipes. If so, a professional will dig into your yard where you suspect the issue is, exposing that section of the pipe.

Next, theyll replace it with a new piece. Depending on how bad the leak is, entire sections of the pipe may require repair. The technician will also check if any of the sprinkler heads are leaking.

Make sure the heads arent spraying or dripping when the system is off. If they are, you may need to replace one or more heads.

Uneven Lawn Sprinklers Spray Patterns

Sprinkler System Repair

Are you wondering why your lawn sprinkler is not distributing water evenly? Did you notice that the sprinkler misses some spots? If yes, then it could be a sign that your sprinkler controller is faulty. Besides, it could also mean indicate that the sprinkler has a broken head that needs to be replaced or repaired. Hence you need to call a lawn sprinkler repairer.

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Lawn Sprinkler System Head Repair

Dirt can get inside sprinkler heads, causing clogs and lawn sprinkler problems. If one or more of your lawn sprinkler heads fail to work, try one of the simple fixes below.

But first, here are signs of a clogged sprinkler head.

You may have a clogged sprinkler head if:The sprinkler head pops up but fails to sprayThe head fails to lower after sprayingThe head sprays in an uneven pattern

To clean the sprinkler head:1. Turn off the water to the sprinkler system2. Dig the head from the ground unscrew the head from the riser. Disassemble the head by steadying the canister and turning the head counterclockwise lift the head out.3. Find the plastic screen basket located at the base of the head. Remove the basket with your pliers or a screwdriver.4. Remove dirt and debris by swishing the head and screen basket in a bucket of clean water.5. Place the cleaned basket back inside the canister place the clean head back on the riser.6. Test the sprinkler system. If the head still doesnt work, consider replacing the head.

Cleaning Clogged Sprinkler Heads

During this process you may discover that the head isnt broken but, instead, clogged. This is another quick fix.

Clogged heads are common and can cause problems including heads that rise but dont spray water, heads that rise but dont lower, or heads that spray erratically.

After digging out the problem head, remove it from the riser. Next, take the head apart by lifting it out of the canister. Here, youll see a screen inside the head. This is designed to filter out any grass, debris, or dirt.

Remove the screen and rinse it with clean water. You can also rinse the entire head with clean water, removing any stuck-on debris or dirt. Once the screen and head are sufficiently clean, put the parts back together and return it to the riser.

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How To Adjust Sprinkler Heads Spray Pattern

There are multiple types of sprinkler heads and each one has slightly different directions. The most common types are stationary, rotor, pop-up, and pulsating sprinkler heads.

While some of the steps are similar, each one may vary. Youll need a flat-head screwdriver and possibly a few other tools to adjust them depending on the type of head that it is.

Regardless of the type of sprinkler heads you have, hopefully, these adjustments will fix the broken sprinkler head. But if they dont, you may need to replace it altogether.

How To Repair A Leaking Lawn Sprinkler System

  • Written by Garry Steck on Apr 09, 2010To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience.Reviewed by

When you find reduced water pressure in one or more of your lawn sprinkler system heads, or when you find soggy areas of your lawn that don’t seem to dry out, these can be signs of a leak in your sprinkler system. You will need to locate the pipe or sprinkler head that is leaking and repair it.

Step 1 – Determine if a Leak Exists

Chances are good that if you have a small leak, the only way you’ll know it exists is when you find a reduction in pressure at sprinkler system heads when the system is turned on, or you’ll find excess water somewhere in your system. If, for example, your system pipes are running close to the foundation of your home, and if you were to see underground water leaking through your home’s foundation, this could be evidence that a sprinkler system pipe is broken. You may also see evidence of leaks in pooled water or soggy patches of lawn in places where such water should not exist.

Step 2 – Find the Leak

Step 3 – Cap Sprinkler Heads

Step 4 – Repair The Leak

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How To Fix A Sprinkler Head That Wont Rotate

Blog·September 22, 2020

If your sprinkler head is stuck and cant turn, well help you fix it. This guide will tell you the steps on how to fix a sprinkler head that wont rotate.

How To Fix A Sprinkler Head That Wont Rotate | Pad Outdoor

Having stuck Orbit sprinkler heads is a pretty common problemfor lawn owners. It does happen from time to time and it happens for a lot ofreasons.

But the one thing that we have to know is how to fix a sprinkler head that wont rotate. Luckily, you can easily do something if ever your orbit sprinkler wont rotate.

All you need to do is follow the steps that well lay out foryou below. We hope that this guide can be a big help in ensuring your lawncontinuously gets the moisture it needs!


How To Fix A Broken Sprinkler Head

In some cases, fixing your sprinkler system is a simple DIY job of adjusting a spray head. And other times, you may need to call in the pros.

The most common reason that a sprinkler head isnt working is that it has been damaged. Tell-tale signs that its broken are damaged plastic casing around the sprinkler head or the entire spray nozzle is broken off.

Other signs that your sprinkler head needs repair include a wild stream of water, no water flow at all from the sprinkler head, or a pop-up sprinkler head that doesnt pop up.

If they have been damaged, then you will need to replace them. However, if they dont show any visible signs of damage, then simple clearing any debris and adjusting the spray pattern may do the trick.

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Fix A Faulty Valve By Replacing The Solenoid

The Spruce / Kevin Norris

If you’ve already ruled out that the sprinkler valve isn’t turning on due to water supply issues, then the fault might be a solenoid. A solenoid is like a little door within the valve that opens and closes in milliseconds.

While solenoid replacement might sound like a complicated repair, it’s anything but. You’ll find inexpensive replacement solenoids in most home centers, hardware stores, and, of course, through online retailers. The repair takes about five minutes.

  • After shutting off the water and disconnecting power, remove the faulty solenoid’s two wires.
  • Turn the faulty solenoid counterclockwise to remove it.
  • Replace with the new solenoid by turning clockwise.
  • Connect the same two wires as before.
  • How To Adjust Repair Lawn Sprinkler Heads

    Sprinkler Repair

    By the time August rolls around each year, you can usually tell which lawns have a sprinkler system installed and which ones dont. The high temperatures and blistering sun zap all the moisture out of the grass, trees, and landscaping. And while many yards look dry and lifeless, those with sprinkler systems are as fresh and green as if it were spring. But what if you have sprinklers and parts of your yard STILL look bad?

    It could be a broken sprinkler head. Today, were talking repairing and adjusting sprinkler heads. Need to know how to repair a sprinkler head or replace it? Weve got you covered

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    Youve Identified The Right Sprinkler Head Whats Next

    Once youve got the new sprinkler head and the right tools to install it, you are ready to move on. Dig a hole around the sprinkler carefully so that you dont hit the waterline. Remove the dirt and sod around the sprinkler head and unscrew it using a counterclockwise motion. Screw in the new head and fill the hole back with the dirt and sod.

    Set up the nozzle on the new head by lifting the cap and threading it on the stem. Once youve replaced it, run that zone of your sprinkler system to ensure its working properly. If the water pressure is off, then it could be that despite your best efforts you still got the wrong sprinkler head. And you may need another trip back to the home improvement store.

    Be sure to save your receipt until you know everything is working!

    Alternatively, you can save yourself some time and hire an expert to repair or replace a broken sprinkler head. The cost ranges from around $2.50 to $30 for parts plus labor, which is usually $50 to $100 per hour.

    The advantage here is that you dont have to fidget with it yourself, and as Jeff says, we have the different types of sprinkler heads and the proper tools to do the job right the first time.

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