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What Do Lawn Services Use To Kill Weeds

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Andersons Barricade Professional Weed Control

How to Fix an Ugly Lawn – Killing Lawn Weeds

The Best No Frills Granular Weed Controller

Andersons Barricade is a pre-emergent herbicide. In short, it’s a weed preventer. This means that it stops the weeds from growing in the first place, but it won’t kill existing weeds. This product is ideal to use in early spring and fall before the weeds have time to grow. It helps to prevent over 30 broadleaf and grass-type weeds from growing in your lawn. This includes perennial weeds like crabgrass, foxtail, goosegrass, henbit, and lambs quarter.

Preventing the weed problem in the first place is always the best solution. If you apply this weed control product in early spring and fall, the weeds are unable to germinate and grow. Plus, it’s easy to apply just use a spreader after you’ve mown the lawn. Remember to water it in thoroughly, though.

Is Weed Killer Safe For My Garden

Some weed killers are safe for your garden, while others will kill any plant they are applied to. Youll want to look at the product container to see if it is labeled as safe to use in garden beds. Alternatively, choose a selective weed killer that only targets certain weed species rather than a non-selective herbicide like dicamba that will eradicate any plant species.

Dowse Them With Boiling Water

This natural weed killer is practically free, and you definitely already have it on hand. All you need is a stove, a pot, and some tap water. Or, better yet, if you happen to have a stovetop tea kettle or an electric kettle, this process will be even easier. All you need to do is boil water, and then pour it directly on unwanted weeds. You may have to do this more than once if you have weeds with deep tap roots, but it will eventually kill them off. Be sure to avoid pouring boiling water on desired plants, since this is an indiscriminate killer.

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Herbicides & Weed Killers

Weeds can quickly turn the most beautiful lawns and gardens into unsightly messes. Herbicides can control and prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn to keep your lawn healthy. DoMyOwns selection of herbicides are the same products the professionals use, allowing you to do your own lawn care with fantastic results.

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Best Professional Lawn Care: Trugreen

Eliminator Lawn Weed Killer Ready

If you instead want to opt for professional lawn care to make your weed killing truly effortless and highly effective, TruGreen is one of the best companies you can choose. TruGreen has many different service plans available, including targeted weed killer applications, fertilization, pest control applications, and additional services to beautify your property further.

TruGreens technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable, and they use soil tests and science to determine the best products for your property. The company has a massive service area spanning all continental states, and it provides weeding services at a very affordable rate, especially for the quality. Check out TruGreens plans today to see which is right for you and your home.

To learn more: TruGreen Review

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  • Mow your grass when it needs it one-third above the ideal cutting height.
  • Pro Tip: If you dont know your grass type, take a plug of turf to a garden center and ask the staff to help with the identification.

Cool Climate Grasses

  • Bent grass: 1/4- to 3/4-in.
  • Chewing hard or red fescue: 1-1/2 to 2-1/2-in.
  • Tall fescue: 1-1/2 to 3-in.
  • Kentucky bluegrass: 1-1/2 to 3-in.
  • Perennial ryegrass: 1-1/2 to 3-in.

Warm Climate Grasses

  • Bahia grass: 2- to 3-in.
  • Bermuda grass: 1/2- to 1-in.
  • Blue grama grass: 2- to 3-in.
  • Buffalo grass: 2- to 3-in.
  • Carpetgrass: 1- to 2-in.
  • St. Augustinegrass: 1- to 3-in.
  • Zoysia grass: 1/2- to 1-in.

Using A Lawn Weed Killer

If you have a lot of weeds to get rid of, then using the best weed killer for lawns is the most effective method of control.

Lawn herbicides are selective. This means they target weeds without killing common types of turfgrass.

Theyre formulated to be effective at killing:

  • Broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, clover, and chickweed
  • Grassy weeds such as foxtail, quackgrass, and crabgrass
  • Grass-like weeds such as nutsedge, wild onion, and wild garlic

But you still have to be careful when using them. Not all products are safe to use on all grass types. So check first to make sure your grass is recommended.

Also, stay away from non-selective weed killers containing ingredients such as glyphosate. These kill all vegetation, including your grass.

Herbicides are easy to use. Just mix the concentrate with water and add it to a good weed killer sprayer. Then make sure you soak the target weeds as you spray your lawn.

The weeds should turn brown and die. But, depending on the herbicide, the time taken can vary.

Systemic weed killers are best for killing the plants to the root and preventing them from growing back. But you have to be patient when using them, as they can take from 2-4 weeks for a complete kill.

After the weeds have died you can use a rake and tilling fork to clear the leftover plant from the soil in preparation for reseeding the area or laying sod if necessary.

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What Are Some Natural Ways To Kill Weeds In Grass

Pouring boiling water onto the weeds is a good way to both kill the invasive plants at the roots and water the rest of the lawn at the same time. Simply bring your kettle to a boil and walk around your lawn, looking for newly-sprouted weeds. This method works better on sidewalks and other such areas, because the water can kill surrounding grasses if they are not particularly hearty.

There are several organic weed killers available to environmentally-conscious gardeners. One of these, corn gluten meal, is a safe, proven method for eliminating weeds and not killing the grass surrounding it. The milling process prevents weeds from germinating into full-grown plants, but should not be used on newly-grown grass. It also happens to be safe for animals and has the added bonus of adding nitrogen to your lawn. Nitrogen makes for great fertilizer and its one of the elements created when composting as well.

Ortho Weedclear Weed Killer

How To Kill Weeds In The Lawn : Spraying Weeds

All Round and Easy Application

Ortho WeedClear Weed Killer is a post-emergent broadleaf weed killer designed to kill all the way down to the root without harming your grass. It’s particularly useful for controlling dandelion, clover, chickweed, dollarweed, and even thistle. It’s easy to apply straight from the bottle using the comfort wand. It’s suitable for both northern and southern grasses, such as St Augustine.

This is one of the easiest weed killers to apply for post-emergent weeds. Using the handy comfort wand, you can apply it straight to your lawn whenever you need to. It becomes rainproof in just an hour, so there’s no need to reapply if you receive some unexpected showers.

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Are There Alternatives To Toxic Lawn Care Chemicals

Yes. Natural landscape maintenance programs can achieve a healthy, pest-free landscape using the latest scientific developments in organic agriculture and horticulture. For example, corn gluten is a natural pre-emergent weed killer and fertilizer now available to home owners. Lawns can be enriched naturally by thin spreading of compost in the spring and fall. Also, natural lawn care practices will lead to a healthy vigorous lawn which resists pests and disease.


The Benefits Of A Weed Free Lawn

There are two main reasons why people want to see green grass and not much else on their turf. The first is appearance: they look bad. People dont want yellow heads sticking up everywhere from dandelions, painful shrubs growing up from thistles, bunchy short plants growing like clover, and invasive purple eyesores like creeping bellflower spouting up everywhere. Weeds are essentially like acne natural yet unwanted.

The Yard Dawgs specialty is ensuring the lawns we service stay green and weed free all season long.

The second reason to go weed free is that weeds are invasive by nature they want to grow as much at possible at the expense of other plants around it. Its a dawg eat dawg world when it comes to lawn weeds. Whenever a drop of water, nutrient, or beam of sunlight comes down its a big competition for who gets it. Your grass roots are going head-to-head with the roots of weeds.

If you let nature take its course, unfortunately the weeds will win. They are a yearly problem for millions of homeowners everywhere. Weeds also reproduce much more rapidly than your lawn’s grass. A single dandelion can produce up to 200 seeds, which is potential for 200 more dandelions.

Your grass cannot thrive so long as weeds are there stealing nutrients from your turf. The only way to have flourishing grass is to minimize the potential for weeds and do it without harming your lawn.

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What Else Do Lawn Companies Use To Kill Weeds

Many landscapers pay timely visits to maintain your lawn and garden. Part of these visits will also include manual management of weeds.

Manual management of weeds, though labor-intensive, can be just as effective as post-emergent herbicides.

And one perk to using old-fashioned, time-tested weed control methods? Its good exercise!

What Risk Do My Children And Pets Face After A Weed Control Product Has Been Applied

Spectracide Weed Stop Weed and Crabgrass Killer RTS Hose

Please follow your Weed Man professional’s written instructions and remain off a treated lawn until it has dried or, as an extra precaution, for 24 hours. This will reduce the potential for contact with the material to practically nothing. When the material is applied to a lawn, it dries very quickly to the target area. Once the product has dried on the surface of plants, it becomes practically impossible to remove any residues from the surfaces.

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Best Commercial Weed Killer For Large Areasdoctor Kirchner Weed Killer For Large Areas

Made up mostly of vinegar , saltwater, and soap, this natural weed and grass killer is safe for use in households that have kids and pets. Available in up to 2.5 gallons that can easily cover large areas, this solution will kill anything its sprayed on so its suggested mostly for settings with mulched ornamental plants like flower beds or in vegetable gardens to ensure essential nutrients are going to fruits and vegetables and not weeds. One happy shopper commented, I applied it to a large patch of weeds in my back yard at around noon by 3:00, about 90% of the weeds I had sprayed were dead.

Try Diy Organic Weed Killers

  • Boiling water is a natural way to kill weeds. Heat water to at least 200 degrees and pour directly onto the weeds. This technique of weed prevention may work best with weeds growing in gravel or between paving stones.
  • You may be able to prevent, control or kill certain types of weeds using products around your house such as dish soap, epsom salt or apple cider vinegar.

Tip: Be safe. Use a teakettle for boiling, heating and pouring water.

Related Products

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When To Apply Lawn Weed Killer

Wouldnt it be great if the answer was as simple as mid-May or the end of July?Sorry. Applying weed killer isnt a one-time thing. It needs to happen multiple times a year. Different weeds grow at different times throughout the seasons.Thats why you get five visits throughout the year in our comprehensive lawn care programs.The first round of fertilizer and weed control should be done by Memorial Day. Three more visits happen throughout the summer. Fall is the best time of year to control weeds, so take advantage of another chance to zap em.

The Steps For Controlling Weeds

Kill Weeds with a Pre Emergent – 3 Weed Control Do’s and Don’ts

These are the general steps for how to get rid of weeds in your lawn, regardless of the type of treatment.

  • Identify the type of weeds. Determining if youre working with broadleaf or grass-like weeds will help you choose the right products. The tips above can help or a professional can identify it as well.
  • Choose a treatment. There are natural herbicides or products to use that can help treat your weed problem. If you use a product, choose one for the right type of weeds and grass that you have. If you choose a natural solution, read below to learn more about how to use it.
  • Kill the weeds. If you use a product, follow the directions exactly. Consider reading the directions at least three times before starting. With whatever treatment you choose, make sure it is between 45 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit with little to no wind and a very low chance of rain. All herbicides cant differentiate between grass and weeds, so its crucial to only apply it to the weed. Thats why the lack of wind is crucial to help keep the products from blowing onto other plants.
  • Maintain proper lawn care. Mow higher and water deeply to keep the grass from being too low or the soil too compacted. These techniques will help prevent future weed growth and make weed treatments last longer.
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    Our Weed Control Services

    We have 50 years of experience in dealing with weeds and plants, so we know all of the tips and tricks to deliver the best lawn weed treatment for your home. Our lawn weed control service starts with a comprehensive assessment of the weed issues threatening your lawn. Our experts deal with hundreds of different species of weeds and plants, and they understand the factors that go into weed infestations, including your lawns health, the soil, and local growing conditions. We use this expertise and experience to create a custom treatment plan for your lawn, making sure your lawn gets the weed control it needs. Guaranteed!

    Identifying Lawn Weeds

    One of the most important steps of controlling lawn weeds is to identify exactly what types of weeds are invading your lawn in the first place. Once this is known, a lawn care plan of action can be put into place for your home. Our weed control treatments are designed to tackle the full range of weed species and weed types that may be growing in your turfgrass. The more we control the weeds, the better your lawn will look and feel. With our weed treatment for lawn, your local Lawn Doctor can help you treat many kinds of unwanted weeds and plants commonly found in the grass.

    Best Value Weed Killer For Lawns

    Ortho Weed B Gon concentrate is our top contender for its affordability and effectiveness at killing tough lawn weeds. It contains triclopyr, an active ingredient that works wonders on controlling Creeping Charlie, clover, plantain and more.

    Use Weed B Gon with a tank sprayer or the Ortho Dial N Spray. When applied to actively growing weeds, it becomes rainproof after six hours. One 16-oz. container treats up to 3,200 square feet of lawn.

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    The Best Commercial Weed Killer 2021summary

    For use on yards in households with children and pets, the Doctor Kirchner commercial weed killer is a safe and strong option, whereas getting rid of strong weeds like Bermuda grass and other stubborn plants is quick and effortless with the Green Gobbler commercial weed killer. We hope our review of the best commercial weed killer has been helpful. For more similar suppliers, including suppliers of insect sprays, organic fertilizers, potting soils, and grass seeds, consult our additional guides or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

    *Prices listed in this article were as shown on as of June, 2021.

    How Long To Stay Off Lawn After Weed And Feed

    Ortho WeedClear Lawn Weed Killer Ready

    You should be good to use your lawn again after 24-72 hours. This give the fertilizer time to work its way into the soil. See the paragraphs below for when to water after application.

    As always, we would recommend that you read the manufacturers directions included on the packaging. .

    You should also not carry out aerating after weed & feed application, as it can possibly damage any new emerging grass seedlings.

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    Best For Pets: Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

    Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer uses only natural ingredients like vinegar to remove weeds, so pet owners dont have to worry about the health of their four-legged friends. It costs around $25 for 1 gallon. It can wither weeds in just 24 hours after application without using any toxic chemicals.

    You can use this nontoxic weed killer practically anywhere in your yard, garden, or lawn. Pet owners and parents of small children especially prefer this product because it only uses vinegar, a natural weed killer, which is not harmful if ingested. Its also convenient since its ready to use. All you need to do is attach your garden hose to the product and spray the solution over your yard. Over 1,400 reviews on Amazon give this product a 4.3 out of a 5-star rating.

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