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How To Keep Geese Off My Lawn

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What Attracts Geese To Your Yard

How to keep Geese from landing on property … really works!

Its difficult solving a problem when you originally dont know the cause of the problem. Youre halfway to solving a problem when you know the cause of the problem.

The first crucial question is, what keeps attracting geese to your yard? Is it how tidied up the lawn is? What are you doing thats fueling these birds constant visit to your yard? Lets find out.

Build A Fence Around Your Yard

You probably might be thinking that this wont work because guess can fly. And yes, youre right. But what you mustnt forget is that having a fence will help to ensure the birds wont wander into your amazing-looking lawn on feet.

Additionally, you can make your yard scarier even after creating the fence around it. You can achieve this by attaching the Mylar tape around it.

Install A Fence Around The Lawn

Fencing is one of the most effective ways of keeping geese off your lawn. Youll need to install a fence that is at least four feet high, so the geese cant just walk over it.

The fence will also serve to keep in other pets and small children, who may be curious about these large birds and venture a bit too close to them. A fence is also an attractive option because you can choose any fencing that appeals to your style.

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Is Goose Repellent An Effective Method

Chemical goose repellent should be applied to the sites where lots of geese usually gather and it is preferred by many homeowners because of not being dangerous for geese. The main drawback of this method is that its effect does not last for a long time and there is the need for repeated applications. On average, the product should be sprayed approximately every five days, with additional applications after heavy rains.

Scientists from the Ohio State University say that there are effective goose repellents registered by EPA methyl anthranilate and anthraquinone. These compounds are naturally occurring chemicals without hazardous residue. Methyl anthranilate works through affecting the taste of the grass so that it repels geese. Products based on anthraquinone target digestion of geese causing a stomach discomfort. These substances are not washed off with the rain while mowing reduces their effect. A drawback for these solutions is that they come at a high cost, particularly when a large area needs to be sprayed. If not to treat the entire area available to geese, they will find the patches which have not been sprayed and all your efforts will be in vain.

Are Ducks And Geese The Same Thing

How To Get Rid Of Geese

Ducks, geese are all considered to be waterfowl, in the United States.

While these birds share many similarities, ducks and geese have few differences.

First of all, geese have much longer neck than ducks.

Ducks also have lesser number of neck bones than compared to geese and swans.

Due to these distinctive neck features when you see Canadian geese and ducks you can easily tell them apart.

While certain geese and ducks can be sometimes aggressive, they do not fight with other birds or attack one another.

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Why Geese On Your Lawn Is A Problem

How cuteeeee said no one ever about geese. As much as we might encourage some types of bird to frequent our yards with feeders and baths, no one wants a flock of geese to make their yard their home from home. They can create LOTS of problems for both you and your lawn. So if you need reminding why you dont want a flock of resident geese at your property, here are a few reasons

  • Very Noisy It wont be long before youre dreaming of total silence with all of that honking! Geese can be VERY loud.
  • They Overgraze Canadian geese will completely abuse your lawn, eating the grass and overgraze, often causing soil erosion and creating bald patches. Youll constantly be reseeding or returfing to try and get your lawn looking anything near decent again, which gets expensive.
  • Theyre Aggressive These are not cute little creatures they can be quite scary. Theyre known to be aggressive to humans if they feel the need to be.
  • Create Lots of Waste If they gave prizes out for producers of bodily waste, geese would be right up there in contention. Their droppings are large, messy and absolutely stink.

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Bird Blinder Repellent Pinwheels Garden Pinwheels To Scare Geese Off Lawn

Moving shiny objects reflect light and scare birds away with constant blinking. The Bird Blinder Repellent PinWheels package contains eight items made of mylar tape. This set is perfect for small yards. Arrange the pinwheels in an open area free from bushes and trees for direct sunlight. In the wind, they shine brightly and rustle slightly, irritating geese vision and hearing.

  • Need to be moved from time to time.

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Cultivate Tall Flowers And Bushes

Planting tall flowers or allowing the grasses in your yard to grow taller may not make your landscape to be the most appealing. But if youre serious about chasing geese away from your yard, you could benefit from this.

So, how do the planting of tall flowers or grasses chase geese away? Its simple. Geese enjoy areas with open spaces. That way, they can easily spot predators and flee. Thus, having tall flowers and grasses around your yard will make them feel unsafe.

A Handy Tip: This technique would be most effective if you have a smaller yard. If your yard is quite extensive, the geese may easily find a spot where they feel more comfortable.

Again, if you feel like allowing grasses around your yard to grow taller wont make your property look appealing, try planting some shrubs. Just choose the ones you know will help to make your property look attractive from the outside.

Smart Ways To Stop Geese From Pooping In The Yard

How to keep Canadian Geese out of your yard – Lake Front – DropCam

Geese droppings are beneficial to lawns. Lets be honest. Their droppings boast a considerable amount of nitrogen, which the grasses need to thrive.

But lets face it the droppings from geese are quite prodigious. One goose releases 2 to 4 pounds of waste daily. Now, imagine what would happen when a ton of these birds stop by your lawn. Theyll undoubtedly render it unusable.

Geeses poop is toxic to humans and even other animals. The poop boasts diverse parasites, including E.coli, which affects humans. So, no property owner would like to have such a bird around. Dont forget that theres a high chance that geese would poop when they come around.

Now, the question is how to prevent geese from passing their droppings in your yard. If youre looking for a solution to this problem, keep reading.

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    Ultrasonic Sound Device With Motion Sensor Sprinkler

    If you dont want to use a physical scarecrow, then you can use an ultrasonic sound device to keep geese off your lawn.

    These devices emit sounds that are too high-pitched for the human ear to hear, but geese will hear it and stay away from your lawn!

    You can also put up a motion sensor sprinkler on your lawn so that the water from the sprinkler will get them wet when they come near it.

    Does Grape Kool Aid Keep Geese Away

    It turns out that synthetic grape flavor methyl anthranilate is a powerful repellent for waterfowl. You can sprinkle powdered grape Jolly Ranchers or kool aid on grass and geese will not stay. You can dissolve unsweetened grape kool aid in oil and it will float on cyanide ponds and repel ducks.

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    Keep ’em Away From Water

    Geese nest from mid-March to May. The goslings hatch soon after and take two to three months to fly. Adult geese lose their feathers from early June to late July when they molt. Geese must have water when theyre raising goslings and molting.

    If youre plagued by resident rather than migrating geese, block their access to water grow a barrier of plants at the edge of the pond or lake or build a fence at least 18 inches high. Consider using tall, densely packed plants along waterways to make a natural barrier.

    You can also plant clumps of trees between ponds or other bodies of water and grass. That will make it harder for geese to access the open water, HSUS states.


    You Have A Gorgeous Pond

    Ducklings, Hatchlings and How to Keep the Geese Out

    If you have a pond nearby, probably close to your home, you may find geese around your property now and then. Geese boast an undeniable love for the water. And there are obvious reasons for that.

    Firstly, after eating, they need to consume water to aid digestion. The water clears up the geeses sinuses and allows them to breathe. Failure to drink water after eating means theyll have challenges breathing correctly.

    So, if you have food sources and a pond around your property, then you have the right combination to keep attracting geese.

    Besides drinking, geese also enjoy playing and taking their bath in freshwater.

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    Remove All Food Sources

    One of the reasons geese control can be very challenging is that these birds can be quite versatile when it comes to the things they eat.

    They can munch on human food, which is why avoiding leaving your garbage out so that they cant consume it is the first step toward getting rid of them.

    Geese food can consist of a range of things if they dont have anything available. Most will eat grass if they dont find any other food sources, and they are known to love legumes if thats what can be found on your property.

    A good piece of advice to keep geese off lawn spaces is to avoid leaving your grass to get too long .

    Also, you can vary between several species of grass from one year to the next whenever planting the new grass seed.

    You can treat your grass with a repellent, a chemical such as Methyl-anthranilate, which makes the grass taste awful to birds.

    If you have a pond on your property where geese tend to gather and you have people coming over, tell them to avoid feeding them, especially human food.

    Not only is it not healthy for them , but they will also come back in search of more, making your efforts to get rid of geese useless.

    Fence Along The Shore

    Because geese normally rest on open water or along the shoreline and then walk out to grassy areas to feed, construct a fence to prevent access to the lawn. This method works best during summer molt , when geese cannot fly. Use wire mesh, plastic, or nylon netting. An alternative method is to use two parallel monofilament fishing lines 6 inches and 12 inches above the ground, and secured by stakes every 6 feet. Make sure the fence completely encloses the pond. When the birds have the ability to fly, this fencing loses much of its effectiveness.

    Electric fences are another alternative and have been effective in excluding geese. Use two strands of at least 17-gauge wire, 8 inches and 16 inches above the ground, or 3 strands at 5, 10 and 15 inches above the ground.

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    Is It Unsanitary To Have A Flock Of Canada Geese Around

    Their excrement can harbor parasites, E. coli, and viruses.

    Canada geese will not stop at the lawn when dropping their excrement. They will also cover surfaces like walkways, driveways, and sidewalks with it. Not only is this aesthetically and hygienically unacceptable, but it also poses a slipping hazard, due to the slimy nature of the excrement.

    How To Get Rid Of Canada Geese

    Canadian Goose Control – how to get rid of Canadian Geese

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    Can You Legally Kill Canadian Geese

    Canada geese are a federally protected species under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. It is illegal to harm or kill these birds. Humane repellency methods such as dogs, lasers or other frightening techniques are recommended. It is also recommended that residents do not feed Canada geese or other wildlife.

    Ask Your Canine Friend For Help

    Dogs arent just amazing companions. They are also helpful around the house. Additionally, you can train your dog to chase geese out of your yard, whether youre around or not.

    Now, why should you train your dog to perform this task now and then? The truth is, sometimes you may not know when geese would come around. Your dog might have wind of their presence before you.

    But please be careful. If the geese are raising young ones or nesting, ensure that your dog doesnt make the mistake of chasing them. In this condition, the geese may want to fight back or protect their young ones.

    If a fight breaks out, your lawn will suffer severe damage. Additionally, if youre using your dog to chase geese off your yard, ensure the dog doesnt feast on them.

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    What Will Keep Geese Away

    One of the best products you can use to keep geese away is a liquid goose repellent. These EPA-approved liquids deterrents use food grade ingredients such as grape seed extract to irritate geese. When the geese feed on the applied grass, they are driven away by the irritation associated with the spray.

    Smart Ways To Keep Geese Out Of Your Yard

    How To Keep Geese Away From Your Pond

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    A couple of geese seen in passing makes for a friendly sight. But what about when those geese begin to multiply in numbers? Even worse, what happens when they decide to make your yard their focal habitat for the foreseeable future?

    The simple fact of the matter is that geese can make life difficult for homeowners. If you have never dealt with a gaggle of geese before, you may not understand why homeowners can come to dread seeing geese overhead.

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    Spraying Yuck On The Grass

    A commercially available goose repellent contains methyl anthranilate, a chemical that is found naturally in grape juice and gives grape bubblegum its flavor. Methyl anthranilate irritates nerves in avian eyes, throat and beaks while other animals just smell grape.

    This compound is a nontoxic, food-grade liquid that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to bird control company BirdBGone. You spray or fog it on grass, but you have regularly reapply it, especially after heavy rains.

    The Humane Society of the United States recommends using grape flavoring, which can be found in grape-flavored Kool Aid and other products, as a short-term solution. They have a few other suggestions to reduce repel geese long term. Those include letting your grass grow to about 6 inches tall, and leaving it at that height over winter, replacing Kentucky bluegrass with tall fescue, and limit lawn watering and fertilizing in the spring.

    The Term Shoreline Naturalization Isnt Tightly Defined It Can Carry Many Different Meanings

    For some it is a low maintenance garden. For others it is a manicured garden of unique wildflowers and berry producing plants. And for others it is a combination of stone and plants. All three methods or a combination of them not only helps you with those pesky geese, it also helps prevent erosion by stabilizing the shoreline soil, and acts as a natural filter by absorbing fertilizers, other nutrients and sediments carried down to lake in surface water runoff . It also means that you have less grass to look after. Its a win-win-win situation. Your shoreline is now stabilized, youre having a positive impact on the water quality of your lake no more meadow muffins and you can enjoy that peaceful morning routine again. Maybe now it lasts until your reach the bottom of your mug.

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