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How Do You Get Rid Of An Old Lawn Mower

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A Complete Guideline To Get Rid Of A Broken Lawnmower

How to Maintain a Lawn Mower | This Old House

There are several ways to dispose of damaged and broken lawnmower. But before going to the main fact, letâs consider some basic things to know the condition of the lawnmower.

  • Is your lawnmower fully damaged? Is there no other way to fix the mower? Or do you get tired of fixing the lawnmower? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then it would be better to dispose of the lawnmower.
  • Are some parts of the lawnmower still in good condition? If some parts of the lawnmower are still in good condition, take them apart. You know you can sell these parts as scrap and you can earn some money from it.
  • If you decide to dispose of the mower, then, of course, remove the oil from the oil tank. Because you can use the oil for any later work.

Now, we will discuss what is the best possible way for you to dispose of your damaged or broken lawnmower.

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How To Sell An Old Lawn Mower

If youre still wondering for somewhere to take your old lawnmowers and you take the one-piece mower to a junkyard near you, they will probably just pay you the price of broken aluminum or dirty aluminum contaminated with steel.

The value of your used lawnmower increases significantly if you disassemble it and separate the various metal and plastic parts from the components that cannot be disposed of.

This is because the junkyard pays more when they dont have to spend the money buying used lawnmowers and then also the time to take it apart and clean it themselves.

However, if you are confident that your mower is in good condition and you need to sell it just to make some money, thensell it on a maket place that lists old lawn mower.

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Buy A More Efficient Lawn Mower

Even the most efficient gas lawn mower is bad for the environment. If you are ready to buy a new lawn mower, consider choosing a manual lawn mower. Mowing your lawn manually wont create any pollution although it will take a bit more effort!

Additionally, because there are fewer moving parts, a manual push lawn mower should have a considerably longer lifetime than a gas lawn mower. Plus, there are fewer plastic parts, so theyre easier to recycle once they do reach end of life most of it will be scrap metal that cant be recycled.

If youve got too much grass to consider a manual lawn mower, an electric lawn mower might be the right choice. Cordless options enable you to use them even on large lawns, and they cause considerably less pollution than a petrol mower. This option is even better if youre getting your energy either direct from renewable resources or use an energy supplier that focuses on renewables.

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Wondering How To Get Rid Of An Old Lawn Mower

When you have an old, broken lawn mower, you know that getting rid of it can be difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming. Were here to help! From lawn mower disposal to donation, read on for some great ideas about how to dispose of your old mower.

How to Dispose of Lawn Mowers:

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  • Lawn Mower Pickup & Disposal
  • Do Riding Mowers Hold Their Value

    How to Fix your Lawn Mower and why lawn mower break

    Riding lawn mowers begin to depreciate the moment they are purchased, and continue to depreciate in value annually. The condition of the riding lawn mower or garden tractor also factors in to its value. Things like appearance, structural integrity and performance can greatly increase or decrease the price.

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    In Brief: How To Dispose Of Gas Lawn Mower

    Dispose of your gas mower by selling, donating, trashing, or recycling it. Before you get rid of it, you need to drain the old gas and oil and remove or disconnect the spark plug. Sell the mower through the classifieds, donate it to a charity, arrange bulk item trash pick-up, or drop it off at a landfill or recycling center.

    If its time to give up on your gas lawn mower, youre probably faced with the unique problem of how to actually get rid of it. Can you just put it out with the trash, or do you need to do something else?

    There are a few different options for anyone looking to throw out their old mower. Learn how to dispose of gas lawn mowers here.

    Article Outline

    Old Lawn Mower Disposal

    Your old push mower or riding lawn mower has served you well over the years. Unfortunately, its broken down over time, or maybe youre just ready to upgrade to a newer model. If youre like a lot of people these days, youve probably hired someone to mow your lawn for you and just dont need your old lawn mower anymore.

    There are plenty of good reasons for upgrading your lawn mower. Most of the older mowers that people still use today are much more harmful to the environment and less efficient than current lawn mower models. So how do you get rid of an old lawn mower?

    Simply throwing them on the curb or in a dumpster just isnt an option. A riding lawn mower or push mower is too big for the garbage bin. Plus, it probably has dangerous fuel and oil residues still in it. The good news is that there are a number of disposal options available for old lawn mowers.

    Searching for old lawn mower disposal? BOOK A PICKUP

    Making the decision to get rid of your old lawn mower is easy enough, but finding the best way to dispose of your mower can be pretty tough.

    Not everyone has the right vehicle to haul an old riding lawn mower or push mower to the local dump or recycling center. Additionally, most city garbage pickup services wont pick up an old lawn mower if you put it out on the curb, and if you do put your mower on the curb, youll get fined for it.

    Below are a few suggestions for disposal so that you can finally get rid of that old lawn mower.

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    How To Get Rid Of A Broken Lawn Mower

    There are plenty of ways to get rid of a broken lawn mower. Although this task may be inconvenient for some, its something thats naturally bound to happen. As a lawn owner, youll definitely face this situation sooner or later as you go on in your mowing routine. Whether your lawn mower just got broken or youre planning for an upgrade, like buy a new one or hire a professional mower, this guide has got you covered.

    Recycling A Lawn Mower

    Free Removal of Unwanted Riding Mowers, Cycles, ATV
  • 1Drain all fluids from the mower 24 hours before recycling it. Drain all the oil out of the lawn mower by removing the oil drain plug underneath the engine block and letting the oil pour out into a sealable plastic or metal container. siphon out any leftover gasoline from the tank into a sealable plastic or metal container as well.XResearch source
  • Never pour oil or gasoline down a drain or into storm waste systems. Seal up the containers after you drain out all the liquids so you can properly dispose of them.
  • You can also use this method to dispose of weed wackers, edgers, and hedge trimmers.
  • 2Dispose of the fluids as household hazardous waste. Locate a household hazardous waste disposal facility by searching online or contact your local waste collection service to see if they offer a pick-up service. Drop off the sealed oil and fuel at the facility or leave it for collection as instructed by the waste haulers.XResearch source
  • Most dumps have a hazardous waste collection facility. You can call your local dump to double-check.
  • If there are any non-metal pieces you canât remove, call a scrap metal recycling facility and ask if they can accept it as-is.
  • Tip: Some of the non-metal pieces, such as rubber tires or plastic grass collection bins, can be recycled as well. Ask for instructions at a recycling facility about which bins to toss them in.

  • You cannot dispose of an electric lawn mower as scrap metal.
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    Method : Donate Your Lawnmower

    Another method to utilize your old Lawnmower is to look for a credible charitable organization and then donate it to them if it is still working. You need to check online or call various charities and thrift shops located close to you. After getting in touch with them, please drop off your Lawnmower at any place that is willing to accept it.

    Sometimes charities avoid taking Lawnmower because of the harm they do to the atmosphere, but organizations like Salvation Army offer to pick up services to such equipment pieces. Other than that, thrift shops are more than welcome to pick up such equipment as they can sell them for lower prices, ultimately making a reasonable profit.

    How Do I Dispose Of An Old Petrol Lawnmower

    Petrol lawnmowers can be placed in the scrap metal skip for recycling. Please make sure that the petrol tank is completely empty. Push lawnmowers are generally made from metal and can be placed in the scrap metal skip for recycling. If the grass collection bin is made from plastic, this should be removed.

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    How To Dispose Of Lawn Mower 4 Easy Ways

    Your lawn mower will ultimately become outdated or damaged.

    What you need to do with your old one depends on its shape, quality, functionality, and entrepreneurial spirit.

    Lawn Mower disposal may be time-consuming, irritating, and complicated.

    As a lawn owner, you will undoubtedly encounter this issue at some point throughout your mowing routine.

    Whether your lawnmower has broken or you want to improve, this guide has you covered.

    Read on for a few fantastic suggestions on how to dispose of lawn mowers. We have some of the best alternatives, from lawn mower disposal to recycling and donating.

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    How Do You Get Gas Out Of A Lawn Mower Without A Siphon

    How to drain gas from a lawnmower without a siphon, step by step Step 1: Collect the required tools. Step 2: Park your mower and disconnect the spark plug. Step 3: Set the plastic tubes/hoses properly. Step 4: Drain the gas tank. Step 5: Disconnect the connections with the carburetor and open the drain tube if any.

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    How To Dispose Of Old Gas & Oil From A Lawn Mower

    What You Should Know About Recycling Old Lawn Mowers

    As mentioned above, regardless of how you choose to dispose of your old lawnmower, youll need to remove the gas and oil before proceeding.

    If youre wondering where to take your old lawnmowers to drain, visit a mechanic or repair shop to pay them to drain the gas and oil if you are unsure whether to do it yourself.

    However, this is a fairly simple process to drain oil or gas from a mower. Lets see how you can do it yourself

    Heres how to drain oil or gas from a lawn mower:

    • First, use a siphon hose to drain the gas from the tank and place it in a clean container. It is best to use a siphon hose with a connected hand pump.
    • Then disconnect the spark plug cable and tilt the mower with the carburetor up into the air.
    • Next, remove the center screw or screws that secure the blade and carefully slide the blade out of the mower.
    • Place an oil sump under the mower and remove the oil reservoir cap to drain the oil into the sump. The location of the oil reservoir cap can vary from mower to mower but is usually located under the blade in the center of the deck of a push mower.

    If you own a riding mower, the connector should be on the side of the engine block. Then you can take the used oil to an auto parts store or a mechanic. Because they can recycle the oil on your behalf for a small fee.

    You will also need to dispose of the gas as well. However, in this case, you may use your municipal household hazardous waste disposal facility to take the gasoline and the oil too.

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