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Must Have Lawn Care Tools

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Dont Forget Mist Blowers

Lawn Care Equipment Must Have

No matter where youre at in your business – backpack sprayers are great.

Theyre somewhat of an easy investment that allow you to provide more services to your clients.

Backpack sprayers can be used to treat special problems. For instance, you could use it for a specific bug or weed infestation.

Usually, these backpacks can hold between 2-4 gallons of product.

Based on the types of insects you want to treat, youll be able to determine which backpack sprayer is right for you.

For instance, if you want to treat flying insects youll need something that has a high spray range.

However, if youre not treating for flying insects, you could probably choose a less expensive model.

Also, I recommend purchasing a gas-powered sprayer, because it will spray faster, farther, and more efficiently than a manual-operated backpack sprayer.

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  • Estimate templates

While you can technically operate without a software, its definitely going to grow your business much more quickly and profitably if you have one.

And even better?

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Plus, if you have automations , you can automatically notify clients when theres an alert on their account.

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Kinds Of Tools For The Lawn

Even if your lawn is somewhat small, certain types of equipment are a must for providing adequate lawn care and maintenance. The two most common being the lawn mower and weed eater.

Mower Among the most essential of all tools for the homeowner is a good quality lawn mower. Whether a traditional push mower, a self-propelled walk-behind mower or a riding mower is up to you, and in many cases, this decision will be based on the size of the property. Those with large lots may want to look into the time-saving benefits of a riding mower, while those with smaller areas to maintain may be just fine with an inexpensive push mower. Options like mulchers and baggers can be great time savers as well. A quality lawn mower should be an investment in the appearance of your lawn, and a well-made mower can last for many years. There are many options to choose from, so it pays to shop around before making a decision.

Weed eater A weed eater is another must have tool. These handy little machines can cut your workload a great deal, and if you dont already have one, chances are you will be in the market for one at some point. Weed eaters are the perfect choice for those hard to reach places where the lawn mower will not reach. When shopping for a weed eater, its a good idea to consider its weight, power and cost. While a powerful weed eater may be great for making short work of weeds, it may also be quite heavy to carry around.

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Take Care Of Edges With A Grass Trimmer

Every landscaper and lawn care professional knows that a professional finish is best framed by crisp, clean and manicured edges. A grass trimmer is a staple when it comes to must-have landscaping tools. Able to reach behind benches, along paths and around ornaments taking care of long grass is easy.

There will always be times when its not possible to move objects on the lawn or get a close enough cut around trees and shrubs. Flower beds and border fences can also get in the way of a good cut – which is where the 525LST Grass Trimmer truly excels. Designed for professional use, it features intuitive controls, auto return stop switch,, and improved fuel efficiency thanks to the X-Torq® engine.

Check out the full range of Husqvarna Grass Trimmers and cut back on wasted time and energy when it comes to the borders.

A Hose Or Sprinkler System

6 Must

There are 2 things that every lawn needs: sun and water. Unfortunately, you cant harness the power of the sun just for your lawn or control the weather to make it rain when you need it. However, you can keep your lawn hydrated with a hose or sprinkler system while you wait for the rain to fall.

According to Scotts, your lawn will need about an inch of water per week on average to remain perfectly hydrated, or about .63 gallons per square foot of grass. If you have a sprinkler system, congratulations! You can simply check your sprinklers flow rate to tell you how long to leave the system on for optimal hydration.

If youre stuck watering by hand or had rain recently, you can perform the screwdriver test, where you take a screwdriver and put it into the ground until it hits 6 inches deep. If that layer is wet after rain, your whole lawn is likely hydrated. However, if it isnt wet enough, you will have to water it manually with a hose, testing individual sections as you go. There is no precise science to manually watering your lawn, so youll have to go through trial and error until you have an idea of how long you need to spray for 6 inches of water penetration.

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Understanding Basic Lawn Care Tools

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The Spruce / Almar Creative

Unless you are hiring a lawn service to take care of your weekly lawn care chores, every homeowner will rely on a handful of important tools to take care of a turf-grass lawn. Some of these tools will be used so frequently that you should own them, while others can be rented from time to time as the need arises.

At one time, most power tools for lawn care used two-stroke gasoline engines, a technology that required users to mix oil with gasoline to power the engines. While two-stroke engines are still used, homeowners increasingly are leaning toward either hand-operated or electric tools powered by cord or battery. Battery technology has become increasingly efficient, and many homeowners no longer find any need for gasoline-powered lawn tools of any kind. Many manufacturers offer systems that allow batteries to be swapped out from tool to tool. For example, the same batteries may power a leaf blower, an edger, a string trimmer, as well as garden-care tools such as hedge trimmers and small pruning saws.

Best Lawn Care Tools List: 15 Essential Landscaping Tools For Your Crew

A lawn care and landscaping business requires a fairly substantial investment in landscaping tools and gear to get started. Fortunately, the money you spend today returns dividends down the line. When you invest in high quality equipment, you can deliver outstanding service your customers will love.

Whether youre brand new to lawn care services or an experienced vet, you probably have questions about the best lawn care tools. Check out our lawn care tools list for the best lawn tools youll want to own.

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A Good Old Water Hose Or Sprinkling System

Once youve finished laying out your garden, its a great feeling when you can stand back and admire the finished article but that doesnt mean youre done for the rest of the year! Keeping a garden looking nice and just the way you want it requires regular maintenance.

Other than sunshine, whats the one thing that flowers and plants simply must have? Why water of course! Thats why a good quality hose for your garden is indispensable and while youre at it, you might also wish to consider a sprinkler system.

The TomCare 50ft Expandable Garden Hose is both durable and lightweight, has solid brass fittings so it wont rust, and comes with all the attachments you need including the spray gun.

The easy to set up Lawn Sprinkler by Wshan gives great coverage and comes with a hose attachment as well as a rotary butterfly sprinkler.

General Rules For Choosing Hand Tools

Lawn Care and Landscape Estimating Tips – MUST-HAVE TOOLS!!
  • Go for tools with wood or coated-metal handles, as theyll be strong but not too heavy.
  • Make sure to choose tools with handles made from wood with a close grain, as the tighter the grain, the stronger the wood.
  • Avoid tools with painted handles, as paint is often used to disguise inferior wood.
  • If you have the money, get tools with tubular-steel or fibre-glass handles, as theyll last a lifetime.
  • Choose long-handled tools with D shaped handles, as theyre easier on your hands and wrists.
  • Go for models with seamless construction, as the head will never come loose.
  • Before purchasing any tool, act out the motions youll go through when using it. Get a feel for the weight and length of it, and if it doesnt feel comfortable to you, dont buy it.

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Round Up Pro Concentrate

Round Up has been one of the go-tos for weed control for years and its Pro Concentrate provides great protection for your yard. It will take care of an array of weeds, woody brush and trees. The advantage of Round Up Pro Concentrate is that it wont leave behind any residue. Get the post-emergent weed killer at a good price.

Make sure you put some in your cart next time you shop .

General Rules For Choosing Power Tools

  • Buy the best you can afford, but dont get a tool with add-ons and accessories that you dont need. These tools will only be heavier and more difficult to use.
  • Buy your power tools from an established nationwide or international brand, so spare parts will always be easy to source.
  • If youre buying electric, get tools that all use the same battery so you dont need to lug around several different spare batteries and chargers.
  • If you have the option to wait it out, try to get the best deal on your power tools in a sale.
  • When buying your power tools, make sure you know exactly what is and isnt included in the price, and that you buy any essentials that dont come as part of the initial price. Be aware of this when writing up your budget as well.

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Information About Gardening Tools And Equipment

The best kinds of tools vary widely depending on a huge number of factors, ranging from your physical ability, size of your garden, type of soil and even your gardening style. For example, an urban dweller with a balcony full of containers requires very different tools than a homeowner with a huge vegetable garden or an orchard.

The best way to proceed is to start with a few essential tools that will serve you well for nearly any type of gardening. You can always expand your tool collection with more specialized tools later, especially as your garden grows. This is true for those seeking lawn equipment as well.

Dedicated Hand Tools Vs Multi

7 Must

Dedicated Hand Tools are the regular hand tools without multi-tasking abilities. Whereas, the Multi-Task Tools are the hand tools in which you can purchase different attachments.

Within the last few years, Echo and Stihl have begun creating their own versions of multi-task tools.

This means you can purchase the Multi-Task Tools separately, so that you only have to buy the attachments. This can save you hundreds of dollars.

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Grow Your Lawn Care Business Faster

In the landscaping industry, there are so many potential tools at your disposal.

As a result, your consistent need for new equipment will never end.

This is why its important you choose specific areas of expertise and then add more services later.

You cant do everything at once, so just do a few things youre good at and have the right equipment for.

Then, you can gradually expand your services as you can afford the proper equipment and training.

While the lawn and landscaping equipment mentioned in this article is just the beginning of what you need – Its enough to keep your landscaping business afloat.

Every landscape business is different.

So its important to evaluate what kind of landscaping business youre aspiring to be. Then, choose the equipment thats right for you.

If you follow the tips in this article, your landscaping business will likely be lightyears ahead of your competition.

Catch up on the Lawn Care Gear Series!

Tool & Equipment Organization System

Build a foundation for easy access to the cutting, grading, and other landscape tools you need by creating an organizational system for company vans, trucks, and trailers. From custom trailer racks to locking racks to enclosed trailer shelving, you may need to experiment a little, but a good system will pay off when youre not stuck hunting for that dandelion tool with a lanyard that got tangled in one of the rakes again.

Landscape crew efficiency is one of the best ways to keep your landscapers happy at work and create customers willing to refer you to their friends and family. The best landscape equipment, like the RB3000 trailer and wide-area mower, will streamline your processes and help build your success.

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Basic Lawn Care Tools Every Homeowner Needs

If youre caring for a lawn on your own for the first time, youre probably overwhelmed with all of the lawn care tools on the market. Its a big industry, but have no fear. To start with, you really only need the bare essentials to care for your yard. As you develop more of a green thumb, youll be able to confidently grow your collection of lawn maintenance equipment and garden tools. Four basic lawn care tools are essential when starting, and we will review them here.

Your Must Have Lawn Care Tools

2018 Milwaukee M12 Compact Tire Inflator | A Must Have Tool for Lawn Care and Landscape
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Why You Really Cant Go The Cheap Route

When youre first starting out, you need to spend money to make money, and that includes everything from your uniforms, trucks, and office staff. You lawn service equipment needs to be sturdy, clean and able to work in all kinds of weather conditions.

Plus, you want to have a professional appearance. So, your equipment needs to look professional too.

You dont want to have mowers that are chugging out thick, black smoke, and you dont want your spreaders to break down in the middle of a fertilizer treatment.

You also need the right equipment to get the job done. Youll need heavy-duty tools that can handle a quarter of an acre all the way up to a few acres of lawn grass.

Sometimes, it seems more economical to buy on the cheap or buy smaller equipment.

But before you know it, your business grows with a few large residential properties, and you dont have the right equipment to get the job done.

Now, what do you do? Think quality from the get-go, and youll avoid having to replace worn-out tools that just werent made to last, especially for commercial projects.

Learn more: Fight snow during the winter? Then read why you need Spykers winter spreader.

Ground Clearance And Leaf Clearing Blowers

Spring and summer are all about keeping on top of explosive growth – and for the most part, you wont be needing to do much leaf litter clean-up apart from clearing lawn cuttings off paths for a pro finish. But as soon as autumn rolls around, many deciduous trees and shrubs will shed their leaves with a vengeance. Keeping on top of lawn, hedge and plant health can be tough when leaves cover the ground. Instead of manually raking up leaves, a leaf blower can cut time spent on clean-up to a fraction of what youre used to.

The Husqvarna 525iB Battery Blower is powerful, long-lasting and quieter than petrol blower equivalents. There is no need to mix fuel and oil. Vibrations are reduced and zero direct emissions make for healthier working conditions. A blower isnt just for autumn though. It can be a useful tool for cleaning up dried leaves and kindling in fire-prone areas, blasting gutters clean and blowing unwanted dust and sand off of paths and drives.

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Garden Tools Under $10

If you have a green thumb like the rest of us, you came to the right blog. Gardening is such a therapeutic hobby that allows you to create a space of your own and brings you closer to nature. If you spend your time in the garden most summers, you know that helpful gadgets can be a game-changer in creating your perfect space. If youre like us, we know that youll need more than just one. Thats why we have made a list of 10 popular tools that wont break the bank.

1. Thumb Knife

These thumb cover blades help make cutting easier in the garden. This garden tool is suitable for picking vegetables, strawberries, and grapes as well as pruning branches. It also makes handpicking or trimming smoother to improve your work efficiency.

2. Garden Claw Gloves

These claw gloves are the best inventions since sliced bread. The tips of these gardening gloves are made of high-density plastic. They make digging, planting, smoothing, and even crushing very fast and easy.

3. Velcro Plant Ties

Strong velcro might be the saving grace in your garden. These garden ties have a non-slip grip that keeps flowers and plants staked, supported, and securely bundled together so that your flowers can flourish, and your garden can grow.

4. Automatic Self Watering Spikes
5. Soil Scoops
6. Soil Moisture Sensor
7. Herb Scissors
8. Fake Rock
9. Waterproof Knee Pads
10. Basic Gardening Gloves


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