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Which Is The Best Sprinkler System For Lawns

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Melnor Xt Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

The BEST DIY Sprinkler System // Lawn Irrigation // Quick Snap

Oscillating water systems are not only efficient, but easy to store and move around your yard. This top-selling Melnor oscillating sprinkler covers up to 4,000 sq. ft. More than 28,000 reviewers made it No. 1 Best Seller on Amazon.

“I’m impressed by how useful this sprinkler is,” writes one verified . “You can control the width of the spray separately for each side , the total pressure/distance, and the lean angles on each side through easy-to-remember and easy-to-adjust controls.

“I’ve been able to place the sprinkler to cover oddly-shaped patches of lawn and dial it in so it covers exactly what I need.”

Benefits Of Sprinkler Heads

There are many benefits to installing sprinkler heads, all of which provide more reason to invest in them. Firstly, it saves time and money. With a sprinkler system installed, the sprinkler heads will do the watering for you regardless of how large your lawn is. These systems are often timed which will also reduce your water bill as the watering will only be done when necessary.

Another benefit of sprinkler heads is the safety they provide. Alternative options like garden hoses can carry the risk of small children tripping over them and facing injury. Sprinkler heads are both safe and discreet, especially if they are pop-up ones that disappear back into the ground. Lastly, sprinkler heads have the benefit of being automated, so they water your grounds even in your absence. This saves both time and personal effort.

Rain Bird 25pjdac Brass Impact Sprinkler

  • The #1 best-selling brass impact sprinkler
  • Traditional favorite with classic impact sound
  • Brass, bronze, and stainless steel construction lasts longer than…
  • Easy to install and adjust full or part circle (20° to…
  • Adjustable deflector flap adjusts spray distance from 20′ to 41’…

If you’re looking for one of the best sprinkler heads that are durable, we recommend the 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler Head from Rain Bird Brand. This sprinkler head is made of copper, brass, and stainless steel, making it more long-lasting. When it comes to installation, you will find that it’s very easy to install. Adjustments are also easy and quick, plus you can select between a 360-degree coverage or a 20-340 degree part circle.

The 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler Head comes with a straight-through water flow design perfect for performance in dirty water. Also, it won’t get clogged or rust if you get the water from irrigation canals, ponds, or anywhere with high mineral content. Furthermore, it is equipped with a diffuser screw that is handy in splitting up the water into tiny droplets, making watering increasingly even, plus it decreases up to 25% of the radius.

Lastly, the 25PJDAC Brass Impact Sprinkler Head’s spray arm is designed to spray more water on your lawn and avoid splashing houses and walkways. It comes with an adjustable deflector flap that adjusts spray distance from 20 inches to a 41-inch radius.

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Best For Your Budget: Melnor 65049

Why it made our list

This oscillating sprinkler can cover up to 3,400 square feet, depending on the model. Its adjustable spray range allows you to use it on a variety of lawn types and sizes. The Melnor Oscillating Sprinkler also comes with a two-year limited warranty that covers any factory defects that appear after the purchase date.

Not only does this product have a , but its also inexpensive! For under $10 you can get a basic sprinkler to cover your lawn care needs.

Price on Amazon: $7.98-$14.99

The Best Lawn Sprinklerssummary

Lawn Sprinkler Garden Sprinkler , Automatic 360° Rotating Adjustable ...

Customers with small to medium lawns that want the versatility of changeable range and watering distance will appreciate the Melnor oscillating lawn sprinkler system . Gardeners with extensive vegetable gardens or homeowners with large lawns in perhaps a location that doesnt see much rain will find the Nelson traveling watering system an excellent option.

We hope our review of the best lawn sprinklers has been helpful and you found the best one for your watering needs to ensure full coverage with no dry spots. For more suppliers of related products, including irrigation systems, sprinkler heads, garden sprayers, and watering cans, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

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How We Test The Best Sprinklers

Sprinklers come in a variety of different flavours, but a lot of the things we’re looking for in a good garden sprinkler stay uniform, such as coverage, reach, modes and build quality. And these are the things we’re looking out for when we rate a unit.

For example, there are multiple types of oscillating sprinkler on the market, but some come with plastic fittings and others come with metal ones. And it doesn’t take much to figure out which one is going to boast the better build quality and longevity.

We want to know also, during our testing, just how easy a lawn sprinkler is to operate, as the last thing anyone wants is a supposedly all-singing-all-dancing model that can do it all if it isn’t easy and intuitive to use. Often the simplest products work the best.

Finally, over the longer term we’re looking out for how well these sprinklers perform over multiple seasons. If a garden sprinkler packs up after just one summer’s use then we will tell you about it here.

Best Sprinkler Systems For Lawns In 2021

Imagine that one day you dont worry about watering your garden. Instead, you begin to enjoy it. A common problem with lawns and gardens is irrigation. For some, this process can take a lot of time or be barely affordable. Regardless of your situation, there already are solutions that meet your needs and budget.

Heres a list of the best sprinkler systems for lawns to help you find the right solution for you:

  • Best overall sprinkler systems for lawns
  • Best sprinkler for small lawns

As you can see, to name the best sprinkler systems for lawns, it was necessary to categorize them. In reality, each garden has a unique combination of factors that create specific needs. To illustrate heres an easy summary to help you choose the best sprinkler system for your lawn.

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What To Look For In An Automatic Lawn Sprinkler

An automatic lawn irrigation system is a special mechanism that can be used to irrigate a lawn. During the irrigation process, you may not even be present and control it. All below-mentioned devices are set up fully automatically.

There are 3 types of automatic lawn sprinkler:

  • Rain irrigation sprinklers

Best Sprinkler Heads For Watering Small And Large Lawns

Best Sprinkler or Irrigation System For My Lawn

For a healthy lawn, you need to water and mow it. However, you need to ensure you don’t waste water when doing so. Therefore, you should go for the best sprinkler heads for your plants to ensure the proper water amount and absorption. Besides, a study shows that most homeowners reduce the water bill significantly when they utilize their sprinkler system.

Watering the lawn is easier, especially when you replace your handheld sprayer with two or more sprinkler heads that do the watering for you. Some sprinkler head models even work with controllers for an automatic irrigation system. Additionally, most basic sprinkler head models only need to be connected to a garden hose and have the water turned on, making it easy to water the lawn twice or thrice per week for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Choosing the best lawn sprinkler head will depend on various factors which you need to know before buying. Since you are here, check out our best sprinkler head models and the vital information you need to know before buying one. Keep reading!

What’s On This Page?

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Most Reliable: Fortivo Lawn And Garden Sprinkler

Why it made our list

Fortivo is an extremely reliable brand, and this particular sprinkler has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The product covers a wide area, leaving no dry patches, and doesnt leak during operation. The new model also comes with metal attachments on the bottom that prevent the unit from flipping over. The Fortivo Lawn and Garden Sprinkler is useful for all landscapes, and can easily navigate bumpy surfaces.

Price on Amazon: $22.99

Metal Oscillating Sprinkler: Dramm 15005 Colorstorm Sprinkler

Those who are particular with the materials used in their devices should take a look at the Dramm 15005 ColorStorm Sprinkler. This oscillating sprinkler comes with brass nozzles and primarily metal construction so it promises to be durable, even with heavy use.

Capable of covering 3036 sq ft, this sprinkler stands out for the details that make it easy to maintain. Its brass nozzles are not just made for uniform water streams but theyre also more durable than plastic nozzles. Theyre also easier to clean, especially with the included needle plug.


  • Has plastic moveable parts

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Best Sprinklers For A Small Lawn

A small sprinkler system at your home to water small lawn areas or even gardens can be a good investment to add to the value of your home and convenience and keep your garden in good shape.

The best Sprinklers for a small lawn come in many designs and options, and we would like to explore a few.

Growgreen Rotating Lawn Sprinkler

Sprinkler Solutions

GrowGreens rotating sprinkler is a great option for homeowners who want to water dry spots on their lawn. This sprinkler rotates 360 degrees and sprays water up to 32.8 feet away, covering as much as 3,600 square feet. In addition to its powerful performance, this sprinkler is constructed with a rust-resistant polymer that helps keep your lawn hydrated day after day.

GrowGreen Rotating Lawn Sprinkler

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Planning The Irrigation System

An irrigation system may be as simple as a sprinkler connected to a water hose, or it may be as complicated as a system of underground pipelines with multiple circuits and automatic controls. This publication deals primarily with the more complex systems, but most of this information can be applied to any lawn or garden irrigation system.

A step-by-step design procedure is not always a simple matter. A number of factors are involved. With sprinkler systems especially, the types and number of sprinklers must match the pressure and volume capacity of the water supply. Also, the application rates from sprinklers and drip emitters should be low enough to prevent excessive runoff from the soil surface but high enough to meet the water requirements of the crops. Selecting the best sprinklers and/or emitters and spacing for a particular system can be a process of trial and error. Several factors must be known prior to planning an irrigation system:

  • irrigation requirements of targeted crop or plants
  • shape of the area
  • soil type
  • water source
  • operational requirements .

Sometimes the water supply already exists, and the system must be designed with the pressure and volume limitations in mind. In other instances, the water source requirements will be determined from the irrigation design, and the water supply will be installed accordingly. At any rate, you must consider all of the preceding factors while planning an effective irrigation system.

The Best Garden Sprinklers 2022

If you have a medium-to-large sized garden of 150 metres square and above go straight for this model because I dont know of any other oscillating sprinkler with a wider reach.

Constructed entirely out of metal with 18 brass nozzles and brass hose connector, this oscillating sprinkler surprised us with its unbelievably wide coverage, even in low pressure areas. The first time I set this thing off I had to sprint all the way indoors and not just stand to the edge the spray pattern is extremely broad and tall. Of course, I could have simply turned the tap off first before attaching the one-way Gardena connector but I like to live dangerously. For this reason, I wouldnt recommend the S& J for narrow urban gardens because it will also water both your neighbours lawns in the process.

Aside from adjustable angle of flow and a little pressure dial that controls its reach, it doesnt come with any fancy bells and whistles. Granted, a few months down the line you will have to take a pin to each nozzle to clear the calcium build-up and its so silent you may forget that its on. But if youre in the market for an incredibly well made, pro-spec oscillating sprinkler that covers a massive area in one go, then this is the one to plump for.

To see how this top pick compares to a fierce rival, then check out the Gardena Premium Pulse Sprinkler vs Hozelock Pulsating Sprinkler comparison feature.

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Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler Plus 2: The Best Value Lawn And Border Sprinkler

Price: £21 | Buy now from Argos

Hozelocks basic oscillating sprinkler keeps things simple, with just a curved metal bar with 15 tiny holes to let the water out and two sliders to set how far it can move back and forth. All the same, its thoroughly effective, sweeping backwards and forwards to cover an area of up to 180m2 on the smaller version tested. Larger versions with 17 or 20 holes are available to cover up to 260m2. The sled-shaped base keeps it stable, even on rough ground, and theres a standard Hozelock fitting for attaching the hose. You dont get the bells and whistles of the more expensive oscillating models, but this is a great and very affordable way to give your lawns or borders a decent soaking.

Key specs Type: Oscillating sprinkler Range: 14m Area covered: 180m2 Adjustments: Spray width Connectors: 1/2in Hozelock Dimensions: 142 x 450 x 110mm

Price: £37 |

If youve got enough pressure this sprinkler will reach a range of 20m, either side, and even at a relatively lowly two bar of pressure you should reach up to 16m away. With a maximum coverage of 320m, its a great choice for keeping larger gardens watered.

Key specs Type: Oscillating sprinkler Range: 20m Area covered: 190m2 to 320m2 Adjustments: Nozzle on/off, width, pressure Connectors: threaded inlet with 1/2in Hozelock adaptor Dimensions: 546 x 160 x 88mm

Best Lawn Sprinkler System

The Best Sprinkler Type For Your Lawn?

Traditional sprinkler-based system are well suited to watering large areas of grass and large garden beds that have plants with similar watering needs. The best lawn sprinkler is an Oscillating sprinkler which is cheaper and is an effective way to help watering large areas of grass and large garden beds that have plants with similar watering needs.

One lawn sprinkler we recommend is the Gardena comfort Aquazoom sprinkler which can be purchased from your local Bunnings. With this particular sprinkler you can accomplish amazing results that will irrigate your lawn covering up to 250m². Please keep in mind that any sprinkler is better than no sprinkler.

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Features To Consider Before You Buy A Lawn Sprinkler

When looking for your new lawn sprinkler, there are several features that you should consider before making a commitment. When we selected the GreenGlow Garden Weighted Rotating Sprinkler as our Editors Choice selection and the best lawn sprinkler available, we considered the same following factors. These are the type of sprinkler, the coverage area, spray distance, materials, and warranties.

Better Policies Of The Best Sprinkler For Watering Lawn Are Supplied By A Great Product Than A Poor Product

2.1. Limited Warranty

It is usually preferable to make purchases with a guarantee of less than $500, $400, $200, $100, or $50 since this offers you added security. If the product does not meet your standards, you may always replace it and expect a payment, but only if you do so within the insurance period’s specified time.

Before making a purchase, it’s also crucial to understand how long the limitation period applies. For instance, depending on the sort of product or investment you’re making, some guarantees are only good for a year, while others might last up to 3 years or over.

If you want to buy a piece of equipment worth more than $2,000 and not have to worry about stuff like this, search for an extended warranty program.

The one with the product has a solid return policy, ensuring that you are supported if something terrible happens. A warranty should last at least two years there is likely a quality concern if it lasts much longer.

Reading user reviews online is one technique to determine which items offer fantastic warranties and policies. You may read what others have to say about their interactions with the company and how it compares to others.

Reading comments can also help you understand what to predict from your experience, so take your time before ordering!

2.2. Client Service

If you want your clients to be satisfied, you should adopt some or all of these quality standards into your customer support approach.

2.3. Return Policy

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Irrigation Scheduling App For Turf

Much of this publication provides information on general scheduling methods and ways to prevent overand under-watering your crop. Typically the amount of time the crop is watered is based on the soil type your lawn or garden is located in. However, there is currently an irrigation scheduling tool that can aid in more precisely predicting the water requirement of turf. The Smart Irrigation Turf Scheduling App is currently available through the iOS App Store for Apple devices and through Google play for Android devices.

The scheduling app will provide users with an estimate of irrigation run time needed to meet the current lawn turf water demand using a simplified approach for automated irrigation systems. The urban lawn model uses FAWN and GAEMN meteorological data to compute a simple, real-time weekly water balance. The model has different irrigation head types built in, including fixed spray, gear-driven rotary and impact. These irrigation types are user-selectable based on each individual user’s irrigation system. Temperatures are monitored to determine if they are above the minimum temperature required for crop growth. If temperatures are below the minimum, irrigation should be limited or not scheduled.

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