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Where Can I Sharpen My Lawn Mower Blade

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How Sharp Is Too Sharp

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

You want the blade sharp, but not too sharp. If its razor sharp, any sticks you might encounter will put a ding in your blade. You can make it that sharp, but then drag a sharpening stone over the top of the blade. To remove burrs, use a diamond sharpening rod by running it over the top of the blade.

Lawnmower Blade Sharpening Details

There are two options when sharpening your lawn mower blade: you can either sharpen it yourself or bring the blade to a professional. When bringing the blade in, all they will ask for is that you remove it from underneath your riding lawnmower using an appropriately sized wrench. This only takes about 5 minutes.

To sharpen the blade of your lawnmower, you should place it against a grinder until sharp enough. You will then want to make sure that it looks just like how it used to look when you first purchased it before placing it back on the mower. Some people may also clean off any rust with a wire brush and re-balance their blades after they are done sharpening them for safety reasons.

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With a service like lawn mower repair, the workmanship should always come with a warranty.

Step : Sharpen The Lawnmower Blade

After completing the tasks mentioned above, you can proceed to the main job, sharpening the blades. For this job, you can use either a handheld or electric grinder or a metal file, based on their availability and your comfort, and place it over the blades cutting edge. Remember always to maintain a proper angle while grinding. After properly sharpening one side, repeat the same process on the other side to finish the job. Since you wont be taking the blade off the mower, youll have to take your time to ensure that both sides are evenly sharpened.

While sharpening, make sure you move the grinder in only one direction and only sharpen the blades top face. This means that instead of sharpening with a back and forth sawing motion, youll be lifting the grinder every time. Instead of going for speed or rigorous motion, it is best if you grind smoothly and use the grinders or files entire length in every stroke.

Ideally, try to get an angle of 45 degrees on the top edge while moving the grinder.

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How To Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blades

Imagine mowing your lawn with a blunt lawn mower blade. It will probably look jagged and uneven. Just because the blade is spinning, it doesnt mean the blade is still cutting correctly.

You wouldnt want your hair messed up when you go to the salon or the barber, so why do the same to your lawn?

Does White Spirit Remove Paint From Carpet

How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades at Home

There are different cleaners available for removing paint from carpets, but you can also do this by using White Spirit. White spirit usually works well for removing oil-based paints, but you can also use it to remove fabric paints.If the paint is wet, rub it on the spot with a white cloth with white spirit. If the paint on your carpet has dried, first remove it with a spoon or butter knife and use the rest of the white spirit.

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Maintenance Your Mower Blade

Regularly sharpening lawn mower blades is a great habit its useful for maintaining a healthy lawn.

  • At the end of your mowing time always looks at the grass if the grass has a clean and smooth edge that means your blades are sharp. But if the grass edge is fried or torn, that means your blades probably dull and should be sharpened.
  • Balanced the blades regularly.
  • If you see any dents or crack on the blades, then please replace them.

Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening

Keep your riding lawn mower running great with blade sharpening services from Mower Doctor. We will come to your home and fix your mower faster than if you took it into a shop! Find out more!

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  • Lawn Mower Belt Replacement

    Replacing old or worn out lawn mower belts will keep your mower running great! Save time and money with our mobile lawn mower belt replacement services. Find out more!

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    Testing And Maintaining Your Blade

    The perfect time to sharpen your mowers blade is before a mowing session. Depending on how many times you mow the lawn and how large your own is, you may have to do this process several times during the year.

    To test whether the blade has been perfectly sharpened, start mowing a small patch. Examine the newly cut grass and make sure theyre even. If they are, then your blade is good to go.

    Can I Sharpen My Lawnmower Blades Without Taking Them Off

    How I Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

    Lawnmower blades should not be sharpened without taking them off. Blades should always be removed from the mower before sharpening, say the experts from Mowers Online. It is much more difficult to access the blade whilst on the machine and the chances of the blade slipping and causing injury are far higher.

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    Should Both Sides Of A Lawnmower Blade Be Sharpened

    The answer is no one side of the mower blades should be sharp, while the other side should be dull, just like in scissors. A lawnmower blade should have one side sharpened at an angle of around 45-degrees, and the other side should be left as it is except for smoothing any uneven edges. If both sides are sharpened, then the blades will get unnecessarily dull much quicker.

    S To Follow While Sharpening The Lawnmower Blades

    These are some steps that would make your mowing a lot easier:

    • First of all, make sure that you choose the perfect tool for sharpening the mower blades.
    • Detach the blades from the mower.
    • Clean the rust properly.
    • Find a great place for sharpening the knives.
    • In case the blade gets damaged, use a grinder before sharpening.
    • Maintain a specific angle when you run the blade.
    • Try maintaining the balance.
    • Keep checking on the blades if they have sharpened or not.

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    What Are The Extra Costs

    Some people choose to sharpen their own lawn mower blades because it is a more cost-effective choice. If you are going to do this by yourself take into consideration the price of a sharpener.

    If your blade is overused, it may be time to invest in a new one. Blades can range anywhere from $20 to $35 depending on the type.

    If the mechanic discovers other problems with your mower, you may have additional repairs to do, each coming with its own price.

    Sharpen The Lawnmower Blade By Hand

    How to Remove, Sharpen and Install Lawn Mower Blades

    There is a choice of ways to sharpen a lawnmower blade. Whichever you choose, a blade should be made butter-knife sharp.

    A lawnmower blade can be sharpened by hand using a 10in mill bastard file. Clamp it in a vise to hold it securely first. Run the file across the mower blade in one direction at the same angle as the original cutting blade angle, using enough pressure to remove nicks and burrs, says Eric De Boer.

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    Tools Youll Need To Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blade Without Removing It:

    • A Flat File OR A Rotary Sharpening Tool
    • Your Lawn Mower
    • a Mild Cleaner
    • Lubricant OR WD-40

    Of these tools, the flat file or rotary sharpening tool are probably the rarest. However, both are useful for more than just sharpening the lawn mower blades so it may be worth investing in a set if you dont already have some.

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    Other than that you should already have everything you need. The cleaner, and lubricant or WD-40 are both optional. Both can help make your job a little easier, and help your lawn mower blade last a little longer. But, you can sharpen your lawn mower blade without them if you need to.

    How Sharp Should A Lawnmower Blade Be

    Be sure to continue sharpening the edge of your blade past any nicks or chips in the blades edge. Continue sharpening until the blades cutting edge is not only sharp, but its a straight line.

    The Home Depot specifies that a blade as sharp as a butter knife is sharp enough to slice your grass. But not every homeowner agrees.

    Alan Hayne runs The Lawncare Nut Youtube Channel. He uses a mower blade sharpening procedure several of my friends and neighbors swear by: Hayne uses a mechanics angle grinder to sharpen his mower blades and always grinds them down until they are razor-sharp. His motto is that sharper is always better.

    So who is right? Is there such a thing as too sharp?

    Firstly, the sharper you get your mower blade, the more metal you must grind off of it. The more metal you remove from your mower blade with each sharpening, the sooner you must replace it.

    Secondly, you stand a chance of injuring yourself while trying to reinstall a razor-sharp mower blade. A butter-knife-sharp blade is much safer to handle.

    What is more, the edge of a razor-thin blade is not as strong as the thicker edge of a duller blade. If that razor-thin blade strikes a rock, it is more likely to bend or chip.

    Finally, if a blade can slice your grass without tearing the stems, it is a sharp enough tool for the task at hand.

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    Why Replace Mower Blades

    Sharpening your blades is a great option for the budget-minded and DIY-minded consumer, but it might not always be the best option.

    The most important reason to replace your mower blades that they show signs of irreparable damage:

    • Bent mower blade
    • Cracked mower blade
    • Blade worn down too far

    However, you dont have to wait for your blades to be beyond repair to get a replacement set. Having a set of replacement blades on hand is useful if you want to use your blades for different purposes. This is especially true in the case of mulching blades, as mulching grass can create extra wear on regular blades.

    Even if you dont plan on using blades for different purposes, though, you might replace your blades simply because you want a fresh start. Your thinking might be that if youre going to spend time taking blades off your mower and putting them back on, why not put on blades that will last?

    If you choose to follow that route, be sure to replace your blades on the same schedule you would sharpen them. Every 25 hours of use is still an excellent guideline.

    Remove And Clean The Blade

    How to – Sharpen your Lawn Mower Blade

    Once youve determined that you need to sharpen the blade, its time to remove the blade from the lawn mower.

    Before you begin, disconnect the power source from an electric mower, whether battery or corded. Disconnect the spark plug wire from a gas mower. This protects you from any surprise hiccups of power. Follow these steps to remove the lawn mower blade.

    • Put on work gloves and protective eyewear for safety.
    • Drain the gas tank to avoid fuel spills.
    • Carefully turn the mower on its side. Be sure that the air filter and the carburetor are facing up.
    • Find the nut that holds the mower blade to the drive shaft. Use a ratchet and socket or a wrench to loosen the nut until the mower blade releases.
    • If its tough to grip the nut, get more leverage. Brace the blade with a piece of scrap wood and clamp the blade still. You should be able to remove the nut now.
    • If the nut and threaded shaft are rusted or stuck together, apply penetrating oil and allow to sit for a few hours.
    • Clean the blade with a dry rag or microfiber cloth before sharpening it.
    • Sometimes the blade is unusually dirty or caked with grass clippings. When thats the case, spray it with some penetrating oil. Let it sit as directed, then scrub the debris away with a stiff brush.

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    How Often Should Mower Blades Be Sharpened

    Lawnmowers will all get different amounts of use. During the summer, the average homeowners mower probably gets used once a week. Still, if you mow lawns for your profession, theres a good chance that youre mowing multiple lawns a day, which means your mower gets much higher mileage than your suburban neighbors lawnmowers do.

    This means we need to come up with a standard that accounts for the time mowed, not time that has passed in general. For example, every couple months wouldnt work, because everyone mows for different amounts of time. This means that we have to come up with an average that accounts for that. Milage would work, but nobody wants to figure out how much ground they cover when they mow.

    Instead, lets use total time spent mowing! Everyone generally has at least an average idea of how much time it takes them to mow the lawn, and how often the lawn is mowed, making it decently simple to track.Generally speaking, the blades on your mower should be sharpened for every 25 hours spent mowing. So figure out how long it takes you to mow your yard and go from there!

    How To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades For A Better Looking Lawn

    • May 21, 2021

    Its that time of year across most of the United States. With colder weather giving way for spring, lawn mowing season is back in full swing. Keeping your lawn looking nice comes down to a few key elements. Of course, taking the time to care for your lawn isnt always easy. That means when you do mow, you want to make sure youre getting the best cut possible. Therefore, you need to be keeping an eye on your lawn mower blades.

    Worx cordless lawn mowers are some of the best value mowers on the market, but even top of the line equipment still requires regular maintenance to run the best it can. Lawn mower blades dull over time, and depending on the size of your lawn they might need regular care. Plenty of hardware stores will offer to sharpen your lawn mower blades for you, but theres no need to take them to someone else. Here are the best tips for sharpening lawn mower blades at home so anyone can get the job done!

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    How To Tell A Mower Blade Needs Sharpening

    A trained eye can tell when a blade needs to be sharpened simply by looking at the lawn after it has been cut. If the height of the grass is uneven or if there are tears in the blades, it is because the blade is dull. But it will be easier for the average homeowner just to remember to sharpen the lawn mower blade every other month or so. This works out to sharpening three times each year for the typical homeowner in the North.

    Why Does My Mulching Mower Leave Clumps Of Grass

    Sharpen Mower Blades the Easy Way

    Wet grass is more likely to form clumps than dry grass. Do not mow after rainstorms or early in the morning when the ground is still wet. clumping is likely if you have to mow when the grass is wet or long.

    If you have a lawn mower, be sure to use it in a well-ventilated area, away from buildings and other sources of heat and moisture. Mowing too close to buildings or other heat sources can lead to overheating of the blades, which can result in blade failure and damage to the lawn.

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    Sharpen Your Lawnmower Blades At Home

    Many of us have a common query mind, can I sharpen my lawnmower blade at home? Indeed, why not? It is a straightforward task to do.

    Do some research about how to sharpen the blades at home, find the best blade sharpening machines and get one for yourself. And then just follow the instructions and your work will be done.

    How To Sharpen A Lawn Mower Blade With An Angle Grinder

    As we mentioned earlier, you can sharpen a lawnmower blade using any number of tools. One of the easiest involves using an angle grinder. Of the people Im aware of who already know how to sharpen a lawn mower blade, most use an angle grinder. The reason this works is that lawn mower blades dont need to be razor-sharp. They do, however, need a clean cutting edgepreferably at the proper angle. This clean edge lets the blade slice, instead of chop, through the grass at high speed. Its the difference between cutting carrots with a knife and a piece of 1/8-inch steel swung wildly through the air

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    Read The Manufacturer Safety Instructions

    It’s very important to read the manufacturer manual to ensure safe operation. If your mower is powered by any type of motor, make sure it’s switched off. For gasoline lawn mowers, disconnect the spark plug wire, for electric and battery mowers, disconnect them from their batteries or electric outlets. This ensures your device won’t jump forward due to user mistake or mechanical failure and cause serious injuries.

    Since it’s impossible for us to tell you how to disconnect blades of every model of lawn mower out there, we suggest you refer to your owner’s manual.

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