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What Is The Best Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

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Zero Turn Lawn Mowers


Lets try to keep it simple here, shall we? Think of the lawn garden tractors as the line men and the zero turn lawn mowers as the running backs and receivers on the team.

Heres what makes them as good as they are:

The zero turn mower for hills will move through your lawn at speeds as much as 8mph and the best part about them is that they can make a 360 degree turn without any hassles.

Due to their outstanding steering system, these mowers simply give you faster speeds and improved maneuverability to save you the most time as you mow your lawn.

Whats The Best Time Of Year To Buy A Lawn Tractor

The general rule of thumb when purchasing any type of outdoor power equipment is to think about buying before or after peak season. Not only does that mean youll be prepared for the first mow of the season, you might even find and snag a great pre-season sale. A sure-fire way to never miss those savings is to sign up for a mailing list like Cub Cadet®s so youll be the first to know when manufacturers and dealers are offering special prices on mowers.

How To Mow With A Riding Lawn Mower

Most people may get in the habit of mowing their lawn weekly. This will increase the lawns density if it is done properly. Your grass will benefit greatly from a weekly trim and the weeds should decrease.

Since grass grows from the bottom, you will be cutting the oldest growth. This will also promote a deeper root system that will be able to reach water found deeper in the soil bed and is an added plus in case of a dry spell.

Note: You should attached best of the best lawn mulching kits on your mower before starting mowing your lawn. Itll help you to get the good result.

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Lawn Mowers Vs Riding Lawn Mowers

Before we get into the differences between riding lawn mowers and push mowers, let’s review the difference between riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors. Lawn tractors have a mid-mounted cutting deck, while a riding lawn mower’s cutting deck is under the front of the vehicle. Riding lawn mowers are more maneuverable with the cutting deck at the front. Maneuverability is essential when a lawn is dotted with shrubs and trees. Riding lawn mowers are usually a little more affordable than tractors, priced between $800 and $1,400. Riding lawn mowers may also have some snow removal and spring cleaning attachments, and they are a little smaller than tractors.

Briggs And Stratton Vertical 175

Murray 24"  Rear Engine Riding Mower with Mulch Kit

This is another highly affordable engine by Briggs & Stratton if youre not willing to spend much. This 500cc engine from their INTEK series is designed for riding mowers that have manual deck engagement.

In less than 500 dollars, you get a branded engine with 17.5 HP. What can be better than that? This engine comes with a 3amp alternator for charging the battery. It, however, does not come with a fuel pump and will require a gravity-feed fuel supply. So you might want to look into that before buying it.

This 31R977-0043 model is sure to last long with its Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder. This also comes with an impressive warranty for both commercial, as well as consumer use. The maintenance-free Magnetron ignition is a bonus with this engine.

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Briggs And Stratton Vertical Engine 19 Hp

Have you been looking for a good quality engine that doesnt burn a hole through your pocket? If yes, then you have hit the jackpot with this Briggs & Stratton vertical engine. This is a great quality product that is available to you in less than 479 dollars.

The specifications of this engine include an impressive 540cc power with 19 HP. The air cleaner of this engine is a pleated paper filter. The filter also contains a foam pre-cleaner that offers maximum protection and extended engine lifespan. This 33R877-0029 model comes with a Dura-Bore cast iron cylinder so your engine can last longer.

Are you worried about your engine getting heated up? Briggs & Stratton have taken care of that with their Overhead Valve design that works the cooler operation and keeps the valves healthy.

The company has its patented linear balancing mechanism installed in this system for high performance. You get a 9 am charging system and an electric starter with this engine that is sure to make your life easy.

Various customers have mentioned that this engine is effortless to install and replace the original dead one. The fitting of this engine into the mower has also been observed to be very straightforward.

The only issue noted by some customers is that the exhaust muffler is side-mounted. This positioning causes the hot exhaust to blow directly on to the engine cover, which is not good.

Craftsman T225 19 Hp Briggs & Stratton Gold 46

Craftsman makes reliable lawn tools, and this riding mower is no exception. It has a Briggs & Stratton gas engine that starts right up without the need for a choke. It has a 46-inch cutting deck so you can finish mowing quickly.

Why We Like It

54 inches

Our Verdict

This is a power lawn mower with a huge deck. We liked the deck wash system for easy cleanup. The seat is comfortable, and the three-gallon fuel tank means we didnt have to fill it up as often.

Editor Rating: 4/5

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What Should I Look For When Buying Small Riding Lawn Mowers

There are three types of riding lawn mowers: rear engine riding mowers, tractors, and zero turning radius mowers. Each one has its strengths and specific characteristics, so depending upon your personal lawn needs, you can decide which suits you best.

In addition to those types, which we will explore, you want to consider the size of your lawn, which will determine the most appropriate cutting deck for you. You also want to consider the transmission of the machine , the comfort of the seat and steering wheel, and if youd like it to be battery powered or run on gas. We will offer options in this article which possess each of those varying traits.

In terms of the three types, rear engine riding mowers have the engine located on the back of the mower near where you would sit. Rear engine riding mowers tend to have smaller deck sizes, which are ideal for lawns that are less than one acre. Rear engine riding mowers are great if you need to navigate obstacles like flower beds or drive your mower through narrow passageways. These are the smallest, most compactmowers, which should allow you to store them easily in your garage or shed. In terms of maneuverability, its deck pivots with the front axle which ensures a smooth cut, even when turning. These are known to be more affordable than tractors and zero turning radius motors.

Top 5 Best Rear Engine Riding Mower Compared And Reviewed

Troy-Bilt TB30 30″ Rear Engine Riding Tractor Mower Review

So, lets choose a best-rated rear engine riding lawnmower! For sure, everyone knows how much trouble it takes to maintain and care for the territory around the house. Modern companies released a special technique so that owners do not have to spend most of their energy and precious time only on cleaning and other hard work. Choose the best rear engine riding mower based on informative comparing riding lawn mowers reviews below.

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Cub Cadet Ultima Zt1 50 In Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower

This Cub Cadet riding lawn mower features a 50-inch-wide cutter, a steel frame and a 23H twin-engine by Kawasaki. Its made for large yards that include lots of uneven spots and obstacles due to responsive zero-turn steering, a low center of gravity and large tenacious wheels, it can trim almost anywhere, said McKenzie. It also features dual hydrostatic transmissions that let the mower accelerate up to 7.5 mph forward and up to 3.5 mph in reverse. McKenzie noted that Cub Cadet also makes an electric version of this model that features the same performance as the gas-powered version along with all the benefits of an electric unit.

How To Choose The Best Rear Engine Lawn Mower


It is very easy to decide as to the power of the rear engine riding mower. For small territories, the area of which does not exceed 2 hectares, it is possible to purchase garden equipment with a capacity of 10 hp. For areas of 2-5 ha more powerful is required. Recommended power 20 hp.


Based on rear engine riding mower reviews, such a technique can have a mechanical or hydrostatic transmission. If you compare with the car, you can draw an analogy with manual transmission and automatic transmission. The most convenient is a hydrostatic transmission technique.


The following characteristic, which is worth paying attention to while choosing among rear engine top rated riding lawn mowers for sale, is the type of engine. It can be gasoline and diesel. If you do not plan to cultivate the territory very often, then it would be better to get a small rear engine riding lawn mower working on gasoline. This option will be the most economical.

Cutting Width

This parameter depends on the size of the working area, its layout, and geometry. For small areas with flower beds and ridges, it is not necessary to buy a rear motor riding mower with a large cutting width.

However, when processing large open areas, the increased cutting width of rear motor riding lawn mower will save a lot of time.

Seat Adjustment

Optional Equipment

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Yard Size And Ground Type

The riding lawn mower thats most suitable for you depends on your yard size and ground type. These are the first things you should consider before you make any purchasing decisions.

Typically, lawns under one acre wont require heavy machinery to get the job done quickly. However, mowing huge yards can last hours unless you have an efficient and fast riding mower.

Moreover, because most riding lawn mowers offer height adjustment, you can use them on different ground types. Keep in mind that a patchy or a root-burdened ground can dull the blade or cause the mower to get stuck.

Do I Really Need The Best Riding Lawn Mower

Cub Cadet CC30H 30 Riding Mower With 382cc Rear Engine  Mower Select ...

It depends on how big your lawned area is or how much you need to reduce the physical activity of pushing a mower around your yard. Theres also your budget to consider too.

Those with many acres of grass to cut would almost certainly benefit from the speed and ease a riding mower offers, as would those struggling to get around seamlessly. However, if you dont have the budget to spend on one thatll do the job well, it may be worth paying for a gardener to do it instead.

Got the money to spend? Do it: Unless youve got a smaller scale lawn, a riding lawn mower takes the time and stress out of keeping your grass neat and tidy.

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Brushed Vs Brushless Motor:

This feature is essential to consider while purchasing an electric-powered riding lawn mower. A mower with a brushless motor will produce less friction than the one with a standard brushed motor. Thus, the reduced friction will result in an efficient running of a motor.

In the brushless motor model, 85 90% of the generated energy will be used to power the mower. While a brushed motor provides 75 80% efficiency to the mower. An electric riding lawn mower using this brushless motor will maximize the efficiency of the battery and thereby extends its life/runtime before it needs to recharge.

So, brushless motors will effectively aid in transferring more power from the motor to the blades and wheels.

Cub Cadet Ultima Zt: Best Riding Lawn Mower For Tough Environments

Reasons to avoid

The Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 attempts to ensure maximum durability with its design. That includes its fabricated deck and tubular high-strength frame. It also aims to go the extra mile with comfort, with its ergonomic, fully adjustable chair, as well as lap bars and hand-grips. All of these things should reduce operator fatigue, and make for a more enjoyable riding lawn mower experience.

The zero-turn technology with this riding lawn mower also aims to be faster than competing models and combined with the 50-inch cutting path, its safe to say that user reviews are confident in this mowers ability to knock the hours off your mowing time. The Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 also aims to prevent refueling trips, with 3.5 gallons of fuel tank capacity available for use. It can also reach up to speeds of 7.5 miles per hour and has a 23 horsepower dual cylinder engine for providing maximum power.

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How We Picked The Best Rider Lawn Mowers

As we evaluated each mower, we accounted for things like speed, cutting width, overall design, engine power and transmission type. Since these are very expensive machines, we also considered price, so we could find the best riding lawn mowers that offer the greatest value.

Our top choice had a favorable balance among all of these criteria. While we believe it is the best riding lawn mower for most people, it isnt necessarily the best fit for kind of terrain or purpose. For example, if you own a lawn care business, you need a machine that is built to handle more than the weekly mow.

Every model we feature was subject to scrutiny based on its specifications, feature set, and feedback from real-life users. Our final choices represent the best riding lawn mower each brand offers.

We also reached out to professionals who use riding lawn mowers on a daily basis. We spoke to Steve Hough of Hough Landscaping, who has used a dozen different types of riding lawn mowers for more than two decades, about what he looks for when he buys a mower for his business.

When he selects a new riding mower for his service, Mr Hough considers productivity, price, and the lifespan of the machine. Other considerations include serviceability, reliability and down time. For professional situations he prefers eXmark machines because theyre lower priced and functional.

Price: Pricey But Not Outrageous

âMower: Best Riding Lawn Mower (Buying Guide)

Riding lawn mowers can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000, depending on the brand, size, and features. The RYOBI RM480e Electric Riding Mower retails for $2,700, which is quite a bit higher than gas-powered mowers with a similar deck sizeyou can get a gas-powered riding mower with a 42-inch deck for $1,600 to $2,000. However, the RYOBIs price is in line with costs for other rear-engine electric mowers.

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What Is The Best Rated Riding Lawn Mower Engine

An ideal riding lawn mower comes with powerful engine that is reliable has enough power to achieve perfect cut. And moreover, it has to start without any hassle. Only high quality components should be used for the engine so that it lasts for years.

Among all the lawn mowers in the market, Briggs & Stratton engines have all these properties which makes them the best in the market. These engines are specially designed to deliver high quality performance without any issues.

With several engine types like v-twin and single cylinder, this brand can provide basic rides to full scale lawn tractors with optimum power to get job done every single time. Because of their reliability and performance, most of the other brands like Poulan and Husqvarna use the engines of B& S as their products.

Riding Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Can you use a riding lawnmower on a hill? Best riding lawn mower for hills for Maintaining the condition of your lawnmower is important to maintaining your lawn and protecting your investment by ensuring that your mower enjoys a long life.

Your annual maintenance should include:

  • An oil change and use the good quality grease for your lawn mower.
  • The addition of a fuel stabilizer to the fuel system or if it is the end of the season drain any remaining fuel from the mower. Begin each season with new gas.
  • A new sparkplug. The sparkplug should be replaced once a year. If you are doing maintenance, disconnect it for safety to avoid ascension.
  • Clean or replace the air filter.
  • Clean the lawn mower carburetor and you should use good quality carburetor cleaner to get the job done easily.
  • Sharpen or replace the mower blades.
  • Balance the mower blades using by blade balancer.
  • Clean the mower thoroughly and keep it clean. Make sure there is no grass, mud, or debris caked on the mower.
  • After clean the mower, use the paint or mower deck spray to keep your mower deck safe from damage.
  • Fog the mowers engine. Humidity can cause some corrosion and lubricants can dry out. A fogging oil can work to prevent these damages. Check your operating manual.
  • Check your recoil starters rope and change it if needed.

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Lawn Mower Engine Maintenance

Maintaining outdoor power equipment isnt something that you should be ignorant about. The lawnmower engines stay shut during winters, and they must be prepped before they are set out to work in the spring. Here are a few basic things you can do to prep your mower engine to avoid any hiccups for when the grass grows back.

1. Oil Change

It is recommended that you change the mower engine oil at least twice every year. This is because oil is prone to gathering dust and debris, which can harm your engine internally. Also, using the engine regularly makes the oil break down due to heat. So changing the oil will prevent all this damage to your engine if done regularly.

To change the oil, you can use an oil-removal pump that is readily available through engine dealers. It is always advised that you add the fresh oil as per the instructions are given in your engines operators manual. And also make sure that you are recycling the oil properly.

2. Air Filter Replacement

The ambient air of a lawnmower engine is full of dirt, which gets collected in the air filter of the engine. If allowed to sit there for long, these pollutants can infiltrate the insides of the engine, causing it harm.

Therefore, the air filter should be replaced either every 3-4 months or after using the mower for 25 hours. This begs the question of the right air filter for your engine. For this, you should consider referring to the operators manual of the product.

3. Spark Plug Replacement

4. Fresh Fuel

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