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When To Fertilize Lawn In Texas

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Tips For Fertilizing Texas Lawns

What month Should I fertilize my lawn in Texas?

Here in Texas, the grass youre going to see will mostly be warm-season grasses. Due to our hot climate, these types of grasses include St. Augustine grass, Bermuda grass, and Zoysia grass. The process of fertilizing is pretty simple and straightforward, but there are certain distinctions to be made when considering the timing it is completed for best results. Lets start with when not to fertilize:

  • You shouldnt apply high nitrogen fertilizer until your grass has greened. Then you can apply fertilizer nutrients that promote the health and development of the grass and its root system.
  • However, doing this in the early spring without weed control or a pre-emergent allows weeds and other invasive plants the opportunity to snatch up viable nutrients, which is never good.
  • Waiting until late autumn or early winter is also a bad time to fertilize. This is because this is almost the point of the year where your lawn starts to stop growing for its winter dormancy period. Lastly, choosing to fertilize in the winter doesnt make much sense since your grass is in total hibernation. You would only be feeding cool-season weeds which causes more problems for you in regards to weed control.

The Best Time To Fertilize Texas Grass

Lawn care is a year-round necessity in Texas if you want a healthy lawn because our grass is always growing. Sure, it slows down in winter, though grass still needs nutrients to stay healthy. We fertilize Denton and Collin county, TX lawns four times from April to October to provide consistent turf nutrition.

Fertilizer must be watered in, so if theres no rain in the forecast after it is applied, plan on running your sprinkler system for the recommended time based on your sprinkler heads .

As we said, give the mower a rest for at least 24 hours after a fertilizer application so the product can absorb into the soil.

Houston Lawn Fertilizer Service

Keep in mind that Houston lawns may have particular conditions that require variations of a standard Texas lawn fertilizer schedule, such as periodically supplementing nitrogen with iron to promote greening without weakening the grass.

For more information about Zodega TISs commercial lawn services in Houston or our residential lawn service in Houston, feel free to contact us today!

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When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Your Lawn

Now that you understand the purpose of fertilizing your lawn and the dangers of over-fertilizing it, you might also understand the answer to, when is the best time to fertilize your lawn?

If you still have questions about this, contact us. We offer landscaping services and can fertilize your lawn for you. We can also provide other helpful services that you might need, so give us a call today to learn more!

What Month Should I Fertilize St Augustine Grass


Slow-release nitrogen can be applied every 4 weeks or 1 pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn. If the lawn is too wet, apply 1/4 to 1 gallon of water per week. If its too dry, add 1 to 2 gallons of liquid fertilizer every 3 to 5 days. Do not apply liquid fertilizers in the spring or summer, when the soil is still wet.

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Why Do We Fertilize In The Fall

Many of us think fall might be as relaxing a time for our plants and grass as it can be for us, but in fact fall is an important time to provide your tired grass with the boost it needs to stay strong and well structured during the coming fall and winter months.

However, the beginning of the fall season is one of the most important times to care for our grass as it prepares to enter into winter dormancy.

Caring for our lawns in the fall allows our grass and plant life to prepare for a healthy growth in the spring. Our lawns have been drained of their nutrients and strength in the previous summer months, as theyve worked to fight summer heat and drought.

We also typically see a higher foot traffic in our lawns in the summer, which weakens their defenses to disease, weed growth, and insect infestation. If our grass and plant life arent nourished in the fall, they may not be strong enough to maintain a healthy root in the coming months, and we may not achieve the growth results we are aiming for in the spring.

As previously mentioned, Potassium plays a vital role in promoting a healthy and strong root growth in our turfgrass, and fall is the ideal time to supply our lawns with this essential nutrient.

How Do You Thicken St Augustine Grass

How To Make St.

  • Preparation. It is best to purchase St.
  • Irrigation. This is especially important after installing sod for the first time.
  • Mowing. These tips are quite simple: leave no less than two thirds of its length intact, mow with sharp blades, and dont bag the trimmings.
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    Wait Until The Grass Is Green

    The best time to fertilize your grass in Texas is in the early spring when new growth is starting to develop, and your grass has turned green. Picking the best time of year to plant grass in Texas is important too.

    Its best not to apply fertilizers, especially those that are high nitrogen, until your grass has greened. Applying fertilizer in the spring will provide nutrient to your lawn that promotes healthy growth and development.

    When To Fertilize A Lawn

    Lawn Care | Fertilizing Emerald Zoysia | Texas | Calculate Fertilizer | Thatch Explained

    When your lawn is looking a little shabby, you may be tempted to throw some fertilizer on it. But when, how, and at what time you fertilize your lawn requires some careful consideration.

    The best time of day to fertilize a lawn is morning because that’s when the temperature is cooler and the grass is moist with dew. Heat and dryness are your enemies when fertilizing your lawn. Even without hot temperatures, applying chemical fertilizers to grass exposes it to the danger of burning. Plus fertilizer should be watered immediately into the soil, and this task is easier to perform on a lawn already moist. The exception is with “weed and feed” products, which you don’t want to water in immediately: You want the herbicidal component to maintain contact with the weeds for a period of time.

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    Best Texas Fertilizer Schedule

    What is the best time to fertilize your lawn in Texas? And how often to fertilize your Texas lawn? The Texas fertilizer schedule for St. Augustine and Zoysia grass starts after the second mowing of the lawn for the season usually about six weeks after the last frost when the grass is actively growing and will utilize the nitrogen quickly. Several weeks after complete green-up is when to fertilize Bermuda grass in Texas.

    Between June and August, continue to apply lawn fertilizer every four to eight weeks, not exceeding the recommended limit for nitrogen for the type of grass and site conditions.

    After the end of August, nitrogen fertilizer isnt applied to lawns in Texas however, if soil tests report potassium deficiencies, potassium can be applied, using muriate of potash , potassium sulfate , or another recommended source.

    When To Fertilize Grass In Texas The Best Explanation

    After the grass turns green in the early spring, fertilization should begin. During the most active growing season, the lawn should be fed and then backed off when the grass goes quiet. Texas, that means fertilization between April and October. The best time to fertilize your lawn is in late spring or early summer.

    This is the time of year when most grasses are in their prime growth and most of the weeds are out of season. If you have a large lawn, you may have to back off a bit during this time. However, if you only have one or two acres of grass, this is not a problem.

    In fact, it can be a good time for your grass to get a little bit of a break from being fertilized.

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    Texas Lawn Fertilizer Guide By Season

    How often should you fertilize your lawn in Texas? Homeowners should do lawn fertilization for Texas lawns twice a season. Regularly scheduled lawn fertilization helps soil receive the nutrients it needs to grow strong, green, healthy grass year-round. Below we have created a Texas Lawn Fertilizer Guide with tips and answers about how to care for the lawn.

    How To Keep A Green Lawn In Texas

    Expert Gardener Texas Turf Lawn Fertilizer, Plus 2% Iron, covers 5,000 ...

    The colder weather is approaching, and now is the time to plan for a healthy, green lawn come springtime. If you live in Texas, what is the best way to prepare your lawn for the fall and winter season?

    Its easy when you follow some basic steps for proper fertilization and weed control that go along with your watering and soil maintenance program. This guide explains the best way to make your lawn a lush focal point by following these winterizing tips below.

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    Work With A Lawn Maintenance Schedule

    A schedule is a form of a calendar that helps your lawn care activity to be organized and professional. With a calendar or schedule, you will be able to list out what needs to be done and get to it directly and on time.

    If youre looking to take fertilizer application to the next level, you will find this information super-useful. Your lawn will be the better for it and you will enjoy the pride and joy that comes with owning a beautiful lawn.

    What Are Signs That My Lawn Needs To Be Fertilized

    Are you wondering whether your lawn needs to be fertilized? There are some warning signs that you will want to be cautious of that indicate that your lawn needs professional care. Below we list and discuss some of the major warning signs to look out for.

    Signs that you need professional lawn fertilization services include the following:

    • Your plants or grass is looking faint in color or yellow toned
    • Your grass is looking red or blue in town
    • Your grass or plants have been growing at an especially slow rate
    • There are patches on your grass
    • There are mushrooms growing on your lawn
    • Your grass or plants are dying
    • There are signs of rust on your grass

    Are you noticing any of the signs above on your lawn? If so, it’s important to schedule professional lawn fertilization services as soon as you can. The sooner your lawn gets the nutrients that it needs, the more grass and plants can be saved, and the more further damage is prevented.Contact our lawn fertilization pros in Texas to schedule a lawn inspection and the service that your lawn needs today!

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    The Best Time To Apply Weed Control

    Weed control is usually applied up to 7 times throughout the year to control weeds. Specific pre-emergent applications in fall, early winter and early spring address weeds before they mature, while post-emergent applications as needed treat the weeds you can see.

    Weeds can be tricky to tame, which is why youve got to stay on it if you want to maintain a healthy lawn. After applying weed control, you should water in the product and avoid mowing for at least 24 hours. The same rules apply to insect control.

    Lawn Care: When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Your Lawn

    When to Fertilize Zoysia Grass – Houston Grass – Pearland Sugar Land Richmond TX

    HomeBlogLawn Care: When is the Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn?

    Youll find more than 604,163 landscaping companies in this country, but many people still prefer handling their yard work themselves.

    The downside to doing your own yard work is that you might not know how, and you might have many questions. For example, you might wonder, when is the best time to fertilize your lawn?

    If this is the question, youre trying to find the answer to, continue reading to find out when the best time is to fertilize your lawn.

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    What Happens If You Dont Fertilize

    If you dont fertilize your lawn in the fall, it will likely become thin and yellow. The grass will have difficulty recovering from summer stress, and it may not be able to withstand the winter cold. A lack of nutrients can also make your lawn more susceptible to disease.

    Contact Evergreen Lawn and Landscape for help with fertilization and weed control today.

    Which Scotts Fertilizer To Use Now

    Apply Scotts® Turf Builder® Southern Triple Action instead, as it prevents and kills fire ants for up to 6 months in addition to killing weeds and fertilizing your lawn. If you dont have problems with weeds or fire ants, use Scotts® Turf Builder® Southern Lawn Food.

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    When To Fertilize Lawns In Texas

    I live in east Texas. When would be a good time to fertilize my lawn? And what is a good fertilizer? I have some triple 13, triple 8 and some Southern Lawn Fertilizer by Scott’s. Thanks……..

    • dchall_san_antonio

      2 years ago

      If you have bermuda, then you can use any of those fertilizers on a 6-8 week schedule throughout the growing season.

      If you have St Augustine, do your first application on Memorial Day, second one on Labor Day, and third one around Thanksgiving.

      I use only organic fertilizers, so none of those is my favorite. If you want to know what I think is good, then alfalfa pellets and corn meal are what I use. Both are available at a feed store in 50 pound bags. Application rate is 15-20 pounds per 1,000 square feet.

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    When To Put Down Fertilizer

    What is the best fertilizer for New Jersey grass?Spring and fall are the two best times to fertilize your lawn in New Jersey, but the real answer depends on how often youre willing to apply the fertilizer.For a thick and healthy lawn, youll want to fertilize a few times throughout the year, with the major times to fertilize being spring and fall.Best Fertilizer for New Jersey Grass.For yards that struggle with weeds, you might want to consider a granular fertilizer that kills weeds while supporting your lawns nutritional needs.These can be purchased at landscaping or garden stores, or you can contact a lawn care professional in NJ to help you test your soil and identify your lawns nutritional needs.How do you actually fertilize your lawn?At Healthy Lawn, our team of licensed professionals has years of experience providing lawn fertilization in New Jersey, and wed be happy to help you test your soil, establish a lawn fertilizer schedule, or identify the best fertilizer for your NJ grass. .

    The Best Time To Seed A Lawn In North Texas

    Late September and early October are prime times for planting new grass seed in Flower Mound and Highland Village, TX. By this time, youre less likely to have scorching heat that stresses new plants.

    Also, cooler temperatures allow soil to retain moisture better, so your watering efforts will be more long-lasting. Also, early fall seeding gives new turf an opportunity to establish before winter.

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    When Should You Fertilize Your Lawn In Fort Worth Tx

    Lawn fertilization is not an instant fix for a lawn. Instead, it is an important part of a healthy lawn care regimen that should be followed throughout the year with the appropriate seasons to match up with what your grass needs at each time.

    Early spring is the best time to fertilize your lawn as nitrogen is absorbed into the roots and blades of grass, producing new cells that will be ready for summer.

    Its also a good time to replenish any nutrients lost during the winter months. Excess fertilizer can do more harm than good, so its important to know when your grass will benefit from a boost.

    Apply fertilizer to your actively growing lawn when they need the most nutrients. This can help prevent weed seeds from germinating and growing.

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