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What Is The Lightest Self Propelled Lawn Mower

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American Lawn Mower Company 1204

What Is A Toro Personal Pace Self-Propelled Lawn Mower? – Ace Hardware

Were starting off our list with an ultra-affordable and eco-friendly option, the 1204-14 push reel lawn mower from American Lawn Mower Company. Since this mower doesnt have a power source to make the blades spin, its super lightweight and simple to use: All you have to do is push.

This reel mower makes the top of our list because of its durable construction and low price tag around $70. It features a 4-blade reel made of heat-treated alloy steel that stays sharp for years with no maintenance. Its 8.5-inch polymer wheels are maneuverable and can handle uneven terrain.

One possible downside to the 1204-14 model is its 14-inch cutting deck, which is small compared to most lawn mowers. However, that 14 inches should be enough to mow your small lawn efficiently.

The 1204-14 can cut grass up to 4 inches tall, and you can adjust the cutting height between 0.5 and 1.75 inches.


Sun Joe Mj401e Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Sun Joe makes another affordable mower thats perfect for small yards, and this one is corded, so its lighter and cheaper than the battery-powered model. The MJ401E has a powerful 13-amp motor and a 14-inch cutting deck, which weve already established is small but should work well for a yard of less than 10,000 square feet.

Like our cordless pick from Sun Joe, the MJ401E features an easy push-button start and all-terrain wheels. It also comes with a detachable 10.6-gallon rear bag for grass clippings. The deck has three cutting height positions for different types of grass between 1.18 and 2.52 inches.

While the MJ401E doesnt have many bells and whistles, it will start smoothly and give your lawn a consistent cut every time. For a small yard , thats really all you need.


What Should You Look For In A Gas Lawn Mower

Engine power: For regular gas-powered mowers the engine size determines the cutting power, but for self-propelled mowers, it almost goes without saying that the more powerful the engine the smoother your mow will be, especially if you need to go up and down bumps or hills. You should consider anything over 160cc engine as very powerful for a lawnmower.

Self-propulsion: the best gas lawnmowers come equipped with self-propulsion technology, which means the mowers engine can turn the wheels, taking some of the strain off you. It wont eliminate pushing, but it will make it more tolerable, especially if you need to go uphill.

Mulching: more expensive lawnmowers give you the option to mulch or bag your grass cuttings as well as release them out of the side. Sometimes the condition of your lawn means it would benefit from mulching, so its nice to have the option.

Blade width: the width of the cutting blade determines how many passes it takes to mow your yard. A wider blade, like 22-inches, for example, means you spend less time pushing your lawnmower. It’s a case of the bigger the better.

Noise level: all internal combustion engines make a lot of noise, but larger engines tend to be louder, so if that’s going to be an issue for you then consider a mower with a smaller engine that produces less noise. For context, a quiet model would produce something like 85 decibels of sound.

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Sun Joe Mj401emow Joe Lawn Mower For A Small Garden

The plastic frame and the slightly lower power compared to the other models already seen justifies the lower price of this model. On the other hand, this lawn mower is able to do its job well thanks to its effective performance and top-of-the-line technology.

It has an electric motor, able to turn the blades 3500 times a minute, a force able to cut even the weed that took over in the garden. There are three cutting heights, adjustable from 2 to 6 inches, a detail that allows you to adapt the function of the mower to the type of lawn chosen and not vice versa.

Below we list the main strengths and weaknesses of the mower produced by the Sun Joe, which is comfortable, practical and sufficiently performing.


  • Low prices: Those who are looking for a cheap lawn mower would do well to take a look at this model, definitely the least expensive in our ranking.
  • Cutting height: Sun Joe gives the user the ability to adjust the cutting height to three positions but, above all, this operation is very easy and there is no need to use tools.
  • Basket: The capacity of the basket less, sufficient for small gardens. To underline the ease and speed with which it can be emptied.


  • Small meadows: The mower is designed for use on small surfaces.
  • Lose grass: The grass is not all collected in the appropriate basket but a part tends to come out.

Types Of Self Propelled Mowers

Lightweight Lawn Mowers

Self-propelled mowers can save you both energy and time. Youll be able to cut through very thick grass without having to use extra effort since the mower is mechanically moved forward across areas with a slight upgrade and other challenging areas of your yard.

A single-speed model has been designed to accommodate a mid-range ground-speed that will satisfy most operators and most types of cutting conditions .

If you require a greater range of ground-speed , then you might want to opt for a variable speed mower.

Todays self-propelled mowers can be used for mulching, bagging, or collecting clippings in a side bag. The majority of the machines reviewed today offer all 3 functions and are termed 3-in-1 mowers .

Modern mowers also start easily with automatic-choke recovery systems on their engines that facilitate starting an engine cold a push of a button is all that is required.

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Powersmart Psm9422sr: Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower For Very Steep Hills

Product Dimensions: 65.00 x 41.00 x 24.00 InchesEngine: 170 ccCutting Height: 1.18 to 3 inchesWarranty: 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty


  • This mower is powered by a 170 cc engine to deliver a sufficient amount of mower to mow the hilly areas
  • This mower is very lightweight so you can easily mow the hilly areas
  • It comes with an easy pull start system
  • It has a 3-in-1 bag, side discharge and mulching capability which allows you to spread grass clippings to the side and return the key nutrients to your lawn
  • It has a large rear-mounted 14.6 Gal. container with easy release
  • This mower has a 5-position height adjustment feature which allows you to change the cutting height
  • It has strong and sharp blades to easily cut grass, weeds and overgrowth
  • This mower has 11.5-inch rear wheels which make it easy to move and gives you extra traction
  • This mower has a 22-Inch steel mowing deck to mow quickly


It is a Self-propelled gas lawn mower of PowerSmart. This mower comes with a decently powerful 170 cc engine, which gives you decent power to mow the hilly areas. It is very easy to operate in tighter spaces. It has 3 in 1 option of side discharge, mulching capability and a collection rear bag. It is very lightweight so you can easily use it. It has a pull start system to make it very easy to start. Its smart, powerful, highly efficient and lightweight design makes it easier to manoeuvre on uneven and rough hilly regions.




Reviews : Best Lightweight Lawn Mower For The Elderly

As we get older we begin to find news ways to make our lives easier, unfortunately tasks like mowing the lawn still have to get done. Truth is, technology has come a long way and nowadays you can buy self-propelled mowers which are effortless to move through your lawn. This particular feature is similar to how a car works. You have front or rear wheel drive and all you have to do is steer and brake. In this article, Ive selected several of the best lightweight lawn mowers for the elderly or seniors, or if you have weakness for any type of reason.

There are two distinct features you absolutely want in a lawn mower, the first, I already mentioned you want a self-propelled mower and second, you need a cordless mower. The last thing you want is a gas mower as they the heaviest and bulkiest mower types on the market, not to mention they require a lot of maintenance, are noisy to use, and produce polluting fumes. I dont recommend gas mowers if youre looking for a lightweight lawn mower.

Alright, now lets look at my recommendations for :

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Corded Vs Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Corded Electric mowers need to be connected to a power source to run. They are generally more powerful and will run as long as you need them. It may, however, limit your movements and the cords may get tangled while mowing. The plus side is these mowers may cost less than the cordless ones.

Cordless lawn mowers are battery-operated this means they have a limited time to run. The run time will generally last long enough to complete the task at hand. However, they are a bit heavier than electric corded mowers and are more expensive.

Faqs About Lawn Mowers

Is the Smallest Battery Greenworks 48-Volt 21″ Self-Propelled Mower Right for You?

1. What is the easiest lawn mower to use?

Self-propelled mowers are the easiest walk-behind mowers to use because you dont have to push them. However, self-propelled is expensive and not really necessary for a small yard.Of our top picks for small yards, the Goplus 14 corded electric mower and the BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM are the easiest to use because theyre the lightest.

2. What is the best lawn mower for the money?

Out of all the mowers on this list, the BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM probably gives you the most for your money because, even though its small, it gives you three tools in one.

3. What can I cut small patches of grass with?

Reel mowers, like the ones from American Lawn Mower Company and Sun Joe on our list, are perfect for cutting small patches of grass easily. If its a very small area and you arent willing to purchase a reel mower, you can use garden shears to cut the grass by hand.

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Best Lightweight Lawn Mower Review

This could be the most expected part of this article, in which we will give you a detailed review of the best 8 lightweight lawn mowers for women and old men.

We will also provide you with key features, specifications, pros, and cons for each machine.

This way you can easily compare the different models and quickly make the final purchasing decision.

Buyers Guide Finding The Best Self

Using a self-propelled lawnmower is the way to go if a rider isnt an option for you. Instead of you supplying the elbow grease, it does the job for you. Youll likely find operating one is a godsend, especially if you have a large or hilly yard. The technology has come a long way since Edwin Beard of Great Britain invented the device in 1830.

Todays models have bells and whistles that almost make mowing fun. They are more user-friendly with all aspects of using and maintaining one. Theyre more efficient and can last much longer than the lawnmower your dad had. The price varies widely, depending on the mechanics and other features of the product.

There are several things to keep in mind that can help you narrow your choices. First, there is the size of your lawn. If its large, then youll likely find it a chore with even the best self-propelled lawn mower. The second thing to keep on your radar is the type of terrain that you have. Manufacturers often include a recommendation, whether its flat, uneven, or hilly.

Other points to consider include:

  • Power source
  • Clipping management
  • Wash-out ports

Lets cover each one in detail with tips on what may work best for you. Well also discuss the pros and cons of your choices.

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Do All Gas Lawn Mowers Come With Bags

Generally speaking, and at least in this buying guide, pretty much all gas lawn mowers come with a bag to collect your cuttings. But many of the best gas lawn mowers come with detachable bags and come with a range of clipping options. This includes the option to bag, shred, mulch or side discharge your clippings.

The latter two options means the mower can collect your clippings but redistribute your cuttings back onto your lawn. This is believed to help redistribute key nutrients back into your lawn and conserve soil moisture and prevent the growth of the dreaded garden weed.

Snapper Xd 82v Max Cordless Mower

21"  170cc Gas Self Propelled Walk Behind Lawn Mower Lightweight Compact ...

For an electric mower, the Snapper XD 82V Max is a bit on the heavier side, but the trade-off is its increased durability. This machine is almost 81 pounds with a 21-inch deck and is powered by an 82-volt, lithium-ion battery-powered Briggs & Stratton engine.

What else does this model have going for it? A quiet, brushless mower, easy push-button start, ergonomic handles with easy-to-control speed settings, and a single-lever height adjuster. Its best for small to medium yards, since it only has a 45-minute run time , which for some, reportedly doesnt always last that long.

Overall, this is a reliable mower. It also has smart technology that automatically adjusts its blade power to cut through thicker, taller grass. The higher rear wheels help with added traction and maneuverability, too. And when youre done, you can stow this vertically to save space.


Not as powerful as a gas mower Battery run time less than an hour

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Best Electric Lawn Mowers Of 2022 Tested By An Expert

I tested the most popular battery-powered electric lawn mowers on the market. When the grass clippings settled, I came up with these top picks.

Brian Bennett

Senior writer

Brian Bennett is a senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET. He reviews a wide range of household and smart-home products. These include everything from cordless and robot vacuum cleaners to fire pits, grills and coffee makers. An NYC native, Brian now resides in bucolic Louisville, Kentucky where he rides longboards downhill in his free time.

If you’re not a fan of the smell of gas or you want a cleaner alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers, you have an excellent option. Electric lawn mowers are available in both battery-powered and corded models, but we’re going to focus exclusively on those that are battery-powered. Mowers that run on a battery are more powerful than ever before, while also managing to be more convenient than a long cord and better for the environment than gas.

There’s a wide range of pricing and features for electric mowers on the market at the moment, which can make shopping for one a little intimidating. I found over the course of this testing that there’s a huge variation in how well an electric lawn mower performs compared with how it’s advertised, as well as how well battery mowers performed when compared to corded electric lawn mowers or gas lawn mowers.

Worx Nitro 80v 21 Cordless Self

The Worx Nitro 80V 21″ Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is a gas-like powered mower that is engineered to provide power, performance, and run time. It has a brushless motor and Power Share PRO high-capacity battery that delivers extended run times. The Worx NITRO outdoor tools’ AUTO-INTELLICUT technology automatically adjusts performance to grass conditions.

It has a durable, 21 in. steel cutting-deck w/ Nutricut dual-stage mulching capabilities and single-lever control for 7-position cutting-height adjustments. The LED lights on this cordless lawn mower provide visibility in low-light conditions. The charge-level indicator of this lawnmower with rear-wheel drive provides a quick reference to the remaining run time. The one-touch, fully-collapsible handle allows for compact, stand-up storage.

53.6 lb

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How Long Do Gas Lawn Mowers Last

As long as you take care of your machine, a gas lawn mower can last 10 years or more. Thats a great deal longer than an electric lawn mower, which tends to lose steam after around three years. Just be mindful that any gas lawn mower repairs, especially those that occur later down the line, can be just as expensive as replacing your old machine.

Best Value: Powersmart 22 Self

Worx® Nitro 40V Self-Propelled Mower

Although there are many great gas-powered self-propelled mowers, many can fall into a pretty hefty price range. And for us, the Model PSM2322- PowerSmart lawn mower is the clear choice for the best value Gas-powered self-propelled lawn mower.

If you want to buy a better value lawn mower, and dont want to break the bank to buy it we highly recommend the Powersmart mower with a 3-in-1 and a 22 steel mowing deck.

This model has also been one of Amazons Best Rated mowers for the last few years.

The Powersmart lawn mower offers a fantastic mix of quality and features at a price point that practically any homeowner can afford.

Key Features of This Lawn Mower Include:

  • 22-inch mower deck

PowerSmart Lawn Mower Video

The PowerSmart mower has more power as the larger 190cc gas engine from Honda. And with a value-priced mower, youll have less concern about your budget and still not have to worry about lawnmower surging that comes from inferior engines.

The one caveat from Pro smart is that the mower doesnt offer a variable speed drive motor, so you will need to keep pace than PowerSmart sets their walking speed at.

This is one of the very few features we could find, that keeps their mower less expensive than other brands.

The PowerSmart Lawn Mower is designed with rear-wheel drive for climbing uneven or hilly yards, and for that type of terrain, RWD will always outshine front-wheel drive models.

PowerSmart Mower Summary:

PowerSmart- Self-Propelled Mower


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