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Who Makes Hustler Lawn Mowers

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Best Zero Turn Mower For Hills

Hustler Mentality – Physically Demanding | Commercial Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Keep in mind, that a zero-turn mower with lap bar steering, is not well suited for mowing hills or slopedterrain, due to its use of floating front wheels.

The floating wheels are not connected to the steering and do not grip the ground as typical riding mower tires do.

If your yard includes hills or steep slopes, Choose a zero-turn mower with a Steering wheel which connects the steering directly to the front tractor tires, and provides much more traction to the ground.

What you may lack some responsiveness over the lap bar steering, the safety, and traction you get with a steering wheel will more than makeup for any maneuverability concerns.

Best 50 Craftsman Zero Turn Mower Model 17 Arfacq091

Why We Like It

If you have up to 2 Acres of lawn to mow and have hilly or steeper terrain than normal, the Craftsman ARFA series zero turn mower with a 50 mowing deck could be your best choice. Craftsman offers a commercial-grade mower, with many of the features that landscape companies are using for larger residential lawns.


  • 24 HP Kohler Built V-Twin Engine
  • 7 MPH forward and 3.5 MPH speed in Reverse
  • Welded Steel Deck
  • 11-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels
  • Dual Range Hydrostatic transmission
  • High Back ergonomic seat, padded turn bars, and vibration dampening floor mat
  • 3-year warranty

Our Take Away

This mower represents an exceptional addition to the Craftsman mower lineup. If youre not used to lap bar steering, you may take a little time to get used to the steering system, but once you do, it drives like a breeze.

The 11-inch front and 20-inch rear tires offer more stability on hillier slopes, so If you want the maneuverability of a zero-turn mower but have a hilly or uneven yard, this is quite possibly the best mower for you.

How Can You Be Sure If Lawn Mowers Are Made In The Usa

Some companies will state categorically that their mowers are Made in the USA. Others will state that their mowers are Assembled in the USA. But that is not the same thing. The FTC requires that if a majority of the parts that go into a mower are sourced from overseas, the company that makes it cannot claim it is Made in the USA. Instead, they can only say it was assembled here. Something Made in the USA must be assembled on American soil with a majority, or all, of its parts also made here.

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What Is The Difference Between Hydrostatic And Manual Gear Transmission On Zero Turn Mowers

Manual transmissions use a lever to switch gears manually, while hydrostatic transmissions utilize hydraulic systems to shift easily and seamlessly from one gear to the next.

Most better zero-turn mowers use hydrostatic transmissions, but youll still find manual transmissions on some entry-level, budget-friendly mowers.

Decks Starting At $12899

See what Hustler Mowers have to offer!

The new Super Z® HyperDrive® takes everything you love about the Super Z®, and adds the industry-leading HyperDrive® System and VX4® deck technology. The strongest of the strong, the fastest of the fast and the top-of-the-line commercial zero-turn mower.

A Hustler® exclusive, the HyperDrive® hydro system includes industrial pumps, high torque wheel motors, 3-gallon reservoir, oil cooler, and hot oil shuttle.

Highlights | HyperDrive® 5 year / 3000-hour pump and motor warranty unmatched | VX4® deck clean cut, excellent performance in all conditions | 26 drive tires | Unmatched innovative transmission system | 16 mph top speed

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John Deere 900 Series

One of the most advertised and marketed commercial zero-turn mowers on the market today is the John Deere Ztrak Pro mower. John Deere has both the name brand and the money to take up a huge share of the zero-turn market. It has used that branding to make John Deere as popular in the zero-turn market as it has been in the tractor domain.

The largest and strongest line of its mowers is the Ztrak Pro 900 series. The Ztrak has many positives, a few of which the other brands have a hard time competing with. First off, the Ztrak has the largest name brand behind it. No commercial zero-radius mower has near the brand name recognition of John Deere. None. Although there are many people out there that view John Deere as overpriced and overrated, there are many more people that like its design, respect its power, and love anything in “John Deere Green.”

Besides the name brand, the 900 series Ztrak Pro also has an electric deck height system that takes away the sometimes clumsy deck height pin. Also, the brakes automatically lock if the steering levers are moved outward.

  • Available Engine Sizes: 31 hp Yanmar Diesel and Gasoline engines range from a 22 hp Kawasaki to a 37 hp Kawasaki, all air-cooled
  • Available Deck Sizes: 48″, 54″, 60″, and 72″ depending on engine size
  • Maximum Speed: 10.512 mph, depending on engine size

Select The Mower Deck Size

Picking your mower deck size is likely the most critical decision youll make when choosing a zero-turn lawnmower.

For most homeowners, The most popular size is the 42-inch mowing deck, which is typically good for lawns of up to 2 acres.

Larger zero-turn mowers include the 42, 48, 50, 52, and even 61-inch mowing decks.

Keep in mind, the more acreage you need to mow, the larger the mower deck you should consider. In the case of a mowing deck selection, size does matter.

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Scag Commercial Walk Behind Mowers

Finally, we have SCAGs commercial walk-behind lawnmowers. There are four lines, including:

  • SWZ Hydro-Drive
  • SWZT Hydro-Drive
  • SFC30

The walk-behind mowers feature the same reliability, comfort, and toughness offered by the riding mowers. The SWZ Hydro-Drive, in particular, shares many features with the V-Ride and the top-tier Zero-Turns .

Pricing for SCAG walk-behinds ranges greatly. An entry-level SFC30 will cost around $2,500 while a top-of-the-line SWZ Hydro-Drive .

SCAG mowers are certainly pricey, but no one can argue that they get the job done efficiently and comfortably. Some people might feel inclined to compare with other brands and seek better value. Our view, however, is that these machines are more than worth it.

Looking for a sulky to turn your walk-behind mower into a ride-on version? I recommend a sulky, and

To see some more great comparisons, here are some of my other articles

Decks Starting At $14299

Hustler Turf Mentality – Raw Determination | Commercial Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

TrimStar® is the most innovative walk-behind machine in the professional mowing industry. Patented H-Bar® steering is the easiest-to-use walk-behind system in the field. The simple design of the TrimStar® means there are fewer parts and fewer problems, keeping you on the job and out of the shop.

Highlights | Patented H-Bar® steering system | Wide stance for increased stability | Superior drive system | Floating decks adjustable from operators position | 36, 48, 54 side discharge decks

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Are Hustler Mowers Worth The Money

Based in Hesston, Kansas, Hustler Turf is one of the zero-turn mower specialists. In fact, these are the only kinds of lawnmowers they make.

This tradition began all the way back in 1964 when inventor John Regier came up with the worlds first zero-turn lawnmower. Regier had bemoaned the lawn tractors of the time for their lack of maneuverability before dedicating himself to a solution.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Hustler Turf manufactures seven residential z-turn lines and ten commercial lines.

The residential lines include:

  • Raptor XDX
  • Flip-Up

These machines run on Kawasaki and Briggs motors and you can choose the best deck for your property needs. The companys website actually sets out the ideal work area for each zero-turn.

The Dash is the entry-level line, while the Flip-Up is the top-of-the-range offering. Sturdy build quality, rider comfort, and versatility are the general themes across all the lineups. Features abound, with ergonomic seats, steel frames, and corrosion-resistant mower decks just the tip of the iceberg.

An entry-level Dash will run you back about $2,400 while the Flip-Up starts at $5,400. Active members and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces will be pleased to know that Hustler offers 8% discounts in honor of their service.

Why You Should Buy A Hustler Mower

Hustler is one of the best zero-turn mowers on the market. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • SmoothTrak Steering
  • There’s no obstacle you cant face! It offers an incredibly smooth ride and precise steering.
  • Tough Frame
  • Made of a heavy-duty steel frame that offers unrivaled durability.
  • Patented Park Brake
  • An automatic parking brake system that engages and disengages when you open or close the steering levers.
  • Low Center of Gravity
  • A lower center of gravity provides better handling and stability, as well as an easier way to get on and off the mower.
  • Heavy-Duty Deck
  • The decks are engineered to provide a clean, smooth cut every time, with even distribution of grass clippings.
  • Simple Design

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Best Toro Residential Grade Zero Turn Mower: Titan 54

If youre a Homeowner with a very large yard, a 42-inch or even a 50-inch mower may be a little too small to get the job done efficiently. Thats where a 54-inch model like the Toro TITAN can save the day.

The Toro Titan has all the DNA of the commercial Titan series, minus the forged steel deck, and this mowers size and power make it a natural fit for large yards, and its even suitable for light or limited commercial use.


  • Ideal For Yards Up to 7 Acres
  • TORO patented My Ride Suspension for ultimate comfort
  • 54-inch mower deck
  • 3-year 300-Hour Commercial Engine warranty
  • Commercial drop pin height of cut adjustment
  • Canister Filter Rubber Chute
  • Shock absorbing dampening ride

Our Take Away

Overall, the 54-inch Toro TITAN is an excellent upgrade for buyers who want the power and convenience of a Toro mower but need a larger mowing deck to deal with more acreage. Because of its size and power, the handling of this mower is of excellent value.

You wont find a smoother ride, or a zero turn mower easier to maneuver around tight obstacles than this one.

Note: Toro has over 3,000 servicing dealers in the United States making this mower far easier to service than some other brands.

Toro 54 Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Kawasaki Becomes Exclusive Supplier Of Engines To Excel Industries North American Turf Market

Hustler Turf Raptor SD 48"

Hustler Turf Equipment and BigDog Mowers Brands to be fitted with 18 different engines.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. —The Engine and Power Products Division of Kawasaki Motors Corp, U.S.A., today announced a unique exclusivity arrangement to supply engines for inclusion in Excel Industries North American turf products marketplace.

The agreement covers a spectrum of products sold by Excel under both the Hustler Turf Equipment and BigDog Mowers brand umbrellas. Units are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and golf course applications and are sold through a U.S. network of more than 1,600 dealers. These units will be powered by Kawasakis FX, FS, and FR engines manufactured in Maryville, MO.

According to Laura Holtrop, OEM Sales Manager at Kawasaki, This marks the first time that Kawasaki has made an exclusive supplier arrangement and were excited about the many benefits end-users will see because of the collaboration of two leading companies in the lawn care industry.

The Excel products include BigDog Mowers branded C Series, R Series, X Series, and Hustler Turf Equipment branded Sport, FasTrak, X-ONE, Super Z .

Adam Mullet, Director of Marketing at Excel Industries, said a total of 67 units from the Hustler and BigDog Mowers line-up will all be fitted with the Kawasaki engines effective immediately.

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Husqvarna Mz Series Zero

Our Take Away

This zero-turn mower truly is the ultimate residential mowing machine. WIth cutting height adjustments from 1.5 4.5 inches, tons of options, power and speed, and the reliability of a Husqvarna. If you have a large property, and a larger budget to match This mower should be at or near the top of your list.

Husqvarna MZ Series Zero-Turn 61 Mower

Side By Side Utility Vehicle

The new Hustler MDV is a tough, precision-built utility vehicle that works harder and faster than the leading competitor. Sporting a 1028cc Kohler Diesel engine and fed by an ample 14-gallon fuel tank , the MDV not only gets you and your cargo there quicker, but it can remain in service longer still on the job after other UTVs have headed for the barn.

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Excel Industries Recalls Zero

  • Recalled Hustler FasTrak series zero-turn mower
  • Recalled Hustler FasTrak SDX series zero-turn mower
  • Recalled BigDog Stout MP series zero-turn mower
  • Recalled BigDog Stout series zero-turn mower

A wire tie underneath the seat could damage the fuel line, posing a fire hazard.

Excel toll-free at 844-594-2448 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or online at or, depending on the brand of your mower, and click on Product Recall Info for more information.

Best 61 Zero Turn Mower Husqvarna Mz61 With 27 Hp Engine

Hustler Mentality Anthem 2022 | Commercial Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

Why We Like It

The MZ Line is the Ultimate Husqvarna Zero-Turn lineup for Residential or Light commercial use customers alike. If youre looking for the best 61 commercial/residential zero-turn mower with all the bells and whistles, and a high-performance Briggs & Statton engine this is it.

The Husqvarna MZ61 includes just about every feature you could hope for and at speeds up to 8mph it allows you to mow multiple acres in record time.

Either way, the roll-over protection feature is one more reason to look closely at this zero-turn mower. engineered for use on uneven terrain. Thanks to its more powerful engine and 48-inch deck, this model is also better suited for larger yards.


  • Rated for Lawns up to 7 Acres
  • 61 in. Reinforced Steel Mowing Deck
  • 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Endurance Series Engine
  • Hour Meter with Service reminders
  • 13-inch front and 22-inch rear wheels
  • Premium High-Back Seat with Arm Rests
  • V-Twin OHV Engine with 5.5 Gallon Gas tank
  • The transmission has a longer lifespan thanks to charge pumps, larger drive axles, and expansion tanks
  • Rear Wheel Transmission Max. Speed up to 8 mph
  • 1 1/2 x 3 Tubular Steel Frame
  • Commercial grade dual Hydro-Gear Transmission
  • 3-Way Adjustable Lap Bar Settings
  • 12-Deck Height Adjustment
  • Full Lineup of Attachments

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The Final Touches To Scag Vs Hustler Mowers

If you are looking for versatility then you are going to want to check into SCAG mowers. They have not only the trifecta of mowers , but offer a unique option to customize your mower with features and design.

If you are wanting one of the best names in zero-turn mowers, then you may be interested in Hustler machines. They do one thing and do it well. They make zero-turn mowers.

Neither of the two options are the cheapest in the field of brands, but for those wanting to decide between the two price is more than likely not the number one consideration.

Whichever you choose, you will be getting a quality machine that will last for years to come.

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What Popular Lawn Mowers Are Not Made In The Usa

Snapper Snapper assembles some of their gas-powered mowers in the US, but most of the parts for those mowers come from foreign sources. Also, all of their electric mowers are manufactured overseas.

Toro Toro is another popular lawn mower brand that many assume is American-made but is actually just American-assembled in Wisconsin, Florida and elsewhere. While some of the parts for Toro mowers are sourced in the USA, most, including the motors for their powered mowers, are produced in Japan.

Craftsman For decades Craftsman was considered about as red, white, and blue a brand as you could find. Today, Craftsmans original parent company, Sears, is on its last legs and the Craftsman brand has been sold off to Stanley, Black & Decker. Like Toro mowers, Craftsman mowers are mostly assembled in the USA from parts made elsewhere.

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Hustler Updates Commercial Lineup Redesigns Residential Series Mowers

Hustler Turf Equipment has introduced its zero-turn mower lineup for 2021. The new lineup features updates to the FasTrak, Super S, and X-One commercial mowers, as well as a totally redesigned Raptor Series. Plus, the Hustler 2021 zero turn residential mowers now include the new Dash XD, as well as the new VX Deck that delivers a superior finish to your lawns.

What Are The Top Rated Zero Turn Mowers

Hustler Turf Raptor SD 48"

Husqvarna, Ariens, and Toro are the top-selling zero-turn mower brands on a national level. Both of these brands have a large network of local dealers that perform service on them. As mentioned, these are also two of the brands that qualify for Home Depots white glove delivery service.

Together, these three brands make up the bulk of the markets best residential zero-turn riding lawnmowers.

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Is Made In The Usa The Same As Built In The Usa

In 2017 the FTC ruled that Built in the USA and Made in the USA were, in its eyes, the same thing. This issue came up because consumers were complaining that some companies were claiming their products were Built in the USA when in fact they were simply assembled here from parts made overseas. As a result of the 2017 ruling, a company can no longer claim their mowers are Built in the USA unless they meet the FTCs standards for Made in the USA .

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