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What Is The Best Self Propelled Battery Powered Lawn Mower

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Best Battery Lawn Mowers

What is the best cordless self propelled lawn mower? Masterforce Greenworks 80 Volt Brushless Mower!

Height of Cut

Being battery-operated and having a powerful motor make the mowers in the Bosch Rotak LI series serious contenders for those looking for a tidy yard without much fuss.



If you want an easy-to-use mower, you can get cutting with the Victa 82V 21 Wide Cut Mower at the push of a button.


  • Engine NamesBriggs & Stratton Nexcel 1200W Brushless Motor
  • Engine TypesLithium-Ion Battery
  • FeaturesFoldable Handle and Mulching Capability
  • CatcherType

Height of Cut

The Victa 82V Power Cut 883241 Push Mower is quiet, has a quick charge time, and doesnt emit any of the toxic fumes that petrol mowers do, letting you trim your lawn with comfort and ease.


  • Engine NamesBriggs & Stratton 82V 2.0AH 1200W Lithium-Ion Brushless Motor
  • Engine TypesLithium-Ion Battery
  • FeaturesFoldable Handle and Mulching Capability
  • CatcherType


The EGO LM2001E Push Mower has a wide cutting deck, a compact design, and 45 minutes of run time, letting you power through your lawn and fold it up easily for storage when youre done.


  • Build Quality
  • FeaturesFoldable Handle, Mulching Capability and Quick-Start Motor
  • Catcher Capacity60 L

Best Electric Lawn Mowers Of 2021

Lawn mowing is a daunting chore, but the right mower can make the job much easier. Electric lawn mowers are quiet, eco-friendly, and simple to use, and weve rounded up the best ones on the market.

Weve done your research for you to figure out which electric lawn mowers have the best ratio of power, run time, and price point. Heres our ranking of the top 10 best electric lawn mowers, with options for all different budgets and yard sizes.

What Is A Cordless Self

In the main, there are two power options for push lawn mowers electric or petrol and when we look at the electric option, you have the choice of a corded machine or a battery-operated one .

Cordless self-propelled lawn mowers come into the latter category and are powered by using a rechargeable battery. These batteries are measured in Ah , and the higher the number, the more money you are going to have to part with. That being said combined with the voltage, youll also be getting something more powerful, so it does pay to consider this carefully.

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Recoil Vs Electric Start

Most self-propelled lawnmowers have either recoil or electric start. A recoil start is the traditional pull-start that youve probably used on other lawn equipment. An electric start is becoming more common and is a feature that allows you to start the mower with the push of a button.

Electric start is generally easier to use, but it can add to the cost of the lawnmower. If youre on a budget, a recoil start should be sufficient. The main downside of a recoil start is that it can be difficult to use if you have physical limitations.

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How We Tested Cordless Lawn Mowers

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric Self

We tested a range of cordless mowers, which were all push operated and suitable for small or small-to-medium-sized lawns. Each mower was unpacked, assembled, then used to cut grass over a wide area, and wheeled up slopes and in and out of storage to see how they fared. They were assessed according to the following criteria with equal marks attributed to each:

  • Setup and storage. Looked at the ease of assembly and clarity of instructions, the battery charge time and how easy the mower is to store.
  • Handling. Focused on comfort and ease of use, handle-height adjustment and how to change the height of cut, weight, noise levels and run time.
  • Mowing. Assessed cutting width, the range of cutting heights, collection-bag capacity and features such as cutting to the edge or mulching.
  • Value for Money. Considered all of the above as well as quality, design, warranty and price, which includes the battery and charger. For example, the Worx WG779E was awarded Best Buy for the range of features it offered at its low price point.

For more information on our testing process see How we Review

This review was last updated in July 2022. We apologise if anything has changed in price or availability.

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The Best Electric Lawn Mower In 2022 Tried And Tested

Easy to use with little to no assembly right out of the box, the latest cordless electric lawn mowers run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, are far quieter than gas-powered models and, with no risk of fuel leaking or going bad, can be stored away vertically, saving precious garage or shed space and requiring no off-season maintenance. Most importantly, the best cordless electric lawn mowers perform just as well as their gas counterparts, so with many municipalities limiting the use of gas outdoor equipment, its time to make the switch.

To find out which electric mowers performed the best, we put six models to work, cutting, bagging and mulching grass and noting everything from interface to special features to run time. So whether youre keeping up with HOA rules, trying to be more green or just sick of choking down exhaust fumes in the summer heat and dealing with clogged carburetors in the winter, weve found the best electric lawn mower for you.

Easier to operate than the competition, self-propelled and, best of all, great at cutting grass, the Ego Power+ Select Cut electric lawn mower packs plenty of power to get through mowing a standard lawn on a single charge and almost makes the chore fun.

Best For Small Yards: Worx Wg779 Power Share 40


  • Easy to see when collection bag is full

  • Batteries compatible with other Worx tools

  • Expensive

The Worx Power Share Battery Walk-Behind Mower is ideal for smaller yards, as it has a 14-inch cutting deck and can cut up to 0.12-acre per charge. One of the main benefits of this mower is that its extremely lightweightit weighs around 29 pounds, making it extremely easy for anyone to handle.

This compact mower is able to mulch or bag grass clippings, and the included collection bag features a plastic top that lets you see when its full. There are six deck heights to choose from, and an onboard battery meter lets you know when youre running out of power.

Cutting Width: 14 inches | Weight: 29.1 pounds | Power Source: Battery | Cutting Options: Bag, mulch | Size of Yard: 0.12-acre

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Pro Pick: Makita Connectx 21

One of the biggest challenges with any battery-powered lawn mower is runtime. Makita put that problem squarely in its crosshairs and developed the ConnectX system . Unlike other designs, the 1200Wh power supply attaches directly to the top of the mower, offering more than 3x the capacity of most cordless mowers and running up to 3 hours continuously.

Similar to the 18V X2 XML08, the mower tops out at 2800 RPM with a 2300 RPM Quiet Mode and has a true 21-inch steel deck.

Price: $949.00 bare, $1399.00 power supply

Corded Vs Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Best Mower: Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower (Buying Guide)

Corded Electric mowers need to be connected to a power source to run. They are generally more powerful and will run as long as you need them. It may, however, limit your movements and the cords may get tangled while mowing. The plus side is these mowers may cost less than the cordless ones.

Cordless lawn mowers are battery-operated this means they have a limited time to run. The run time will generally last long enough to complete the task at hand. However, they are a bit heavier than electric corded mowers and are more expensive.

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Commercial: Mean Green 74

Mean Green is pushing the envelope further with a 74-inch deck on its flagship EVO ZTR. It delivers an impressive cutting width and day-long 8-hour max runtime. Combined with a 13 MPH top speed and 37 HP equivalent power, this is the battery-powered riding mower to get when you have a lot of property to cut.

There are a lot of accessories to choose fromincluding a solar canopy! Mean Green certainly lets you customize the mower to suit your particular commercial needs.

All of this innovation comes at a cost, though. Youre looking at a minimum of $28,500 to get in and closing in on $35,000 if you want the most runtime. Thats before you add accessories.

Price: $28,500 $34,499

Are Electric Mowers Good

Electric mowers are a great option if you want a machine that isnât too heavy to move around – and wonât cost you a fortune either. They are best suited for smaller lawns, rather than huge areas of grass and this is because youâll be restricted by a power cord. There are, of course, battery lawn mowers that solve the cord problem but youâll need to note how long the run time is on each battery. Many battery-powered mowers can be purchased with a spare battery so that your mower is never out of action.

Electric lawn mowers donât require any fuel which makes them more affordable to power than gas mowers. Thereâs also the added benefit of electric mowers operating more quietly than their gas counterparts.

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Mowing On Hills And Slopes

In Florida, we dont encounter many slopes, but we do have access to some hilly terrain. We also encounter many lakesmost of which have sloped sides. And, of course, nearly every property out in the county has proximity to drainage ditches. We check both push mowers and self-propelled models to check how well they maintain traction when mowing uphill, downhill, and side-to-side along a pitch.

The Greenworks 25223 40v 19 Push Mower Is The Best Budget Battery

The Best Self

Greenworks makes a variety of affordably-priced battery-powered yard equipment, including lawn mowers. Several of these mowers have earned high marks from the likes of Bob Vila and Consumer Reports over the years. But the one that earned Popular Mechanics Best Value award was the $380 Greenworks 25223 40V 19 push mower.

As a push mower, the Greenworks 25223 is great for those with small yards. Also, this battery-powered lawn mower has a seven-position blade, steel deck, and a 4.0-Ah and 2.0-Ah lithium-ion battery. These batteries are compatible with all of Greenworks G-Max 40V tools, too. Plus, the 25223 has three discharge options: rear bag, side, and mulch.

Although its just a push mower, the Greenworks 25223s 10 rear and 7 front wheels make it easy to maneuver, PM says. Its also easy to store you can even hang it up, though watch out for its 53-lb weight.

Admittedly, the 25223 could benefit from through-the-handle bag access, PM reports. But if you want a solid battery-powered lawn mower for not a lot of cash, this is arguably the best option.

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Black+decker 40v Max Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKERs 40-volt cordless electric mower also comes with an extra lithium-ion battery. That way, you can charge one while you use the other in case you have a large yard and need to double the run time to about 30 minutes with both batteries. Again, this is a good deal because you get the mower and two batteries for less than $400.

Do you have dips and hills in your yard or different types of grass that need to be cut at different heights? The cordless BLACK+DECKER mower has you covered with six different height settings ranging from 1 to 3 inches. You can adjust the height easily as you mow, using the single-lever system.

Plus, you can collect clippings while you go with the large 9.5-gallon collection bag or use the mowers mulching feature. Even with the collection bag, this mower is easy to store because the handle folds to take up less space. The cutting deck is about 16 inches wide, a size that strikes a good balance between compact storage and cutting large swaths of grass at once.


What Are The Benefits Of A Cordless Lawn Mower

There are a variety of benefits to buying a cordless lawn mower in comparison to the more traditional petrol or electric models, including:

  • Easy to manoeuvre: Without a cord, these mowers are typically easy to move around the lawn. Without an engine theyre lightweight, too.
  • Quiet: Powered by lithium-ion battery, theyre much quieter than petrol-engine mowers.
  • No emissions: As they dont use petrol, they dont emit emissions.
  • Minimal maintenance: They dont need regular servicing like petrol mowers.

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Comparable Price Comparable Quality

Battery mowers are typically more expensive than gas mowers, in large part because of the cost of their lithium-ion battery. But you can now score a high-scoring, competitively priced, battery mower for around $300.Indeed, prices of some highly rated battery mowers are now in line with those of comparable gas models. The top self-propelled battery mower, from Greenworks, is priced lower than the top-rated, self-propelled gas model, from Honda. Among push mowers, a battery-powered Ryobi that we deemed a CR Best Buy earns the same overall score as the top-rated gas push moweragain, a Honda.The investment can pay off in other ways, too. You may be able to use batteries interchangeably among several outdoor power tools of the same brandnot only the mower, but also string trimmers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws. Those batteries typically are 40 volts or higher. A few brandsincluding DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukeesell battery mowers that run on smaller, 18- or 20-volt batteries that also power their hand tools, including drills and circular saws.

Why You Can Trust Pro Tool Reviews

Best Cordless Lawn Mower 2020

Ever check out a review site and you cant tell if they actually tested the tools or if theyre just recommending the Amazon top sellers?

Thats not us. We only recommend what wed actually use, even if we dont earn a commission from it. Its all about giving you a legitimate recommendation and our honest opinion of each product.

Weve been in business since 2008 covering tools, writing reviews, and reporting on industry news in the construction, automotive, and lawn care industries. Our Pro reviewers work in the trades and have the skills and experience to know whether tools can perform well in the field.

Each year, we bring in and review more than 250 individual products. Our team will put our hands on hundreds of additional tools at media events and trade shows throughout the year.

We consult with innovators in the technology and design of tools to gain a broader grasp of where these products fit and how they work.

We work with more than two dozen professional contractors around the United States who review products for us on real job sites and consult with us on testing methods, categories, and weighting.

Well provide more than 500 pieces of new content this year absolutely free for our readersincluding objective evaluations of individual tools and products.

The end result is information you can trust because of the editorial, scientific, and real-world professional experience we collectively utilize each and every time we pick up and test a tool.

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Strong Entry Level Performance Power Works 21 40 Volt Self Propelled Mower

Fairly new to the market Powerworks offers a lot of bang for the buck with their XB 40V 21 self-propelled battery-powered lawnmower.

21 is an amply sized mowing deck size, and like other mowers in our review, the Power works mower offers 3 mowing options: Mulch, Side Discharge, or Rear Bagging .

Adjustable speed control, one-lever and 7 height mowing options, and Steel Deck, are all featured with one of the best electric mower values

The warranty seems to be lacking, as from our research it includes 1-year on defective parts, but only 30 days for refunds on quality issues. Whatever that means. And the battery charging time by our research takes a long, 4-5 hours to achieve.

All in all, the reviews for this mower are very good, and if you have a yard under 1/3 acre it should be more than enough to meet your needs.

  • Adjustable Speed Control Dial on Handle
  • High Efficiency Brushless Motor

Whats The Difference Between Self

If youre looking for a cordless mower, its important to know the difference between certain features. Self-propelled cordless mowers use a mechanism that automatically moves them forwards making it easier for you to mow. On the other hand, a manual, or hand propelled mower requires the user to push it around the garden which is more tiring and requires more physical effort.

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Best Electric Battery Riding Mower Ryobi 38 In Electric Rear Engine Ry48111

If you have an extremely large area of lawn to maintain, having a riding mower is essential. If you also like the convenience and simple maintenance of a battery operated mower, youre going to love the Ryobi 38 electric rear engine riding mower. While there are still not a lot of options for battery riding mowers, Ryobi has a winner on its hands with the RY48111. This model looks like a hybrid of a riding mower and dune buggy. Dont let the looks fool you as this Ryobi mower can handle seriously tough lawns..hills and all.

If youre worried about the battery life of this mower, dont. You will get 2.5 hours run time from the 48V 100 Ah battery, which will let you mow approximately 2.5 acres of lawn with side discharge. To charge the mower, simply plug it into any standard 120v outlet. Some of the other features included with this lawn mower are LED headlights, USB phone charger, cruise control, 38 dual blade deck and 12 position manual deck adjustment. According to other owners, you can safely take this mower on 10-15% inclines without spinning the wheels. At 595 pounds, you will want to avoid soft or wet areas of your yard. You will easily leave some major tire tracks in the ground or even get stuck. Just something to be aware of.

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