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How To Save Your Lawn

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Give Your Dog More Water To Drink

How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Lawn burn happens when your soil reacts with high nitrogen levels in your dogs urine. To say that in a simpler way, dog pee overwhelms the soil in a way that can burn grass from the root. Studies show that its the concentration of your dogs urine that causes lawn scald – if you can find a way to dilute your dogs urine, youll notice less and less damage to your lawn.

To get your canine companion to drink more, give them access to fresh, clean water more often throughout the day. Take your dog out for a pee break more throughout the day to encourage better hydration. Not only will your lawn be happier, your dog will be too. Drinking water is just as important for dogs as it is for humans, and staying hydrated can protect your dog from kidney and liver issues down the line.

How To Save Your Lawn & Trees From Heat And Drought Stress

It is sweltering hot and humid out there!; Many homeowners like you want to know how you can help your lawn and garden make it through this heat.Forecasts highs of 34 deg C today and;37 deg C ;for tomorrow;will likely break and achieve all time heat records.; Then when you add in the humidity, we are well into the 40s C;!This kind of heat is the equivalent of planting your lawn into a sauna and expecting it to survive.Here are some quick tips and reminders;on how to help your lawn and valuable trees, shrubs and flowers make it through these difficult times.

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Apply Compost To Your Lawns Soil

How does compost help conserve water for your lawn?

While applying compost to your soil wont directly save water, it will promote healthy ground. And we know that having healthy soil will help retain water better, allowing your grass to maximize the hydration it receives.

If you want to beef up your compost in an organic way, PetraTools provides worm casting tea to help your soil.

Its 100% organic, aids in the faster decomposition of organic materials, and is safe for your grass and pets.

Spray the solution with any of our battery powered backpack sprayers for a quicker and more accurate application.

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Should Lawn Maintenance Service Be On Your Must

When youve got an ever-growing task list at work and at home, lawn maintenance tends to fall by the wayside. But when it comes time to sell or to just have a lawn that doesnt leave your guests and neighbors secretly feeling sorry for you, your lawn is an essential part of putting your property in the best light possible.

If you want to save time and money on your lawn work while also leaving your lawn in the hands of professionals, you cant go wrong looking for a reputable company to provide this service to you.

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8 Secrets To Keep Your Lawn Always Green And Healthy

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Try A New Variety Of Grass

One way to achieve a healthy lawn is to know what type of turf you have. Most lawns are a mix of Perennial Rye, Kentucky Bluegrass;and;Fescue. Some turf becomes stressed when exposed to hot temperatures. If its healthy grass, it may be able to recover. But if its already experiencing stress from drought, mowing damage or insects and disease, it might not bounce back.

If you have an older lawn, it might be time to consider a more thorough renovation. Some older varieties of turf may not be able to handle the heat as well, while newer varieties are better equipped to cope with hot temperatures. It may be worthwhile to reseed your lawn with a new;variety;such as a Tall Fescue mix, which does well under the hot sun.

Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Green In The Summer

Summer is the time when we want our lawns to look their best. But its also the time they undergo the most stress. Drought and hot temperatures threaten to fry our carefully cultivated, lush, green lawns. Increased traffic from pets and kids cause more wear and tear than wed like. Warm weather can cause insect and disease issues to arise. Combined, all of these factors can leave our once-green lawns looking brown and dry.

While hot and dry weather may be inevitable, a brown lawn doesnt have to be. Of course, some homeowners embrace the brown and allow their grass to go dormant in the summer. While this is a safe option for your lawns health, most prefer to keep their lawn green all summer long. The process of keeping grass green in the summer is not complicated. With some strategic watering and mowing practices and the right tools and products, you will be able to maintain your green grass from spring to fall.

If you are in need of grasses, we have an excellent selection of grasses and groundcovers for sale in Bowie, MD If youre interested in improving your lawns color read on for tips on how to keep your grass green in the summer and hot weather in general.

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How To Fix Dog Pee Spots On Lawns

Fortunately, dog urine grass repair is a quick and easy lawn fix;with the right information and lawn repair products. It helps to understand the types of urine spots dogs cause on lawns. Two types trouble dog owners most: green spots and brown spots. Dog urine causes both types, but the reasons and remedies are different.

How to Fix Green Lawn Spots

Because your dog’s urine is naturally high in nitrogenan essential plant nutrientFido’s favorite spots can become greener than the surrounding grass. This happens primarily on grass that hasn’t had enough nitrogen from fertilizer.4 Your whole lawn could be that same rich color if it had the extra nitrogen it needs.

To determine if your grass lacks available nutrients due to soil pH or other reasons, take a soil sample and have it tested. Correct low nitrogen in your lawn by applying Pennington UltraGreen Lawn Fertilizer 34-0-4 every 60 to 90 days through the growing season, or as recommended by your soil testing lab. This fertilizer increases drought tolerance, which is very similar to tolerance to urine salts, while boosting nutrient uptake for a lush, green lawn.

How to Fix Brown Lawn Spots

Problem: Persistently Thin Patchy Grass Solution: Get A Soil Test

How To Water Your Lawn – Bonus Tips to Save Water

Chronic lawn problems are often about the soil, not the actual grass. Having a soil test done is the best $10 to $15 you can spend. Home and garden centers sell DIY kits, but we recommend working with your local cooperative extension , whose experts will pinpoint your soils pH level and identify any missing nutrients. Theyll also prescribe the best course of treatment, for example spreading limestone if the soil is acidic or sulfur if its overly alkaline. Its prudent to do a soil test every few years, though if you just moved into a new home, you may want to do one annually, at least until the desired results start to show.

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Ways To Save A Drought

You can do it by checking at the soil level because sometimes the leaves turn brown but the grass at the base remains green and the color of the roots remains healthy off-white. This condition shows that your lawn has survived. If you see that your lawn is completely brown and brittle including tips of the grass, crowns, leaves, and roots this means that your lawn is suffering from drought.

Top Tips For A Healthy Lawn

A green and healthy lawn is easy to achieve with a bit of work. A little effort now will save you a lot of effort later, because healthy lawns are less vulnerable to pests, weeds, drought, and other problems.

Follow these seven tips:

  • Mow high;– Cut your grass to a height of 6 to 8 centimetres . This height will promote growth, prevent weeds, and discourage insect pests.
  • Water deeply;— Water your lawn deeply to promote the growth of deep roots. Apply about 2.5 centimetres of water, only when needed . Place a small pet food or tuna can on the lawn to help you measure how much water has been applied. Stop watering when the can is full. Too much water starves the soil of oxygen and invites disease.
  • Feed;— Feed your lawn with compost. Let grass clippings stay on your lawn to provide nutrients.
  • Aerate;— Aerate compacted soil, ideally in the fall. This helps water, air, and nutrients reach plant roots more easily.
  • Overseed;– Sow new seed over thinned areas, or choose other ground covers for tough spots.
  • Replace;– Replace grass with paving stones or mulch in heavy traffic areas.
  • Check;– Check your lawn often to detect pests and other problems early.
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    What Causes Your Lawns Color To Fade

    To understand how to keep your lawn green, it helps to first understand what causes grass to lose its green color in the first place.

    In some climates, the weather can go from one extreme to another relatively quickly. It might be cool and wet in the spring, then hot and dry mere weeks later. These changes can cause the ground to dry out quickly and leads to lawns starting to turn brown.

    Hot;and dry weather combined with other factors will cause your lawn to lose its healthy, green appearance. Here are just some of the things that can result in grass losing its color:

    Seed Your Lawn In Fall

    How To Keep Your Florida Lawn Green

    Depending on the location of your home, Autumn is typically the season when the soil temperature reaches 55. Since turf roots grow extensively in the fall and winter, this is the prime time for seeding your lawn. While it may be tempting to go for the inexpensive seed, it can hurt you in the long run.

    Cheap seed often contains weed seed, annual rye grass seed and hollow husks, which will typically drop dead after the first frost. If you want a lush lawn come spring, it is best to spend a couple bucks more and upgrade to the expensive seed, which is more likely to be better at resisting insects, disease and drought.

    After you plant the seed, water it every day until it germinates. Typically, this takes approximately 10 to 20 days.

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    How To Save Your Lawn For The Future With An Electric Mower

    With the number of lawn mowers outgrowing the size of a credit card, many people are turning to electric mowers to help reduce their energy use.

    While electric mowing is one of the most popular methods, it doesnt offer the ultimate in efficiency and durability.

    Here are five reasons why electric mows are the best choice for your lawn.1.

    You dont have to replace the blades with new blades every yearThe average electric mow blades last about four years.

    Thats about a year for every 2,000 square feet of lawn.

    However, thats only if you use an electric lawn mower.

    If you dont, you can replace your old mower blades with an older model.

    Youll save a lot of money.2.

    You can keep your lawn green foreverElectronic mowers are not as efficient as a lawn mowing.

    They only cut grass and weeds.

    However you can keep grass green for years.

    You need to buy a mower that has an automatic cutting motion that can cut grass, leaves and other weeds.3.

    You get more grass from an electric than you get from a mowing machineIf you mow a large yard, the electric mowed blade will make it difficult to cut grass in a timely fashion.

    The blades will need to be replaced at least once a year, but the savings can be huge.

    You could get a lawnmower blade that cuts the grass in less than a week.

    You wont even need to replace your lawn mow.4.

    Youre less likely to have a fireIn an emergency, you may need to mow your lawn more than once.

    You may want to mop the lawn on your own or with a friend.

    Feeding Pets Salt Garlic Or Tomato Juice: Consult Your Vet First

    Some pet owners have seen good results by feeding above foods to their dogs. However, many of these foods could cause serious health issues in older dogs having kidney and heart problems. So, always consult a vet before administering garlic, tomato juice or salt to the dog in order to dilute its urine and save the grass.

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    A Dog Urine Lawn Neutralizer Can Help Recondition The Soil

    If you can’t designate a potty area, then you’ll want to look into dog urine grass saver, dog urine lawn neutralizer and other products, like Scotts EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair, that are specifically formulated to treat damaged lawns. Products like these are designed to neutralize salt, nitrogen and other chemicals and may also include other ingredients to promote the growth of healthy grass.

    Rather than using a dog urine grass saver on their lawn, some people choose to address the problem at its source by feeding their dog supplements designed to lower the pH level of urine. However, these supplements can have serious health complications so I’m not comfortable recommending them. A safer alternative are products, like Dog Rocks, that can be added to the dog’s water to filter out impurities that can negatively affect grass without any dangerous side effects for your dog.

    There’s no reason why your dog’s bathroom needs should prevent you from enjoying your lawn. With some simple, safe and chemically sound options like dog urine grass saver, you can continue to have the lush, green lawn you want with no more ugly yellow stains.

    Save This Pin!

    How To Have A Healthy Lawn


    Like many Canadians, you probably take pride in having an attractive lawn. Find out how to care for your lawn as easily as possible, while reducing the need for pesticides!

    Many people use lawn care products like herbicides and insecticides to maintain their lawns. But “cosmetic” pesticide use is now restricted and even banned in many communities across Canada.

    There are ways to have a healthy lawn without using pesticides. And when you do have to use pesticides, there are ways to use them safely.

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    Why Does Dog Urine Kill Grass

    The reason that urine causes grass to turn brown or yellow has to do with chemistry. There are certain substances in the urine that have a negative effect on grass, preventing it from growing properly. In order to prevent or successfully treat your lawn with dog urine lawn neutralizer or other similar products, you need to appreciate the chemistry behind it.

    Healthy soil requires a certain amount of nitrogen, but too high a concentration can cause grass to die. Dog urine is naturally high in nitrogen, so every time your dog pees he is adding to the existing level of nitrogen. That level may be even higher if you use a fertilizer on your lawn that contains nitrogen. The result is a deadly overdose of nitrogen which produces those ugly brown spots. Dog urine grass saver can help to restore the balance of nutrients in your soil allowing your lawn to remain healthy.

    There are other compounds, including salt, that are found in dog urine which can cause trouble for the grass. Highly acidic or alkaline urine can alter the pH level of the soil, making it difficult for grass to grow properly. Dog urine lawn neutralizer can specifically address pH levels and help to create a healthy growing environment.

    Create A Lawn Care Routine That Keeps Your Dog In Mind

    Fertilizer products are an essential part of keeping your lawn lush and happy. Read the labels of every product that you use on your lawn to make sure that it can be used around everyone in your family, including your pet. Our BarkYard kits include some natural ingredients. Good Boy contains feather meal, and Bad Spot! contains natural coconut coir, which holds water to help seedlings grow. When following package directions, these products have been evaluated for safe use around pets so that you can save your lawn while knowing youre not putting your pet in harms way.

    Stick to a consistent watering, mowing, and feeding routine. The more consistent you can be, the better your lawn will look. While youre at it, you might want to let your grass grow a little higher when your lawn is in a state of repair. Keep mowing regularly, but mow high by adjusting your mower settings so that your grass has longer blades, three inches or taller. This can disguise damage from dog pee while you work to establish a lawn care routine.

    It can be a daunting task to change your dogs habits — and sometimes even more daunting to change your own. But the way to fix an outdoor space thats been damaged by dog pee comes down to consistency and intention. Good Boy and Bad Spot! are made specifically to make this process faster and easier, so that you can save your lawn as quickly as possible.

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