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How To Play Kubb Lawn Game

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How To Play Kubb: Rules Set Up And Game Options

How to Play Kubb

Heres our complete guide on How to Play Kubb, with rules, set up, an overview of gameplay, and game variations.

Kubb is a lawn game belonging to the skittles family.

You may also hear the same game called Viking Chess due to the rather pervasive legend that bored Vikings whiled away the winter playing the game with the bones of their defeated enemies.

Although it is an intriguing thought modern players are engaging in a millennium-old pastime, the fact is the earliest record of a similar game was in 1911 under the name Kägelkrig meaning Skittles War.

It wasnt until the 1980s when game companies started marketing commercial version of the game in Sweden that current rules and equipment became standardized.

The raging debate of whether Kubb is ancient or quite modern doesnt take away from the popularity and fun of playing the game.

It is quite popular in the Great Lakes region, but it is easy to find local casual or even competitive leagues throughout the United States.

In this article:

With a mixture of skill and strategy, along with the ability to play while holding a beer, Kubb is a favorite of backyard BBQs, yet it is challenging enough for competitive play.

Check out how to play Kubb and get to know this exciting game.

Dont Field Kubbs Get Removed From The Game

Many people learn to play the game by removing field kubbs after theyve been knocked down . In fact, the kubb set that you pick up from the store may include this rule in the instructions. You can definitely follow this rule if you wish. But in most tournaments, field kubbs stay in the game. This is to make the game more challenging.

If Inkasted Field Kubbs Hit Each Other Can You Stack Them

We know of several variations of rules about what happens to inkasted kubbs when they hit each other. One of which is that youre allowed to stack them on top of each other and therefore create an easier target to hit. Official tournaments dont use this rule, but you can implement it for fun, especially if you want to speed up the game. The better you get at playing kubb, the less youll want to stack because it makes the game too easy.

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What Happens When You Knock Over A Field Kubb

If a thrown kubb knocks over an existing baseline or field kubb, then the field kubbs are raised at the location where they rest, and baseline kubbs are raised at their original location. Play then changes hands, and Team B throws the batons at Team As kubbs, but must first knock down any standing field kubbs.

How To Play Kubb

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If youre looking for a new and rather unusual game to play in your backyard, then youve come to the right place.

Kubb is an exciting game that can be played with anywhere from two to twelve people, and is a social as well as an energizing game to play.

Read on to learn what Kubb is and how to play it.

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What Are The Kubb Game Rules

Are you looking for a Kubb strategy? The solution is here:

The game is always played between two or more teams with up to 6 players on each team.

There are special rules for playing with 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 games.

For a standard 1v1 game, however, its very straightforward:

Each player receives 5 Kubbs in their half early in the game. They throw all their batons to get rid of one opponents block plus five Kubbs over the line into their half .

If you hit an opponent instead, they are out that round. Or you may place one of their blocks in your square).

Each player then throws all five of their remaining batons and gets rid of an opponents block plus any Kubbs that were knocked out.

The players throw all ten pieces in this round, although some games may allow a pitch-back.

The play continues like this, with the winner being the first to get rid of all 10 Kubbs. They may be left standing after each round.

Is Mlkky A Good Game

Molkky has turned out to be a pleasant surprise as in surprisingly fun and that means value. I assumed it was yard bowling, but thats wrong and doesnt do the game justice. Its a fun, mildly competitive yard game, combining the best elements of horseshoes, bocce, with the hand eye coordination of corn hole.

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How Many People Can Play Kubb At A Time

Kubb is a team game with one to six players on each team.

Kubb is a great family yard game because many people can play at once! That said, to keep game play engaging we dont recommend playing with more than a total of twelve people. Two to three people per team is ideal.

Given the simplicity of gameplay and many players, Kubb is a great backyard game for the next family barbecue!

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Tips And Strategies For Playing Kubb

How to Play Kubb Lawn Game | Rules, Strategy and More | Top Outdoor Yard Games 2020 | Viking Chess

When throwing Baseline Kubbs in back into the opponents area, aim for them to land as close to their Baseline as possible. It would be best to have them land as close together as you can too.

If there is the opportunity to place your opponent Kubbs in the area, then do so as closely as you can to the King this will make it more challenging for the opposite team to knock them over again, without knocking over the King and losing the game.

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Add String To Corner Markers

The last piece of the game involves adding string to the corner markers so you can easily measure out the playing field. First, drill a hole about halfway down one stake with a drill bit large enough for the string youre using. Thread the string through the hole , and tie it in a knot.

Next, well measure out the lengths of each of the four sides of the kubb field and tie knots to mark the measurements. First, measure out 16 of string and tie a knot. From that knot, measure out 13 and tie another knot, then another 13 and another knot. Repeat this pattern, measuring and tying knots at another 16, 13, and 13. When you set up your game, use these knots as the measures to place your stakes. The short sides of the playing field should measure 16, and the long sides should measure 26. The knots in the middle of the 26 sides indicate where you should place your king .

When youre done, cut the string and wrap it around the first stake for storage.

Alternatively, you can drill holes in all of the stakes and thread them onto the measuring string, tying knots on both sides of the stakes to keep them in place. If you go this route, make sure you make your measurements from the knot on the outside of the stake to ensure your playing field is the proper size.

Is Kubb A Viking Game

While the Vikings are known to have played board games in their spare time, there are no records of them playing kubb. As far as we know, kubb only dates back to the late 20th century when commercial sets were made for sale. Then in 1995, the first kubb tournament was held in Gotland, Sweden. However, given the similarities, its likely that kubb was inspired by ancient throwing games like skittles.

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How To Play A Game Of Kubb

The aim of the game is to knock over ALL of the knights in the other teams half of the playing field, and the king, in one turn.

IMPORTANT: Avoid hitting the king until the right time. Hes like the king in chess or the black ball in snooker. Hitting the king ends the game immediately, so if you hit him by mistake in the middle of your turn, the game ends, no one wins, and you have to start over.

TEAM ONE, first turn:

Team 1 stand on the baseline behind their knights, and throw all 6 of their clubs at the knights on the other teams baseline. The team can decide how many clubs each team member is going to throw, but they must throw all six.

You have to throw underarm and straight. No sweeping the club around your body like a frisbee or baseball bat, and no overhand or overhead throws allowed. Think of your classic bowling alley roll movement and its something like that. This ups the challenge level, because well, youll see and scream the club will turn over and over and sometimes cartwheel right over that knight you were just inches away from hitting! It also stops any overly exciting clubbing of the opposite team, which is important, even if the word viking sounds like an invitation to do battle.

Important safety note: the other team should stand away from their baseline to avoid being in the line of fire!

So in the illustration example, team one threw all 6 clubs, and hit knights 2, 4 and 5. Only 2 and 5 fell over, so 4 sadly does not count.

TEAM 2, turn 1

Attack Field Kubbs Then Baseline Kubbs

Pin on Games

Those raised field kubbs essentially act as defensive kubbs for Team A. You can think of it like this: Team A knocks down and captures two of Team Bs kubbs which are now used as hostages.

Team Bs job now is to knock down those two field kubbs before they can attack Team As baseline kubbs. This is an important game rule: each team has to knock down their opponents field kubbs before they can attack the baseline kubbs! Any baseline kubbs that are knocked down before all field kubbs are toppled get put back up.

Lets say Team B knocks down both field kubbs along with two baseline kubbs. Team A would now have to inkast all four kubbs to Team Bs side of the pitch. Team B now has four hostages and its their turn to raise them.

On the other hand, lets say Team B only manages to knock down one field kubb. In our example, this means that one field kubb is left standing, and thats where an advantage line is created. An advantage line refers to an imaginary line that runs parallel to the baseline through the center of the field kubb. If theres more than one field kubb left standing, the line is at the kubb closest to the centerline.

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There Are Two Phases For Each Teams Turn:

  • Team A throws the six sticks, from their baseline, at their opponents lined-up kubbs . Throws must be under-handed, and the sticks must spin end over end. Throwing sticks sideways or spinning them side-toside is not allowed.
  • Kubbs that are successfully knocked down are then thrown by Team B onto Team As half of the pitch, and stood on end. These newly thrown kubbs are called field kubbs.

Play then changes hands, and Team B throws the sticks at Team As kubbs, but must first knock down any standing field kubbs. Again, kubbs that are knocked down are thrown back over onto the opposite half of the field and then stood. In New Zealand, knocking down a Baseline kubb before all field kubbs would result in the throwing team forfeiting the rest of their turn. If either team leaves field kubbs standing, the kubb closest to the king now represents that sides baseline, and throwers may step up to that line to throw at their opponents kubbs. This rule applies to field and baseline kubbs only fallen kubbs are thrown from the original baseline, as are attempts to knock over the king.

Play continues in this fashion until a team is able to knock down all kubbs on one side, from both the field and the baseline. If that team still has sticks left to throw, they may make one attempt at knocking over the king . If a thrower successfully topples the king, they have won the game.

Whats The Best Place To Inkast Field Kubbs

A good place to inkast field kubbs is near the sideline, just beyond the centerline. This is a good location because its away from the king and prevents you from hitting it accidentally. Plus, it forces your opponent to raise the kubbs closer together. If field kubbs are inkasted to an open area , your opponent can more easily disperse them when they go to raise them, making it harder to strike several in one throw.

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How To Set Up Kubb Game

To play Kubb, youll need a playing field that is 50 feet long and 30 feet wide. The length must be a minimum of triple the width.

Verify that the area is free of rocks and hindrances. But dont worry about rolling ityou can mow your lawn.

You will also need an undisturbed flat surface as a target for pitching wooden blocks .

If you dont have an official target, you can also pitch at any even object, such as plastic garbage cans or recycling bins!

Before starting your first game, we suggest marking out boundaries with some rope or cones.

To set up the field, first, you mark two end zones that are four meters long. Then place six Kubbs evenly spaced along each side halfway down the playing area. These will be your home KubbsIn the middle of your playground, place the four basic Kubbs evenly apart.

In addition to those placed along the side of the field, you should have two more Kubbs identified near one end zone as a target for when a team is throwing their batons.

Qual A Diferena Entre Kubb E Finska

How To Play Kubb

Finska tem uma habilidade especial de reunir familiares e amigos de todas as idades para um bom e velho concurso no parque, na praia ou no seu próprio quintal. libere seu viking interior! Assim como Finska, Kubb envolve jogar madeira em outros pedaços de madeira. Kubb é uma batalha sueca ao ar livre entre duas equipes.

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How Do You Setup A Match Of Kubb Lawn Game

Each player should have six batons at their when it is time to pitch.

Drawing cards will determine teamsthe player with the highest number goes first, and play moves to your right. Each player throws one card at a time until all 6 are played.

You can choose to do a match best out of three for a shorter game or five for a longer one! Youll want to mark down scores somewhere as you go alonga pad of paper works nicely.

Some strategies that people use are to protect the king by surrounding it with their Kubbs. Then, they need to knock over as many blocks as possible from afar before moving closer. Or they should try to aim the batons underhand so they dont roll too far away after being pitched.

Its much easier to knock down an opponents block if you hit it from behind!

Try to stand with the sun at your back if possible, so you have a clear view of where everything is. You may play in an area where sunlight doesnt help much. Then, ask for assistance if neededbetter safe than sorry!

How Long Does A Kubb Game Last

How long is a piece of string? So much depends on the skill of the players, and factors like invisible unevenness in the grass that can make the clubs bounce sideways. It is impossible to say for sure. Games can last for 5- 10 minutes, with super skilled players on one team only, but thats rare. On the other hand, games dont tend to go on so long that you miss your dinner.

Kubb is a great game to play at a wedding while the bridal couple are off having their photo session, or at a picnic or birthday party, because you can play several quick rounds and keep mixing up the teams, or play a championship league of teams, tallying up scores on a chalk board, and go for the best of 3 or best of 5 games. Sometimes you have one epic, longer game.

As with any great game, no two games are alike, and you never know when grandma will get her eye in and her elbows warmed up and give you a surprise run for your money ! Best of all, people with experience are not necessarily at such an advantage that it makes much difference. The average Jo with no special sporting ability stands a good chance of winning too if they get their game on, while the sporty types will find it just challenging enough to be fun for them too! Win win!

We hope you find this useful and clear. If you have any questions, or more information about Kubb, please let us know in the comments! If youre keen to have a go before making or buying yourself a set, give Simply Sparkles a call and hire one!

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What Is The Kubb Game

Kubb game is a lawn game playable with friends and family. It is pronounced as koob. Again, it is like outdoor games like horseshoes and bocce ball.

It involves pitching wooden objects at targets. However, it offers more variety and challenge than any other lawn game.

Gameplay ranges from individual challenges to team play. It is playable with casual and competitive levels available for every age groupfrom a child through seniors.

The games object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden dowels at them.

If you reduce your opponents Kubbs to one, you can then knock them over to win. Players take turns pitching their dowels at the Kubbs.

The team which overthrows all Kubbs of their opponent is the winner.

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