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What Is The Cheapest Lawn Fertilizer

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Liquid Fertilizer Vs Granular Fertilizer

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Fertilizers come in two forms: liquid or granular.

Liquid fertilizers come in liquid form in a bottle or as a water-soluble material that you mix yourself. You apply liquid fertilizers by spraying them across the lawn. Theyre usually easier to apply and more fast-acting than granular fertilizers, but their results dont last as long.

Granular fertilizers come in tiny solid particles, aka granules. You apply them to the lawn using a fertilizer spreader, and you typically need to water the lawn right after to help the granules sink down into the soil. Most granular fertilizers are slow-release, which means they continue to feed the lawn for several weeks after application. The tradeoff is a more labor-intensive application process.

Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple

Best Lawn Fertilizer For Ant Problems

This fertilizer is excellent for gardens with ant infestations. It will kill and prevent fire ants for up to 6 months. However, it’s worth noting that this fertilizer is only for use on St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, and carpet grass. It kills dollar weeds and clovers to the root, preventing future weed problems.

This is the best lawn fertilizer when it comes to strengthening your lawn to protect against heat and droughts. It’s great for dealing with dry climates. Covering 4000 sq. ft., this product is perfect for more extensive gardens. For the best results, apply when the grass and weeds are actively growing.

If you suffer from ant or insect infestations, this fertilizer is the way to go. These issues are especially important if you have small children who play in the grass and are at risk of getting bitten.

Fast Vs Slow Fertilizer

Youll find two general kinds of nitrogen fertilizers: fast release and controlled release. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending upon why you want to apply fertilizer.

Fast-release nitrogen

This fertilizer releases nitrogen immediately and provides nutrients and immediate results, which means youll quickly see greener grass. Its relatively inexpensive and works even when the soil is cold. If overused, it can burn your lawn and may cause your grass to grow faster than you want. Quick-release fertilizers can deteriorate quickly, so they may only be effective for a few weeks. This is a good summer lawn fertilizer if you need a quick fix.

Controlled-release nitrogen

Also called slow release, this type encourages more consistent growth. It is less likely to result in burn spots on the lawn. However, it can be more costly and less likely to work well when the soil is cold and you dont get the fast greening that you might be looking for. You might also need to water the grass more frequently to see the results of slow-release fertilizers than a fast-release form of nitrogen.

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Best Balanced Lawn Fertilizer

WHY WE LIKE IT: With a perfect blend of key macronutrients, this Simple Lawn Solutions Balanced Lawn Food will leave your grass happy and healthy.

Its NPK ratio of 16-4-8 makes it excellent for nourishing all grass types, from Florida Palmetto to Kentucky Bluegrass. This liquid fertilizer works wonders on new lawns, providing lots of nutrients that promote healthy root growth. Its easy to apply and works quickly, so its totally hassle-free.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: This is the right fertilizer for people looking to promote healthy new grass growth with a safe, nutrient-rich formula.

How Much Does A Bag Of Fertilizer Cost

Turf Builder Winterguard Lawn Fertilizer, low price, best lawn care ...

Fertilizer has a wide range of costs depending on how many square feet it needs to cover, fertilizer type, what it is designed to do, and whether it is synthetic or organic. Expect a bag of fertilizer designed to cover between 5,000 and 5,500 square feet to cost between $25 and $50, depending on these factors.

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Dry Vs Liquid Fertilizer

The form of fertilizer that has been applied is another factor in selecting the best lawn fertilizer for your needs. Fertilizers can be applied in a liquid or dry or granular form. Whats the difference?

Liquid fertilizer

Usually, fast-acting, liquid fertilizer speeds up your grass growth. It absorbs quickly, but that can have drawbacks, as it means you have to mow more often. Liquid fertilizer can be more expensive than dry grass food, and it doesnt last as long as granular fertilizer. Some products are sold as a concentrate you mix yourself and apply with a sprayer, and others are in a package that can just be attached to your hose.

Dry fertilizer

Because its made from solid materials, you can sprinkle dry fertilizer over the soil. It can last up to nine months, depending on your soil and the results. Generally, cheaper, dry fertilizer doesnt involve mixing, and its pretty easy to apply the fertilizer with a broadcast spreader. After its applied, you usually have to water the lawn to activate the dry fertilizer.

The choice between liquid and dry fertilizer comes down to convenience and preference on your part. The plant doesnt care its going to be the same nutrients, according to Dr. Nick Christians, who teaches turfgrass management at Iowa State University.

Types Of Fertilizers For Lawns

There are many types of lawn fertilizers, and many formulas that behave differently once in the soil. Here is a brief list and description of different kinds of lawn fertilizer.

  • Fast release fertilizers can offer quick greening and is relatively inexpensive, but can burn grass and can cause grass to grow more quickly than desired.
  • Using controlled release or slow release fertilizers will result in a more even and uniform growth and wont burn grass, but is more expensive and grass will have a slower response to the fertilizer. Controlled release fertilizers are compatible with almost any lawn.
  • Weed and feed contains a broadleaf weed killer for dandelions in the fall, or a preemergent herbicide in the spring. It offers nitrogen and other nutrients as well as the weed killers to do two jobs with one application.
  • Winterizer fertilizers help to prepare lawns for cold weather and stresses and aid in disease resistance, and are often very high in potassium.
  • Lawn starter fertilizers are meant for freshly seeded lawns or newly laid sod and are high in phosphorus.

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Best Fertilizers For Vegetables 2022 The 11 Winners

Vegetable gardens, especially summer vegetables, should be fertilized regularly for a healthy yield throughout the growing season.

To determine what type or quantity of fertilizer is best for your vegetables, you can perform a soil test.

It provides you with a better idea of what additional nutrients should be supplemented to your garden soil and will provide you with the exact levels of nutrients in the soil.

Continue reading to learn why fertilizers are necessary for your vegetables and what the best fertilizers for vegetables are.

The Colorado State University mentions that too much fertilizer for vegetables can be harmful and have negative effects on vegetables.

How To Tips On Buying The Best Lawn Fertilizer For Your Yard

Top 10 Best Lawn Fertilizers Review In 2022

Buying fertilizer for a lawn can be confusing, an early spring feeding schedule is where many people start their fertilization program. However, all the numbers on bags can stop a homeowner in their tracks. Find out what you need to buy the best fertilizer for grass.

Question: My neighbor always seems to be out with his broadcast spreader applying a bag of fertilizer to his yard. I will admit it looks like a healthy lawn.

Whenever I ask him questions about his annual lawn care program he gets all technical, starts talking about slow-release fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and throws out a bunch of chemical names, ratios and numbers. Basically I get confused!

I want to make my yard look better and need to know the best grass fertilizer to buy along with some tips in setting up a maintenance program. Help! Peter, Atlanta, Georgia.

Answer: Peter, your lawn or better yet grass is just like people turf need water, protection, and lawn food to survive. Most of the elements needed for grass to exist youll find naturally in the environment.

However, by feeding your grass with three major elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, you can build a healthy lawn, a beautiful carpet of grass, just like your neighbors.

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Lawn Doctor Fertilization Service

Lawn Doctor fertilization service costs an average of $300 to $600 with a yearly maintenance contract, depending on the fertilizers used and the size of the lawn being treated. Lawn Doctor provides a selection of customized maintenance plans for consumers to ensure that people get the services they need. They have a strong reputation and offer organic fertilizers in addition to synthetic chemicals.

Scotts Green Max Lawn Food

Best Child and Animal Friendly Formula

Boasting fast action, this fertilizer promises to make your lawn greener in just three days. This 2 in 1 formula both feeds and supplements the soil with iron, providing your garden with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive with dual action.

Thickening your grass to fill bare spots means fewer opportunities for weeds to grow. This product can work on any grass type in any season. Feed your lawn every 6-8 weeks for low-maintenance garden care. The product is child and animal-friendly, which is excellent for families with pets.

Because this plant food is so fast-acting, it’s perfect if you have left your lawn care until the last minute. Or if you have a garden event coming up and you want to add some extra color to impress your guests.

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Inorganic Or Synthetic Fertilizers

Inorganic fertilizers are designed in two ways. They are either slow-release, meaning the nutrients are absorbed in a time period of several weeks or months.

The second option is where the nutrients can be absorbed by the plant instantly.

The number on the packaging of an inorganic fertilizer represents the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium quantity.

The first number is the percentage of nitrogen, and the next one is the percentage of phosphorus, followed by the percentage of potassium.

Most vegetables require a balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10 or 20-20-20. But some of them will also need an additional supply of potassium. Leafy green vegetables need plenty of nitrogen.

These fertilizers usually have a higher nutrient content compared to organic fertilizers. They are available in liquid, granular, pellet, or powder form.

They are inexpensive compared to organic fertilizers but do not benefit the soil in the long term.

Seller Rank In The Marketplace

Scotts Turf Builder Winterguard Fall 37.5

If you buying the products from our shortlisted table, then one thing you can consider is to check the seller rank. A trendy and growing product means it is delivering good performances to most of the customers. And better trends and growth of selling means better seller rank. And cheap lawn fertilizer from a good seller rank will ensure not only good quality of the item but also a better after-sale service and good warranty service if available.

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What Do You Think

Whats your favorite organic fertilizer and how do you use it in your garden? Please let us know in the comments below!


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Best Lawn Fertilizer For Weeds

WHY WE LIKE IT: This powerful lawn fertilizer by Scotts Turf Builder nourishes grass with healthy nutrients while clearing out dandelions, clovers, and other weeds.

The Weedgrip technology incorporated into this fertilizers design enables it to attack weeds you can see and those that you dont. It quickly and easily clears out weeds while thickening your grass. With a satisfaction guarantee, you know youll be impressed with this fertilizers innovative formula.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT: If you want to boost your lawns health during the warmer seasons, while also clearing away troublesome weeds, this is an excellent fertilizer to go with.

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Weed And Fungus Control

Weed and fungus control fertilizers cost an average of $20 to $70 and are great to help feed the lawn while killing weeds and eradicating fungus. If you have issues with weeds or fungus, you can get a fertilizer that helps with this. Synthetics do this by adding chemicals that kill the weeds but not the grass. Organics do this by changing the soils chemistry.

Next Steps: Watering Your Lawn

GreeneCharge. The N-Ext BIG THING. HULK OUT your Lawn!

After you fertilize, water your lawn immediately, so the fertilizer washes off the grass and into the soil. After this initial watering, the schedule depends on your type of grass and what season youre fertilizing. Generally, your grass will need one inch of water per week following fertilization unless youre using a slow-release fertilizer, in which case you only need to water once a month.

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Features To Look For In Lawn Fertilizer

Release Type Categorised into two types, lawn fertilizer can either have fast releasing properties or slow releasing properties. Liquid fertilizers remain instant in their effects while granular makes can release nutrients both instantly or over time. Brands that feed lawns over time are great for homeowners who prefer to stretch the months in between applications. They are also gentler and do not tend to burn grass as easily.

Consistency Fertilizers come in two different forms, namely liquid and granular. Granular lawn fertilizers are popular for their ease of use and longevity. They can be the slow release type or can give faster results. Granular types also tend to be the cheaper option. Liquid fertilizer does not give a slow release option but the advantage is that their effects are almost immediate.

Fertilizer Numbers Written clearly on the packaging of most fertilizer brands, you will see a list of the macronutrient levels. These levels are listed as a series of three numbers, for example, 22-5-10. The numbers give you an indication of how much nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is found in the granules or liquid. These are the three primary nutrients that grass depends upon to grow.

How We Chose Our Selection Of Lawn Fertilizers

Brand When it comes to lawn food, we wanted to make sure that the results will be the lush and green lawn you had hoped for. This is why we decided to stick to brands that have a good reputation for manufacturing products that work like promised while sticking to the ingredients listed on their packaging to ensure that no toxic substances are used without the necessary caution given.

Price When it comes to determining the price of lawn fertilizer, then giving accurate calculations becomes a bit tricky. But dont worry, we did the math for you! We measured the price against quantity, quality, and the number of applications you get per purchase and then created a comprehensive list of products that will meet an assortment of different budget types.

Reviews What better way to get the gist of a product than by getting feedback straight from the horses mouth. The horse we refer to in this instance is the consumer! We took some good time to read through online reviews to see if each brand of lawn fertilizer is living up to expectations. This process helped us to pluck out the rotten apples, leaving us with a selection of premium fertilizer blends that truly do work.

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Find Out What Your Plants Need By Getting To Know Your Soil

The first step to knowing what your plants really need in terms of fertilizer is knowing what your soil needs. Thats where a soil test comes in. Your local county extension office should be able to provide one. You simply send in a soil sample using the instructions they provide, and theyll send you back an extensive report that tells you what your soil already contains and what you really need to add for optimal plant growth.

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The report will also tell you the composition of your soil. Generally speaking, this is important because soils vary in their ability to hold nutrients and make them available to plants. Sandy soils do not hold nutrients well clay soils do. However, clay soils do not like to give up the water they hold, so it is more difficult for plants to take up the nutrients that are available. As we mentioned above, loam is the soil that every gardener strives for. Those of us who dont start out with it try to achieve it by adding lots and lots of amendmentsin the form of organic matterto our soil over the years.

Lawn Fertilization Cost By Company

Scotts Green Max 16.9

The three major companies hired for lawn fertilization charge an average of $200 to $700 for their services, depending on the size of the lawn and the materials used. Several well-known companies provide lawn fertilization services, but these are the most popular services people choose for this project. Each has its own types of materials or methods used, rates, and other considerations. In the table and sections below, we will look at the average cost of each service, whats included, and other important things to know.

$450 – $700

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