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Is Organic Lawn Care Worth It

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Dont Believe You Can Improve Your Lawn Without Chemicals

What is organic lawn care

There are organic lawns thriving all over the country. In Pittsburgh, a drive-by Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens extensive organic lawn should convince anyone that this can be done by following these simple steps.

A chemical-free lawn will be beautiful, but safe to use as a play space and best of all, walk barefoot through the pretty green blades. Just be sure to tiptoe around those honey bees.

Doug will be teaching four free virtual organic gardening classes every Thursday at 4:30 p.m., beginning on March 25. The classes will cover indoor and outdoor seed sowing, composting, soil amendments, organic pest and disease management, gardening with children and much more. Classes sponsored by Farm to Table of Western Pennsylvania. For details and registration information go to

How To Prevent Crabgrass Organically

There is an organic weed and feed called corn gluten meal. Its a great crabgrass preventer as it stops seeds from completing the germination process. The product is benign to us and is the product of the corn milling process. It can be purchased in two forms which are ground differently. When bought from the garden center, corn gluten meal will go through a spreader. When bought as livestock food from a feed store, its applied by hand but is usually less expensive. The key to using it is timing. It must be applied before the weed seeds sprout, our indicator for that is when the yellow forsythia shrubs begin to bloom. Wait too long and its useless, as the seeds sprout. Its applied in the spring and then again in the fall around September.

Corn gluten meal works on all seeds, not just weed seeds. For overseeding, wait at least six weeks after an application of the organic product.

Sunday Lawn Care Smart Lawn Plan Review

Sunday Lawn Care Smart Lawn Plan

With the Smart Lawn Plan, customers can give their lawns all the plant nutrition and care they need to stay healthy and green. After receiving their soil, climate, and lawn test analysis, customers will receive their own customized lawn maintenance plan chalked full of nutrient pouches, lawn tools, and information booklets. It is worth noting that this is an annual subscription service.

Their nutrient pouches include organic ingredients such as seaweed, iron, potassium, recycled produce, and even molasses to ensure that your grasswill stay greener than your neighbours side. This is especially encouraging to know, since traditional home improvement nutrients may contain pesticides and herbicides that could be harmful to the environment and your family.

For a yearly subscription priced at $89, the Sunday Lawn Care Smart Lawn Plan makes yard work feel like a walk in the park.

Sunday Lawn Care Weed Control

When spring is right around the corner, the impending growth of dandelions and other unwanted weeds could be cultivating slowly in your lawn. Instead of subjecting yourself to an afternoon of weeding your lawn, the Sunday Lawn Care Weed Control service can easily do the job for you.

First up is the Weed Warrior, the organic powerhouse weed control spray. It kills unwanted grass, weeds, algae, and moss with results that can be seen in 20 minutes. The Weed Warrior contains organic herbicidal soap and is available in concentrate form.

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Advantages Of Using Organic Lawn Care

There are numerous advantages to using organic care, which far outweigh traditional synthetic chemical-based lawn care, as we have discussed. We have assembled a list of some of the most important benefits and advantages that organic care will give you, your lawn, and the environment as well as the people that surround you . Lets take a look at the top ten ones here:

The Science Of Safe Synthetic Lawn Fertilizer

Best lawn care in Boise, Idaho: Organic Solutions Inc.

Synthetic lawn fertilizers are usually comprised of three types of compounds: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Nitrogen helps plants produce proteins to generate new tissues potassium boosts the vigor of plant health, and phosphorous enhances plant root growth.

In recent years, however, the industry has seen a rise in phosphorus-free fertilizers. And for good reason: Elevated levels of phosphorus in the soil can not only stunt plant growth by interfering with the absorption of other nutrients but also pollute water bodies with excess nutrient levels that produce algal blooms. The comprised nature of the water supply can cause illness to children and pets alike, as well as create a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes that can spread disease.

Yet if phosphorus plays a significant role in lawn health, doesnt that mean that phosphorus-free fertilizers would be less effective? Surprisingly, no. By nature, most soils have the level of phosphorus they need to keep lawns thick and greenhence, the reason for the excess amounts of the nutrient in soil.

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Organic Lawn Care 101

I remember watching the technician walk around the yard with a backpack fogger spraying every inch of grass. I looked down at my dog begging to go outside and it hit methis precious pup has been rolling around in unknown synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fertilizers. After spending half an hour reading horrifying articles on the dangers of lawn chemicals, I decided organic was the way to go.

If youve got children or pets, you may want to consider safer ways to manage your lawn. Yes, those chemicals help hone the fluffy green grass that makes your home look so good, but is it worth it?

In this article, youll get information on:

  • Why you should care about the chemicals youre using to treat and fertilize your lawn.
  • The long-term benefits of low-maintenance, chemical-free lawn care.
  • What to look for when selecting an organic lawn care service.
  • How natural lawn care works and common natural solutions used to handle issues when they arise.

Doing Your Own Lawn Care: Pros And Cons

As you can imagine, there are both advantages and disadvantages of taking care of your lawn on your own.

Lets take a look at some of them now.


  • It is great exercise. Many people love doing their own lawns because it gives them the chance to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. This is something that many people consider very important.
  • It gives you a sense of pride. Turning your long, messy grass into something that youll want to show off to others instills pride in the homeowner that simply cant be taken away.
  • It saves you money. While this shouldnt be your only consideration, it is still an important factor, especially if your budget is tight.
  • It can result in a more personalized lawn. When you take care of your lawn yourself, you can make it look exactly like you want in the end. You cant always get that with a professional lawn-care company.


  • It is time-consuming. When trying to decide between doing your lawn yourself and hiring a pro, you have to consider what your time is worth because doing the lawn certainly takes a lot of time.
  • It doesnt always produce the results you wanted. In the end, DIY enthusiasts often get mediocre results or worse, making them feel as if they did all that work for nothing.
  • It often comes with hidden costs. Once you start taking care of your lawn, you may find that you need extra materials and tools, which can quickly add to the cost of doing this job yourself.

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Recent Reviews For Fort Worth Organic Lawn Care Services

This landscape company is horrible. I saw them at my neighbors and was curious so when I asked the red headed guy what they were doing and he smelt like marijuana and was very abrupt like I was bothering them I wanted to ask about getting my retaining wal…

Mr Ricardo Bali and his crew did an excellent job on our spring cleanup. My husband and I had let the landscaping get out of control. They made our yard beautiful again. They are very professional and did exactly what they promised. I am saving to …

When it came time to do our landscaping we wanted to support a small business. As a small business owner I pride myself on customer service and I felt that all small businesses valued their customers. I was really hopeful when meeting with Scott that our…

Leave Grass Clippings Behind

Is Organic Fertilizer Worth the Money? // Milorganite vs. Ringer vs. Scotts

When it comes to organic lawn care, its best to leave your grass clippings on the lawn, according to Natural Lawn of America and many other experts. Thats because clippings are a good source of nutrients for your lawn. The nutrients will seep down into the ground and act as a natural fertilizer. Dont let the grass get too long, though. Long clipping will take loner to break down and can make your lawn look messy. Heres more on why you need to leave grass clippings on the lawn.

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What Is Organic Lawn Care

Organic lawn care refers to eco-friendly lawn management practices that eliminate the need for chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, organic ingredients are utilized to manage weeds and fertilize your grass. Compared to standard synthetic chemical-based lawn care procedures and products, organic lawn care provides several benefits.

Use Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Organic lawn fertilizers are another effective way to give your lawn an occasional boost during the growing season. Available at most garden centers, the best organic lawn fertilizers contain natural ingredients such as seaweed for potassium, bone meal for phosphorous, and feather meal for nitrogen.

Unlike conventional fertilizers, which deliver a heavy, instant dose of synthetic nitrogen for your lawn to binge on, Turkey says organics provide an easier-to-handle diet of nutrients that are released more slowly.

The thicker your grass, the more easily it can crowd out weeds. So once your soil’s been treated, overseed the lawn using an appropriate turf grass . Choose a seed mix that suits your climate, sun/shade conditions, and moisture needs, and make sure it blends well with your existing lawn. Water daily until new growth is established.


The Complete Guide to Lawn Fertilizer Services

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Look For A ‘greener’ Grass

You can make your lawn even more sustainable by overseeding it, or completely replacing it, with native or organic grass seed. Las year, DLF Organic became the first U.S. company to offer USDA-certified organic lawn seed, grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers.

The company offers three seed mixes: one for sun, one for shade, and one that’s mixed with nitrogen-providing clover. Another “green” option is using native turf-grass seed. Since these seeds are familiar with their regional soil conditions and average rain fall, they require less water and are more disease-resistant than non-natives, such as Kentucky bluegrass and St. Augustine grass .

The best known is buffalograss. a native prairie grass that extremely drought-resistant and, since it’s low-growing, only needs to be mowed about once a month.

Researchers at a few universities throughout the U.S. are exploring the potential of other native grasses for use as turf grass, including blue grama, a warm-season grass thats native to the Great Plains and Southwest, and Idaho bentgrass, which is native to the western United States and shows promise as a sustainable turf in dryer climate.

How Plants Use Fertilizer

Organic Lawn Care Toronto

Organic and conventional fertilizers are safe for lawns and the environment as long as they are used properly. The process of how plants absorb nutrients is the same whether they come from an organic or inorganic fertilizer, so, from the grasses perspective, it doesnt really matter which type of fertilizer you use.

Plants are only able to take up nutrients in certain ionic forms. For example, nitrogen is only absorbed by plants as nitrate or ammonium ions, and potassium is only taken up as the potassium ion . Soluble inorganic fertilizers provide nutrients in these forms so they are immediately available for plant uptake. They are fast-acting and fairly inexpensive.

However, because all of the nutrients are available at once, perennial grasses cant use them all, and many are quickly lost from the soil. This means that you may need to fertilize more than once throughout the growing season unless you are using a slow-release formula that contains greater than 50 percent water-insoluble nitrogen.

In contrast, organic fertilizers have to be broken down by microorganisms in the soil for the nutrients to be released in the right form to be absorbed through plant roots. Due to this fact, organic fertilizers release nutrients over a fairly long period of time.

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Myth No : Vinegars Acidity Wipes Out Weeds Too

Truth: The active ingredient in vinegar is acetic acid. But in order to actually kill weedsnot just make them smell like a vinaigretteyoud need a vinegar with a concentration so strong that it becomes hazardous, Jones says.

Household vinegar has a 5% concentration of acetic acid, while horticultural vinegar clocks in at 20%. Its known as a burndown herbicide, meaning it kills any plant it comes into contact with, sometimes over a matter of hours.

This vinegar is powerful enough to knock out your weeds, but it can also burn your skin or eyes corrode tin, aluminum, iron, or concrete and be devastating to beneficial insects and wildlife in your yard, Jones cautions.

Three Ways To Take Your Lawn Care To The Next Level

When the summer season rolls around, there are so many things to look forward to! These exciting things generally include swimming with your friends, ice cream runs, bonfires, and so many other summer-related activities. One of the main things that come along with the summer season is lawn care maintenance tips and tricks.

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How Do I Cancel Sunday Lawn Care

If customers wish to cancel their plan, they simply need to go to their Sunday Lawn Care login page and follow the instructions for the cancellation process. If you choose to cancel your subscription, your account will automatically close at the end of your current billing period, and you cancancel any time.

Why Organic Lawn Care Is Essential

Good Nature Organic Lawn Care Review

Organic lawn care may be more costly at first, but it’s worth it.

Heres the deal, when you treat your lawn with organic methods and do it the right way…

You create a system that can care for itself, and will need very little input as far as fertilizers and pesticides.

If you are serious about learning more about the importance of organic lawn care. Then keep reading.

Here is what you need to know.

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Overview Of Sunday Lawn Care

Coulter Lewis found himself overwhelmed with the various kinds of lawn related paraphernalia at his local home improvement store. All he wanted was to purchase the best product available to take care of his lawn at his new home. As a response, Coulter decided to take it upon himself to found Sunday Lawn Care.

Instead of traditional lawn care maintenance, which lays down 90,000,000 pounds of pesticides a year, Sunday Lawn Care uses custom nutrients and cutting plant science to help healthy grass naturally grow. The Lewis brothers brought on board Frank Rossi as their chief science officer to help keep their lawn care service in check.

Sunday Lawn Care is based on the belief that you can take care of your lawn with environmentally safe products.Your little plot of land is more than a great place to relax. Its home to the birds, the bees, and, well, a whole ecosystem, Sunday Lawn Care states. Additionally, a portion of their sales goes to helping people reconnect with nature and preserve important habits across the country like tallgrass prairie.

Myth No : Pouring Dish Detergent On Plants Will Kill Insects

Truth: Most dish detergents contain phosphate, bleach, dyes, and fragrancesin other words, all the chemicals youre trying to avoid to be truly natural.

Because these soaps have to dissolve fats, oils, and waxes on your dishes, theyll also remove the oils and waxes that protect your plants, Jones warns. Without a protective coating, your plants are more at risk of disease and pest problems.

Youre better off using an insecticidal soap , which wont harm your plants. But you cant make these at home . And its worth noting that these soaps have to be sprayed directly on pestsnot in your yardto be effective.

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Worth Organic Lawn Care Estimates Usually Dont Account For

  • Illinois sales taxes for materials and related equipment.
  • Required permits and building fees enforced by Worth law.
  • General contractor, if used, fees for this project. These fees usually add another $6.24-$7.80 to Worth organic lawn care estimates.

It may be beneficial and strategic to compare the costs from cities surrounding the Worth area as well. Homeowners usually compare Worth organic lawn care with Alsip, IL Organic Lawn Care, Organic Lawn Care near Bridgeview, IL and Burbank, IL Organic Lawn Care in order to determine a better price range.

What type of project is this?

About Sunday Lawn Care

Organic lawn care

Many of us can complain about the work and time it takes to keep our lawns healthy and flourishing. There are many products available on the market that claim to be the perfect, one-stop fix for dry or dead lawns. But this Sunday Lawn Care review will take you deep into a company that may just be that one-stop fix.

Sunday Lawn Care is an annual subscription service that provides lawn-related products and tools to ensure healthy grass maintenance. They also sell weed control products and their brand of grass seed packs. Sunday Lawn Care has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Fortune, and Daily Beast. Is their lawn maintenance line worth the buy? Thats what were here to find out.

This Sunday Lawn Care review will take an in-depth look at their brand, their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their subscription service is right for you.

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