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When Should I Fertilize My Lawn In Michigan

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Apply A Late Season Fertilizer Application

When Should I start Fertilizing my lawn? When you should do your first fertilizer application

To ensure good winter survival and early-spring green-up, make this fertilizer application when the turf has stopped growing but is still green, usually in mid- to late October. Timing is critical. Fertilizer applied too early will promote succulent growth in the fall that will make the lawn more susceptible to winter injury. Fertilizer applied too late will be of no benefit to the turf. If you make a late-fall fertilizer application, spring fertilization can be delayed until late May to early June. The application rate for this time of the year is the same as for the early fall application .

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What Times Of The Year Should You Fertilize Your Lawn In Michigan

The beginning of the growing season for your plants is in early spring. You should now apply spring fertilizer in Michigan when your lawn needs it most. Weather permitting, this season will likely take place from February to April.

New grass fertilizerWhat types of fertilizer are best on grass?Scott’s Lawn Builder Scott’s Lawn Builder is probably the best lawn fertilizer on your list. Suitable for all types of lawns/meadows.MiracleGro Water Soluble Lawn Fertilizer This fertilizer is safe for all types of lawns and can be applied at any time during your lawn’s growing season.GreenView lawn fertilizerWhat is the best fertilizer for s

We Supply Your Grass With All The Nutrients It Needs To Thrive And Develop A Bright Green Color

If you want a soft, gorgeous lawn that is of the highest quality, then you need an expert lawn care professional to apply fertilization treatments to the grass throughout the year. These treatments will supply your grass with vital nutrients that it needs to thrive.

We create bright, healthy, green lawns by fertilizing them in Chesterfield, Macomb, Shelby, and the nearby townships and cities of Michigan.

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Picking The Right Fertilizer

Picking the right fertilizer depends on your lawn type and your end goal is. If you want to make your lawn greener and healthier, a product like The Andersons 16-0-8 Fertilizer with Humic DG is great for you. It contains methylene-urea that will give your lawn an even feed over eight to 10 weeks. Its also safe for pets.

Is It Too Late To Fertilize My Lawn In June

How Much Water Does My Lawn Need A Week

4.4/5lawnsfertilized tootoo latefertilizinglawnfertilizerfertilizerin-depth answer

Often many lawns are fertilized too early in the spring or too late into the fall. The focus to fertilizing a lawn in the summer is to add a fertilizer containing nitrogen to encourage green growth. Centipedegrass should only receive one fertilizer application in and the application should be low in nitrogen.

Also Know, is it too late to fertilize my lawn in July? Fertilizing only in the spring or the summer will deprive your lawn of the extended benefits of fall fertilization. During the summer the grass plant produces energy from photosynthesis that it uses for top growth. As temperatures drop in the fall root growth is favored over plant growth.

Similarly one may ask, can I fertilize lawn in June?

Timing: Apply summer lawn fertilizer once between and August, 6 to 8 weeks after the late spring feeding. Apply the Summer product now to help make the most of each watering and encourage deep root growth.

What should I put on my lawn in June?

Tips. Use a broad-leaf weed killer to spot spray violets, wild strawberry, mimosa weed and prostrate spurge in your lawn. Raise the height of your mower by one notch. It will help your lawn grass withstand dry weather.

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What Is The Best Fertilizer For Lawns

The Top 5 Best Lawn Fertilizers Scotts Green Max Fertilizer. If you want easy and quick green grass, then Scotts Green Max is the fertilizer for you. Miracle-Gro Lawn Food. This is one of the most popular lawn fertilizers for a reason. Safer Brand 9333 Ringer Fertilizer. Milorganite 0636 Fertilizer. Scotts Turf Builder.

Applying Fertilizer In The Summer Can Help Your Grass Survive The Heat

The hot, dry weather in the summertime can be rough for us to deal with, and the same is true for your grass. The majority of the grass in Michigan is cool-season grass, meaning that the grass thrives in temperatures of around 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and tends to struggle in the hotter months. Fertilizing in the early summer can help to prepare your grass for the hot weather because it makes your turf more resistant to heat and drought. Another reason you should fertilize in the summer is that the summer is the ideal time for applying weed control and these two lawn care treatments go hand in hand if you fertilize but do not apply weed control, you are simply feeding your weeds with more nutrients and encouraging their growth. Likewise, if you apply weed control but do not fertilize, you will have no weeds, but your grass will be lacking essential nutrients.

Lawn care companies often offer fertilization and weed control services in one package.

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Quick Answer: When Should I Fertilize My Lawn In Maine

Do not apply fertilizers before spring green-up or after September 15. Avoid fertilizing in midsummer. If fertilizing a Maine lawn once a year, the best time is around Labor Day. If splitting the fertilizer into two applications, the other application time should be in May, after spring green-up.

Why Your Lawn Requires Fertilizer Applications

When Should I Fertilize My Lawn? Bermuda Lawn Care Tips 2021

Without routine fertilizer applications, your lawn will suffer and will not be able to reach optimal health conditions. The key nutrients in fertilizer nourish the grass and soil in different ways. Nitrogen helps your grass green up and is a major part of chlorophyll, an essential part of the photosynthesis process. Potassium helps to strengthen the lawn overall and increases its chances of fighting off lawn diseases, while phosphorus works to create a stronger root system.

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When To Apply Popular Uk Fertilizers

Below is a table detailing how often to apply popular U.K. lawn fertilizers such as Miracle-Gro Evergreen and Westland. Please note that some of the fertilizers below contain weedkiller. These can be applied to any type of grass.

Please note that the table below includes Amazon Affiliate links.

*NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium

When To Apply Popular Us Fertilizers

Below is a guide detailing how often to apply popular U.S. lawn fertilizers such as Scotts or Pennington. It also states the key features of the fertilizer. Please note that the table only lists the multi-purpose fertilizers. There are fertilizers available for specific grass types such as St Augustine or Bermuda however, the products below are suitable for all types of grass.

Please note that the table below includes Amazon Affiliate links.

*NPK = Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium

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Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Fall Fertilizing Questions:

During fall, best practices say that September is the best time to fertilize your lawn. So that means, right about now you should be taking steps to get your lawn ready for fall and winter. Even more important than the September fertilizer application is the second one that should take place at the end of October or early November.

This last application of fall lawn fertilizer before the winter can make all the difference in the health of your lawn next spring. Taking the time to fertilize in the fall will strengthen your plants and lawns roots, giving them a strong base on which to thrive next spring.

The team at Spring-Green is here to help you prep your lawn for fall and winter with fertilization services and so much more. Since 1977, weve helped our customers care for their residential and commercial lawn care with an unwavering dedication to quality. For any of your lawn care needs, contact one of our neighborhood lawn care professionals to get started.

Perfect Timing For A Beautiful Lawn

St Augustine sod laid in primarily Bermuda yard

A beautifully maintained lawn

Having a lawn thats healthy-looking can do a lot to enhance your propertys value, but in order to have a lawn that performs at this level requires fertilizing with the right fertilizers at the right time for the best results.

But before we touch on this topic what I want to emphasize here is a beautiful healthy lawn is dependent on more than just fertilizing. Proper water management, keeping your lawn mowed at the right height along with choosing a lawn that fits into your plan will work wonders, for example, St Augustine grass cannot withstand continual foot traffic which will cause this lawn type to die out.

Bermuda grass on the other hand can withstand foot traffic and still look just as beautiful and an example of Bermuda grass is the grass type that we see on gulf courses. So before installing a lawn know why you want that type of lawn and find out as much as you can about maintenance or care which will keep your lawn growing healthy and looking beautiful.

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Spring Fertilizing Can Help Your Grass Emerge From Winter Dormancy

Because the winter weather conditions in Macomb, MI are so harsh, your grass will go dormant during the winter season. A great way to help your grass recover and emerge from winter dormancy is to fertilize your lawn ahead of time. As soon as soil temperatures begin to warm up, the roots of your grass will begin to break dormancy well before the blades start to green up. Turf root system development during this time is crucial for the health of your grass fertilizing in early spring will promote this root system development and allow deeper roots to form, which sets your grass up for successful growth in the coming summer. Choosing to fertilize in the early spring can also encourage increased top growth which results in a lusher, fuller lawn.

Dont Fertilize A Vulnerable Lawn

You should never apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to a dormant lawn. Applying fertilizer when it is too cold and your lawn is not yet growing will only encourage any weeds to grow and take over.

If there is a drought, you might want to avoid fertilizing your lawn until its over. This is because when you apply fertilizer youll need to water your lawn several times to make sure those nutrients get into the soil .

If the fertilizer is left sitting on top of the grass blades for too long, you could end up with burned grass blades.

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Details About Our Fertilization Treatments & When We Apply Them

Each of our fertilization treatments is done with a balanced fertilizer that generally contains nitrogen and potassium. Some fertilizers contain phosphorus, but the use of this substance is regulated by the state of Michigan and can only be applied to new lawns or soil that has tested low for phosphorus. Learn more about when we apply our fertilization treatments:

  • Early Spring: This first treatment is done to help your lawn green up for the growing season. If it does not rain within seven days of this treatment, make sure to water your lawn.
  • Late Spring: Another treatment of balanced fertilizer continues to provide nutrients to your grass and soil.
  • Early Summer: We supply more nutrients to the lawn so it can feed on these and grow strong.
  • Late Summer: Fertilization at this time is important as the grass needs its strength during the heat of summer.
  • Early Fall: This balanced fertilizer offers more vital nutrients to your grass and keeps nourishing it throughout the fall.
  • Late Fall: One last treatment for the year prepares your lawn for the winter months and helps it build deeper roots. This will be extremely beneficial once the lawn emerges from its winter dormant period the following spring.

We also provide weed control treatments each time we fertilize your lawn so the grass will be as strong as possible.

Should I Fertilize The Lawn Before Or After It Rains

When Should I Start Fertilizing My Lawn???

The best time to fertilize is just before the rain, which will hopefully last long but not too long so it soaks into the soil and washes very little. Do not fertilize your lawn when it is wet, but after that it will become sunny and dry and could catch fire.

Vigoro Vs ScottsIs Vigoro Fertilizer as good as Scotts?Vigoro had very similar results to Scotts on weeds and is much better for weed prevention than weed control. The particle size of Vigoro Weed and Feed is quite large and takes longer to decompose and be absorbed by weeds.Is Scotts fertilizer good?SUMMER PROTECTION WITH INSECT CONTROL SCOTTS TURF BUILDER This is a good fertilizer for other seasonal fertilizers when insects are a problem. This food strengthens the grass against drough

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When Should I Fertilize My Lawn

How and when to fertilize a new lawn? Fertilize in early fall with a regular lawn fertilizer, such as 21714 or 32816, from late August through late September, depending on location. Fertilize your lawn in mid to late fall with overwintering fertilizer anytime from mid-October to late November, depending on latitude.

Consult Lush Lawn For Your Lawn Fertilizer Needs

Michigan lawns need the correct amount of fertilizer applied at the right time. While this fertilizer lawn schedule can be beneficial from a DIY standpoint, we also want you to know Lush Lawn offers a professional lawn fertilization program that aligns with this timeline. Pairing the optimal products and techniques with the ideal timing, we help Southeast Michigan homeowners keep their lawns lush, green and weed-free, without any hassle or inconvenience.

For more information on our fertilization services, visit the FAQs section of our website. Then, when youre ready, request a free quote, and well be in touch!

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How Many Times A Year Do You Fertilize Your Lawn In Nj

In general, it is sufficient to fertilize the lawn twice a year if it is fertilized with a high content of nutrients. The best advice is to choose only one supplier and product for that particular year/growing season and follow the instructions for recommended frequency of use.

Can I Use Miracle Grow On Grass SeedCan you put Miracle Grow on a new herb?A Michigan State University study found water-based MiracleGro works best on grass. You can use MiracleGro on new grass seeds or just on spots on your lawn. MiracleGro also produces grass seeds, as well as a product called Patch Magic, to easily fill in stains on your lawn.And when can I fertilize my new lawn?We recommend fertilizing the lawn six weeks after laying it and then water it abundantly. This will help p

What To Do Post Fertilization

Hydroseed went wrong, salvage or keep trying?

The next step after applying spring fertilizers in Michigan should be to clean up the lawn. Any fertilizer you leave behind poses as a risk to the environment, people, and pets. It could also runoff into storm drains or burn your grass. Clean off the area where you may have spread the fertilizer accidentally.

It is also important to water the lawn properly after applying spring fertilizers in Michigan. The lawn should be adequately wet to ensure the granules break down. Do make sure that you dont over=water the grass since that will result in the grass using up nutrients faster.

If you dont have the time or knowledge to apply spring fertilizers in Michigan than a better option is to hire professional lawn care services. They can enhance the aesthetic look of your lawn and make sure that it grows in a healthy manner.

Give Fresh Cut Lawn and Landscape now to assist with any landscaping needs. Our professionals are standing by to answer any questions about fertilizing your yard. We can be reached at 739-6646 or 650-3600. You will thank yourself for trusting our experts with your yard!

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When To Water Lawn After Fertilizer Application

Generally speaking, you shouldnt water your lawn after applying weed and feed, because the water can disperse the substance disproportionally. Rain and watering may cause that you have a lot of weed and feed granules on one spot and not enough on the other, and like that, you wont have good results. Thus, check the weather forecast to be sure that after fertilization, it wont rain for at least 48 hours after youve used lawn weed and feed.

Take Care Of Those Weeds

Summer is a great time to use a post-emergent, weed control method. Post-emergent products kill weeds that are already growing, rather than weeds that are still in the seed growing stage. Pay attention to the directions on the bottle. It is best to use weed control on a day that is less than 85 degrees. Check to make sure it wont rain that day or else all of your weed control measures will be washed away.

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Your Last Two Fertilizer Applications Should Take Place In The Fall

Fertilizing your lawn in fall helps restore damage that was caused by the stress of summer heat, promotes nutrient storage for use in the winter, and supports healthy root growth, which creates a healthier lawn in spring. It is best to plan for two fertilizer applications between late August and November. Leverage winters severe weather to help get rid of weeds by also scheduling a weed control application in the fall.

If you have questions about your lawn fertilization schedule or weed control applications, contact the lawn care experts at LawnMatters.

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