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How Much Money Should You Charge For Mowing Lawns

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How Much Does It Cost To Open A Lawn Care Business

How much should you charge for lawn mowing?

While the cost of starting a business is low, the initial investment in tools and a vehicle is significantly higher. In terms of basic equipment, a reasonable starting price ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. However, depending on the services you provide and the equipment you require, the cost could be more than A$40,000.

How You Can Keep Your Lawn Healthy Year

If a healthy lawn is what you want, then year-round maintenance is vital. Your lawn needs different treatments and maintenance depending on the season to ensure that it is properly prepared for the months when it is at its peak for growing. Below you will see some of the most common maintenance tasks performed during each season of the year.

What Is The Cost Of Fertilizing Your Lawn

Your lawn needs the proper nutrients to look its best and The best way to enhance the appearance and health of your lawn is to fertilize it. Fertilizers contain the necessary minerals and nutrients that your grass needs to grow to its full potential. Adding fertilizer to your lawn aeration can increase final costs but also save money over having the jobs performed separately.

The cost of fertilizing your lawn will run you around $.28/sf, with average prices ranging from $.08/sf to $.48/sf in the Canada for 2020 according to Homeguide.

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Type Of Yard And Landscape

The structure of your yard can also change the average cost of lawn service. A flat, wide-open yard with few obstacles can be mowed and cared for quickly. A yard with hills, trees, flower beds, structures and fence lines or other obstacles takes more time and care. It can’t all be mowed with a fast-riding mower. A lawn care professional will typically consider all of these things when giving you a quote.

Lawn Mowing Rates Per Hour

How Much You Should Charge to Mow a Lawn

The average hourly rate for lawn mowing runs between $25 and $80. For tricky properties with fences, trees, childrens play equipment, and other obstacles, your company may charge by the hour rather than by the job. The more obstacles they encounter, the higher the price. Working around many small odd-shaped landscaped areas may also result in an hourly rate charge. Some yards require multiple workers, making the price per hour increase. However, the total cost should remain the same because the total number of hours will be reduced.

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How Could A 12 Year Old Make Money

10 Ways for Preteens to Make Money This Summer Work as a mommys helper In the past, middle-school-age baby sitters were the norm. Help a local senior. This was actually one of my earliest jobs. Open a lemonade stand. Ah, a lemonade stand. Do yard work. Walk dogs. Pet sit. Provide tech support. Wash cars.

How Often Should A Lawn Be Mowed

When its growing, a lawn may be mown every one or two weeks. You dont want to allow it to get too short because that risks sun damage. In the winter, you may need it once a month. Lawn experts recommend that you enable enough time between mows to allow your lawn to dry out. This encourages root growth.

Dependent upon:


In the winter, its inadvisable to mow too often. In the summer, you are likely to need services about two weeks apart.

The type of lawn you have

Certain types of grass grow more quickly than others. Plus, a weedy lawn tends to look untidy faster than a uniformly planted lawn. Some examples of grass are unusually thick and take longer to mow.

Condition of the Lawn

If your grass is already quite high, your first mow may require a higher fee. Sometimes a lawn care company must do whipper snipping before running the mower. Since this may take twice the time, it maybe twice the cost. A big clean-up job will cost even more where shrubs, trees and obstacles are involved.

Where you live

The climate will be a significant factor in how slowly or quickly your lawn grows. It may also impact lawn mowing rates if theres a bigger demand.

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What Factors Impact How Much It Costs To Mow 2 Acres Of Land

The main factors that impact how much it costs to mow 2 acres of land include the land size, condition of the land, additional services, and season of the year. All of these factors will impact how much time and effort is put into the job.

If the job ends up being more or less than 2 acres, you should adjust the price accordingly. Likewise, poor conditioned areas should cost more than land that is taken care of really well. Ultimately, you want to make the price worth your effort without scaring away any clients.

Lawn Care Cost By Rate

THIS is How Much You Should Charge to Mow Grass!

There are several ways that your lawn care professional may bill for the maintenance services provided. Their method of billing depends on the size of the project, the project scope, or the companys preferred method. Below you will see the average cost for lawn maintenance by rate, which is higher than mowing prices because it typically includes one or more maintenance items mentioned in previous sections.

$350 – $450

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About The Landscape Juice Network

Founded in 2008. The Landscape Juice Network is the largest and fastest growing professional landscaping and horticultural association in the United Kingdom.

LJN’s professional business forum is unrivalled and open to anyone within within the UK landscape industry

LJN’s Business Objectives Group is for any Pro serious about building their business.

For the researching visitor there’s a wealth of landscaping ideas, garden design ideas, lawn advice tips and advice about garden maintenance.

C What’s Included In A Lawn Maintenance Vs Lawn Care Service

Some companies offer more than standard lawn care packages. They might offer fertilizer or weed control applications. They’ll also provide tips for the types of grass that work best in different climates and with different soils.

A full-care lawn service can even install new grass or lay pallets of sod. For physical landscape changes like tree pruning or shrub removal, consider hiring a landscaper instead.

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The Kind Of Kid That Should Consider Mowing Lawns

Lawn mowing usually requires the ability to fuel and make minor repairs to a motorized lawnmower. It may even require the ability to responsibly manage a riding mower. While young children can help with some aspects of lawn maintenance, only teens should even consider mowing lawns for a living. In addition, they should:

  • Be able to handle a regular responsibility on their own without adult prodding.
  • Have the skills and stamina to manage a heavy, potentially dangerous machine.
  • Be detail-oriented enough to handle tricky aspects of mowing such as mowing small areas, coping with fallen limbs, and using a clipper to tidy areas that a mower cant reach.
  • Be able to handle feedback from homeowners who may want to see the job done differently.

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What About Big Commercial Properties

How Much To Charge For Lawn Mowing? Pricing A Mow Job ...

Properties like schools and industrial lots take a lot more time and effort to mow. I would advise that you keep your price ranges the same and allow the formulas above to help you earn more money from doing more work. Remember, just because a company has more finances than a household doesnt mean that theyre any more willing to spend their money, and they can always take their business elsewhere if they think youre charging too much. I would also advise you to not mow commercial properties if youre just one person unless you have a riding mower, but even then you might want to wait until you have more workers so you can get the job done without spending all your energy.

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Find Out Who Your Competition Is And What They Charge

The best way to start figuring out how much you should to charge to mow a lawn is to study the market.

If you have your own lawn, I recommend getting several companies to come out and give you a quote to get a ballpark range of how much you should charge. Mowing is the biggest commodity in lawn care so its pretty easy to find out what the going rate is in your area. Hopefully you will end up with a range of prices and then assess from there.

The demographic is probably the largest factor for variance in the market rate. For instance, if youre in the USA, youll be charging less on average for the same job in than you would in Australia because the cost of living is higher.

The rate will vary within each country too.

Once you have modelled the market, you can then work to adjust your pricing and tailor it to meet your own circumstances.

What Type Of Grass Do You Have

There are two main categories of lawn grass: cool-season, which typically grow during early spring and fall, and warm-season, which flourish during late spring and summer. Popular cool-season grasses include rye, Kentucky bluegrass and fescues. Two examples of warm-season grasses include Bermuda and zoysia grass.

Each of these different types of grass require different lawn care regimens. For example, lawn care pros will typically cut Kentucky bluegrass shorter during warm weather than Bermuda grass. The different types of grasses also have different sun and shade needs, different needs for fertilization and watering, and even different needs for how often to cut during cool or warm months.

All these factors are compounded by your geographic region and local climate. By working with a lawn care professional you can be sure your grass will get the proper attention and treatment to allow it to flourish.

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Why Is Mowing Wet Grass Bad

Wet grass tends to cut less cleanly, resulting in larger clippings. These wet clippings like to clump together and block up the mowers deck. Mowing wet lawns increases the risk of rut damage, since the soil is softer and more slippery for mowers, and the grass roots can more easily be torn out by the mower tires.

Is Starting A Lawn Care Business Worth It

How Much To Charge For LAWN MOWING

There are many advantages to starting a lawn care business, and you can develop it into something much larger if you pursue that path. Lawn care accounts are perpetual, which means they will continue to exist indefinitely. You will have a steady flow of business from your customers as their lawns will need to be mowed once a week.

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Dont Forget To Price Special Services And Materials Differently

Special services like mowing, mulching, and weed control and fertilization application should be priced accordingly, rather than lumped into one cost.

Jason explains that these are actually very different services because they require different types of labor.

Weed control and fertilization, for example, is typically a one-person operation, so your labor is cut downand that one person can actually generate a lot more revenue than one person can mowing, he explains.

But there are expenses in the weed control: the actual fertilizer, weed control product, labor, and drive timeall those things are factors.

The main thing Im concerned with is how big the actual yard is, and the actual amount of turf that Im going to be applying the fertilizer or herbicide to. The bigger the yard, the more of the product Im using. Thats my biggest expense, Jason explains.

So, Im pricing strictly based on the square footage. I need to get an accurate measurement of the square footage of the lawn so that I know how to price it. Then I use a pricing chart that shows square footage from 2,000 square feet all the way up to 30,000 square feet.

I can then look at my pricing chart and give them a price quickly. So as the square footage goes up, the price per square foot actually goes down.

Unit Costs: How Pros Price

Unlike other websites that publish pricing from unrelated jobs in the past, Homewyse creates up-to-date estimates from current Unit Costs. The Unit Cost method delivers high accuracy by using location, details and options for the unique requirements of each job. Contracting, trade, design and maintenance businesses rely on the Unit Cost method for transparency, accuracy and fair profits.

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Will You Be Having It Mowed Once Or Regularly

Many companies, and individuals, will be open to starting a regular contract. These contracts are usually bi-monthly, or once per month. You may, or may not, be able to save some money on the pricing this way. With individuals who charge by the hour, you would most likely pay the same amount, since you are being billed in hours.

With a company though, they may have more men and could get the job done faster. This may allow them to charge less, for an ongoing contract. Try to negotiate the price, if you are considering an ongoing arrangement. If it is a company, make sure to get the contract in writing, so everyone is on the same page for the monthly billing.

Teens And Unearned Income

How Much Should You Charge to Mow a Lawn

If your child receives income from investmentsthat is, unearned incomein addition to earned income, the amounts must be added together in order to determine the filing requirements. Teens under age 18 will have to pay taxes on unearned income if exceeds a certain amount. In 2020, that unearned income trigger amount is $1,100.

Parents will probably want to file their childs unearned income separately. Adding your teens unearned income to your return requires a separate form8814 Parents Election to Report Childs Interest and Dividendsand it can result in a higher income tax for the parent.

In addition, its important to note that it is illegal for a parent to claim capital gains from the sale of a childs stock. In general, it makes more sense for a childs unearned income to be filed on a separate return.

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How Much Should You Charge For Lawn Mowing Services

Take off the training wheels.

Whether you’re a new lawn care business owner or a perpetually small-time owner, you’re probably worried about how you’ve priced your services.

You want to know that your price is high enough that you can make money, but low enough so that you can be competitive in your market. This is like a walk on a razors edge: too much and you price yourself out, too little and theres no profit.

Hiring A Teen To Cut Your Grass

Its 5 p.m. on a hot summer day, and the neighbors kid just knocked on your door to ask if you would like him to mow your lawn for a small fee. What do you do?

For many homeowners, understanding the liability they have is key to making this decision. The National Consumer Leagues 2015 report indicates that landscaping and outdoor work is among the top five most dangerous jobs for teens. The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that about 17,000 children require emergency room care each year because of lawn mower accidentsso knowing your responsibilities is increasingly important.

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Your Questions About Lawn Care Pricing Answered

Figuring out roughly how much to charge for lawn mowing is one thing, but a lot goes into determining the final price. Itâs a balancing act that professionals need to master if theyâre going to succeed in this business.

Here are some of the most common questions people have about lawn care prices.

How Much Should I Charge For Lawn Mowing

How Much Money Can You Make Cutting Grass

When youre self-employed with your own lawn mowing business, one of the best freedoms is being able to set your prices however you like. Its wonderful to be able to set the bar however you feel is appropriate and profitable instead of being tied to somebodys pricing conventions. Sometimes, however, it can be a little difficult to know what is the right price guide for you. How much is too much? Whats the right price for the client? What covers your costs appropriately?

While we detail average costs on lawn care on our lawn mowing page In the following guide, we outline the key factors of pricing from the perspective of new lawn mowing businesses. This way, you can learn how to make suitable decisions on the right price to charge for your lawn mowing services to help grow a profitable business and deliver fair prices to your clients.

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How Much Can A Teenager Charge For Yard Workoctober 4 : 48 Pm Subscribe

bobertdudeWork & MoneyHoustonian4:42 PMleast Houstonian4:57 PM9135:38 PMbobertdude5:43 PMBetter than a Lemonade Standradioamy7:30 PM

I used to do this back in the day and my price was give me whatever you feel I deserve once Im done. Boy, did I make a lot of money that summer. I guess people didnt want to end up looking like cheapskates.

Do I Need A License To Start A Lawncare Business

Starting a lawnmowing business as an adult is also perfectly legal as long as you do your homework. You must report your income to the IRS and pay income taxes just like any other business or job. Whether or not you need a state license to perform basic lawn care depends on what state you live in, some states require that you have a business license, some dont. However, most states require a license for any business that uses pesticide or fertilizers. This usually requires you to have a certain amount of prior experience working with the relevant chemicals and to pass an exam.

This is a difficult time were all living in, and a lot of us, young and old, have been left in need of jobs. Thats why the lure of an industry that welcomes just about everyone like lawn mowing is so appealing. Its tricky to get into, though, and I definitely dont recommend dropping whatever youre doing and hitting up the Home Depot for the latest riding mower. Planning on mowing lawns for a living takes money, planning, patience and experience, but if you make yourself known to your area, plan your savings and projects carefully, and work your hardest, you just might be able to turn what was once a summer gig for spending money into a full time job.

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