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Who Makes Ego Lawn Mowers

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Choosing The Right Ego Mower For You

EGO Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review. Putting The EGO BATTERY Powered Mower To The Test!

Before choosing an Ego mower thats right for your needs, you need to know the basic lawn mower-related information that a buyer needs to be aware of before choosing any product pertaining to this category. That being said, whether youre shopping for an Ego product or some other lawn mower, you need to take a look into:

V Arc Lithium Battery

EGO lawnmowers are equipped with 56V ARC lithium batteries. Its battery is called ARC because, unlike other brands, that has brick-shaped batteries its battery is shaped into an arc that prevents overheating.

EGO mowers also have Keep Cool technology that works with each battery to maintain long-lasting performance.

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Compact And Easy Storage

Traditional lawn mowers require gas and oil to function therefore, you cannot store them vertically in your garage. But since EGO lawn mowers work on batteries, you do not have to worry about spilling oil or gas.

Additionally, EGO lawn mowers are foldable, and you can easily fold them in compact form. Therefore, you can store them easily in your garage.

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What Lawn Mowers Are Made In The Usa

Most Americans enjoy the lower prices typically associated with products made overseas, but they also want to support American industry and protect American jobs. As a result, when it comes time to purchase a new lawnmower many wind up asking the question: What lawn mowers are made in the USA?

The outsourcing of production and the outright relocation of factories to other countries has created a situation where it is difficult to determine exactly which lawn mowers are made in the US, which are made overseas, and which are assembled in the US from parts that are manufactured overseas.

Is It Bad For A Lawn Mower To Get Wet

Best EGO Lawn Mower Reviews 2021

Can a lawn mower get wet? Yes, a lawn mower can get wet. Lawn mowers are designed for outdoor use, and while getting overly wet is not desirable, a bit of rain most likely wont cause any problems in the short term. The thing about water is in the details, or rather the quantities of it.

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What Else We Considered

Ego Power+ LM2101 56-V 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower: This was our previous top pick. Although it is a great option, we ultimately decided that its replacement, the EGO LM2102SP 21-inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower and its self-propelled design, was a better fit. If a self-propelled option isn’t important to you, this Ego mower would be a great choice for anyone with a relatively high budget who is looking for a high-quality battery-powered mower.

Worx WR165 Landroid: The high price of this robotic lawnmower kept it off our list. But if the $950 price tag isn’t an issue, it could be a good fit for anyone looking to explore a unique mower option. Similar to a Roomba, this mower navigates entirely on its own and automatically adjusts the height of the blade to account for uneven terrain. It wouldn’t be practical for anything larger than 1/8-acre, though, so keep that in mind.

Design: Sleek And Stylish

As soon as the EGO lawn mower came out of the box, we were impressed. It has a sleek, stylish design and because the majority of the body is made out of plastic, its extremely lightweightespecially when compared to traditional mowers. In addition to its plastic body, the EGO is equipped with 9-inch plastic wheels that seem large and sturdy enough to push through even the most unkempt lawns.

One of our initial concerns was whether or not the plastic would be able to hold up to inevitable bumps and dings, especially as wed be storing it in a garage with other items. Weve had metal lawn mowers that last for years and the light body of the EGO mower makes it seem less rugged. On the other hand, this could be beneficial, as plastic is weather-resistant and doesnt rust like metal does. We suppose time will tell.

The EGO lawn mower is very user-friendly, with easily-accessible mechanisms on the front and sides of the body that are simple to adjust. It also comes equipped with LED headlights that provide enough extra light to mow your lawn in low light conditions. If your only time to mow is after work or just as the sun starts to go down, this is a major plus.

The Spruce / Lindsay Boyers

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Bottom Line: Which One To Go For

So, should you go for a Greenworks or an EGO lawnmower? Well, there are two points to consider:

  • If youre looking for affordability and high portability, then youll love a Greenworks mower.
  • For people who prefer maximum quality and little maintenance, EGO would be the best choice.
  • Whatever you pick between Greenworks vs EGO, its sure youll get a fantastic product. Overall, EGO is a bit better but more expensive. So Greenworks can still be an excellent choice.

    With 10 Ego Lawn Mower Models To Choose From Theres Something For Just About Everyone

    EGO Battery Lawn Mower Product Review – Ace Hardware

    We had the pleasure of testing the very first EGO battery-powered lawn mower way back in 2014. Since then, theyve expanded their lineup significantly and stayed at the front of the pack when it comes to battery-powered mower innovation.

    While the top of their current 10-model lineup is near the top of the price list for residential battery-powered lawn mowers, they also have a couple that hit a great value at lower price points if youre buying an EGO lawn mower on a tighter budget. All in all, they do a nice job of hitting the entire spectrum of customer needs.

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    Ego 21 Self Propelled Mower


    • 6 height adjustments 1.5-4.
    • The runtime of up to 60 minutes
    • Weather-resistant construction
    • 9 ft-lb torque of premium gas

    This lawn mower delivers all of the torques of a gas mower without noise, bother, or pollutants, and it folds up into a little package for simple storage.

    It is powerful, yet quiet and easy to use, and its got a long runtime of 60 minutes. The lawnmower has a 9 ft-lb torque of premium gas, so you can expect it to get through any yard with ease.

    It is made from weather-resistant materials that make it more durable for years. The battery is housed in a heavy duty, sealed case, which protects it against harsh conditions.

    This lawnmower will cut through any yard without any issues, but its not recommended for large yards with heavy grass. It is also not ideal for yards with dry, hard soil.

    Ego Cs1800 56v 18 Vs Ryobi 40v 14

    Although both of these devices are battery-powered chainsaws, which means that they do not need gas to operate, this is really the only way in which they are similar. The EGO is an 18 chainsaw that costs around twice as much as the 14 Ryobi. The Ego has a 56V battery compared to the Ryobis 40V. The results are as you would expect.

    The larger and more powerful Ego is the better option. It is powerful, although you may want to upgrade from the 5Ah battery that is part of the kit: it offers reasonable runtime, but you will get much better from the available 10Ah alternative that is also available. It has auto-tensioning, an LED light, and is a reliable and powerful option for the home user.

    In contrast, the 14 Ryobi will cost about half as much and it operates using the 40V battery. You are recommended to get the latest generation battery for the best performance. Although it isnt as powerful as the Ego, it is lighter, which makes it easier to use, and it is also quieter. Whats more, because it uses and needs less power, it actually lasts a similar time.

    The Ego is better for medium to large jobs, and its power means it takes this competition, but for smaller jobs, the convenience of the Ryobi means that we would probably choose this model.

    Our Verdict: Ego CS1800 56V 18

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    American Lawn Mower Company

    It would be a shame if a company called The American Lawn Mower Company manufactured their mowers in some sweatshop overseas. Fortunately, that is not the case. The ALMC is actually the largest manufacturer of manually operated push mowers in the US. To add a bit of icing on the cake theyre also a family-owned American business, not a subsidiary of an offshoot of a faceless global corporation.

    A lot of folks are actually surprised to hear that American Lawn Mower is a true all-American company, if only because their prices are so reasonable. But the good people at ALMC have an ace up their sleeve that enables them to keep costs down: they also own the iron foundry where most of the parts for their mowers are made. So kudos to American Lawn Mower. Also, a lot of people have noticed similarities between ALMC mowers and Great States mowers. Thats no coincidence. Great States and American Lawn Mower are one and the same.

    The Cost Range: Are Ego Mowers Good Value For Money

    EGO 56V 42CM Brushless Push Mower

    With all the excellent features of Ego lawn mowers, it does seem like they give you a lot of bang for your buck. We get all these technological advantages that make mowing much more convenient than before. While the price tag might be staggering for those with an average income, it might be worth saving up for an Ego lawn mower model!

    The lowest price you can get an Ego lawn mower for seems to be around $369.99. The highest price is around $749. However, several owners might prefer to purchase an additional battery and charger, which can cost around $157 and $100 respectively. These items can take the final price tag up to $1000 at the most.

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    What Should I Look For In A Lawn Mower

    If you’re not sure where to start, Wilson explained that it’s more important to think about your yard first. “Meaning, the size of your yard and landscape,” he said.

    A good lawn-mower width for a small yard is anything 20 inches and above. Wilson added that electric mowers tend to be smaller than gas mowers, so a gas mower might be a better idea if you have a large yard.

    In addition to your yard size, Wilson also added that you should consider the terrain. While some mowers will function best on large, flat yards, others will be better suited for hills or lots of obstacles. “It can be quite frustrating when you have a high-powered motor that cuts grass efficiently but gives you trouble when you try to steer it around objects in the yard,” he said.

    You should also think about how much effort you’re willing to put into cutting your grass. If you want to ensure that the mower does as much of the work as possible, make sure you choose a self-propelled model. This will allow you to set the speed and simply walk behind the mower, steering as you go. If you have steep hills that require a lot of effort to traverse, it’s an especially nice feature. Consider a self-propelled model if your yard is over a quarter acre.

    How Long Do Lawn Mowers Last

    According to our expert, the typical lawn mower that’s used once a week can last anywhere from eight to 10 years. “At times, you might run into issues with the transmission or the engine,” said Wilson. “While it might be tempting to fix, realistically it’s much more cost-effective to get a new one than repair or replace broken parts.”

    To ensure that your lawn mower lasts as long as it should, make sure you follow the recommended maintenance and cleaning procedures in the user manual.

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    Are Ego Mowers Waterproof

    Powered by a 56-volt lithium ion battery, the EGO Power+ comes packed with bells and whistles. Its IPX-4 water resistant, has LED headlights for mowing in low visibility and stores easily, either horizontally or vertically. Recharge time on the battery is a speedy 40 minutes, and operation is quieter than most models.

    Warranty & Customer Experience

    Greenworks VS EGO electric lawn mowers comparing / slow motion at the end

    The warranty for these two brands is pretty decent. Yet, it is safe to say that one offers a few extra advantages over the other.

    For example, Greenworks delivers a 4-year warranty for parts and batteries.

    This is an excellent warranty for most people, especially occasional consumers.

    Then you have EGO, offering up to 5 years on parts and 3 years on the battery.

    But if youre using the lawn mower as a professional or company, then the warranties go to 2 and 1 years accordingly.

    So you could say Greenworks is a bit fairer when it comes to its warranty. As for customer service, they both perform amazingly well so theres no point of comparison.

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    Who Makes Ego Lawn Mowers

    Lawn mower is common outdoor power equipment. Every person who loves mowing, desires to keep a decent lawn mower in his possession. And the mower must be efficient and easy to operate.

    If youre gonna buy a lawn mower, then Ego Lawn Mower is the best option for you. These lawn mowers have become very popular in the market, for their exciting features.I guess you havent heard of this lawn mower before. So, you might be thinking, who makes Ego Lawn Mowers?

    You should know the answer before buying the tool. Thats why, in this article, we are going to share detailed information regarding this.

    Where Are Ego Lawn Mowers Manufactured


    Furthermore, what company makes ego?


    Secondly, are ego products any good? Bottom line, even though all the batteries are interchangeable, you’re going to want a 2.5Ah battery and a 7.5Ah battery to get through the job, along with the rapid charger. These EGO products are fantastic. Well built, solid, powerful, and the look bloody good too.

    People also ask, is ego owned by Home Depot?

    EGO brand partners with Depot. Home Depot said it has an exclusive partnership with the EGO brand to offer a line of outdoor equipment powered by a 56-volt lithium-ion battery that is said to be the industry’s most powerful.

    Which ego mower is best?

    Best Overall: EGO 21 in. 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower Kit. While on the more expensive side, the EGO 21 in.

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    What Is Better Ryobi Or Ego

    With a bigger battery and stronger build, the EGO has much more power than that of the Ryobi. Neither mower had trouble cutting the grass however, while the Ryobi was only able to make 14 passes, the EGO was able to make 41 passes.

    Iii Lithium Ion Battery

    EGO Power + LM2000

    Lithium ion batteries are great because they are rechargeable. However, batteries degrade over time. The batteries are sensitive to high temperatures and shallow temperatures. The batteries tend to be expensive and might get damaged when wholly discharged. The batteries last a few years after manufacture and might need replacement soon. The good thing about owning Ego mowers is that they can use batteries from other Ego tools.

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    Greenworks Vs Ego: Who Makes The Best Lawn Mowers

    This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy we may make a commission, at no additional charge to you. Please see our disclosure policy for more details.

    Buying a new lawnmower may seem like an easy job. But as soon as you peek into the market, youll realize its not.

    With so many brands out there to pick from, it becomes a slightly daunting experience. Luckily, two brands stand out among the many options out there: Greenworks and EGO.

    Today, we want to compare Greenworks vs EGO and find out which ones offer the highest-quality mowers. So this article is going to be tons of fun as well as pretty education.

    Are you ready to learn everything about the lawn mowers of these two brands? Then head down!

  • Bottom Line: Which One to Go For?
  • How Expensive Are Electric Lawn Mowers

    Electric lawn mowers are available for a wide range of prices, though corded models tend to be cheaper than battery-powered options. Size also plays a part. Large riding mowers can cost thousands of dollars, while smaller, compact machines, like the Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO on our list, can be found for $140.

    Neither requires the fuel or oil that gas-powered models do, though, which should cut down on the overall expense of the mower. However, the long-term cost of replacement batteries which can cost hundreds of dollars should be considered as well.

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    Clean Up And Storage: Quick And Easy

    The grass bag has a hard plastic bottom and tight mesh sides that make clean-up as easy as mowing. The cut grass slides right out of the bag without much extra effort to remove it.

    The handle also folds flat, so when youre not using the lawn mower, you can push the handle down to decrease the EGOs overall footprint. This allows you to store it on the floor or upright against a wall, if youre tight on space. This was another one of our favorite features, since we dont have a lot of shed or garage space to dedicate to a mower.

    Warranty And Customer Satisfaction

    EGO | Electric Lawn Mower 4 YEAR Review | POWER 21″ SELF-PROPELLED MOWER

    Both the brands give a decent warranty.

    Greenworks offers a 4-year warranty on its battery and parts. This is perfect, especially if you occasionally wish to use the mower.

    EGO offers a 5-year warranty on its parts and a 3-year warranty on its battery. The warranty is 1 or 2 years if you wish to use the mower as a professional.

    There is however no comparison in customer satisfaction. They both perform great.

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