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What To Look For In Electric Lawn Mower

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Sun Joe Mow Joe 20 In 12 Amp Corded Electric Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

The best electric lawn mower: the best mower with rugged all-terrain wheels


The Sun Joe Mow Joe 12-Amp 14-in Corded Electric Lawn Mower is yet another lightweight and compact version on the market. Weighing in at 20 pounds, this choice is a lean, mean, and green mowing machine .

Ideal for manicuring lawns without polluting the atmosphere with toxic carbon emissions, this machine turns on with a simple touch of the button. The rugged all-terrain wheels make it easier than ever to maneuver in those tight, hard-to-reach places and are suitable for year-round use.

Equipped with a durable steel blade, this electric lawn mower chops a 14-inch wide swath with each pass. Tailor the lawn cutting length with its 3-position manual height command, which corresponds from 1.18 inches to 2.52 inches.

Its 10.6-gallon hard-top rear bag conveniently handles grass clippings and separates smoothly for immediate disposal. A collapsible stem allows for quick and compressed accommodation when not in use.

And, lastly, this machine is ETL-approved, and the manufacturer provides a full 2-year warranty.

Which Is Better Gasoline Or Electric

Gasoline and electric mowers are the absolute leaders in sales. Consider the pros and cons of each type.

Gasoline mowers have more power and efficiency.

They are ideal for maintenance of large areas and are very maneuverable. and do not depend on a power source.

Gasoline units are most often self-propelled, which means that the owner only needs to hold the mower by the handles and control its movement. However, it is worth understanding that a high-performance machine will cost quite a lot.

Electric lawnmowers have different power from 300 to 1500 watts . These devices are good for mowing small lawns without rocks or bumps.

Lets compare some important characteristics of gasoline and electric models.

4-70 thousand

Risk Of Being Overturned And Crushed

Mowing steep lawns or embankments may pose risks such as overturning, mainly if you are operating a driven lawnmower. Such electric lawn mowers are typically weighty and could pose a potential threat by either crashing the operator, burns or through cuts and bruises once it tips over. It further poses a threat to kids who may be playing around when backing up.

To avoid such dangers, one should be discouraged from taking sharp corners that may increase ones chances of tipping over. Further, ensure that children are kept away during mowing to avoid incidences when backing up or reversing.

Lawnmowers have come a long way from inception and it seems that the electric lawnmowers is the future. They are noiseless, environmentally, and economically friendly. However, that doesnt mean that they are full proof since studies point to most injuries being kid-related compared to grownups. Therefore, care should be exercised during operation to ensure a smooth transition of the lawn mowing process while keeping guilt at bay.

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How Long Does Battery Operated Lawn Mower Last

If customers to the right research and buy the right brand and model of battery-operated cordless lawn mowers, he or she can expect that the battery of the mower should be good enough for around five years. However, it may be necessary to replace the batteries. This is because even the best of rechargeable batteries lose around 5 percent of their capacity to charge every year. The older the batteries, the higher are the chances of losing the charge before the mowing is completed. Further, the users must also ensure proper maintenance and care of the mower batteries to enhance their lives.

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Sharpening the blades once a year will increase the efficiency of the battery mowers and also the life of the battery will extend to that extent. Simple things like raising the blade in line with the increasing in the length of grass growth could also help a lot. Recharging the battery completely and fully after each use is important and it should be done before the mower is stored away for the next use. The users must also check the life of the battery every two months when it is not used and ensure that proper recharging is done. Finally, always store the batteries at temperature ranges of 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum performance.

Electric Vs Gas Lawn Mowers: Which One Is Good For Wet Grass

Earthwise 18 Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

If you have a lawn that is regularly wet or damp, then a corded mower is a better option. Gasoline-powered mowers can emit harmful fumes when used in enclosed spaces, so its best to avoid using them in garages or sheds. Electric mowers are also less likely to spark, making them safer to use around flammable liquids.

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What Should I Look For When Buying A Cordless Lawn Mower

Look for a battery with higher Ah and volts so the mower will have enough oomph to power both the blades and the wheels (although some, like the amazing Yard Force YOLMX225300 120V 2.5Ah x 2 Lithium-Ion 22 SP 3-in-1 Mower Torque-Sense, One Size,, run the blades and wheels separately so you can drive the mower

What Should I Look For In An Electric Lawnmower

I searched through all the posts on lawnmowers and didn’t find anything on electric mowers.

We have a very small front yard and only a slightly bigger backyard. Our elderly neighbor had mowed our lawn for years with his gas-powered mower, but is unable to anymore. We’re now in the market for a lawnmower.

My husband and I are thinking of trying a small electric mower. The following isn’t the greatest picture, as it doesn’t show the full yard, but it does give an idea of how small it is. Note: the yard isn’t much longer than it is wide. As you can see, our lawn is flat and there are no bumps or little hills. There is a maple tree off camera on the left side of the picture, but that’s all.

Would you experts recommend an electric mower in general? We have two extension cords that are more than adequate in length to mow both the front and the back. I’ve been perusing mowers on Amazon, just to get an idea of price and options and basic electric mowers seem to start at around $99 and run up to around $400.

Any thoughts or advice on purchasing an electric mower? What’s the importance of volts and amps? Would a simple, inexpensive electric mower be appropriate for a yard like ours?

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Types Of Electric Lawn Mowers

The modern world is one full of choices and ideas. Very little is excluded from that, especially in a capitalist society where products reign supreme. What that means for electric lawn mowers is that there are also options to choose from, starting with how they receive their powercordless and corded.

Lawn Mowers With Mechanical Cylinders

Why an Electric Lawn Mower is Better Than a Gas One | EGO 21″ POWER+ Review

They are powered by human muscles. The first mowers have a body on wheels with cutting blades inside. A distinction is made between the spindle mower and the hand lawnmower. The first ones have spindle blades, that are driven by energy transmitted by the wheels rotation when moving the mower. Spindle mowers can be contact and non-contact . They all cut the grass as it is fed to the blade.Older users note that spindle mowers are worse for mowing the lawn: the same spots need to be passed several times.Manual mechanical lawn mowers have a rotating cylinder to which the blades are attached. This mower has adjustable elements, the grass is cut cleaner, and a manual mower is considered more durable than a spindle mower.

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Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

If you find that its inconvenient to keep on dragging a long cord behind your lawnmower, there is good news for you. The simple solution is to buy a cordless lawnmower. These run on rechargeable batteries, and you dont need to be moving with the cable. The batteries are of varying voltage and can range from 18V, 24V, and 36V.

A mower with a higher voltage is often more powerful. Certain cordless electric mowers also feature self-propelled functionality. Also, mowers with higher voltage batteries give you more torque. Greater torque means a cleaner cut. You may also choose to buy two batteries for your rechargeable lawnmower so that you can mow your entire lawn without needing to stop midway through the job to recharge.

Lawnmower Battery Life And Power

In order to evaluate the performance of lawnmower batteries, you’ll have to think about both battery life and power.

The voltage is indicated in volts while the amperage is measured in ampere hours . The higher these values, the more powerful and long-lasting your machine will be.

Compare the following battery types in terms of lawn size:

  • for a lawn measuring 300 m² or less, you will need around 18 V and 2 Ah
  • for gardens measuring 300 to 500 m, you will need 36 V and 3 Ah of power
  • for lawns measuring 500 to 700 m², go for 36 V and 5 Ah.

Please note that there’s nothing stopping you going slightly beyond these values, especially when it comes to the ampere hour rating as this represents battery life.

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What Is The Best Time To Mow Your Lawn

Most people just mow the lawn whenever in the daytime that they have free time. However, there is an optimal time to mow your lawn. Why is there an optimal time? Unless youre an expert landscaper, you probably didnt even know theres an optimal time to mow your lawn. Lets look into the times of the day:

Features To Look Out For In Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Costway 12 Amp 14


The heart of the cordless electric mower is the battery, so look for power and quality there.

Most models have lead acid batteries, although some have Nicad batteries and some Lithium-Ion. Nicad batteries are probably best avoided as they dont hold a charge as well as the others and fade as the charge dissipates.

Some models have fixed batteries and some have batteries that can be removed for re-charging. Whichever of those options you would find more convenient is really a matter of choice. But, some people like to keep a spare battery always on charge so that they can mow on demand. If you fall into that camp, youll need the removable option.

Bear in mind that no battery will last indefinitely, though you should be able to get 500 recharges out of a good one.


Given the added weight of cordless electric mowers, the self-propelled capability is likely to be preferable, especially if you have any inclines to mow.

Some models have a fixed drive speed, others a variable speed. Some even adjust speed automatically to match your walking pace.

Power Indicator

Its useful to have a power indicator light to alert you to the batterys level of charge.

Grass Discharge

This is discussed above, but be alive to the fact that some discharge options may require added extras, e.g. mulching inserts or side discharge chutes, that have to be purchased separately.


Is there such a word?


my former garden ideal for a cordless electric lawn mower

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Safety Precautions When Using The Electric Lawn Mower

The Consumer Product Service Commission puts the number of cordless, corded, gas and battery-powered lawn mower related injuries above a staggering 80,000 annually. Such staggering figures havent gone down one bit in recent past years. According to Jillian Warden, a prosthetic clinician at Cooks Childrens Hospital, amputation is a sad reality of life in her line of work. The most disturbing and annoying cases are those that are preventable, and lawnmower accidents are precisely that. She quips that in case your child is lucky enough to survive an amputation after a run-in with a lawnmower, chances are that theyll heavily get scared from the traumatic experience. As a parent, youll be put in an awkward position since youll have to contend with life-altering decisions concerning amputations.

Electric lawn mowers pose an even higher risk. This article takes a deep dive to bring you the possible injuries or accidents related to such lawnmowers and how to avoid them. Heres the scoop.

Black+decker Cm2043c Cordless Mower 20

  • Runs on interchangeable batteries. It eliminates the common problem of recharging in the middle of mowing big gardens.
  • Two 40V MaxLithium ion batteries. You can only use one battery at a time. You can charge the second one while running the mower on the first one.
  • The Edgemax design makes mow right up to edges and reduces the trimming duration.

Amazon customers are complaining about short battery life when using Black + Decker CM2043C.

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Cons Of Gas Lawn Mowers

Gas lawn mowers can be loud and smelly, and they can also produce emissions that are harmful to the environment.

1. Maintainance costs: Theyre also more expensive to maintain than electric mowers, and they require regular tune-ups.

2. Noise pollution: Gas mowers can be very loud, which can be annoying for your neighbors and anyone else who happens to be near you when youre using it.

3. Carbon footprints: Another downside of gas mowers is that they produce emissions that are harmful to the environment. If youre concerned about your carbon footprint, an electric mower may be a better option for you.

Should I Prefer Gas Mower Models Over Corded Models

Ryobi Electric Zero Turn Mower – First Look

That depends on your needs. If you have a small lawn and dont mind the hassle of having to unplug and move the cord every time you mow, then a corded electric model is a good option. If you have a huge lawn or live in an area with frequent power outages, then youll need to look at the gas-powered models.

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What Makes The Electric Lawnmower Different From The Other Types Of Lawnmowers

The main difference between the electric lawnmowers and the others in the market is solely based on the power source. While some lawnmowers are known to use gas as their power sources, these mowers use an electric current from the grid or the already set up batteries.

In this regard, the electric lawnmowers are quite environmentally friendly, a clear contrast from the others whose huge emissions into the sky have been blamed for rampant pollution, especially in areas where they are heavily in use.

Is The Electric Lawnmower Suitable For Use It

Definitely, the electric lawnmower is suited for cutting long grass lawns several electric lawnmowers can work better on long grass, and what one needs to do is merely look around the shops.

However, if the grass in question is rather too tall, the preferred choice would be the riding tractor lawnmowers which are regarded highly for their power and efficiency on the lawn.

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Greenworks 25142 Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Best Mower for Mulching

The Greenworks 25142 corded electric lawn mower contains a 16-inch cutting width that makes quick work of small to medium lawns. It utilizes a 10 amp motor to complete the job. This mower has five different cutting heights, ranging from 5/8 to 2-5/8 inches. It’s easy to switch between these settings thanks to an easy-to-use hand lever. This Greenworks mower also has variability in clipping output – you can mulch your lawn with the clippings or collect them in the provided grass bag. Greenworks has included 6-inch front wheels and 7-inch rear wheels to allow for supreme maneuverability around obstacles and on uneven lawns.

Cutting WidthCutting Height Options

What Are The Weaknesses Of The Corded Electric Lawnmowers

Earthwise 60420 20

The corded electric lawnmowers have been loved and hated in equal measure. The corded electric lawn mowers biggest undoing is that it cannot work in places where the electric grid has not reached. Moreover, there are frequent power blackouts in several areas that are likely to impede its operations.

Additionally, the power cords presence is limiting as it does not allow for free movement. The power cord determines how far the mower goes and how. The risk of intertwining the wire and even cutting it in the course of mowing is rather a reality in this case.

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Is It Dangerous To Keep The Battery Inside The Mower For A Long Period Of Time

The technology behind battery operated and cordless battery mowers has always been changing and new and more improved technologies are coming in. All quality battery mowers available in the market today operate on lithium-ion batteries. Therefore they are not very difficult to maintain and are also not unsafe. However, like all ion-lithium batteries, here are a few things that one should keep in mind. These batteries should be stored properly so that the users have a user-friendly, safe and environment-friendly battery-operated appliance to help them with complex and tough mowing works.

Most ion-lithium charged mowers can easily mow 1/3 acre after a full charge. Once the job has been completed, the users should remove the batteries from the lawn mowers. This should be a regular practice more so if the mower is not being used for more than a week. Safe charging can also be ensured by keeping the battery in a climate-controlled storage space. It would be a good idea to store the battery in a wood or plastic shelf and avoid placing it on a metal shelf. This is because there is a danger of the batteries getting heated to a dangerous level when they come in regular contact with metal surfaces.

Riding Lawnmower Do Riding Lawnmowers Have A Reverse Gear

Yes, they have a reverse gear. The blades disengage when you put it in reverse however, it does have an over-ride on the ignition key that allows you to mow in reverse if you so desire.

Do You Have To Assemble It? Or Does It Come Looking Like In The Picture?

The seat and steering assembly have to be assembled. The battery cables have to be connected and a few small parts fixed. It is effortless. How does shift on the operate?

There is a clutch function that allows you to move while changing speeds.

How Is It Delivered?

It is delivered by a truck and delivered on your driveway. It comes on a pallet in a truck.

Is It Easy To Start?

Riding mowers are key start mowers.

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