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When To Aerate Lawn In Alabama

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Things To Do After Aerating Your Lawn:

How To OVERSEED Your Lawn in SPRING // Complete Step by Step Guide
  • Watering after aeration is always a good idea. As Friell said, lawns should not be aerated when turf is wet, or the dirt contains enough moisture to be muddy.
  • Apply an application of fertilizer and weed killer shortly following aeration. However, be sure to skip the weed killer if youre going to overseed following aeration.
  • Overseed after aeration so seeds can take advantage of the disturbed surface. This creates better seed-to-soil contact, which encourages successful germination.
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    When To Fertilize Your Alabama Lawn

    Fertilizing can be a powerful tool to give you the best lawn on the block if you apply it the right way. Because fertilizer has a specific purpose feeding your lawn it needs to be applied at the right times for optimal results. Many property owners dont stick to a seasonal schedule, choosing instead to apply fertilizer any time their lawn looks a little lackluster. Unfortunately, this doesnt only waste perfectly good yard time it can actually hurt your lawn health.

    The good news is, a little bit of preparation can help you fertilize your lawn like a pro. Here are some quick tips to help you decide when to fertilize your Alabama lawn.

    Argument : Overseeding Is Not As Effective In The Spring

    We agree. Fall is the optimal season for overseeding. But, our opinion is that overseeding does not introduce any new risks. Overseeding is also most effective immediately after aerating. Given this information, why not overseed if we are also aerating? Sure, some of the grass seed may die. It is equally true that some of the seed will survive and create a thicker lawn.

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    Lawn Overseeding Madison Al

    Help reinvigorate your lawn by overseeding

    Lawn Seeding or overseeding is done to keep Madison lawns looking great! Overseeding is spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. Done right, its a straightforward process that gets results.

    As grasses mature, thinning is normalespecially if you enjoy your lawn and use it often. In addition, the weather, kids and pets can be tough on lawns. Lack of water, too much heat, wear & tear as well as other problems can make it look worn and thin. Get your lawn back in shape with overseeding Madison, AL. Winsome Landscaping will connect you with an overseeding professional that will get your lawn looking lush and green once again.

    • Aerating Lawn Madison, AL

    About Lawn Aeration Service

    Core Aeration

    All lawn aerations performed by Greener Grounds Lawn Care are core aerations. As shown in the picture, our aerating machines pull cores from the soil. The other, much less common and/or beneficial, is spike lawn lawn aerations.

    There are numerous benefits of aerating your lawn. We will discuss them below. The best time to aerate your lawn is when it is growing most rapidly.

    Aerating your lawn is the single best thing you can do for its overall health.

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    A Few Quick Summer Lawn Care Tips For Birmingham Al Homeowners

    Its the summer in the South and we all know what that means: Its HOT! Warmer weather means that there is more stress to your lawn and insects come out in herds looking to feed on your grass. Be prepared to take care of your grass this summer in Birmingham, Ala., so you know when to fertilize, water, and cut your lawn and what signs to look for if you do experience a problem with your lawn.

    Consider Dethatching Prior To Aeration And Overseeding

    Dethatching and aerating are technically two different projects but using them together provides even more health benefits for your lawn prior to overseeding. Thatch is the dead layer of organic matter that sits just between the soil and grass. Rent a power rake to remove this layer that can cause further nutrient restriction to your lawn.

    Before dethatching, always cut your grass to half its normal height. Next, get started using your power rake rental. Variable speeds and self-propulsion make this model easy to maneuver in yards of any size. Once finished, your lawn will look a bit ragged, so use a leaf rake to collect and dispose of the loosened thatch.

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    Can Aerating Damage Any Underground Utilities Lines Pipes Or Wiring

    Most underground utility lines are buried to deep enough that aeration tines will not strike them. Other buried items such as sprinkler systems could be impacted. If you are concerned, call to have underground utilities marked. Use flags to mark irrigation heads and other hidden objects to avoid damaging them and/or the aerator.

    The Basics Of Aerating A Lawn

    Lawnstar Liquid Soil Aerator Update & Review.

    Whatever type of yard aerator you choose, the basics of how to aerate a lawn are the same.

    • A few days before you aerate the lawn, mow it to about half its usual height, and then water it well.
    • Rake up any fallen leaves or debris.
    • Aerate the lawn using your chosen tool. If it’s a spike aerator, make at least two passes over the lawn, each in a different direction. If using a plug aerator, just one pass is needed.
    • Leave any soil plugs on the lawn they will return nutrients to the soil as they decompose.
    • Fertilize your lawn or apply a top dressing of compost. This is also a good time to reseed any bare patches.
    • Return to watering and mowing your grass on its regular schedule.

    To keep your grass looking its best, make sure you aerate annually in addition to watering, fertilizing, and weeding on a regular schedule.

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    How To Aerate Your Yard

    If youre convinced that your lawn is in need of aeration, here are some lawn care tips on how to do it:

    • Before you get started, make sure the soil is moist enough. Theres nothing more frustrating than trying to aerate soil that is bone dry. Aerating the day after a rain shower or watering your lawn the day before is advised.
    • Most aeration machines cover only a small percentage of soil surface per pass, so make multiple passes over the most compacted areas. Save resources by leaving unaffected areas alone
    • The excavated soil plugs should be allowed to dry and then broken up to give your lawn a uniform, clean appearance. Break them up by running them over with a lawn mower or pounding them with the back of a rake.
    • An aeration myth is that if you apply a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn in the spring, aerating your lawn will destroy the herbicide barrier. This is not true research shows that aeration will not affect crabgrass control or weed prevention.
    • After aerating, its important to continue basic lawn care practices such as proper fertilizing, mowing and watering.

    Aeration is a beneficial practice toward achieving a beautiful lawn, but most people dont realize it or understand the process. If your lawn is a candidate, make it an integral part of your lawn care regime. Your lawn will thank you for letting it breathe again.

    Lawn Care Made Easy In Leeds

    Lawn care made easy in Leeds: that’s the Lawn Love promise. With an easy-to-use online booking platform, we take the guesswork out of maintaining a healthy green lawn. Having trouble with patchy brown grass? We provide aeration and fertilization. Are your clogged gutters causing water damage to your home? We can fix that, too. We put a full spectrum of lawn care in Leeds at your fingertips.

    Keeping your lawn mowed and weed-free under the hot Alabama sun is no walk in the park. Let Lawn Love take on the hard work so you can relax in the shade. We help you make the most of your weekends so you can spend your weekends doing the things you love.

    Call us at 205-304-0070 or for a 2-minute quote. From Sylvan Springs to Moody, Lawn Love is beautifying the Birmingham area one yard at a time.

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    Allow Your Lawn To Rest

    After aerating, you should give your lawn time to recover. This means waiting to mow your lawn until it needs it. In most cases, this means allowing your lawn to grow up to a height of 3.5 temporarily. Traffic on the lawn should also be minimized for a week or two, if possible, to prevent compaction.

    Leave Aeration To The Professionals

    Core Aeration

    While aerating your lawn may seem straightforward, theres actually a lot that can go wrong. An improperly aerated lawn can actually make soil compaction worse, damage delicate grassroots, or stress out your grass if its done at the wrong time. At Showcase Lawn Care, we have the proper tools and knowledge to do the job correctly, so let us help your landscape thrive!

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    Do You Really Need To Aerate Your Lawn

    To answer the question, do you really need to aerate your lawn, we need to go over a little information first.

    Before you can decide to do something or not, you need to be familiar with what it is, right?

    Lawn aeration is just a fancy term for perforating your soil to allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the grass roots. The whole goal of aeration is to allow the roots of the grass to grow deeper and create a brighter, stronger lawn.

    Aeration helps release some of the soil compaction that prevents water, air, and nutrients from circulating through the soil and getting to the roots.

    Its a good idea to aerate your lawn if:

    • It gets a lot of use. If you have pets and/or children who use the yard as a playground, it could benefit from aerating.
    • Your home was newly constructed. The construction traffic and machinery can greatly compact the soil. In many cases, new construction even strip or bury the topsoil and establish grass on a subsoil.
    • Sod and soil layering was used to establish the lawn. Soil layering is done when a finer soil from the sod is laid on top of a coarser soil.
    • The grass dries out easily or feels spongy. These are both signs of too much thatch. You can find out if thats the problem by using a shovel and removing a patch of lawn about four inches deep. If the thatch is over a half of an inch, aeration is needed.

    Aeration: Why How & When To Aerate Your Lawn

    In order to achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn, you should employ basic lawn care practices such as properly mowing, fertilizing and watering. It is also important to ensure that nutrients can reach the soil beneath your grass. Aeration can be an extremely vital element to a healthy lawn because it allows air and water to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch.

    Get rid of thatch and make way for a beautiful lawn with this quick guide to aeration. Youll learn why, how and when to aerate your lawn for the best results.

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    Why Should You Aerate The Lawn

    Aeration is an essential step in lawn maintenance. Unfortunately, many property owners dont realize this and try to cut corners by skipping it. Some assume that just adding water to the soil is enough to keep it loose and aerated. Here are some reasons why you shouldnt skip aeration:

    As you can see, aeration is an important aspect of lawn care and will ensure it remains healthy. Proper and thorough aeration should be performed every year in order to maintain your lawns health. We recommend you call professionals to handle the task as they will have the right tools, skills, and knowledge.

    Are You In Maryland Or Northern Virginia And Need Aeration & Seeding

    Bermuda Lawn Reset: Scalp, Scarify, Aerate & Verticut ? (S2E19)

    If you are interested in improving the appearance and health of your lawn, Blades of Green can help with our aeration and overseeding services. Our highly trained professionals are prepared to ensure that your yard gets the maximum amount of coverage for optimum benefit. If you still have questions about aeration and seeding or how to choose a provider, the technicians at Blades of Green can point you in the right direction.

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    Lawn Care Service In Pinson

    Looking for professional, affordable, and convenient lawn care services in Pinson? You’ve come to the right place. Lawn Love offers all the outdoor services your lawn needs to stay healthy and look great all year long.

    Instead of trying to keep up with an ever-changing maintenance plan, let our pros handle the dirty work. We know the right times to seed, aerate, fertilize, dethatch, and control weeds. We also offer routine mowing, edging, and trimming services, including bush and tree trimming. For those hard-to-reach jobs, like gutter cleaning, reach out to us.

    If your lawn isn’t thriving, but you’re not sure why, we offer professional lawn assessments to detect and diagnose pests, diseases, or other issues. We’ll come up with a plan to get it beautiful and perfect again.

    When you’re ready to trade in the weekend yard work for an extra hour of sleep, give us a call at or for a customized 2-minute quote. We can have a Pinson lawn care pro there in just a few days to get started.

    Enjoy An Amazing Lawn Without Lifting A Finger

    Your lawn gives you so much from perfect sunrises with coffee to memories of your kids laughing and playing. Make sure it always looks gorgeous by performing regular aeration and overseeding. Contact our professionals at Lush Lawn for expert advice and assistance in keeping your lawn healthy all year long. We take care of everything so you only have to worry about relaxing and enjoying the view.

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    Be Sure To Properly Aerate Before Overseeding

    Prior to overseeding, we recommend aerating the areas that need seeding, or the entire lawn if required. This allows for better seed-to-soil contact which greatly improves germination and enables improved root growth and plant maturity. It is suggested to use 4-8 lbs. per 1,000 square feet. Higher rates such as 8 lbs. per 1,000 square feet are needed for bare ground situations while 4-6 lbs. per 1,000 square feet works great in established lawns. Its best to purchase enough seed to have extra seed in case there are any areas that wash during a heavy rain, or for areas that may not have been seeded correctly. This gives a uniform appearance over the entirety of the lawn.

    Once aeration and overseeding have been performed, you will need proper watering and fertilization to ensure quick germination and growth. During the first two weeks, water 2 times a day for 15-20 minutes per zone to get the seed to germinate. Once the new seedlings have germinated, it is important to never let the seedlings get too dry. Watering 3-4 days per week and 30-45 minutes per zone will be sufficient in most conditions. The end result would be at least 1.5 inches of water per week on the lawn. This is a good rule of thumb but may need to be adjusted during overly wet or severe dry periods.

    The Best Time To Overseed Grass

    Eviro Turf Spraying

    Overseeding means planting new grass to fill in any bare or worn patches. This is helpful for having a gorgeous lawn that looks thick and healthy all year long. The best time to overseed depends on two factors: where you live and what kind of grass you prefer.

    Many homeowners in northern states choose cool-season grasses, and southern areas often select warm-season grasses. Each type of grass has distinctive growth patterns and needs, so make sure to speak with our lawn professionals if youre not sure what variety to choose. Here are the optimal overseeding times for several locations and grass types:

    • Pacific Northwest : Plant new grasses about six weeks before the first projected snowfall. These are generally cool-season grasses.
    • Southwest U.S. : Early spring is the best time for overseeding in these areas.
    • Southern states : April, May and June are good times to overseed in this huge area. The best time may vary each year depending on soil temperatures. You want warm-season grass to have a cozy environment to germinate in.
    • Northeast states : Due to the cold temperatures prevalent in these areas, its best to start planting grass seeds in August or September to give them some time to grow before winter hits.
    • Midwest U.S. : Weather conditions vary quite a bit depending on how far north you live, but a safe bet is to overseed lawns by the end of August or early September at the latest.

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    When Does Your Lawn Need Aeration

    While you might think that your lawn isn’t going to get compacted, it’s more likely to happen than you realize. Small machines or vehicles driven over your grass, and even playing outdoors with your pets or kids and entertaining outdoors, can cause the soil to compact.

    If you live in an area with heavy clay soil, annual aeration is needed to keep your grass from becoming weak and thin.

    If you start to notice that your lawn looks stress and the feels hard or rainfall pools where it should absorb into the ground, your lawn is probably compacted. You can easily confirm if this is true by performing a screwdriver test.

    To do this test, you need to take a screwdriver and poke it down into the soil of your lawn. If your soil isn’t compacted, then the screwdriver should slide right into the ground. But if you find that theres some resistance, then the soil is probably compacted: aeration can help in this situation.

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