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How Do I Kill The Clover In My Lawn

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How To Get Rid Of Clover In A Lawn By Hand

How To Kill Clover In Your Lawn The Cheap Way

It is possible to get rid of clover without resorting to anything more than your own efforts and some garden tools.

Simply use a hand fork to dig out the plants. Pluck the clover up, ensuring you have removed all the roots along with it, advises Samantha Richards of Gazeboshop . This method ensures you havent killed your grass, and is a cheaper method of removal than buying a new spray product.

How Do I Identify Clovers In My Yard

Clover is a legume that made its way to North America in the latter part of the 17th century, and its origins can be traced back to Europe. Edenapp brings the three most common types of clover and their distinguishing characteristics to help you identify them.

  • White clover : White clover is the most common clover species found in lawns. It is a perennial, low growing and hardy clover species that spreads really quickly through stolons. You can identify it by its distinguishing characteristics, which are the florets that grow on its ends in shades of white and pink.
  • Red clover : Red clover can thrive in both dry or moist conditions. This type is bushier and taller than white clover, and you can identify rec clover by the florets, whose color ranges from red to magenta. Red clover is also called meadow clover, wild clover and cow clover.
  • Strawberry clover : The growing patterns of strawberry clover are similar to white clover, the difference being that strawberry clover can thrive in coastal areas or near river estuaries as it has a higher salinity tolerance. You can identify strawberry clover by its pink and white florets that are smaller than those of white clover.

Five Benefits Of Keeping Clover In Lawns

Before World War II, White Dutch clover was prominent in lawns. In fact, it used to be a standard ingredient in grass seed mixes. But after petrochemical-based weed killers were introduced, these products killed weeds – and clover. Since then, the lawn plant has been looked down on as a weed, when, in fact, it has many benefits for lawns. Here are five reasons why you should think twice before getting rid of clover in your lawnthe benefits of this tiny plant may surprise you.

Everyone knows that a vibrant and lush lawn has some type of fertilizer helping it out, whether it’s granular fertilizer or even compost. However, many people don’t know that clover has the ability to fix nitrogen in yards, giving this yard plant the ability to act as a tiny fertilizer machine.Clover often moves into areas with poor soil because it heals soil that’s nitrogen-deficient clover takes nitrogen from the air, converts it to a plant-friendly form, and releases it into the soil. Voila! Beautiful grass.

There’s nothing worse than driving past a patchy brown yard in the drought of summer. It’s especially disheartening for lawn mowing businesses, because if there’s no grass to mow, there’s also no work. That’s why clover is so helpful. It stays green during even the driest spells due to its deep roots, out-performing many cool-season grasses and giving the visually pleasing aesthetic of a healthy lawn. Plus, it will keep the work coming for lawn maintenance professionals.

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Clover Provides Food For Bees And Butterflies

Clover species have very sweet, nectar-rich flowers that attract pollinators honey bees, bumblebees, butterflies, and hoverflies.

In times of great pollinator crisis, this is a nice way to contribute to the fight for our planets health. However, it may have a downside .

Side note: if you are afraid of wasps, good news. Clover doesnt attract many yellowjackets or hornets since the shape of its flowers makes it difficult for wasps to access their nectar.

Is Your Lawn Ready For A New Best Friend

How Do I Kill Clover In My Lawn

Stop worrying about weeds like white clover and partner with a lawn care company that makes lawn care easy. Choose a professional lawn care service in the Idaho Falls, or Boise, ID area that bundles your yards most-needed treatments into one convenient, no-fuss plan that tells you the cost up front. Weve got your back. Got a few minutes? Thats all you need to get started.

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Deprive Clover Of Sunlight

If youve been wondering how to get rid of clover, weve got you covered. If youre dealing with a large clover patch and youre willing to sacrifice your grass, place plastic sheeting, or a large garbage bag, over the clover. Be sure to secure the perimeter so the plastic doesnt fly off. Keep the clover covered for a few weeks. Depriving it of sunlight and oxygen should do the trick will kill it .

To start over with new grass, first youll have to determine if you want to use seed or sod. This discussion will help.

Keeping Clover Out Of Your Lawn

Once you have got rid of clover in your lawn, you can tweak your lawn care regime so that your lawn becomes a no-go area for this particular invader.

Start with feeding your lawn. Clover prefers low fertility soil so regularly applying the right lawn feed for the time of year will make the area less attractive to this plant species.

Raise the height of the cut. Maintaining your lawn at around 4-8cm long will help the grass to thrive and outcompete unwanted plants.

Hold back on irrigation. Established lawns really dont need too much water. Many plant nutrients dissolve in water and are easily washed away. The more you water your lawn, the more chance there is of reducing soil fertility and creating the conditions that clover loves. Please dont let new lawns dry out though.

Dig out clover plants as soon as you see them, dont let them get a foot hold in your lawn.

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Does A Combination Of Vinegar Epsom Salts And Dawn Dish Soap Really Kill Weeds

A combination of a highly acidic liquid, something people use to soak their feet in that is also known as magnesium sulfate and something that has been used to clean oil off birds after an oil spill. Yeah, I definitely think this combo will really kill weeds.

For best results, mix a few tablespoons of Epsom salts with warm water, two tablespoons of vinegar and a tablespoon of Dawn dish soap. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray the weeds. To avoid affecting anything nearby, be sure to get close to the clover as possible.

I know this particular method might not be in the what kills clover but not grass category normally, but as long as the application is carefully applied to the clover the grass will be fine.

Although, one note to make is that, due to the nutrients found in the salt, Epsom salts might actually make the clover grow faster and thrive better. Take that with a grain of salt.

Is Clover Beneficial For Your Lawn

How to Kill Clover in your Lawn

Although clover is a weed it has some good qualities in it which can benefit your lawn. Lets discuss these:


  • Clover weeds dont take nitrogen from the soil but absorb nitrogen from the air, and enrich the soil and become a natural fertilizer for your lawn. So you never have to fertilize clover weed.
  • Clover weed can survive in sunlight or shade and need no maintenance to make your lawn look green and lush. It will stay green all summer long and make your lawn look green and lush.
  • Clover has flowers that attract bees and other wasps that keep the bugs and insects away. Thus it helps in keeping the insects away.
  • Growing clover in your lawn is very affordable as it doesnt need special fertilizer or chemicals to grow.
  • Clover weed doesnt need any mowing as it will grow very short and spreads horizontally on the lawn.
  • Clover weed also doesnt require any herbicide to protect itself as it can protect itself from other weeds.

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How To Kill Clover Weed With Vinegar

Do you see these 3 leaf plants in your lawn that are making your lawn look ugly and ruining all your efforts? Yes, I am talking about clover weed and we talk all about clover weed and how to eliminate it from your lawn.

To kill clover with vinegar take vinegar and water in the same ratio and add a drop of soap so that the solution sticks to the leaves when you spray it. Apply the solution to the clover weed. The vinegar will make the weed dry out and eventually kill it. To eliminate clover weed you need to reapply the solution several times before it kills all the plants and makes your lawn free from clover weed.

Now you know how to remove clover with vinegar but why is clover growing in your lawn and how can you prevent it in the future. We will talk about these things below.

Use Corn Gluten On Clover

Another way to get rid of clover is to use corn gluten. Corn meal gluten kills off the clover without harming nearby plants. It works by releasing organic dipeptides into the soil. The dipedtides dry out the clovers seeds and make it hard for them to sprout. This well-reviewed product can be used by mixing three parts water to one part corn gluten. One liter of this mixture will cover about 1,000 square feet. Once applied, be sure to water well and then allow it to dry.

Note: While the dipedtides have worked to get rid of clover for some, corn gluten hasnt worked for all, and is therefore not universally regarded as a solution for dealing with clover.

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How To Kill Clover In Your Lawn

Clover is a low growing, perennial broadleaf weed that spreads quickly. It is one of the most common weeds throughout almost all of North America. While clover can be beneficial to the lawn as it fixes the nitrogen in the soil and encourages grass growth on decomposition, it is a nuisance for homeowners who want an even, green lawn due to its colorful florets. Clover can also attract rabbit pests as rabbits love to munch on clover and this can snowball into the rabbits eating other garden plants as well. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of clover in the lawn.

Undernourished lawn is one of the most common causes of clover in the lawn. Therefore, it is important to keep the lawn healthy with the correct irrigation pattern and fertilizing as required, so your grass is strong enough to fight the growth of weeds. This is a preventive measure. What do you do if the clover has already invaded your lawn? How do you get rid of it? In this article, Edenapp will be providing you with different methods to kill clover in your lawn, tips to identify clover and the reasons why clover is taking over your yard.

Clover Foot Traffic Tolerance

12 Reasons to Plant a Clover Lawn

Clover can tolerate some foot traffic, but it doesnt deal well with frequent trampling.

If you dont have a defined garden path, have kids who run around the lawn a lot, if you hold frequent parties and BBQs or use the lawn for sports, clover will probably suffer and die off, leaving behind some unsightly spots.

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Use Organic Weed Killer

Organic weed killer might sound too good to be true when it comes to controlling lawn weeds, but a new one was recently introduced for clover control. Adios, an organic weed killer, will weaken and kill the clover in your lawn without harming any of your grass.

To use, spray Adios directly on the clover. As the clover weakens and dies, the grass will take over where the clover once was. Make sure to water your lawn correctly. If you apply Adios to a stressed lawn from lack of water or extreme heat, there is a higher risk the product will kill your grass as well as the clover.

Ideally, water your yard twice a week. Deep watering, where the grass receives one inch of water, is recommended. The perfect time to apply Adios is the day after a deep watering.

Tips For Preventing Clover

Fertilize your lawn The easiest way to prevent clover is to maintain a dense, well-fertilized lawn. As discussed above, clover will struggle in nitrogen rich soils, but most desirable grasses will thrive in them. How much nitrogen should be applied will depend on the type of grass planted in the lawn, some grasses prefer more nitrogen than others. When it comes to fertilizer, the recommended maximums should not be exceeded too much of a good thing can indeed be very bad in this context.

Mow tall The white clover found in lawns rarely exceeds three inches in height and can be easily shaded out by taller grasses. While different grasses should be mowed at different heights ranging from roughly 1 inch for bermuda to up to 4 inches for St. Augustine and tall fescue it is always best to mow at the higher end of any recommended range.

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Clovers Many Lawn Care Benefits

As she walks me through the list of everything clover is capable of for lawn health, the benefits are staggering. Clovers are a beneficial addition to turfgrass because they fix atmospheric nitrogen into soil fertilizer, with the aid of root nodules colonies of symbiotic bacteria, says Sharapova.

Clover also draws up and accumulates trace minerals. When clover decomposes, it makes the minerals available to the lawn grass and soil life. The grass becomes more disease resistant because of the health benefits of clover.

In effect, making friends not enemies with clover means reducing the use of fertilizers, herbicides, and any chemicals one might use to keep disease at bay. This could save people a pretty penny, and it also makes clover way better for the environment than grass-only lawns.

Sharapova adds, Including clover in a lawn can eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizer, which then reduces nutrient runoff into local streams and aquatic habitat can reduce erosion.

Spray A Vinegar Solution To Get Rid Of Clover

How to Get Rid of Crabgrass & Clover in the Lawn – Weed Control Like a Pro

A good household remedy for clover is a vinegar solution created by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar and adding a drop of dish soap to this solution. You will need a spray bottle to spray this solution over the clover to treat it. For a detailed explanation on the preparation process, you can refer to Edenapps article on preparing vinegar solution for lawn care.

The benefits of this method is that this is an easy weed killer you can make yourself using ingredients that are available in every home. The application method is also easy as you just need to spot treat the clover by spraying the solution over the clover.

The disadvantage of this method is that frequent applications over a few weeks are required to completely get rid of the cover. Also, vinegar can harm some garden plants and damage grass. Therefore, a lot of care needs to be taken when spraying the vinegar so that the spray does not carry over the grass and plants adjacent to the patch where the weed has invaded.

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How To Kill Clover Without Weed Killers

When Clover begins taking over lawns it tells us something very important about our lawn health, and most importantly about the health of our soils.

Also when we begin seeing Clover in lawns, we often see that our lawns themselves may also be turning brown or yellow in colour, as well as possibly having slowed growth and looking generally in poor overall health.

Does Clover Belong In A Home Lawn

This is a frequently debated subject and passions run high on either side of the argument.

Without question, clover has certain benefits. Its green color matches many lawn grasses and it maintains that color even during the hottest days of summer when some grasses struggle and begin to fade. It is able to withstand dog urine, something that will kill virtually all desirable grasses. It can grow nearly anywhere outside of dense shade and requires little maintenance it rarely gets tall enough to mow, it can survive with very little water, and it actually prefers soils that arent fertilized.

However, clover also has certain downsides. It struggles under even moderate amounts of traffic. It will not survive in yards that are frequent playgrounds for kids and pets or home to sports played by adults. When it is played on it tends to stain clothing easily and its stains can be difficult to remove.

Ultimately it is best to go in one direction or the other. Either grow a microclover dominated lawn microclovers being a superior subtype of common white clover or grow one dominated by grass.

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What Is Clover Weed

The Clover plant is a genus of plants related closely to 300 species of pea plants. The most common type of clover, White clover, and Red clover are named after their color but look the same.

To distinguish the clover plant you need to look for the three-leaf pattern on them. White clover weeds give white flowers in the center while red clover weeds produce purple flowers. They are less common clover weeds that give red and yellow flowers as well. Clovers occur in temperate and subtropical areas.

The clover flowers are really attractive for bees and are used for honey production.

Clover is a short-lived plant and contains one or two seeds in the flower. Clover is a very tough plant that can tolerate shade and drought very well and is resilient to foot traffic. Due to all these factors, clover can spread quickly in your lawn before you even notice their presence. So its very important that you take all necessary precautions to prevent clover weeds from establishing in your lawn or it will be very difficult for you to eliminate them from your lawn.

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