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What To Put On Lawn Now

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Dont Wait Too Long To Mow The Lawn

How to lay a new lawn

Finally, it may seem early, but in most parts of Pennsylvania, grass will be ready for its first trim sometime in April. We recommend that grass be mowed once it reaches about 3 inches in height. By mowing the new green blades when they get to this point, you will prevent the grass from getting overgrown and stimulate continual growth.

Weed Killer For Large Lawns

For larger patches you may need to mix up a larger volume of spray solution. Depending on how much you have to do, a large area may need a knapsack sprayer. This requires some pre planning. You need to assess the area that must be sprayed to be able to calculate the amount of spray-chemical mix that you will need.

Try to avoid preparing too much chemical solution because you may be tempted to go over parts which you have already sprayed, this is just bad practice. Its also unwise to have a surplus of spray-chemical solution left over in the knapsack sprayer.

What are you going to do with the surplus? You mustnt pour it down the drain and if you empty it into a container to store for next year you may forget about it when the time comes and mix up a fresh mix.

You will then have a container of spray-chemical hanging around which may or may not have a label on it. You wont know if it would be effective if you use it because it may deteriorate and there is the constant risk that it may fall into small inquiring hands.

How To Cut Grass Properly

The biggest mistake that people make when cutting the lawn is to cut to close to the ground. The assumption is that by cutting it aggressively tight it saves work because you wont need to cut it again for a good while.

This, however, doesnt necessarily help your lawn. If an extended dry period follows on from a tight cutting of the lawn the soil surface will bake and crack. With little or no grass to shade it this can get worse in times of drought. With a possible water shortage and hosepipe bans in place irrigation wont be an option.

So, when you mow your lawn dont be greedy. You know how much you like using the lawn mower, leave some for next time. Set the cut height to about 40mm/1½inches. This will provide some shade for the soil surface reducing evaporation. Do this in a drought time and yours will be the greenest lawn around.

Another advantage of leaving some depth of grass is that the weeds find it a struggle to thrive. The grass shades them out and they cant get through. So if you are a weedist with sadistic tendencies against weeds this is the perfect strategy for you.

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Give It Nutrients To Grow In The Spring

Plants go dormant in Pennsylvanias winter climate, so fertilizer isnt necessary during the coldest months. This is true even for cool season grasses. But you can help your lawn recover from the harsh weather with fertilizer treatment first thing in the spring. After aerating, as soon as the snow melts and outside temperatures reach an average of 55°, give your grass a healthy snack to energize growth for the spring. Lawn fertilizer is a special mix of nutrients that the roots absorb. Then, the plant stores or uses it as food over time. If you use a spreader, fertilizing can be a quick and easy way to care for the lawn.

Include A Mix Of Plants

Do Not Put Signs On The Grass Sign Stock Photo

Be sure to include a mix of many different plants and grasses in your lawn. A diverse landscape is better for the environment and can be easier to maintain, because it prevents pest problems from spreading to the whole lawn.

For places where it is hard to grow a lawn, try plants more adapted to the area. See Plant diversity for more information.

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Groom The Grass At The Beginning Of The Season

Dont be surprised if your grass looks sad and worn down when the snow clears. The winter is a harsh challenge for any lawn. In the early spring, lightly rake the lawn to help perk up the turf ahead of the growing season. As soon as the soil dries out a bit, carefully clear away leaves and dead grass using a regular leaf rake. This will break up any matted areas and improve airflow the surface of the blades.

Wait to begin raking until the ground has dried out and firmed up in the spring. If the soil is muddy, you risk damaging the grass by walking and working on it. Also remember to be gentle. The old grass and new growth are fragile, plus moist soil makes it easier to pull the blades out of the ground.

Killing Weeds In Lawn With Vinegar

It is true, you can kill weeds using a vinegar solution but it isnt in any way selective. It will kill all the weeds and the grass together. When applied it will act relatively quickly compared to chemical weed killers. After application you may see a reaction with in a day.

This is because it performs in an instant mechanical way. The acetic acid in vinegar kills the plant by absorbing water from the leaves. The leaves fail to function and the plant dies.

There are are variations to using vinegar as a weed killer involving adding soap or detergent to help the solution to stick to the leaves.

Some recommend the addition of salt. You need to be very careful with this. It is not advised to use salt on soil where you want anything to grow whether a grass lawn or anything else. The salt can stay in the ground for a long time and possibly render the affected area useless.

So, vinegar is an option for clearing an area of weeds if you really want to avoid using other chemicals but leave out the salt. You could use it as part of a strategy where a patch of ground is nothing but weeds. Applying a vinegar solution will clear the whole patch leaving it clear, for a while, before cultivating for grass or anything else.

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Encourage New Growth In The Spring With Over

Many homeowners dont know that grass likes company. Cool-season grasses look best when it is AERATED in the Fall. The next step is to spread grass seed over the existing turf to counteract the natural thinning process through the winter. It will also introduce fresh growth to keep it looking lush all year.

Aerating and Over-Seeding in the spring is OK but Fall is the ideal time, so you dont have to compete with weather, weeds, and crabgrass problems. If you do seed in the spring, you need to do have to monitor it more frequently and water it when needed to speed up growth before any heat waves. The 1st week of April is an ideal time.

Spring Lawn Care Guide

How Much Fertilizer Do I Put On The Lawn

As the world outside finally begins to turn green after a long winter, its time once again to pay attention to your lawn. Spring is a sensitive time for your yard the soil is spongy, the plants are tender, and the weather is unpredictable.

Your lawn will thank you for being gentle this time of year, but it will also thank you for addressing a few important spring tasks. Heres how to go about taking care of your lawn in the spring.

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Tips To Keep In Mind When Applying Lime

The right soil pH is critical for bountiful crop provision. Most beginners often wonder when is the best time to apply lime. While we will answer this question in some sections below, we have these tips that can guide you when using lime.

Lime at Interval: It is essential to lime regularly to prevent the soil pH from getting critically low. The timing will, however, depend on the condition of the soil as determined by the soil pH. Some people only need to lime every 3 to 4 years for their soil to be at optimum capacity.

Plan Ahead: Correction of the soil pH is not a magic process. Even the best quality lime needs some time to react and take effect. Keep in mind that it takes about six months before you get the desired pH level. This is crucial if you are dealing with soil with a pretty low pH level.

Take note of the Soil Condition: The best soil for limestone application is dry soil. You can also apply limestone to the frozen ground to reduce compaction. This shouldnt be a problem, so long the limestone will not be washed off by rain or snow

Natural & Home Made Methods Of Killing Ants In Your Lawn

There are several natural and home remedies that it can use to kill ants on your lawn. These methods include;

Using Boiling Water.

Poring boiling water into an ants nest is the simplest and most widely used method of kill an ant nest. Try and locate all the entrances and pour boiling water into them. It will immediately kill most of the ants inside. Although some ant hills may appear small, most of them are bigger underneath and are home to several colonies. Using boiling water has some drawbacks, though. They include:

  • Boiling water wont kill off the entire colony because of the big size of the nests.
  • It often takes several attempts to notice success
  • Using hot water can result in boggy and wet areas in your lawn.
  • Hot water can scald your grass, turning it to brown.


Did you know that Peppermint is an insect repellant? You can plant Peppermint in your home or use it as a natural remedy to get rid of ants. Ants hate the scent. Apart from repelling ants, planting this plant will leave your home smelling minty fresh! Plant peppermint around the perimeter and entryways of your home.

You can also place peppermint cotton balls in areas where the ants frequent. Like most essential oils, keep this oil out of reach of pets, who may become very ill if exposed to this oil. You can find peppermint essential oil at your local grocery store.

Raking ant mounds

Spraying soap and water.



Using Olive Oil and Dishwashing Liquid

Chili Pepper

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Spring Tasks To Foster A Great Lawn

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The Spruce / David Karoki

When spring is in the air, you’ll see the first crocuses or daffodils return, marking the coming of the season. These signs should also signal to you that it’s time to get your lawn ready for the growing season. The exact timing of these lawn care tasks depends upon the climate of your region. If you get snow in your area, then start when you are pretty confident the snow season is over. Or time the start of your yard work with the point when the local forsythia plants stop blooming and the local lilac bushes begin to flower.

For homeowners in most regions, there are eight tasks you should complete in the spring to foster a healthy lawn.

Why Does Moss Grow On My Lawn

Mother Put On The Grass And Two Lambs Are Eating Grass ...

The appearance of moss tells a lot about your lawn. Seeing moss would tell me that the soil is too acidic. If you take a soil sample and analyse it to get a ph reading you will find that the measure will be quite low. Moss likes acidic conditions.

Then there is the type of soil that lays beneath the grass and moss. This will be heavy soil and will be, most likely, clay. This type of soil is rarely free-draining. The nature of clay is that it seals, preventing both water and air from moving through it. If this type of ground becomes compacted it will make it even less permeable.If the ground has a high level of sand, its less likely that you will see any moss at all. Sandy type soils are much more open. This type of soil is difficult to compact and so remains free-draining.So, if you see moss growing on your lawn you can assume that you have a lawn trying to grow on soil that is heavy clay. The soil surface is sealed due to compaction. Neither water or air can get into the grass roots and the soil is acidic. Seeing moss is such an indicator of acidity that it isnt worth bothering analyzing the soil.

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How To Maximize The Timing Advantage

Even when you plant your grass seed at the best possible time, your lawn still needs help to thrive. Whether this is your first lawn;or you’re the neighborhood expert, take some advice from turf professionals and get to know your grasses;and your soil;before you start seeding. Follow through on best practices for preparing and planting and don’t neglect traditional tasks, such as fall lawn care, that help keep your grass and soil healthy, well-nourished and ready to support new growth.

Do your research to understand what’s in a bag of grass seed;and the company behind the seed. Pennington is committed to producing the finest grass seed products;possible and providing you with educational resources to help your seed project succeed. By timing your lawn tasks properly, you can maximize your advantage and seed your way to the lawn of your dreams.

Pennington, Smart Seed and One Step Complete are trademarks of Pennington Seed, Inc.

When To Put Fertilizer On Lawns

All lawns need fertilizer in early spring when the grass begins to green up. Your fertilization schedule for the rest of the season depends on the type of grass in your lawn, the type of fertilizer you use, and your climate. Most lawn seed is a mixture of several different types of grasses, and both spring and fall fertilization are appropriate.

The label on a bag of lawn fertilizer will recommend a schedule based on the type of fertilizer it contains. The label is your best guide to how often to apply the product and how much to use. As long as you dont overdo it and avoid fertilizing in the hottest part of summer, your lawn should thrive.

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Can I Put Grass Seed On Top Of Grass

Sowing grass seeds on an established lawn will work. You must cut the grass short and rake away the grass clippings so that the new-sown seeds can find their way onto the soil surface. Before you sow the seeds you must prepare the soil surface to give the seeds the best chance to become established.

How Soon After Aerating Should You Seed

How To Apply Fertilizer To The Lawn | Lawn Fertilizing For Beginners

Id recommend seeding immediately after you aerate your lawn. Theres no need to wait! You dont want the holes to close up before you overseed. The seeds will go right down into the holes youve just created with your core aerator. Once they fall in, they are protected from things could potentially prevent germination. Heavy rain and birds can could both potentially disrupt the process.

Dont worry if some of the seeds dont fall into the aeration holes though

Theres a very high chance these seeds will still germinate. If you want help some of the seeds get into contact with the soil, you could always go around with a rake to try and help some of those seeds that are stuck. You could potentially improve your germination rate.

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Mow Your Lawn Correctly

Mowing is a seemingly simple task that you probably think you cant get wrong. But your mowing habits can have a big impact on your lawns performance. Mowing properly can lead to thicker grass.

One of the largest mistakes people make is mowing their grass too short. Mowing too short can put unnecessary stress on your lawn. This can cause a dull green or yellow color, which you dont want. It can also increase the likelihood for weeds — additional headaches you dont need.;

The goal is to cut no more than one-third of your grass blades at any one time. Ideal mowing timing is weekly and ideal mowing height is in between 3.5 and 4 inches, depending on your lawn type. Your mower blades should be sharpened to ensure a clean cut.;;

Best Time Of Year To Lime Your Lawn

So have tested the pH of your soil and you now want to add lime to your soil as you believe this will improve your lawn and turn it into the lush green grass that you have always wanted.

If you get it right then your dream of a lush green Lawn could be just around the corner, if you get it wrong you might not see much if any improvement or in a worst case scenario it could be a disaster and make your lawn worse than its ever been.

So with that in mind, you want to apply the lime at a time of year that is ideal for it to be absorbed deep into the soil and this time would either be spring or fall

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Lawn Aeration Before Spreading

Before you spread your compost it would help if you open up the lawn surface by using a lawn aerator. This involves making spike holes all over the lawn to open up the surface.

;There are mechanical devices designed to make this a simple task using tools that range from powered aerators to boots with long spikes. Walking around on the lawn spiking the turf may turn out to be a useful form of exercise.

Spiking the surface is largely done to allow air to get into the roots. It depends on the type of soil you have but some heavy soils can become compacted over time forming a sealed surface layer. Often known as being capped.This inhibits air and liquid from getting into the ground. As a result the roots are starved of oxygen and water.

Can you use compost on your lawn? Yes, lots of it!

So opening up the surface in this way will allow some of the compost crumb to get into the root area beneath the grass surface. It will also allow rain-water to wash the dissolved nutrients of the compost into the soil. Its this that feeds the roots. Doing all of this is most of whats involved in a good lawn care program.

Spiking is also good practice for creating a lawn area that is permeable to rain water. An open surface allows the ground to soak up and retain rain water like a sponge. It will hold onto the water for a while before it eventually drains away.

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